Pure + Simple Lip Balms

Pure + simple inc. is a brand new company that just launched on Earth Day 2015 with a mission to provide hand-crafted, all-natural, eco-conscious beauty products. And if this first product is any indication of what’s to come, I can safely say watch out for them!

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Pure + Simple Lip Balm

Right now, Pure + Simple has eco-friendly vegan and non-vegan lip balms that are in one word: AMAZING. The line was originally developed to help soothe incredibly dry lips as a result of using Accutane. If you know anybody that’s undergoing Accutane treatment, then you know how harsh it is, and how drying it is. It’s terrifying actually.

I have been using the regular lip balm in Grapefruit + Basil and am loving it a lot!

Pure + Simple Lip Balm.jpg

Pure + Simple Lip Balm

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil (cocos nucifera), pure natural yellow beeswax (cera alba), pure steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils

Pure + Simple Lip Balms are really smooth, and leave a nice velvety protective layer on your lips. I really like it! I keep mine beside my blogging chair and use it every night. Maybe all night long… it’s getting low dudes! Air conditioning is harsh on my lips, so I’m going to need another pretty soon!

In case you are against all animal products, there’s also a vegan version of the lip balm that’s made with candelilla wax instead of  beeswax. That balm has a softer consistency than the non-vegan version and goes on with a bit of a liquid feel to it, leaving more of a protective sheen on your lips. It’s nice that a company has options like that! Half of my family is vegan actually so it’s nice I can tell them there’s a lip balm they can use.

Pure + simple inc Lip Balms($3.99) come in bpa-free recyclable tubes and the labels are made of 100% recycled brown kraft paper. They even use 100% recycled content kraft mailers and best of all – shipping is free on all balms sent to anywhere in the USA.

The only problem I see is what flavour to order! There are 5 flavours to choose from: Grapefruit + Basil, Lavender + Spruce, Lemon + Eucalyptus, Lime + Jasmine and Tangerine + Peppermint. The Grapefruit + Basil is really gentle in flavour-it’s more of a scent to be honest and it’s not overpowering at all in case you’re scared that they’re too much for you. They’re not I promise! They’re just so GOOD. Get one! Or two!

If all you’ve ever used is a Chapstick, then MAN…you are missing out. An all natural lip balm like these ones from Pure + Simple are just so much better! 

  • Oh, it’s nice to see more vegan options! I’m not vegan, but sometimes I do want to purchase items that are, just to cut down on my footprint.

    • Yeah these are nice! Just as good as the Epic Blend ones!

      • Guppy

        I’m a huge Epic Blend fan – not only great flavours and ingredients but made close to home. 😀

  • omg–the flavor/scent combos!!! I would love to try the lavender+ spruce one!

  • My lord, Lemon + Euc!!! YES! These sound quite wonderful. Oh man, Accutane. My best friend did that dance back in high school and it was AWFUL!

    • Great favour combos, right? Like Sunny said they’re like infused water combos.
      My friend’s daughter is going through it and I feel so bad for her. I’m going to get some of these to help her poor lips out.

  • OK so you know I recently got into the whole infused water thing (so yum). I am thinking this would be a lovely combo to try!

    • It is! These flavours are very infused waters-I’m going to try grapefruit and basil next myself!

  • OOH those sound amazing!! I spy at last three flavors I need!

  • The flavors indeed sound amazing! I love flavor combos like these. I had a pineapple + mint popsicle yesterday and it was so refreshing and unexpectedly yummy! Lime+Jasmine sounds amazing. 🙂

  • Lily

    How interesting! I don’t think I remember seeing these. Might have to pay more attention