Dior Rouge Lipsticks|Dior Cosmoplite Fall 2015 Collection

Just a quick little post today about the new Dior Rouge shades in the Dior Cosmoplite Fall 2015 Collection.

What can I say about Dior Rouge Lipsticks that hasn’t been said? They’re creamy, pigmented, smooth, comfortable to wear, last a long time(I get a good 4 hours if I don’t eat) and they wear off nicely too. Some people don’t like the classic lipstick smell of Rouge Diors, but to be honest, once you get it on your lips it’s barely detectable. At least I don’t really smell anything. I think Rouge Dior is the one product that Dior does well! Wait, I mean their lipsticks in general-all of Dior’s lipsticks are pretty top notch in my books.

There are 3 new Rouge Dior Shades($42) in the Dior Cosmoplite Fall 2015 Collection. And I like them all! 😀 😀

Dior Rouge Lipsticks|Dior Cosmoplite Fall 2015

Dior Rouge.jpg

Dior Rouge #956 Unique, Dior Rouge #542 Nouvelle Femme, Dior Rouge #753 Continental


Swatchy Time!

Dior Rouge.jpg

Dior Rouge #956 Unique, Dior Rouge #542 Nouvelle Femme, Dior Rouge #753 Continental

I didn’t take close-up lip pics this time. Sorry. Eh-I figure face picks are always better anyways, so you can see what the lipstick looks like on for real. Plus my lips are pretty close-up on the pics anyhow.

Dior Rouge #956 Unique is a warm, brown based berry that’s quite wearable! I didn’t think I’d like this one, as most berries age me, but this one doesn’t. I think my glasses help balance out the vampy shade though. If it’s too much for you, I think this would be lovely blotted down as a stain too. Too bad I didn’t think of doing that when I was wearing it and show you how that would look. #beautybloggerbrainfart

Dior Rouge #956 Unique.jpg

Dior Rouge #956 Unique

Dior Rouge #753 Continental is my favourite of the three! It’s such a pretty, rosy berry shade that’s so ladylike(unlike me 😛 )  I’ll be wearing this one starting now! It’s already in my purse!

Dior Rouge #753 Continental.jpg

Dior Rouge #753 Continental

Dior Rouge #542 Nouvelle Femme is a lovely peachy pink. Easy to wear, easy to love. And perfect for transitioning into fall.

Dior Rouge #542 Nouvelle Femme.jpg

Dior Rouge #542 Nouvelle Femme

I gotta go take out the trash now. YUCK. It’s usually Terry’s job, but he’s working in Toronto at the Para Pan Am Games. Yes, I should have gone with him. But we needed to be careful about $$ this month, since we have to get Marky some bedroom furniture this year. And with our dollar falling so low, this isn’t going to be pretty. Oh well.  But yeah…the garbage has to be out before 7am, so I put it out the night before, but not too much before midnight. You see, we have a gang of crows and magpies around here that come morning, start pecking at the black garbage bags. Those suckers are smart and they will do whatever they can to get into them bags. I’ve stopped them a few times, but I can’t stand out there all day until the garbage trucks finally decide to roll by. SIGH. I’m not the neighbourhood garbage protector! Unless, you can get paid for that-then sure-I’ll wrestle with them crows and magpies all day long! 🙂

Do you like Rouge Diors? I think they’re a classic lipstick! And a good one too! What do you think of these 3 shades for fall? 

  • Continental is LOOOOVE over here as well!

    Sorry to hear about the trash. Fortunately, we don’t get any animals here that do that. I have seen a feral cat doing that once, but you know me. Instead of chasing it away, I went downstairs with a bowl of food. It ate and walked away. Magpies and crows probably don’t get the same treatment from me.

    • I bet it looks amazing on you!! Can hardly wait to see it! The rest of the collection is going to be harder to blog about. I’m not too impressed with the eye quads for sure.

      We don’t really have feral cats so much here. It’s illegal to let your cat out unless you have it on a leash, so most people don’t let them out at night. At least around here-I’m on the outskirts of town. But my friend did find a kitty that was lost(she lives in another part of the city) and she took it in-not sure if she kept it or took it to the humane society. She already has two, but knowing her she probably kept it haha!

      • Ugh I don’t have any of those, but I really don’t think the whole reformulation thing worked out for them in general.

        We don’t have a lot of feral cats at all, either. I might have seen two in 4 years (the other one is the chubby tabby that is currently occupying my couch). I can’t believe you are not allowed to let the cats out tho! Here a lot of cats are free to roam the streets, but most of them go home at night. I know a lot of people believe cats are supposed to be free. While the idea is great, I just see so many notices about missing cats. Some of them end up being attacked by weasels (they are protected in this area so I heard there is a good number of them) or run over by a car. I can’t let that happen to mine.

        Are you talking about Buster’s mom?

      • Yeah I don’t why Dior can’t get their shadows right.

        It’s been awhile now that you can’t let cats out on their own. Too many go missing. I think it’s helped a lot!

        Sort of! Buster’s ‘Mom” is married to Buster’s Dad-but they don’t live together. They are together most weekends, but they each have their own place and their own cats too. Buster and Charlie live with Dad, and my friend has Bob and Josie. If they lived together they’d have FOUR cats, maybe five now like I said. I’m not sure why they don’t live together, might have something to do with selling one of the places. Beats me, but it works for them. I don’t ask questions, and figure it’s their lives and choice and it’s been working so far as they’ve been married almost two years now.

      • Oh I wouldn’t ask questions, either. As long as they are happy! Honestly sometimes I miss it when Dr. D had his own place. At least he had to make an effort to keep it clean LOL

  • Angela

    OO that dark one is pretty sharp – nice for fall! I think my favorite of the three is the peachy pink one, but I’m in that zone lately. How do Dior lipsticks compare against Chanel, do you know? I have a serious lipstick obsession but I only rarely go for the super deluxe expensive ones, LOL. Far easier to fuel my fire with Essence and Maybelline! But the few chanel lippies I have are my little treasures 🙂
    I had a battle with crows whilst on maternity leave with my #2. It was epic. I even had my oldest in on it (you keep watch, I have to feed the baby!!). When Leduc went to the bin system it was a game changer and now I laugh at crows. Yes, I am petty like that. Nobody likes scraping their own garbage off the road after the birds have ripped into it!

    • I like Dior Rouge better than Chanel Lipsticks. I did a major lipstick purge a couple of months ago and I think I kept 2 Chanels, that’s it. Dior Rouge are thinner, feel way more comfortable and last well. Any of the Chanel lipstick always dried out my lips. Dior’s never do.
      HAHAHAHA glad to know I’m not the only crow wrestler! Leduc has bins??!!! SO JEALOUS. I wish Edmonton would do that. So is it like a neighbourhood bin? Man, that’s awesome. No smelly garage in the summer!

      • Angela

        I’ll have to treat myself to one then – maybe for Christmas since my birthday was JUST in June and that’s far too long to wait!
        Yep – each household was given a compost green bin and a black bin for trash (and a wee compost bin for kitchen use). the compost one is the best since it really cuts down on how much trash we end up with (so the downside is that pickup is only every other week for garbage). They are pretty big and we rarely have issues with not being able to fit everything inside, but one problem is …where do you store these giant things when they’re not out on the curb for pickup? We don’t have big side yards around here (postage stamp yards). Ooo and the bins have wheelies so you don’t have to drag or lift anything heavy and gross. Yep, one perk of living out of town, LOL. Did I really just go on about garbage bins??? Yikes I’m getting old.

  • Jane

    For lipsticks full face pictures are much better indeed. Zooming out and out some huge photos of swatches or lips that don’t fit even into one screen is the worst and these are surprisingly often to see.
    All 3 lipstick suit you well (first matches well your glasses:), but the last two are my favorite.
    As for garbage, each country or city has something ridicoulus about it. I need to sort my garbage like crazy and bring a significant part of it back to the supermarket. For most part of it I have to buy special bags that cost about $20 per month, w/o paper and plastic.

    • Thanks! That’s what I thought-I think more often I’ll try to post full face pics with lipsticks.
      We used to have to sort the recycling here, but now we have a recycling plant that actually sorts it from the bags somehow. It’s quite state of the art apparently!

  • Liz

    I love the first two on you! I swatched Continental and think I could live without it.

    And LOL at the visual of you fighting critters. Here we use city-issued bins that are sturdy so that the animals can’t get at the garbages. But back in the day – yup, we had to fend off feral cats and raccoons. Garbage days always left a huge mess.

    • Thanks! I think you should try the peachy shade! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a shade like that!

      I wish we had bins! But I don’t think that’ll ever happen because of snow.

      • Liz

        I went through a mini peach phase in winter/spring and got a Revlon HD that I ended up despising. Peach competes with the yellow in my skin so I have to alter my entire face to accommodate it and hate the effort it takes.

        And so true re: bins – keeping them upright on piles of snow is a winter nightmare.

  • My favorite on you is actually Continental!
    I don’t like the Rouge Dior scent but it makes me feel nostalgic. I actually miss the angled blue lipstick case!
    Cosmoplite is a big collection and it is somewhat difficult for me to grasp the concept of it, but everything seems quite solid. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s a big collection and I’m getting bored talking about it LOL. Yeah, the scent is old lady, but I’m willing to put up with it. I like the formula a lot! And thanks! I think it’d be a pretty shade on you too!

  • Lily

    I love Rouge Diors and all three of them look great on you. LOL at beauty blogger brain fart. Hahaha!! And our Malaysian Ringgit is just falling into oblivion I think. All those articles you might have read about high level corruption?? Yeah… assholes.

  • Nouvelle Femme looks soooooooooo pretty! From looking at the swatch I thought it would look a bit more pink on you though, but it looks really pretty nonetheless.

  • They are ALL gorgeous on you! Especially with that eye makeup! I love it. I love Unique, of course, but I’m trying to be better about getting work-friendly shades coz my stash is mostly intense, vampy or bright shades. TRYING TO ADULT HERE. I wonder if it’s too pink for me? I guess I’ll try to stop by a counter, maybe when I’m in Boston, LOL.

    And lol at your crow battle! Those suckers are smart, you know. There is one at UW that dive-bombs people and laughs when they scream and duck. I’ve always lived somewhere with city-issued bins (or in an apartment where we have an issued dumpster/chute), but of course there are still squirrels and raccoons dumpster diving.

    • I hope you try it! It’d be a perfect work lipstick for sure.

      I admire and hate crows. Smart yeah, but who needs a smart asshole bird around LOL?
      I wish we had bins here. Be so much easier!

  • Toya

    My one Rouge Dior wasn’t my fave shade (kind of a berry metallic ugh) so I got rid of it, but these are all AWESOME and I may have to pick one up (damn you pretty lippies). And they all look really good on you too, Tracy!

  • Totally jealous of your hair! If I wasn’t a nurse and could get away with this well….. anywho LOVE these lippies. But don’t need a frickin ‘nother one as I have well over 100 *sigh. BUT maybe?

    • Thanks! yeah, I remember working in the hospital-there’s no way I’d have been able to have the colours either!
      Hahahaha but Continental is so PURDY. 😛

  • Confession: I haven’t worn lipstick-lipstick (like in a tube) for the better part of the year. How do you do it? How do you keep the edges from bleeding and not taking like 30 minutes? GAH I wish I had that talent so I can buy lipsticks again!

  • I agree with you, lipstick is what Dior does best! I much prefer theirs to Chanel’s for example.
    Continental is calling my name so loud right now… You’ve got to wait till I got some money to spend, lovely little lipstick!

    • Me too! I don’t care for Chanel lipsticks either.
      Hahaha, that’s the best one to get I say! You’ll love it!

  • I haven’t owned a dior lipstick in forever, they look so creamy! And ugh bins! Hubby is always away on a wednesday so I end up having to take them out and it’s one of those jobs I hate

    • They are really nice! I’ve only had one other Dior Rouge, and the formula is impressive!

  • Love that Unique shade!

  • These all look really, really good on you!