That Day Has Finally Come

That day has finally come you guys: I think I’m too old for LUSH.

Lush Halloween 2015

 LUSH Halloween 2015.jpg

LUSH Halloween 2015


Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie($19.95)

LUSH Halloween 2015 .jpg

Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie($19.95)

The Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie has two products inside, which is cool. Makes a cute Halloweeny Time gift? Do people give gifts at Halloween? I don’t know anymore man.

LUSH Halloween 2015.jpg

Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie- LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb

Inside you get one LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. It’s a blend of juniper berry, grapefruit and lime oils it smells REALLY GOOD. Really refreshing! And orange! The water turns all orange. I’m not a huge fan of the glitter to be honest though, and don’t get WHY Lush keeps doing this?

LUSH Halloween 2015.jpg

LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

I didn’t want to even take it out of the plastic to take pics because last year I got glitter on my hands, on the table, ON MY CAMERA. Nope, not this time LUSH. Keep your glitter, I don’t LIKE it.

LUSH Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb has a wine-coloured centre and the scent includes the world’s first Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, mixed with spicy black pepper oil and patchouli. Oh, and the wine centre POPS open- like a little party popper in your bathtub kingdom! I like this bath bomb.

BUT THIS. THIS is…I don’t even know man…and it has positive reviews all over the place….except from my favourite #YEG under the age of 45 Beauty Blogger, Rae@TheNotice. And that’s why I love her. I was waiting for someone else to hate this too…And BINGO! Sometimes, when you dislike something you need validation, especially when everyone else seems to like it. You start to wonder whether it’s just YOU.


Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

LUSH Halloween 2015.jpg

LUSH Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

I was excited that Lush made a Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream because I like the scent. But then, when I poured it onto my shower poof, it got all over the shower. Everywhere! It’s WEIRD. The texture is liquidy, yet FOAMY…how the eff do you make a texture like that? It’s like candy-filled saliva you guys….

LUSH Halloween 2015.jpg

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

And if that isn’t bad enough, Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream STAINS. My shower. MY BODY. Just like Rae said! Can you see the green on my fingers?

LUSH Halloween 2015.jpg

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream

Sorry, I’m not into being green…even though I love Kermit The Frog…I prefer to stay un-green thank you very much.

Sigh…I knew this day was coming…LUSH just hasn’t been all that appealing to me lately. It’s overpriced, not really natural at all yet they make you believe it is(that green stain on my hands should prove that to you), and too gittery. I’m too old to have to put my bifocals on to rinse glitter out of my crack and hoo-hoo because I took a bath.  😛  Yup… I AM.

Sorry guys, but this means no more LUSH reviews on Beauty Reflections…I’ll leave it for the young ‘uns if that’s ok with you.

Who else feels too old for this stuff? Anybody? Or am I turning into a crotchety old curmudgeon? Glitter in your hoo-hoo will do that to you I swear  😛

  • *flails arms wildly*

    I’ve always kind of felt this way about LUSH, but they (despite all that) still kind of hold that “cool appeal,” you know? Almost everything is too drying or too full of synthetic dyes for me, but man — when they get it right, they really get it right.

    I can really respect the fact that there will be no more lush on Beauty Reflections though, dude. If I had stronger morals, I would be right there with you!! :p

    • Yeah, I just can’t anymore?! Everything is drying for me too, and the only thing I’ve ever really liked is the body powder, but it’s SO expensive and I can get a big bottle of Shower to Shower from for like $6.
      Thanks! The foot came down!

  • Lily

    LOL Tracy. These things look cool! I guess that’s probably the only thing cool about it. Hahaha! I never got into Lush because their things turn me into a sneeze factory. Those scent – way too much for my sensitive nose. So, I didn’t try anything from them and never really regret it 🙂
    And dude, glitter out of your crack and hoo hoo. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    • Yeah, that about it-looks cool, but is NOPE for me and I’ve finally put my foot down and no more stupid stuff. It never works for me anyways? What too drying most of their stuff.
      I swear there are young girls walking around with permanent glittery hoo-hoos HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • I still love LUSH but the sad thing is I can’t really take baths with their bath bombs because it a) messes with mah PH balance and b) GLITTER TUB RING. I like their skincare, soaps and some of the scents though. You’re not alone, I know a lot of people who can’t stand the stuff.

    • I just can’t anymore?!! It’s just so JUVENILE feeling and I’d rather spend my money on stuff that works for ME, not for the glitter and bull crap.

  • I’m not a fan of the glitter either. I’ve avoided purchasing Lush bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, etc. with it. Yikes at the staining! I was going to get the bat Heebie Jeebie (because bats!) but was on the fence about the two products in it (the shower cream and the Nightwing jelly). I’m glad I held off. I also didn’t really like the shower jelly. It was weirdly textured IMO and I kept dropping it in the shower.

    I’ve found their recent limited edition products haven’t interested me. I usually go for gourmand scents and they haven’t had any ones appealing to me in a while. Last purchase I made was for Vanilla Dee-lite lotion before they discontinued it.

    Thank you for the review!

    • You are welcome! I still will probably buy Rose Jam when it comes back on stock because I love that scent! But yeah, I’m kind of done with them.

  • The glitter in bath bombs always puts me off and so hard to clean off the bath tub. I don’t really get the appeal of lush, sure there are a couple of nice products but apart from a couple of bath bombs and one facemark…not much interests me. It doesn’t help that just walking past their shop front gives me a headache with all the strong scents!

    • It’s like WHY. I remember when Marky was 4 years old and the first time we experienced a LUSH store in Vancouver and she refused to go in because of the smell!

  • Erika Letson

    I’m laughing so hard I just spilled coffee on my keyboard! I totally agree, I feel like I’m too old for Lush too! My teen daughter loves it though, so I guess I’ll leave it for her. Glitter, dyes…anything that makes the tub more dirty than when I started is not for me. Great review!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Well I for one would rather not visit my doctor and have her ask why the room just got one hundred percent more discotheque-like. But maybe that’s just me.

    Aside from some of the stuff smelling nice, I think I’ve always been “too old” for Lush. The too drying part doesn’t help either. :/

  • I hate glitter. probably because it’s always everywhere (I have a 2 small kids that love crafting). I like a bit of sparkle in eyeshadow as long as there is no fallout. And the green goo, looks gross. Not a fan of things that stain either. I never did like LUSH. They seem like they try too hard.

  • HATTEEEEEEE the glitter that Lush adds in to a lot of their items. I mean, it looks pretty, but it’s such a hassle! I do LOVE Lord of Misrule bomb, though, and cannot get enough ot it. I bought quite a few of them to use over the year since they only sell them during Halloween. Such a bummer that the shower gel stains!

  • *RAISES HAND* I am so so not into Lush anymore either. It just makes me sneeze and I don’t want funky colored water glitter grossness and that green shower stuff looks disgusting. Blegh.

  • Kristi C.

    I can’t deal with glitter in my bath products. And it’s not an age thing for me – I’ve never been able to cope with that. And seriously – shower gel that stains your body? No, just no, no, no. The only thing I’ve ever really liked was Lemony Flutter. But it’s been awhile since I’ve used it. I can smell the LUSH store from halfway down the hall at the mall.

    • Yeah, me too-and not sure it’s good that you can smell a store when you can’t even see it hahaha! I’m actually using the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb as a bathroom freshener LOL!

      • Kristi C.

        The only store that I think is okay to smell when you can’t see it is one that sells chocolate, teas, coffees or cinnamon rolls!!

  • OMG! A bodywash that stains you??? That’s bizarre! It does look a little like slime to me so I wouldn’t go for it either. And you know what? I’ve never really got into Lush – way too scented for me – so I can see I wouldn’t be starting based on this either, lol!

    • It’s so weird? Nobody else noticed but me and Rae. And you’re right it does look like slime hahaha!

  • Sweet Jesus that’s green.. I never could really get into those Lush things as they smell so strong.. don’t last long.. but the novelty factor is huge.