New At The Drugstore: Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner & Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Marcelle is a Canadian drugstore brand that’s pretty solid here in Canada, but truth be told, I kind of ignore them most of the time. But that’s about to change people! They’ve got some AMAZING new Fall 2015 products that are must haves in my beauty books. And they’re just as good, if not BETTER than most mid to high end makeup brands that have similar products. If you’ve been walking by the Marcelle section like me, then don’t anymore!

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner.jpg

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner($11.95) has a mess-free, self-sharpening, twist off cap that keeps the eyeliner precision sharp every time you use it. Kind of reminds me of those ones by Smashbox, hey? But these are cheaper, and so much better.

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner.jpg

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner

Even though it’s waterproof, it’s a smooth formula that just glides on easily. I found that the ones by Smashbox didn’t. You can even use these on the waterline as well, and they don’t irritate sensitive eyes like mine.

Swatchy Time!

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner.jpg

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner in Taupe


Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner.jpg

Marcelle Forever Sharp Eyeliner Taupe

And HELLOOOOoo look at this shade Taupe! It’s a must have. You gotta get it, otherwise don’t talk to me anymore HAHAHA. 😛


Marcelle Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Marcelle Instant Eye Makeup Remover.jpg

Marcelle Instant Eye Makeup Remover

Marcelle Instant Eye Makeup Remover($14.95) is enriched with Aloe Vera so it helps to soothe the skin around your eyes. But the best part about this dual-phase eye makeup remover is that it’s OIL-FREE. So it won’t irritate your eyes at all, or blur your vision momentarily after you remove your eye makeup. I HATE THAT. It takes off all eye makeup, even long-wearing, waterproof liquid eyeliner, I promise. One of the reasons I hate wearing eye makeup is because most eye makeup removers irritate my eyes and blur my vision for DAYS after. This one? Doesn’t. So worth picking up I promise!

I have a couple more loves from Marcelle’s Fall 2015 launches to show you, but these two are my favourites! Look for them at the drugstore! Stalk Shoppers Drug Mart if you must. You won’t regret it.  😀 😀

How you guys doing’? Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week, but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you know that I’ve been in California since last week. We’ve been moving Marky into a house where she’ll be living with a few fellow classmates. She refused to dorm again this year and yeah, I understand for sure! This is a bit cheaper anyways to be honest. We had to buy her some bedroom furniture, so of course Ikea was our cheapest option. I’ll tell you this-carrying those heavy-ass Ikea boxes and putting together a bed, a desk, an Alex drawer in 106F heat was NOT FUN. Thank god we found a dresser in the As-Is section that someone put together and returned, because it was one less thing for us to do. All that work and sweating in extreme heat made my skin really unhappy though! Right now I’m trying to heal the most epic chin breakout I’ve ever had…  🙁

Drugstore makeup seems to be stepping up their game! At least Canadian brands are. Anything new at the drugstore  that’s surprised you lately?


  • That taupe is indeed gorgeous!! This would be great for you since you don’t like wearing eyeshadow that much nowadays.
    I wish we could see some great independent brands like Marchelle over here, too. I think Neutrogena is probably the only affordable option for dual-phased eye makeup remover that is oil-free, and unlike many others I’m not so crazy about it.

    Glad to here you found a drawer assembled! I remember I assembled everything for my tiny studio by myself when I first came to the U.S. The drawers are the hardest! I’m still very good with IKEA. HAHA

    • Exactly! This is my go to look lately.
      Yeah, that’s too bad you don’t have a lot of other companies in the drugstore that do things like this. But the Neutrogena one is pretty good! I used to use that one all the time. But this is so much better since there’s no oil at all. The oil really bothers my eyes lately.
      WOW, I wish you were here with us to help haha! I hate putting together Ikea stuff-SO MANY LITTLE BITS.

  • Eek, I hope that breakout goes away fast!

    Have you tried the Stay Sharp pencils from Annabelle? Seems as they are Marcelle’s sister company I wonder how different they are.

    • It’s kind of going away! I’ve been masking the crap outta my chin, so it’s getting there thanks!
      No! You’re the 2nd person to say they’re like the Annabelle ones! I bet they’re pretty similar.

  • Liz

    I have two bottles of Marcelle eye makeup removers that are in queue – the older biphase though, not this. Either way, they make really good cleansers/removers. I decided to stick with them and stop throwing money away on fancier things that aren’t half as good.

    • Agree! I’m not into buying fancy makeup removers anymore either. Not that I really did before, but this works so well.

  • I hope Marky feels settled and that you’ve had some down time in Disney after all that effort!
    Nice shade , they do look exactly like the samshbox ones.

    • She loves her furniture and room for sure! I hope she makes it feel like home on her own though! It was so much work. And money too.
      They do, right? Yet a good $10 cheaper which is a yay for me!

  • Oh that liner! It is a pretty shade indeed! I have largely stuck to gel tho. There are just SO many things that could go wrong between me and liquid/pencil liners!

  • Ooh, the shimmery brown liner looks beautiful with your eyes! These look much like the Annabelle Stay-Sharps, which I really like 🙂

  • That heat was brutal, I so feel ya. I almost died. I just melt in it. Glad you got her all moved in though! I need that eye makeup remover. Like ten bottles please, because I cannot stand the blurry vision thing!

    • MAN it was so hot I couldn’t believe it. And the hot wind-it was like Satan’s breath on your face! UGGGH. I’m so glad it’s like 28 here in Anaheim now LOL!
      It’s such a good eye makeup remover! Let me know! I can send you some!

  • Lily

    You guys get good stuff. I’ve read really good things about Marcelle. We get the usual boring suspects like L’Oreal and Maybelline, but we also get some Japanese and Korean brands with prices jacked up.

    • We do, especially lately. They’re stepping up! And I agree-L’Oreal and Maybelline can kiss my ass HAHAHAHA.

  • I have never heard of Marcelle before, but oooh that gorgeous taupe swatch is glorious!