I Only Moisturize My Body Every 72 hours with Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist

Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist

Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist

Yeah, you heard me: EVERY. THREE. DAYS. DUDE. That’s IT. No more slathering on thick, turkey basting butters to relieve the itchy dry skin on my legs which are a mandatory badge that proves: I LIVE IN ALBERTA. This stuff? It’s changed my LIFE.

THIS is Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist and it costs $20. Which isn’t a lot, but then you see that there pic I’m showing you is a new bottle, so WHY IS IT HALF FULL. I don’t know dude. I don’t give a F$$k. Why? Well, this is a mist from the GODS. Or God–whatever you dig man..I don’t judge here. It’s the best mist I’ve ever experienced…let’s call it MEATY. Yeah, you heard me…that’s how my brother described Wunderbar chocolate bars when they first came to Canada in the 80s, and it’s the perfect descriptor for this: A MEATY MIST. It has SUBSTANCE, but stays a fine spray. I don’t know how they do it, but I like it a lot!

This Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist hydrates below and on the surface of the skin with low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid in a base of purified mushroom, tamarind and corn derivatives. Instantly, my itchy legs scream AHHHHHHHHH and feel better! It’s cooling as you spray too, which my hot and flashy self loves. And because it’s a mist, it absorbs quickly too. Spray, spray-a little rub and BAZINGA! Done. FOR 72 HOURS. THREE DAYS…I’m serious. I shower every day. I don’t like going to bed tacky feeling even if I didn’t do something active that day…so I shower. And showering is drying for the skin, which is problematic if you have dry skin and live in one of the driest climates on earth. But when I use Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist I am fine…for 3 days…I don’t feel dry or itchy at all. And for someone that’s hot and flashy and nearing menopause? This Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist? Is like a a miracle you guys. I can’t live without it. It’s pretty much all I use these days to moisturize my dry, itchy limbs. And it WORKS.

‘Nuff  said. GET IT. You’ll thank me. And for payment I will humbly accept any kind of chocolate from your neck of the world…it’s a fair deal I think.

Get Hand Chemistry By Deciem Hyaluronic Body Mist  HERE.  And if you want to send me chocolate as a thank you, email me and we’ll TALK.   🙂

  • LOL. I shall try that Wunderbar chocolate for sure! I am not a big fan of mist, in general, but this really sounds great! I know you take a shower every day so I was wondering about the title of the post. Lasting through showers, that’s really something!

    • It’s a meaty chocolate bar he’s right! 😉
      It really does last through showers-the first thing I’ve tried that really does!

  • Yeaaah! So glad you picked up more of this stuff, dude — I love it, too!

    I mean. I can’t make it anywhere near 3 days with it, but it’s awesome all the same. Nothing quenches my dry spots as quickly or effectively as this stuff does!

  • Lily

    LOL Tracy. You had me laughing at your very first sentence already. This sounds awesome! Very potent indeed. So it might even last 7 days on me, eh? LOL! I am taking notes on stuff to buy. Missed their sale though. I’ll be watching their site closely so I can buy some on discount. Anything to help our poor weak currency 🙂

    • 😀 😀 I’m glad haha!
      Probably LOL!! Yeah, I hear you—ours is so bad against the US dollar right now and it HURTS.

  • LOL at Meaty Mist. That’s hilarious. I haven’t tried my other serum yet (one at at time, since my face seems to be really unhappy lately for some reason!) but I think I might want to get their White RX thing next. This sounds like it could be really good for the wintertime, though! Maybe i”ll add it to my order when I do get something.

    • MEATY. The White RX is great and works-too well! I can’t use it every day now…it breaks me out. Most whitening prods do though…but if I use it a few times a week it’s ok.

  • This sounds magical in every way. I seriously hate moisturizing so this sounds ah-mazing!!! I am so glad it is keeping your itchiness away!

    • It is! And thanks yeah, it’s a real problem for me. I’ll BLEED from itching-it’s insane.

  • Sounds incredible! I moisturize my legs and elbows every day, but I do tah full bod every 3 days like you. Right now I’m using an oil from…errrr… I don’t even know, it’s from a subscription box, lol, and I am too lazy to go check the label 😉

    • Oils! Most of them I can’t use all over they’re too heavy for me 🙁
      This is my HG for sure!

  • Jayne

    I just bought this and I cannot wait! 72 hours man…that is INSANE!!! This stuff should be in any care package going to Alberta because I know skin gets DRY out there!

  • A spray that beats out buttery balms.. gotta love that. Now if only they made that for the face. Lightweight SPF 200, antioxidants, anti wrinkle and glow without a hint of grease. YES!

  • Toya

    Ok, you and Rae have me sold…I’m giving in!!!!! Deceit, take all my money already, I’ve been holding out long enough!

  • Ohhhhh… I want this. I love your discription, too cute.