Hif © Professional Cleaning For Hair Cleansing Conditioners

HIF© stands for ‘Hair Is Fabric’ and it’s a line of haircare from my favourite beauty obsession, DECIEM. HIF© believes that we should treat our hair just as we treat our fancy clothes-you don’t stick your silk dresses in the washing machine, right? So why shouldn’t we treat our hair just like we treat our fine clothing? HIF© is like dry cleaning for your hair-only with water! #BestProductTaglineEver

And they’re right! Our hair is really like fabric, made up of dead cells that can’t be repaired.#TRUTH

Hif © Professional Cleansing Conditioners

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners.jpg

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners-Curly Hair Support

HIF© is a line of FIFTEEN Cleansing Conditioners made for different types of hair and concerns. HIF© Cleansing Conditioners use “cleansing fractions” instead of harsh detergents and deposit good for your scalp and hair ingredients that even penetrate the hair cuticle. That’s where your healthy hair starts dudes! So many great ingredients including hyaluronic acid, precious rock extracts and exotic oils will get your hair looking in top top runway ready condition!

There’s so many different HIF© Cleansing Conditioners, and honestly you can’t pick a bad one. Each HIF© comes with a Cleansing Coefficient and a Conditioning Coefficient. A higher Cleansing Coefficient means there’s more cleansing fractions and more of a foamy feel(for those that like that foamy feeling when you wash your hair). The higher the Conditioning Coefficient the more conditioning treatments there are in it.

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners.jpg

HIF© Cleansing Conditioners

So, for example in the above pic the HIF© Intensive Detox will leave your scalp and hair feeling extra CLEAN and it foams up quite a bit! The HIF© Silver Hue Support has a lower Cleansing Coefficient but a higher Conditioning Coefficient, although I find that it still foams up well. The HIF© Curly Hair Support in my first picture has a Cleansing Coefficient of only 3, so it doesn’t have the foaming action that these two do. However, just because it has a lower Cleansing Coefficient doesn’t mean that your hair won’t feel clean-it just all depends on what your particular hair type really needs to look and actually be healthy!
Each different HIF© has specific ingredients to make your hair type be it’s best. HIF© Curly Hair Support nourishes the scalp and the hair follicle directly with Tomato Enzymes that provide cysteine to the hair, which is what’s needed to form keratin. Keratin will help curly hair be it’s BEST curly self, plus it’s got loads of amazing conditioning ingredients to prevent frizz too. HIF© Silver Hue Support is my favourite, because it helps my grey hair look so bright! It has refractive metal prisms to combat any dullness and brassiness, so when I use it my hair looks cleaner and brighter and not yellow, which is a huge problem when you have grey hair. It also really deep conditions my hair which is also important because grey hair is coarser and wiry. This stuff leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth and manageable. No Baba Yaga hair!  😀   HIF© Intensive Detox is great to use after a lot of styling products for a big night out, or if you’ve had an extra sweaty Zumba workout and your scalp needs some extra cleaning  😛  It’s got the highest Cleansing Coefficient of them all and deep cleans with a cooling sensation that’s kind of awesome. HIF© Intensive Detox has a desert date bio-complex that is rich in iron content to help fight hair loss, eliminate dirt and residue on the scalp,  yet still conditions hair to leave it feeling soft.

So, how do you these Cleansing Conditioners? Well, first up you need LESS than you think you do-especially if it’s more of a foamy formula. I’ll squirt about a thumb length into my hand and then rub both hands together. One hand will go to the front of my scalp, and the other to the back. Then, I massage the product all over my scalp with a a bit of water to activate it. Massage away and then I take it though the length of my hair. Then, I twist my hair up and pin it onto the top of my head and let it sit for 3 minutes. You’ll feel your HIF© working on your scalp-kind of tingles. Then, just rinse off and Bazinga! You’re good to go.

I love my HIF© so much and just ordered some more for me, and for Marky too. She loves the HIF© Red Hue Support, which has iron rose crystal extract that hydrates while restoring red colour and shine. My only con would be that it’s a tad expensive, but if you’re like Marky and wash your hair every third day then it’s not so bad really. Me, because of Zumba I wash my hair pretty much every day-I don’t like sweaty scalp ok  😛   so, I’ll alternate using other shampoos with my HIF©.  They will be coming out with one litre versions of some of the formulas, so that’ll be more cost effective of an option for sure.

DECIEM…I love them so much…everything I try is amazing I swear!

So, do you use cleansing conditioners? Or have you tried them in the past and hated them like I did? These will change your mind I promise!

  • Toya

    I have a mammoth bottle of DevaCurl No Poo (same idea as a cleansing conditioner) which is the ONLY reason I didn’t pick up a bottle of one of these bad boys when I put in my Deciem order a few weeks ago. They sound amazing!! When I eventually run out of the DevaCurl I’ll be grabbing one of these for myself, thankyouverymuch!

  • I’ve never tried a cleansing conditioner. Heck, I’ve never even tried a clarifying hampoo. I’m intrigued though.

    • Shampoo. Not hampoo. Even though hampoo does sound funny.

      • HAMPOO….I love it hahaha!
        You should try the red support one! I bet it would make your hair glow!

  • Sounds interesting! I’ve never tried a cleansing conditioner but I like the idea. My hair needs moisture but it also needs a good cleaning to get rid of build up from all the styling products I use!

    • Yeah! Look into them! They have great versions for different hair types! You should try the blonde support!

  • Lily

    Huh, interesting! I’m still figuring out my hair. Maybe it’s not my hair that’s the problem. Maybe it’s my scalp. Goshdarnit. I just can’t win with my thinning hair *^$)&*%##!@!!

    • Yeah, it probably is the scalp. I’m doing Nioxin right now and I can tell a difference in one week-have you tried it? And oh, they as in Deceim also have a Grow Gorgeous line that might be worth for you to try!

  • Never tried anything like this, shampoo or conditioner, intriguing!

  • As much as I know about skin, I’m clueless about my hair :s
    I can maintain the balance and figure out when it’s dripping in grease or feels like straw.. but it’s hard to find something that works on a daily basis and longer periods of time. Oh you had me at the packaging, off to find them somewhere locally hopefully.

    • LOL hahaha I kind of hate hair too which is why I just wash and air dry-I can’t do hair at all. I hope you can find it! The packaging is pretty sweet looking.

  • oooh I love their philosophy! I really would like to see what the black support does for my hair, since you said the silver one makes your hair super bright!

  • I’m excited Hudson’s Bay Company has this. I’m curious and will have to track some down.