How a Dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner Chooses Sunscreen For His Family | Neutrogena #ChooseSkinHealth

Happy Long Weekend everyone! I hope you’re having a fun time with family and enjoying the last hurrahs of summer! Whether you head to the beach or enjoy a backyard cookout, I just want you to remember to protect yourself from the sun. Even though summer may be winding down, UV risk is real, ALL year round, and being diligent about sun safety is as important as ever!

This video features NYC dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, who shares information on how to best protect ourselves & our families from the sun. Dr. Joshua Zeichner also addresses a lot of misinformation that’s out there about sunscreen too. It’s a great watch.


This past week and half we were in California as you know, and the heat and the sun were BRUTAL. And my fair skin? And Marky’s? Burns instantly. Our sunscreen of choice was the Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Sunscreen range. I’m sure Dr. Joshua Zeichner would approve!

Neutrogena COOLDRY Sport Sunscreen

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Neutrogena COOLDRY Sport Sunscreen

Neutrogena COOLDRY Sport Sunscreen($12.99-16.99) is the newest line of sunscreen offered by the #1 Dermatologist recommended sunscreen brand. Neutrogena has created a technology that eliminates that basted turkey glaze feeling most sunscreens leave with COOLDRY SPORT. Neutrogena COOLDRY Sport Sunscreens have MICROMESH technology, which is clinically proven to allow perspiration and moisture to pass through the sunscreen without compromising the full strength SPF protection. As soon as you put it on, there’s an immediate cooling sensation on the skin and it smells SO good-like a refreshing shower gel! And your skin feels fresh and dry, and to be honest I can’t even tell I’m wearing sunscreen at all. And it leaves a pretty sheen on the skin too. And I can tell you this-nobody got a sunburn in that ugly California heat!

So, remember to protect yourself! And educate yourself and family and friends as well. Show them Dr. Joshua Zeichner’s video. And if you haven’t, check out my  summer posts about sunscreen HERE, where I explained a LOT of sunscreen science in easy to understand terms.


  • Lily

    We need this here! Everybody sweats in this horrible heat. Why doesn’t Neutrogena bring this here? Instead, at the moment, the only one I know which is similar is Shiseido Wet Force, which is also expensive!