Oh Look! Dior Has Some New Brow Pencil Things| Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils

Ok, these are specifically called DIOR Sourcils Poudre… or Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils…and I gotta be specific, because ya’ll know I’m all about the CORRECTNESS…is that a word? Probably not… I feel like blogging has really ruined my vocabulary. I think I’m making up words now. Is that a sign of insanity??!! I HOPE SO.

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils.jpg

DIOR Sourcils Poudre or Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils

I have five shades! But I think I lost one somewhere..or something got screwed up at Dior, which because of the swatches you’ll see, I’m thinking that’s what happened. Take a look at my bud Nancy@SpiffyKerms  for the missing shade because I just didn’t get it…or maybe two of them? I don’t know anymore LOL, I just give up…I’m such an afterthought in the beauty blogging world, and this just proves it. HEAVY SIGH….   😛

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil.jpg

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil in #433 Ash Blonde, #453 Soft Brown, the next two are the same shade #693 Dark Brown because I guess I was sent double the same shade for some reason??!! and last is #093 Black

Yeah, so I guess my blogger package got all wrong somehow. Here I am thinking WOW THOSE TWO SHADES ARE REALLY SIMILAR, and that’s because THEY ARE, HAHAHAHAHA! But whatever, doesn’t detract from my impressions of how the product performs, because that’s what’s important, right? RIGHT.

I like these Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils! But they do tend to run a bit warm in shade for my liking. Having grey hair really makes you appreciate a cool-toned brow product. It’s like spotting a leprechaun I swear…HARD. AS. HECK.

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils.jpg

Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils

These Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils are super pigmented, so a light touch is needed for sure, otherwise beware of Groucho Marx brows…unless of course, you’re going for that look HAHAHA. Just a few gentle swipes is all you need from these babies, and thank god there’s a spooly on the end to blend that pigment down into something that’s presentable. This is not for precise brow hair drawing, no sirree…this is for those who just want to fill in some sparse brow spots. And Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencils do that really well.

Though, I think the beauty world is over brows right now…so these are a little late coming in Dior’s part. But, they are a decent offering in the brow department, if you can find a match and don’t need much help with your brows… IE… someone born past 1998….maybe later even. 😉

SOMEONE needs to make a brow product that works for us grey-haired gals SERIOUSLY. I think I need to do this for my fellow grey haired ladies because WOW…there’s like NOTHING out there for us! Consider this my new beauty mission statement: I WILL FIND THE PERFECT BROW PRODUCT FOR GREY HAIR. I will….because wow it’s the hardest beauty problem I’ve encountered YET in my beauty life  journey!

What’s your favourite brow product? I recently bought one from Hourglass and again, even though assured by fellow bloggers that it was cool..it isn’t on this pale, grey-haired blogger. And of course, no sooner do I decide to finally try this brow product, they come out with MORE shades…and now I’m wondering if one of THOSE new shades is IT. Time to go Sephora swatching again! It just never stops, hey?  😛


  • I am so looking forward to your coverage on the Dior collection! There are quite a few pieces, right?
    I don’t really like super pigmented eyebrow things (lacks skill nor like super dark brows), but the colors do look great.
    What color do you need for your brows? They say if you have lighter hair, your brow should be a shade darker than your hair color. I wonder if Ebony drawing pencil would work for you. I use it, but it is very hard and sheer. 🙂

    • Yes there’s quite a bit! It’s gonna be fun ahaha!
      With salt and pepper hair, I just try to match the brow hairs I have, which are pretty dark. But I can’t make them TOO dark, because it looks silly haha! It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever come across I swear. Right now, the best match is a Shiseido one in soft black, I think that’s the shade. Ebony-is that an Anastasia one? If so I will check it out.

      • No, it is really a “drawing” pencil that you can buy from art suppliers. The formula is much like the Shu brow pencils. The color works for me well. Ashy black, I’d say? If you have natural brow hair to work with, this is good. I’ve been using a same pencil for more than a decade. 🙂

      • OH!! I never even thought about that! What a great idea! I should look! Thanks!

  • Hey Tracy, thanks for all the swatches! I received it in dark brown but it’s too dark. Looking at all these, I am relatively sure none of them would really work. They are really too pigmented for me as well, which isn’t the best for brows like mine (I think). You should look into the new Hourglass shades, or maybe the Bobbi Brown one. I think the BB line looks promising, but I find it icky that it costs about the same as a Tom Ford brow pencil. I mean, come on.

    • SO pigmented for sure! I want to look at the New Hourglass shades for sure! I’m hoping there’s one there.
      Wow, what up with BB?

      • Yeah right? The price tag seriously puts me off. I know that actually Anastasia Brow Wiz is the most expensive of them all by weight, but it doesn’t feel right for a Bobbi Brown product to come at a similar price point as Tom Ford. Sure Tom Ford is crazy pricey, but that’s their positioning. BB on the other hand is meant for an everyday woman. That’s why I haven’t brought myself to spend money on that brow pencil yet.

      • You know, here BB is on the expensive side for what it is. Which is why I don’t really buy from the brand. They really hike up the price in Canada so it turns me off. I do think BB has good foundations though, but I always skin over the brand because of the pricing here.

  • Lily

    Oh, the last 2 shades look like they’ll work well on me 🙂 I should go have a look. I can’t have too many brow pencils! I’m still using my Shu Uemura H9 pencil, but with some Anastasia brow wiz thrown in for good measure. I also have some other Japanese drugstore ones, just for variety’s sake 🙂 But staple wise, Shu H9 pencil wins

    • I bet the would! I have like one that REALLY works for me by Shiseido-I think it’s soft black. Funnily enough though, the new Clinique Mousse thing works too in Blonde, but I think it’s just light enough that my natural hair colour comes through.

  • Guppy

    The Extra Brow pencil was for you to do a giveaway with 🙂 I totally agree with you regarding the colours being too warm – I’m a cool tone fan myself.

    • Hey that’s a good idea! Except I wasn’t paying attention and swatched the silly thing LOL-if nobody minds I’d totally give it away!
      Me too I need cool tones! Having grey hair and warm brows is wrong!

  • At least they made one for the redheads! That was the HARDEST PROBLEM when I had red hair, I swear! Thanks for sending that MAC one, LOL. These look pretty good, and I like the spoolie (I find Dior is good about things like that – their lip pencils have brushes attached and stuff too). They look a little warm, but I bet that last color would work for me. I don’t have any more pencils though – I think the MAC ones actually make my brow itch after a while? WHICH IS SO WEIRD, LOL. I just use my L’Oreal gel. I feel you, though – I’ve never seen one in gray. What does everyone else in the world do??? Didn’t Lisa Eldridge recently do a video for makeup on an older woman with gray hair? What did she use?

    But secretly, I’m waiting for THE ROUGE DIORS, TRACY.

    • Right? That one is pretty great for redheads! Hey, you are welcome-I wasn’t using it anymore so glad someone could!
      You know, I should go look at MAC and see if something there works for me-kind of forgot about them haha!
      I’m not exactly looking for a grey one, as my brow hairs are still dark. There are some white ones happening though! But yeah, when you’re brows go white you need something! I should check her videos and see what she used.
      LOL hahaha ok ok! I’ll get to those soon I promise! Hopefully tomorrow I can try them on-I think I”m leaving the house so I’ll wear some makeup for once LOL!

  • Thanks for the swatches because I can see right away that none of these would work for me. Now that I am not a redhead anymore, my hair is back to its normal, natural slightly odd mousy brown color and I need all the cool tones! Right now I’m just getting by with clear gel till that miracle product comes along. Sigh

    • Brows are the hardest, hey? It’s such a pain in the butt to find a shade that works!

  • Liz

    Hmmm… they seem pretty run of the mill. Dark brown or Black might work for me but I doubt I’ll ever go looking for brow solutions at Dior. Korean companies used to make REALLY grey pencils for black hairs but nowadays everyone’s got dyed hair so they’re producing more warm tones lately. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got but let us know what you come up with because Rogue is interested.

    • Hahahaha Rogue! I love it. I’ll have to show you all my Shiseido Soft Black-it’s about the best one I’ve found.

      • Liz

        That’s actually been on my list of to-try forever. Nice!

      • I like it a lot! i shall post it. FOR ROGUE.

  • Jess

    My hair is very cool-toned and ashy naturally, so I have the same problem as you re: the over-abundance of warm-toned brow products. Have you checked out Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade? I’m using it in Taupe, and it has a very strong grey undertone. Like, almost too strong for me, but if grey is what you want, it might be worth checking out. Also, the Dior Diorshow Brow Styler pencil in 001 is pretty cool-toned and worth a look.

    • No I haven’t tried that one yet! I have the Diorshow, and it’s not bad-I’ll use it to draw in some hairs some time, but if I use it too much it still ends up looking warm! So far, the only one I’ve found is the Shiseido Soft Black one.

  • LOL You’re too silly! I got 2 of 693 and was missing the one shade as well. See you ain’t THAT special. 😛

  • Cool toned brow products are a nightmare to find. Using the Dior 04 sourceless gel/pomade thing now and it has a pretty grey undertone, maybe one to look at?

  • Hell I’d like these! I have a small bald spot and use a Guerlain one 🙂

  • Haha thanks for the link to my post about the eyebrow pencils! I think you lost one on the way too (the blonde colour I think you’re missing). I also question what I’m going to do with my brows when they turn grey – doesn’t seem to be a universal colour for that one out anywhere… is there?

    • Most welcome! I don’t think I got it so….??? But at least you did!
      There’s pretty much nothing good for grey hair out there at the moment….it’s scaring me. Some of mine are starting to go WHITE dude…what do I do!!! It’s my mission now!

  • Toya

    I think it’s weird in general that brow products don’t run cooler anyway…I mean, whose brows are really like those shades anyway? I have trouble finding ones ashy enough but not too dark.