An Alberta Mountain Adventure-Lake Louise

After last week’s emotional post about my friend, I decided I needed a break. An Adventure! To take my mind off all the horrible stuff going on around me. I love going to the mountains here in Alberta. Heck, if I could afford it, I’d move there in a heart beat. I wish I could. I really do. So, that’s where we went.

And so, I’m gonna spam you again with all the beautiful scenery I experienced last week in Banff.Β #lovealberta

 photo c2bc0093-2950-4f7d-b177-d4516b04ca0f.jpg

Banff Alberta Overpasses


This is something I’ve never showed you before. Canada Parks built these overpasses for the animals to help them cross the highways. It’s a seamless forest-y walkway for them, and I think they work actually! You hardly ever see any roadkill in Banff National Park anymore.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Banff this trip because we really wanted to see Lake Louise this time.

Lake Louise, Alberta.jpg

Lake Louise, Alberta


And yup. It’s probably one of the prettiest spots on Earth. She doesn’t disappoint. Get ready for the money shot.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise, Alberta1.jpg

Lake Louise, Alberta


Lake Louise is an alpine lake, and is known for its sparkling blue-green waters. It’s situated at the base of glaciers as you can see.

Lake Level view!

Lake Louise, Alberta.jpg

Lake Louise, Alberta


I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop snapping pictures! I could just sit there for hours staring and thinking.

Lake Louise, Alberta.jpg

Lake Louise, Alberta


Here’s a view to the left. I did turn my head and look around hahaha!

Lake Louise, Alberta.jpg

Lake Louise, Alberta


This is a time I wish every picture came with a smell-o-vision button. The air up there is so CLEAN. So fresh. And you can pick out every single scent that’s there-pine? Wild flowers? Greenery? It’s surreal, and so hard to explain?! I wish I could do it justice, but I don’t think any words can really tell you what it smells like there. You just have to come and smell and see for yourselves!

Moraine Lake, Alberta:

Moraine Lake, Alberta.jpg

Moraine Lake, Alberta


This gorgeous lake view used to be on the back of our old $20 bills.

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Moraine Lake is a lot bluer than Lake Louise, and there’s a science-y time reason for that!

Moraine Lake, Alberta.jpg

Moraine Lake, Alberta


SO blue.

Moraine Lake, Alberta.jpg

Moraine Lake, Alberta


I regret not buying this amazing toilet paper holder in Banff. I swear you can buy the weirdest/most amazing things there.

 photo IMG_0868.jpg

I couldn’t get Terry on board with it for some reason HAHA. He couldn’t see my decorating vision! Can you?

 photo IMG_0869.jpg

Found a stocking stuffer for Marky. It’s her favourite word I swear.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream.jpg

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream


And a little beauty bonus for you! It’s so DRY in Calgary and Banff. I thought it was dry up here in Edmonton, but every time I go down south and to the mountains my legs get SO ITCHY that I can’t stop scratching like a buffoon. This Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Nurturing Body Washing Cream saved me from scratching my legs off. It’s really thick and lathers nicely into the softest foamy foam ever. It smells very shea buttery too-nice and gentle. But it doesn’t leave your skin greasy feeling at all for something so moisturizing. It cleanses really well too! I love it, and from now on it’s coming with me on any trips for sure. Perfect for this near menopause gal who can’t stand body butters!

You just can’t beat Alberta skies I’m telling you. Nope. No way. No how.

 photo IMG_0871.jpg

And that was my little adventure last week! I hope to have many more adventures to show you. You see, my hubby was laid off at the end of July, and forced to take early retirement. It was a bit of a shock to us, but he only wanted to work until Marky was finished college anyways. He has been still working though for Sportsnet Productions, but as a freelancer. At first we thought maybe he should get a full-time staff position and then we started to REALLY think about it. WHY. Freelance work is the way to go for him right now, so he can enjoy life for a change. It was a scary decision for us-since he’s the only bread winner in the family. But, life is short. And we want to enjoy what time we’ve got left here! Having sick friends really makes you think about what you want to do with what little time you’ve got left here. And we want to have some fun adventures together!

I promise to get back to blogging about beauty this week! I have quite a bit of things I’ve been loving to show you-specifically skincare. And also some decluttering posts too! YUP. Lots of stuff coming at you, so be prepared!

HUGS everyone! Have you been on any fun adventures lately?

  • my mom just went there for a trip with her friends and she has the most marvelous time!! she always tried to convince me to go but i didn’t believe that it would be fun but now i want to go too after seeing her and your photos

  • Angela

    That is the money shot, indeed. We take the kids there every fall and that is the shot we use in our annual / christmas collage. And thanks for sharing the info about why the lake is that colour! My oldest was asking about that recently – why the water reflects blue, and I was a bit spaced out on the answer.

    • Right? SO pretty. I want to see that Christmas Card lady! And there you go! I’m glad I could help haha!

  • So clearly I need to come to Alberta. That scenery!!! Also, I need the toilet roll holder.

  • Eugenia

    Just….WOW! Many years ago, Tom was working in Calgary for about 8 months, and he went to visit Banff and Lake Louise; he’s often told me how stunning it is, but seeing your pictures really brings that home! I so totally want to go visit now!

  • Some of the most beautiful scenery ever!!! Thank you for sharing those photos πŸ™‚ I hope you had a good time and feel better!

  • Liz

    Beautiful! I think we had similar weekends. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad to hear that update on you and Terry! Freelancing is scary but the freedom and flexibility you get in return is worth it. Good luck, guys!

    • We did! I want to see your pics in a post dude! It’s so nice to be able to go away these days, and not blog about beauty all the time. I’m so glad about that now!
      And thanks! That’s exactly what we thought too. SO much better for us!

  • I haven’t really done anything as exciting as that but I did go to the LA Fair, which is literally right next to my house and ate a bunch of fried stuff! Those pics are amazing. I felt like I had a little break just looking at them! Beautiful! And that animal crossing over the highway…I wish we had those here, I bet it really helps keep them safe!

    • LOL, fried foods are exciting!
      Thanks! I wish I could just stay there. And yeah-they really do keep them safe!

  • Glad you and Terry are enjoying time together! These photos are GORGEOUS. I want to come up there some day with S and do some outdoorsy stuff! It’s on our list! It all looks so beautiful.


    Also, those animal bridges are really cool! I think I’ve seen something like that before (can’t think where now though – it was an article about some place in Japan, maybe?) and that’s such a great idea!

    • We are! You NEED to come up here! Before I’m in a wheelchair, hey LOL!! SO many hiking trails-it’ll be so much FUN. You can canoe on Lake Lousie dude! I wanna canoe with you guys!
      ISN’T IT?? Terry just kept giving me that WHY look. Fuck it, next time I’m buying it.
      Those bridges are cool and I bet they got the idea from Japan! I think it really helps because you rarely see animals on the main highway anymore and that’s GOOD.

  • Wow! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Tracy!!!!

  • Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Terry was forced into early retirement, that had to be so shocking. But, you guys have certainly thought it over and made the most of it and what’s the phrase? “When God closes a door, he opens a window”? You guys have certainly opened a window into what you want more of – time together. Plus it’s probably been nice having Terry around after Marky went back to college. Even if he doesn’t get your gargoyle TP holder, LOLOL! I’m very happy it’s working out and you guys can do what you should be doing: ENJOYING LIFE! These photos are stunners and I swear I can smell the clean from here! Much love to you!

    • Thanks Boo! That’s exactly it. Life is too short. And yeah, there’s bills and college to pay for, but we’ll make it work…somehow! We’re really getting old! Even if our brains don’t feel it, numbers don’t lie and you start to realize DAMNNNNN, how much more time do I have left around here? My mama died when she was 68! That’s 20 years away for me! Not saying I’ll die then too, but DANG….I wanna live forever ya’ know LOL! WITH LOTSA BLUSH ON MA CHUBBY CHEEKS. And I want my chubby cheeks to be there forever too! GAHHHhhhh. And I’m not scared to die though…it’s just I wanna be here for A LONG time annoying people, ya’ know? Sigh. I think I’m having trouble with dealing with the whole uncertainty of life is all. I’ll figure it out eventually and come to terms with it like I always do. But staring at beautiful mountain scenery makes me forget that bullshit. So that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s my therapy and it’s FREEEE hahaha! Love you too! And that invitation is always open to you both, hey?

      • This had me cracking up: “And I’m not scared to die though…it’s just I wanna be here for A LONG time annoying people, ya’ know?” You are truly one of a kind! And yes, J and I need to get our passports so we can see some CANADIAN MOUNTAINS!! It does look highly therapeutic, and you can’t beat free nature therapy! I’m glad you guys are focused on living life and enjoying every minute you have. It’s so important, and you really do have big realizations about life the more you grow up. I quit blogging, and now all of that time I was doing that is spent doing other things I love and I’m happier for it. I think once you realize something doesn’t have the same hold on you as it once did, it’s okay to admit it to yourself and move on. Life’s too short and I wanna sing from the mountain tops! πŸ˜‰

  • Those views are just STUNNING! I was already gasping my way through the series on IG but they’re even more impressive from a desktop, haha. My dad went into early retirement a couple of years ago and honestly, it’s the best thing that could have happened to him and my mom. It’s like they’re newly weds all over again!

    • LOL your shots from Hawaii did the same to me haha! I never wanted to go there until I saw your trip dude!
      Hahaha see, that makes me happy to hear! Thanks love! We’re enjoying our time alone together again a lot as well!

  • Gosh, Lake Louise looks like such a breathtaking, magical place. I’ve never been out West, but I need to remedy that soon πŸ™‚

    • It really is! I could have spent HOURS staring at it. Just sitting there.
      And same thing-I gotta room that’s empty most of the year, so C’MON DOWN!

  • Argh I need to go back to Canada asap! I’m sorry your hubby lost his job but also really impressed with how you’re using this as an opportunity and it’s great that you’ll get to spend more time together too πŸ™‚

    • You do! COME VISIT MEEEEEEEEeeee hahahaha! Marky’s room is empty most of the year, hey? πŸ˜‰
      I hope so too! But as I type this he’s gone working for the nest almost 2 weeks and I’m ALL ALOOOOOooone. SEE? COME VISIT MEEEEeee!

  • Thanks babe! ;D I want to get a new camera actually, and do exactly that. And it’s great to hear from someone who’s experienced the same thing. Makes me feel better about our decision! LOL to your plate of roast beef plate every night HAHAHAHA I love you! I really do! My bucket list now includes coming to visit and hug YOU and your hubby in person some day! WE MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN LOVE.

  • WAHOO!!! Soon!! Maybe next year! Or the year after that. I really want to go to Europe again-I’ve only been once. Once our dollar starts to get better I’ll be knocking on your cabin door haha! HUGS too you too! And i’ll tell Noella-she’s in the hospital with pneumonia right now. She can’t talk poor thing.

  • Jess

    Hi Tracy-

    You do indeed live in a beautiful province.:) My family and I drove across from the maritimes to BC when I was 15, and I still remember how beautiful Lake Louise was. I really need to go back!

    Re: super itchy legs, I have the same problem basically year-round. I found that exfoliating like crazy really helps…I bought a bamboo-handled brush from the Body Shop and I scrub the sh-t out of my legs when I shower. It’s made a big difference.

    • Thanks! And yes you do need to come back!
      I will try that thanks! Sometimes it’s ok, but somedays I can’t stop scratching them legs!

  • Lily

    I’m sorry to hear about Terry, Tracy… but I believe all things happen for a reason, no matter how ridiculous it might seem. Looks like you’ve already got it all figured out, so yay to you! I’m so jealous that you, Liz and Larie and everyone else seem to live close to each other compared to where I am! I WANT TO VISIT ALL THESE GORGEOUS PLACES but dang that 24 hour flight >_<