Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette

So, Make Up Forever has this really cool campaign going on called “Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You.” It encourages everyone to explore and celebrate the freedom of self-expression, and redefine beauty-to try something different and unexpected and to be confident in who you are.

Hey? I like that idea a lot! As someone who is an aging beauty blogger, I’m totally into this idea. I don’t know HOW many stupid articles I’ve read that tell me-a woman that’s nearing 50 years of age-what NOT to wear and what NOT to do with my makeup. If I want to wear a black, smokey, grungy eye even though I’m nearing menopause and go to the grocery store looking like I just got home from a Nirvana concert? I WILL.  😛

There are two palettes in the Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You campaign, and I chose the one by Andreja Pejić, who is the FIRST TRANSGENDERED Model that shared her physical transformation publicly. She’s now the first transwoman to be the face of a top cosmetics brand, which is pretty amazing! Way to go Make Up Forever! You guys rock!

Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette

 Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette.jpg

Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette

Glorious Swatchy Time!

Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette.jpg

MUFE Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette shades I-526, I-663, I-544, D-652

If you still haven’t tried Make Up Forever’s new Artist Shadows, then this Sephora Points Event going on right now is a great time to finally dive in and experience some of the best eyeshadows on the market. Might as well stock up on those silly points if you’re going to spend some money!

Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette.jpg

Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette

The Make Up For Ever Be Bold Be Unexpected Be You Andreja Pejic Artist Shadow Palette is pretty unique too. It’s not often you see warm and cool tones mixed together, but this palette does just that, and does it so well. And like I said, these Make Up For Ever eyeshadows are pretty amazing and practically blend all by themselves. These shades are so easy to wear and will look beautiful on everyone.

There’s also another palette in the campaign that’s named after actress and fashion blogger Jamie Chung and it looks really great too. I know I’ll be taking a look at it for sure!

So, are you excited about this Sephora Points Event? Or are you kind of MEH about it like I am? Give me a SALE Sephora….keep your stinkin’ points. Not like there’s ever anything to redeem in store for anyways. And I see they’re having that Dream Points event again. Like that worked out so well last time, with only a few people who stalked the site getting one of the deals. Sephora really has to rethink this VIB and VIB Rouge thing, because in my eyes it’s kind of a fail.

  • I’ve got my eye on this one… I have their last Artist Palette and I reach for it almost as much as my Naked 2 palette. I’m also a MUFE groupie though and most of their products I find pretty amazing… :-/

    • I still think about getting the Artist Palette! I keep hemming and hawing, but you may have convinced me I think!

  • Lily

    Ah I think I already told you how much I love this color story. I haven’t tried any MUFE shadows before and from the swatch, they look amazing! I want to have a look at the Jamie Chung one as well. Should go search for it!

    • This is a colour story made for you! I want to get the Jamie one too I think because she’s Mulan to me!

  • Oh the prettiness! There isn’t really anything very unexpected here, but dang they are so pretty so I’d say it’s worth it!

  • The swatches look dreamy! I would have liked the darkest shade ever more if it was darker, but this is beautifully composed nonetheless. The taupe is really really really pretty! ;o
    I think you’re right about Sephora. I don’t understand why they think we’d like jumping hoops for mediocre deals.

    • I agree it should have been a tinge darker for more depth.
      The event is tonight and I don’t think I’m going. If I want the Jamie palette, I think I’ll just order it. A bag of free samples in a really busy store is just not worth my time for a trip out.

  • I think this campaign is a great idea– very positive and empowering. The colors in this palette are lovely! I love the mix of the undertones.

  • Eugenia

    Lil Sis, you’re 100% correct about these eyeshadows: they’re freakin amazing! The texture is unbelievable and the pigment level off the charts! I watched both palettes yesterday, and even though I would have sworn that I could never rock the shades in the Jamie Chung palette, I couldn’t be happier to be more wrong! As to Sephora and their point system – you’re spot on again. It stinks. Which is why I’ve never been a VIB Rouge nor ever become one (I barely qualify for anything other than entry level, that’s how much shopping I do there – lol!) but yeah…time to rethink this system, Sephora…listen to your consumers

    • Yeah I gotta check out the Jamie one! I think Marky would be better suited for this one, and I think that one would be better for me.

  • Emma Bovary

    Oh my goodness those swatches though *heart eyes* That taupe is actually off the chain, why didn’t I pay more attention to MUFE when I was in Sephora last year?! Kicking myself for that now…I spent up big at Sephora and redeemed for quite a few bits and pieces including a mini of the perfume I was after, so on those counts I really like the points system – here in Australia the system is pretty crappy, a $20 voucher every time you rack up like a bazillion dollars in store >< Still irks me

    • It’s pretty, hey? That’s cool that you guys get money off though, to be honest I wish we had the option to pick between a discount or a sample. That would be ideal.
      Oh exciting there’ll be a store near you now. The one by my house is expanding which is nice, but also scary. There’s going to be Armani and Becca now within 10 minutes of my house YIKES.

  • I love the quality of MUFE shadows and I like that their palettes tend to feature permanent shades. Makes it easy for those of us who might only be taken with a couple of the shades. I like the look of this, but it does look a smidge warm for me to wear. The Jamie Chung one looks promising though! 😀

    • It is a warmer one for sure! I’m going to look at the Jamie Chung one too and I think I’ll pick it up. Or I might finally cave and get that other palette, I don’t know. I’m just so impressed every time I try them my inner beauty order says GET MORE hahaha!

  • Oh yes, cool and warm together, that’s indeed pretty unusual. But it works! The intensity and smoothness of the shades is soooooo good, great job MUFE!

    • Right? It’s not often you see them together, but this one works! It’s a great palette.

  • Ok so those would totally rock with my hazel eyes and (I know) I have never tried MUFE products. Right? I am a Sephora junkie sigh. And as for anyone telling me what not to wear on my face or body (hey I WILL be the little old lady in the morgue that will be identified by my tats, poor sons) So rock on cause we 48 year old women gotta stick together, well until the 15th of this month where 49 comes knocking and I go to the aforementioned junkie store to pick up my Nars lip pencils for said birthday, MUFE may have to come home with me.

    • This palette would be beautiful on your eyes for sure! And hahaha, yup we rebels gotta stick together for sure! Do check it out, I think you’ll love it. And hey-My daughter’s birthday is on the 16th! 😉

  • Liz

    I still haven’t tried the new MUFEs. Ahhhh, some day!

  • Wow, these are all beautiful, and I like that they coupled cool and warms so well. I checked out the point perks and didn’t see anything I was dying over. Oh and the total pisser? I bought 2 Kat Von D eye palettes the night BEFORE the email about megatron quadruple points went out. Dookie ballz! Anywho, I agree – wear whatever you freaking want to wear. Life is short. If you like green lipstick, wear it! Who cares? There is no age cut off for having fun! I always find it insulting when they say no one over 40 should have longer hair. ??? If you have gorgeous hair, and you like it long, then by all means, #LONGHAIRDONTCARE all the way home!

    • They might still give you the points. I bought something on Sunday and they gave me extra points.
      Agree! Life is short! And right? Why can’t I have long hair? Mine is getting there. I haven’t cut it since February lol!

  • Toya

    Agree re: Sephora – the points thing does NOTHING for me, I hardly ever redeem my points for anything worthwhile, maybe a 100pts here and there, so they usually hover around the same number lol. Most of my purchasing now is during the VIB sales when I actually get a deal. Otherwise, I try buying it at Shoppers first if I can!

    I have the Jamie Chung palette and I’m wearing it today for the first time. It’s lovely! I adore the shades you have here and they’re really more my speed, but I wanted to branch out a bit and get some colors I didn’t already have.

    • The points suck ballz. Me too-if I can get it at Shoppers I will! And they have an online site now too!
      I need to see that one!

  • Oh my these are pretty! This might actually be my ideal quad…

  • This one is pretty! And it’s fabulous that this campaign features a transgender model. Did you watch Sense8 on Netflix? That one actually cast a transgender woman in a lead role! It’s amazing, and so nice to see (I hope it’s something the Wachowskis pushed for, and I imagine it is). That kind of thing needs to happen way more often.

    • Agree!! No! Not yet! I want to see that! So many things to watch!
      And yes…it does for sure! I hope someday it’s not even an issue, ya’ know?

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