Some Stuff I Can’t Live Without Right Now-Hourglass, Hats, Hylamide and Chocolate Covered Raisins

I’ve been feeling a lot more relaxed and focused lately. I don’t know why, but I am! Maybe it’s the decluttering-who knows. But, a side effect of that feeling is REALLY noticing the things I love to use. And I mean LOVE. Not just like…LOVE.

 photo IMG_9071.jpg

Some of these things I’ve had for awhile, but I didn’t care for them back when for some reason or another. Some of these things are new. Hey, I’m not a perfect declutter-er. Sue me. And some are just too yummy for me to keep my mouth shut-although, I don’t keep it quiet for long HA.   😛

Let’s start with the bunch of Hourglass I got going in that pic.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting EDIT Palette.jpg

Hourglass Ambient Lighting EDIT Palette and Hourglass Blush Palette

When the Hourglass Ambient Light Powders first came out I LOVED them. But then I started to notice that they deposited too much colour on my face, and even oxidized a bit. So I stopped using them. Fast forward to now, and I discovered the shade Diffused is my best friend now, after reading my good friend Paris@MyWomensStuff review about it. I think the key to these Hourglass Ambient Powders is finding a shade that works for you, and Diffused is my baby. I use this faint yellow powder every day now to set concealer, my BB or CC Cream, or just even on its own with no other makeups underneath it. It makes me look less ruddy, more glowy, and YOUNGER. MAGIC. So when Hourglass released the Edit Palette, I ordered one. I had to.

The Hourglass Blush Palette you see up there I actually stole from Marky during the last trip to California. I let her have it because I wasn’t all that enthralled with them. But I borrowed it from her when I was down there and fell in love with them this time. I like to blend the pink and peachy shade together and it gives my cheeks the most gorgeous healthy flush ever! And they last forever and a day too, which amazes me. Marky wasn’t using it, so she let me have it back. Bless that red head. Seriously considering dumping ALL of the powered blushes I have left after decluttering and just keeping this Hourglass Blush palette…am thinking hard about it, and you know what? It’ll probably happen in time. I just need some time to say goodbye to the others!

I never understood the whole Tangle Teezer business, until this past summer. My hair is REALLY long-well for me-at the moment. And with long, curly hair you get tangles like you wouldn’t believe. I haven’t felt that pain of brushing out tangles since THIS picture was taken:

See the pain in little Tracy’s face??!! Yeah. And that’s my mama! She was only 5’2” and the chubbiest Ukrainian lady that was an AMAZING cook. I miss her every day I swear, even though she inflicted so much hair brushing PAIN. See the elastic at the ready in her mouth HAHAHA! I love it. Oh, and the quintessential 70s striped shirt I’m wearing like WTH-was that the only pattern that existed back then? Anyways, WOW this Tangle Teezer brush works! It really takes out tangles without hurting at all. I’d give anything to let my mama use this on me that pic!

Tangle Teezer.jpg

Tangle Teezer

I guess it’s all those little teeth of different lengths that makes the difference. All I can say is that if you have problems with tangles in your hair, get yourself a Tangle Teezer. You’ll thank me. It’s really worth the money!

My hands have been dry again SIGH. And one hand is drier than the other and it’s weird. I think I’ve told you about this before? Well, my crypt keeper paw is back again, and no matter what I’ve been slathering on, it’s still all skeletor looking. Sometimes I get this feeling that my hand is in another dimension, getting all old and creepy without me. Or, it’s aging at a normal rate, unlike my face which is still pretty untouched by any extreme aging at the moment. BUT ONE HAND? WHY JUST ONE??!! I’m going with the other dimension theory for now, because it’s just more plausible. Crazier, yes. But more logical-you have to agree.

Well, I found this little tin of AWESOME in my to review pile-which isn’t as big as it used to be THANK GOD. This saying no to more crap is great!

Paul & Joe Treatment Balm6.jpg

Paul & Joe Treatment Balm

Paul & Joe Treatment Balm is a solid balm until you pick some out. It instantly melts into an oil because of the warmth in your skin. There’s Organic Jojoba Oil and Orange Honey to deeply moisturize skin that’s parched like my hand. It’s supposed to smell like violet, but I think of Guerlain’s happy smell when I think of violet and this doesn’t smell like that at all to me. It’s more jasmine with some cedar in there too, and I LOVE it. This little tin is in my purse all the time now, and when my skeletor hand starts to creep me out, I put this on and Bazinga! Bye, bye old lady hand!  You can also use it on your hair too, which I love doing as well. I haven’t gotten a haircut since February now, so sometimes my ends tend to look a little parched. This stuff fixes that problem toot sweet. You need to look for this little tin of goodness you guys!

Anything that has the name Hylamide from Deciem is my obsession right now.

Hylamide by Deciem.jpg

Hylamide by Deciem

I’m not going to go into any detail about these amazing skincare products today, but I will soon. There’s just so much to talk about that I can’t fit it all into this post which is already ungodly long. But trust me, these products are just SO good. I hardly use any other skincare(besides Avène and Vichy-can’t pry me away from those brands no matter what) these days. Look out for my reviews coming up soon!

I get nauseous a lot. I always have. It doesn’t take much either-even too much coffee makes me sick. Getting up too early makes me wanna woof. I could make a list of about 20 things that make me nauseous, which in turn, would make YOU sick.  😛

 photo IMG_9082.jpg

Gravol Ginger

I keep these Gravol Ginger lozenges on me all the time. They help me feel better. Way better than taking actual gravol every time I feel sick that’s for sure. I’d be sleeping all the time if I did that! Plus these taste good too-a little spicy gingery goodness in every one.

I sweat A LOT during Zumba. I always take my Mission Enduracool towel with me to class.

Mission Enduracool towel .jpg

Mission Enduracool towel

Mission Enduracool towels are made of some kind of magic fabric that you wet, and then snap in the air a few times, which makes them cool instantly to 30 degrees Fahrenheit below body temperature. And it stays cool for up to 2 hours too. It’s the best to wipe my face with during a sweaty Zumba class! Refreshing! I even bought one for my favourite Zumba teacher and she loves it!

These two products have taken up permanent residence in my shower.

 photo IMG_9094.jpg

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash in Pink Grapefruit, Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

That Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash in Pink Grapefruit is YUM. Smells just like a grapefruit! And it has 2% salicylic acid so it helps clear up the chicken skin on my arms, and any other body spots that may pop up because of sweaty Zumba. And my love for the Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel is well documented on the blog, just check out my review here and I promise you’ll be wanting to buy it. I ran out of it, and was thinking I’d get something else to try. WRONG. I  just recently got a replacement and WOW did I ever miss it. Yeah, I’ll never let that happen again! My skin just loves it so much. No other face exfoliator has done such amazing things to my skin as this one has.

I’m not a huge fan of raisins. So I was kind of ticked when Terry brought these home.


MAN THEY ARE GOOD these President’s Choice Milk Chocolate Raisins! First of all, these are mutant raisins or something because look how big they are:


And it’s not because there’s a generous coating of chocolate on each raisin(which makes them hard to stop eating, and frankly makes raisins tolerable) but some of the raisins really ARE that big-like almond big! DROWN ALL RAISINS IN CHOCOLATE I SAY. I need more. At least it’s a fruit, right? 😛

HATS. Specifically knitted hats for cold weather:

Hourglass 6.jpg

I got this one in Lake Louise, and it’s LOVE. I’m so excited that it’s almost toque weather here! I wore it at Lake Louise, because it’s a lot colder there. We’re getting a last blast of summer here this weekend, with temperature reaching +22C, so I’ll have to keep it off my head for a bit here in the city. I got this hat mainly because no matter what colour I decide to put in my hair, it’ll go with it HAHAHA! And that pompom on top makes me happy.  😀

Thanks for sticking with this long-ass post haha! These are honestly some of my favourite things at the moment. Not so much makeup, hey? I’m telling you one of the side effects of decluttering the makeup stash, is noticing OTHER things. Try it. You might like the effect it has on you too!

What things have you been really loving lately? Let us know! And not just makeup stuff either…think HARD about what else you really love lately!

  • Feeling the happy vibes here! I like this! <3
    I so want to try some Deciem products but it has to wait since I'm overstocked with vitamin c, hyaluronic acid & brightening serums. Sometimes I wish I had two heads. ;D

    Not a major decluttering as you and Liz are going through right now, but I did "some" cleaning and re-organizing, which made me know more about what I have and like. So now I plan my Makeup Of The Day as I plan my outfits the day before. I think I love that! And I buy things at much slow rate. I was at this L'Oreal employee store the other day and honestly felt no desire to buy anything despite the 50% off discount and walk out (although that's probably because I know I can go back there if I want to..).

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    • Thanks! <3
      Hahahaha, I know what you mean! Two heads would be great!
      That's a great idea planning out your MOTD with your outfits! You should do a post on that! And good for you for not buying anything. I think it's better to have well thought out purchases at our stage in makeup life for sure. Impulse ones never work out for me.
      You too Lena! Have fun! xxx

  • LMAO your face when your hair was being brushed! Such an awesome candid shot of you and your mama. Love that it’s caught on camera! I love the Tangle Teezer too, especially when my hair was longer. It still gets tangled now (I cut it into a long bob). I swear my hair has gotten drier after I had the baby!

    I love posts like this, and like I said you are making a good case about that Hourglass palette. I’m going to the mall later for an exchange so I mayyyyyy drop by Sephora. Maybe.

    • Thanks hahaha! That pic makes me laugh every time! But I also remember how much it hurt too LOL!! I can’t believe I never thought about the Tangle Teezer, until Marky told me to get one because she uses it. Man, its so worth it.
      Posts like this are just easier for my brain at the moment, so I’ll be doing more of them. They’re fun. And hahaha, I love that little Hourglass palette-it’s MY baby.
      Oh, and keep taking pictures of Sarah every day! She’s adorable and it’ll be amazing to have a pic from every day to see her change.

  • Can’t blame you for falling back in love with the Hourglass Ambient Blush palette- it’s my fave! I like mixing the peach and pink shade too! And I’m super curious to try Deciem’s serums 🙂

    • Yeah I think mixing them is the key for me! The only shade I like is that exposed one, all the others are too clashy on my skin, but mixed together they work!
      Deceim RULES.

  • Angela

    Oh hi there, Tracy! Sounds like you’ve been busy! A few comments (trying to keep this short, since I’m a little blabby…)
    A) I bought the amore pacific exfoliant thanks to you and I DO love it!!
    B) Have you ever tried sea bands for your nausea? I used them when I was pregnant with my first two and felt flu-like for the first 2 months. They’re not a protectant (I tried to wear them constantly and it doesn’t work) but when I’d feel sick, within 5 minutes of putting them on, I’d feel better.
    C) I have old lady under eyes today 🙁 I’m having a hard time lately with maintaining hydration to the area without creasing since I have black circles on a pasty white face. It’s tough to manage but it seems like if I dare put any more than 1 product under there, I’m all crypt-keeper eyes. Why does my skin look sooooo much better before I put on makeup??
    D) I love that my kids do not like raisins because I am also not keen on them but I LOVE glosettes and therefore do not have to share them (though I’m sure they’d be happy to suck off all the chocolate and leave nasty raisin bodies lying on the table. Kids are gross). THOSE RAISINS ARE UNGODLY, LOL!! Whenever I indulge in chocolate covered fruit, I feel like it’s not “as” bad for me. Oh man, I could probably justify anything…
    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    • Hahaha, I’m glad you love it too! I remember trying sea-bands when I was pregnant actually, I should get them again too. Good idea!
      You need a really good eye serum. And a light-weight colour corrector for your circles. Have you ever tried the Armani Colour Corrector? It’s really thin, and the brush is tiny so you just dab a bit on the dark areas and BOOM better. I’ll have to post about it so you can see.
      HAHAHA-I love that you have a treat you don’t have to share! I need to get another pack of them-I FINISHED IT IN 4 DAYS….WHY hahahahaha.
      Have a great weekend too!

      • Angela

        Can’t wait to see your post on corrector…I’ve tried a NYX peach coloured corrector (crease city!) and the Lise Watier “colour wheel” (DRY!!). And whatever magical serum you would suggest, I’m all ears. I’ve been using the smashbox under eye primer as it got good reviews but I don’t know that it’s doing much for me (though it’d clear I neeed something under there!).

  • Loved this post!! You have managed to talk me into a tangle teezer. I’ve been on the fence about one but I think that pic of you and your momma sold me! And I def need one of those towels for zumba. That sounds heavenly and my teacher is actually insane. I sweat buckets.

    • YAY! You won’t regret it I promise.
      My teacher is insane too LOL-that towel is my saviour haha!

  • Man I really need that Tangle Teezer. I have LONG hair now (past the bra line, longest I’ve had in my entire life) and it’s curly AND super fine. The tangling is insane and brushing causes so much breakage that I often don’t brush through for days 😀

  • rachlovespenguins

    Doritos and gingersnaps. We wear aprons at one of my jobs, and I bet if you shook us all that cookies would fall out of at least one or two pockets. The Doritos get left in the lunch room but the cookies are entirely mobile. We joke that the boss needs to order an entire pallet of each because no work gets done without them.
    I’ve never tried the tangle teaser thing, but I do have a wet brush. I like it. I think I might like your photo more though? Lol
    For skincare, I’m on my second bottle of the Avene serum you like, and I’ve still got the Amore Pacific peel as well, though I use it more sparingly since it’s a little too much for my skin some days.
    As for makeup, I’m a little obsessed with the YSL tinted lip oil. And I’ve really been giving Armani cheek fabric blush 509 some serious use, though you’d never know it by looking at the pan. That one is going to last me forever, it’s so pigmented!

    • HAHAHA I’d be scooping up the cookie bits from shaking’ you guys ha!
      I’ve heard about wet brushes, but alas have not seen them up here.
      I love that Avene serum, it’s SO good. Glad you love it!
      I gotta find my YSL lip oil-it’s in a purse hiding! Armani blushes are the best!
      Happy weekend Rach!

  • My hands are similar. The right one (dominant hand) is drier than the other. I didn’t know Gravol came in hard candy form. I’ll have to try it out.

    My current love is kombucha. It’s an expensive little habit.

  • Raisins? I say drown ERRRTHANG in chocolate!

    I also cannot live without my Tangle Teezer. It’s such a life saver. And yeah, I know what it’s like to have dry hands all the friggin’ time. I don’t know what it’s like to have one hand that’s more dry than the other though, haha.

  • that picture of you and your mama is looove. Your cute little face!!! Man, those cooling towels are unbelievable, no?

  • I think S is going to try those ginger things – he gets motion sickness on planes and boats and takes Dramamine, but if the turbulence is really bad he has a really hard time, even with that. Thanks for posting that! I also want to look into that workout cloth – that sounds handy!

    Also, OMG, that photo is the most adorable, lovely thing.

    • Oh, good! I hope they help him. They also make ginger capsules that might work better for him-more concentrated.

  • Lily

    I’ve been really loving balls. Colorful springy plastic balls that keep Ashton busy for a looooong time! These balls keep him off my back for a while and I love them. Hahaha! I might need a Tangle Teezer too – more for the girls’ unruly hair. I have no idea what they do, but they seem to get their hair tangled every single day even after I brush them. So, when I brush them again, both of them will scream for help… and I look exactly like your mama in that photo, and they’d look like you. Hahahaha!

    • Hahahaha, that’s hilarious Lily!
      LOL I feel your girls’ screams over here! Get that Tangle Teezer! They’ll hug you!

  • Cathy

    Decluttering is a wonderful thing isn’t it? I’m even condensing the blogs I follow to those that either apply to my age and lifestyle or those that are plain fun to read. Your blog fits both categories, and I enjoy it immensely! Deciem is new for me, and I’m loving the line-looking forward to your thoughts. I took your advice and bought the Amore Pacific exfoliating peel, and I’m a happy chickie indeed-love it! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thanks Cathy you made my day with this comment!
      I’m so glad you love the Amore peel too! I’m on my third bottle now since I discovered it. I need to get my ass in gear for the Deciem post…skincare is the hardest to write about because I want to go into such detail haha!

  • OMG your mom and you <3 What a sweet memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine the hair pulling…I know the pain :p

  • Ha your mum is really going for those knots isn’t she?!! That looks painful! Ive realise that hylamide is now available here so will be getting some of that soon!

    • Yup! Man, my hair would get tangled. She’d put it in braids every day though-really TIGHT braids too hahaha!
      Oh, yay! It’s amazing skincare!