California, Disneyland and Ch-ch-ch-changes! Update!

HEY! How you DOIN’? 

I know, I’ve been awful at posting lately. But as you know, I’ve been BUSY MONSTERrrr(that’s a French accent typed there in case you didn’t know). Warning for all you MOMS out there: BE PREPARED FOR WHEN THEY FINALLY MOVE OUT…It’ll STILL COST YOU $$$$$$$. You think they’re gone and stuff, but then NOPE they PULL you back in, and you’re buying bedroom furniture and putting it together in 106F heat. What is that? WHO can live in that kind of heat I ask you? Not me. Or my hubby. Usually I enjoy our little trips to California, but this time? I was BEGGING to come home to Canada.

I should have taken pics of Marky’s final bedroom look, but PFFFT…I just wanted to get outta there as fast as possible to be honest-before it cost me any MORE monies! And I wanted to start our actual little REAL holiday!

Disneyland .jpg

Disneyland Hotel

We’ve been going to Disneyland for over a decade, but we’ve never actually stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. So, since this September 29, 2015 will be our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we decided to finally spend the stupid amount of $$$ on ourselves and stay there. We did get 20% off the rates, since I’m an annual pass holder so YAY for that!

And you know what? It was WORTH IT. Even with our failing dollar, it was amazing to be so close to the parks, and have such comfy beds!

Disneyland .jpg

Disneyland Hotel Toiletries


And the H2O Plus toiletries made the stay even sweeter! I love their products, so it was kinda’ nice to find them here at the hotel! I may have brought them all home though, to use at a later date… #beautyhorderextrodinaire

No lack of detail was overlooked in the rooms at Disneyland though, I mean look at the bathroom sconces:

Disneyland .jpg

Disneyland Hotel Bathroom Sconces


Our first meal is usually this flat iron steak with chimmichurra sauce and garlic frites at the UVA Bar at Downtown Disney. It’s always done perfectly to your liking! And never grisly or awful. My fave steak at the resort for sure! And the garlic fries are SO GOOD. They’re garlicky enough to satisfy this Ukrainian!

Disneyland .jpg

Disneyland Uva Bar


They had these spicy tomato popsicles to put in beers too, so Terry had one.
 photo IMG_9931.jpg

It was good! But all the spicy ends up at the and of your popsicle melt so beware! Spicy beer alert!

 photo IMG_9952.jpg

The Haunted Mansion is my second fave ride at the park after Big Thunder Mountain, so to say I was disappointed that it was closed down was an understatement. They’re prepping it for the Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas dress starting Sept.12. WHY SO EARLY GODDAMMIT. Seriously. Why don’t we just start Halloween season August 1st already? CRIPES. So, yeah anyways…it just means I have to go back sooner, right? RIGHT. I almost bought that purse btw…but I came to my senses after I realized it was almost $300 US, which is what???!! Like a MILLION CANADIAN NOW. Fuck you Harper. You’ve ruined our economy you rat commie bastard. DON’T talk to me if you’re voting them back in. 

I wore NO MAKEUP on most of my trip. Because WHY. HOT. This is what I wore:

 photo IMG_9955.jpg

That Coola Liplux Lip Balm SPF30 is great! I really liked it and applied it liberally. Lips felt smooth, soft and protected all the time! Win! The Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de Soin Moisturizing Anti-UV Mist was my other companion, thanks to the lovely Melissa from @KissandMakeupBeautyBlog! She so kindly sent me this and I’m forever grateful! It’s amazing. It’s basically like water, yet a really effective sunscreen. And you can reapply OVER makeup too! I wasn’t wearing any makeup on this trip, but I have tried it and works SO WELL over makeup and makes an amazing setting spray. Plus you can reapply at your will with no worries of makeup getting ruined. It’s like a dream come true! Although, if your’e planning to go to a rave, or to Disneyland where there’s a lot of black light on rides, you may encounter THIS problem:

 photo IMG_9999.jpg

Stuff GLOWS under black light hahaha! My hubby said I looked like the Mummy! It was weird for sure! But at least I had proof that the sunscreen was working hahaha!

Mint Juleps are a daily must at Disneyland. Keeps you going.

 photo IMG_0024.jpg

Now, I’ve been on the Tower Of Terror ride ONCE. When it first opened. And that was enough for me. I actually bruised Marky’s arm while trying to save myself from DYING on it hahahaha.

 photo IMG_0034.jpg

But I ALMOST made it back on again this trip. After getting some Instagram love to grow a pair and just do it, I walked up to the gates with every intention of going on the damn ride…but the park was 7:30!!!! WHY. ARRGH…

So, I had a beer instead. 😛 Celebrated my PANSY ASS hahaha. Next time though I shall DEFEAT YOU TOWER OF DEATH. PROMISE.

 photo IMG_0031.jpg
Isn’t that the most CANADIAN beer label you’ve ever seen? Yeah, it wasn’t one of ours though! But it was good!

This thing of beauty is the Rocky Road Sunday at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in California Adventure Park.

Disneyland .jpg



A little too much whipped cream for us-I pushed most of it off. There’s a time and place for whipped cream people.  🙂 And on most sweets I don’t care for it that much. Just give me the goods I say, and keep the fluff.  😛  This was our lunch that day – I mean it has dairy, protein, carbs-what else do you need, right? 😀

Ok Tracy, but tell us what you actually BOUGHT beauty-wise? Well to be honest loves? Not a whole lot this time. I bought this set of Clinique lipsticks at the Duty Free @LAX:

Disneyland .jpg

LAX Duty Free Haul


And this is the other stuff that I bought:

Disneyland .jpg

Yup. That’s about it. Not that much at all-at least for me. With the dollar being so low, it was hard to justify buying all that much.

Disneyland .jpg



The Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner for Naturally Curly Hair is AMAZE. It works so well at keeping my hair frizz free and soft. I don’t get WHY it’s not sold here in Caanda??!!I always pick one up on my trip and savour it until the last drop. Oh, and it smells SO GOOD too… like a perfumed, spicy heady vanilla that’s OH so nice. I like Dove hair stuffs. So c’mon Dove, get this stuff sold up north here, EH?

AND YES I caved and picked up my first ever Tatcha product:

 photo IMG_0075.jpg

I tell you this: I HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS YA’LL. Everyone and their frickin’ dog has hyped this cleanser up to be the BE ALL END ALL…so…it better deliver. I better be hearing THIS SONG when I use it:

That is my Beauty Holy Grail song btw, in case you didn’t know, and it’s called Liz On Top Of the World from the Pride and Prejudice Movie Soundtrack starring Kiera Knightley. You’ll find me watching that movie when I’m alone and have nothing else to do. I adore the soundtrack, it’s one of my faves forever.
So yeah, if that cleanser doesn’t change my world…BE PREPARED FOR THAT REVIEW.

 photo IMG_0085.jpg

I’m pretty damn excited about the sample pack of L’Artisan Parfumeurs Scents I picked up.

These are the scents in the pack:
 photo IMG_0083.jpg

I’ve been kind of bored with my usuals, so I’m looking forward to discovering something that smells awesome for fall!

Oh, and can I tell you how HAPPY I was to come home to this:

 photo IMG_0062.jpg
Not many people enjoy a 30 degree temperature difference that goes towards the negative, but I sure do! Jacket weather is BACK! HALLELUJAH! After the last week and a bit in California, I think I can safely say NO MORE SUMMER PLEASE! 😛

There’s my trip! It was a lot of hard work, yet fun at the same time. And it wasn’t that hard to leave Marky this time as it was last year, go figure. I guess I’m finally used to my empty nest. Is that bad? Sad? I don’t really know. But maybe it’s just a realization that it’s TIME. Time to separate and move on. My job is pretty much done. She’s all good. And that? Makes me quite happy. And PROUD too. 😀

I’ve missed you all! I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule, but to be honest there’s less and less stuff showing up at my doorstep these days to review. While I was gone there was NOTHING delivered, and that’s a first. I’ve been saying NO to a lot of stuff lately. I’m getting tired. I don’t have time or the WANT to do idiotic reviews of stupid stuffs.

I want to write about what I want to write.  So, it may mean less posts, but more meaningful ones in the end. I hope that’s OK with you all! If not-well, is short and you need to find a beauty blog that fits you and your needs. If it’s not Beauty Refelctions, then godspeed dudes. Those of you that stick with me-you’re sick, like me. And I like that, so WAHOOOO…let’s have some real FUN now, hey? I really want to reduce my makeup stash like  Liz@BeautyReductionista has been doing. So, maybe I’ll start taking you through that process, I don’t know?! Let me know what you’d like to see on here! More snark? More life stuff? More reviews? I aim to please!

  • The trip looks like a blast, despite the heat!

    I love reading anything from you, you’re such a wise lady!! Quality over quantity!

  • Susan G

    I bought myself the same L’Artisan Perfumeurs set as a me-gift from Sephora before Christmas — and have yet to play with it! You’ve inspired me to get it out and try it. Let us know whatyou think of the various scents!

    I check in on your blog every day. It’s always great to read a fellow Canadian’s beauty thoughts!

    • Awww, thanks Susan! I will share my thoughts on the scents for sure. I hope I find one I love!
      And thanks for checking in every day-I so appreciate that! xx

  • Hey, Tracy! I’m glad you had a good trip — and welcome home! 😉

    The only thing going through my head right now is that I really have to sneeze by CAN’T QUITE SNEEZE, so no clever comments from me today. I’m glad you’re back! Definitely feel you on the slowing down — I just have so much STUFF and I don’t know how much of it I’m really feeling anymore. (That said, I’ll miss every single Beauty Reflections post that never happens. ;))

    We gotta catch up over coffee soon! 🙂

    • Thanks! Hope you can sneeze SOON dude!
      Yeah, I’m just not feeling a lot of stuff lately either. I’ll probably do more roundup kind of posts, as I just don’t have the energy to write about ONE lipstick, if ya’ know what I mean.
      And YES! Coffee sounds awesome!

  • Absolutely loved reading this!! Man it was so hot here…and it is gonna get back to 103 this week *sob*. I’ve never stayed at the Disneyland Hotel but it looks so pretty and magical!!! I am so excited because Momma Panda and I are going to the Halloween Party in October and I cannot wait to see the Haunted Mansion all decorated. It is such a bummer it was closed for you! Just come back soon!

    And btw, I listen to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack all the time. It literally plays in my head during special moments, so I know that feeling.

    • Awww, thanks! NOOOoooooo, boy I hope El Nino gives you guys a wet, cooler winter! I want to go to the Halloween Party! I’ve never been! They sound so fun! And yup-just means I gotta come back!
      MINE TOO. I love that soundtrack!

  • Hahaha sorry to hear about the bedroom, but I am also a damn kid that’s never really gone LOL

    Really enjoyed the holiday pics on Instagram! The hotel looks super fancy and the food is yum. Thanks for letting me know the Bioderma spray is not meant to be seen in black light tho!

    • Hahaha, it had to be done so whatcha’ gone do! Hopefully someday, she’ll buy ME something!

      And you are welcome! I wonder if other people were wondering what the heck was up with my face!

  • Beauty Holy Grail song? What a fantabulously amazeballs concept! Funny about how kids cost you money forever, my friend was telling me today about how both her kids (25 and 28 years old) have both moved back in with her for the 3rd time!

    • :D:D
      Yeah, it never ends! Someday, I want HER to buy me something….like I don’t know-ANYTHING. Hopefully that will happen!

  • firstly, happy happy happy anniversary this month!!!! and congratulations! I had so much fun reading your Disney post! I really wanna go back to Disneyland, but I think Disneyworld is much more feasible for this Midwesterner! Still!!! OH MY GOSH I can’t believe you got hit with 106F weather. THAT IS INSANE. You are an awesome mom for doing all the moving and helping! 😉

    • Thanks my friend!
      Yeah, I couldn’t believe how HOT it was. The wind was HOT. It felt like opening an oven door every time you walked outside. UGGGGH.
      There’s no way she could have done it on her own. But I’m kind of happy next year that I won’t have to do anything for her-at least I hope so!

  • Glad you had a great trip to Disney!

    As for reading! I like reading all you posts and look forward to them in my newsfeed 🙂

  • Liz

    Um, so I immediately thought that the opening shot of the Disney room was Marky’s and was all “GODDAMN, they did a good job.” LOL! Reading comprehension = low right now. It’s wine o’clock at Chez Liz.

    I’m all for TATCHA but expensive cleansing oils are not my thing. I would have bought the firming serum or the dewy mist – but hey! They’re back online at Sephora Canada. I’m tempted to break the no-buy but NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO. Holding strong to getting a grip. JOIN ME. It’ll be so fun. WE’LL MAKE IT FUN.

    • Lily

      I want to join too! Let’s just bash all ze products so that we kill all our lemmings. HAHAHAHA!

    • LOL LOL!!! We are good, but not THAT good hahahaha!
      Yeah, I’m not into expensive cleaners either, but I saw it at Sephora there and it CHALLENGED ME DUDE. I need to see if it’s as good as everyone says. They didn’t have the other products you mention, otherwise I might have tried one of them instead. I’m kind of sick of the Tatcha love that goes around in the blogging world. When everyone loves something I tend to NOT believe, ya know what I mean?

  • I love how much you love Disneyland! I love that place too. Happy 25th anniversary, by the way 🙂 I’m all for your blogging philosophy. Years ago, I used to chug out 4-5 posts a week, but a lot of them were boring, cop out FOTD posts and things like that. Not very interesting. I’m happy blogging 1-2x a week nowadays. Your posts have always been a worthwhile read though. So do you love those Clinique lipsticks? I always swatch them, but I haven’t tried them on yet.

    • I’m a big kid haha! Thanks! Yup, I’m tired of review after review. Gonna change that now!
      I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know!

  • If you’re going to a rave!! HA!! Good to know! I will avoid using that when I’m rave-bound. I’m glad it’s getting easier to leave Marky at school. If it wasn’t getting easier, then you wouldn’t be able to move forward with your life and find new joys while keeping the best of the old. I’m so happy you and Terry did it up magic style for your upcoming 25th anniversary! Early congrats, and damn girl, you look FANTASTIC without makeup. Dare I say YOUNGER?! You are just a beautiful woman, plain and simple. <3 I'd love to hear about your decluttering adventures! That would be amazing if you shared! I need to get back on the project eyeshadow kick. I have a whole box of shadows I've set aside to give away or sell just from casually going through my collection when I'm getting ready in the morning. It's actually been fun! And good for you – reclaim your blog so it's what makes YOU happy. I've said no to plenty of PR things and don't feel bad about it at all. Unless something thrills me to no end when I get the email, I don't feel obligated to say yes. Even though it's gratis product, it's still my time and effort that will be put into testing and reviewing it, so if I'm not doing mental donuts over something, I'm saying no. Life's too short to do things out of obligation if you don't have to! Mucho love and conch fritters – and garlic fries! YES TO ALL OF THE GARLICS! I can eat that stuff raw and think, "it's not garlicky enough." Soul sisters! 😉

    • Lily

      All the “YES” to this comment, Kristen! It’s like you read my mind. Also, I eat raw garlic with soy sauce as condiment. It’s a very Chinese thing to do here.

    • Thanks love! LOL, you are too sweet. xx Yup,saying no has been pretty liberating. I don’t have that I BETTER POST MY REIVEW before I get in trouble with PR feeling anymore.
      I shall try to show some decluttering then-everyone wants to see it! I’m so sick of STUFF. I miss the days when everything I had fit into one drawer. Gonna try and get as close as I can to that old feeling.
      My dad used to slice raw garlic and eat it on top of buttered bread when he felt sick! Me, I prefer mine roasted. Have I ever told you about the Portland Roasted Garlic Incident from last year’s College Road Trip? MAN. I should write about that.

  • I’ve been loving all the Disney posts on Instagram Tracy! Post whatever you like to post – and if you’re going to declutter a la Liz then post it here too!

    • Thanks Vita! I will! Seems like a lot of you want to see decluttering on here so your wish hall be granted!

  • Lily

    Loved this post, Tracy. I was gonna say, about Tatcha, the higher your expectations, the greater your disappointment! I hope that won’t be the case. I used the cleansing oil before, and it’s good, but not ALL THAT, if you know what I mean. And dude, I agree with Kristen – you look GREAT without makeup, and yes, even younger! 107F is nothing, man. It’s the norm here. I have no idea how I live here, because I really hate the heat and humidity. I probably prefer the weather to be moderate… around 70 to 80F the whole year will be nice 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about “doing the Liz” too but I haven’t had the time to lay down all my things on the floor to decide which to keep. Documenting the process will be helpful. I’d like to see how you do it, for reference. The Liz technique is a little too advanced for me at the moment. Hahaha!

    • Awww, thanks! Yeah I’ll prob be disappointed I’m already prepared for it LOL!
      you guys…thanks! I think I look younger without a lot of makeup too which is why I really don’t wear a lot of it on a daily basis anymore.
      The Liz technique LOL! Ok, I’ll try and share my decluttering to inspire you!

      • rachlovespenguins

        It’s smart to try and limit your expectations, but see, I DO think it’s all that (and then some, haha) and I’m hearing the music just thinking about the bottle sitting there in the cabinet. We’re talking crazy love. I do have special circumstances (as in everything else I try murders my eyeballs) so I guess we could go with the old “your mileage may vary” thing, but for me this stuff hits all the notes.

  • HAHA thanks Daisy! You are the sweetest!
    Summer and me do not get along! This trip really proved it too. A lot of older Canadians go south for the winter-we call them SNOWBIRDS. I don’t think I can ever be one!
    LOL! Treat yourself to a lipstick and sundae girl! Life is short!
    And I will! People(friends) like you keep me blogging! xoxo

  • rachlovespenguins

    Hooray for jacket weather! I can’t wait for that to land here, I’m so frickin sick of summer already.

    I’ll remember that little tidbit about the sunscreen and black light…. do you think it was just normal flashback from the usual suspects, or a different ingredient entirely? It’s a nice effect though, lol.

    Oh and interesting aside, there is someone on the Tatcha site product reviews who does use the cleanser on their dog, so I think it really is doggie endorsed at this point. 😛

    • I have no idea I should look it up, but it’s definitely something in it, because I wore another sunscreen one day to see if it did the same thing and NOPE.

      LOL, doggie endorsed! OK. FINE. HAHAHA!