I Think I’ve Lost My Makeup Mojo

You know, lately I just don’t feel the hype around makeup products anymore. I think I’m sick or something(and I have been battling a stomach bug this weekend), or just getting SICK of everything. More likely the latter.

Like these two new releases:


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.03.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.02.30 PM

Seriously either one of those I don’t give a F#*K about. And in case you’re wondering what they are, that’s the Urban Decay Smokey Naked Palette, and the Becca Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop.

How can something be NAKED AND SMOKEY? NOPE. Seriously Urban Decay just STOP it already. Please leave that Naked Train and don’t ride it anymore. Because I AIN’T hopping onboard. And I think a lot of other people feel the same. #TooMuchNaked

And as for Becca? Well, I get you want a popular YT Guru to help sell your products. I get it. But your highlighters DON’T need any help. Everyone already loves them??!! And honestly, I don’t give two hoots about Jaclyn Hill. But REALLY HER YOU PICK? I mean she wears more makeup than some of my favourite DRAG QUEENS. Seriously. Ru Paul doesn’t need THAT much makeup and highlight to look good! And by the by, since you are an Australian brand…why not Rae Morris???!! She’s one of you! And an amazing makeup artist to boot! Oh, I SEE. It’s the whole YT popularity thing then, hey.

And, there’s my problem. Any QUASI-MAKEUP-ARTIST can become popular and a brand, when they’ve done really NOTHING except snap their fingers at you and make silly faces at you while applying WAY too much makeup…really enough makeup to make a drag queen say WTF GUUUUURL? Yeah, not buying it. Not ever. You can’t walk around in real life with all that crap on your face. I mean you can..sure. But HEED MY WORDS: EVERYONE WILL NOTICE. AND THINK WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT MUCH MAKEUP in the daytime. Most of the makeup tutorials these days are makeup for photographs or the stage. And that’s where it looks good and should stay-it’s not for every day life.

Something is seriously shifting in the makeup world right now. Can you feel it? I can. It used to be legit. People who work in the biz. And that biz is no easy biz to make a name for yourself. But Youtube? Is ruining it. For them. For us. For the young girls who watch these so called ‘makeup gurus” and think that’s the makeup they have to do these days. And it scares me. And I will NEVER. EVER. Support these kind of makeup releases. Never.

What do you think? Let’s talk about it. Maybe you can show me a ray of hope. Because right now? I just see darkness. And it’s closing in fast…..   🙁


  • You know, I get a little turned off when there’s so much hype surrounding certain makeup releases too. While I do love UD, I’m just not feeling the Smoky Palette. I don’t think it’s anything special. I’ve got about a hundred different products in my collection to create a smoky eye. I don’t need a dedicated palette for that lol. As for Becca, I have to disagree with you there. I do see where you’re coming from, but I never even heard of the brand before this collab. It’s a marketing strategy and while some might not agree with it, it does work. Because it got my attention. I really want to try Champagne Pop. Not because I’m on some YouTubers nuts or anything, but it genuinely looks like a great product. And had it not been for all the attention I might not have cared enough to look into it.

    • Really? See there I don’t believe you I’m sorry because you obvs watch her videos and she has used their highlighters in videos. It probably is a great product, because all of Becca’s highlighters are great…you’d have to live under a rock to not know that…sorry…but using her? Is just wrong to me. There’s so many better REAL makeup artists out there to use!

      • I mean you don’t have to believe me, but I’m not lying. Seriously nothing to gain on my end. I haven’t watched any of her videos in a LONG time. And I really don’t own a single Becca product. I love makeup, but it’s like, not my life?

      • I believe you!

  • Confession. I had no idea who Jaclyn Hill was because I don’t watch YT. Apparently though, half the world does *shrug* Oh and Naked Smokey? What the hell were they smoking at UD, eh?! That said, I’m not that much into seasonal makeup stuff, but there are one or two new things that do catch my eye. Most of which aren’t the regular rah-rah items, or are permanent items. There’s a lot more out there that I think is still good and interesting, but it’s overshadowed by hype.

    • Agree ten fold! You said it so well Paris! SO WELL. They must have been smoking something when they thought of that palette. These hyped up products shadow other things going on and it’s a shame!

  • Lily

    I agree Becca does some pretty good highlighters. I’m not a huge highlighter fan though so I missed this news. I did see the swatches of this on Instagram and Then only I got to know of the name Jacklyn Hill. I was like, who the heck is that? Had to Google her and you’re right that she wears way too much makeup. Looks so unnatural. Lol
    Naked Smokey is a weird name, that’s for sure but I’m a sucker for smokey eye colours like this. .. even though I have plenty that would create similar looks. I’m so guilty of this. Hahah! I will resist though. Don’t need another big palette man. Too many as it is 🙂

    • Too much makeup it’s almost a crime!
      And right-UD seems to think they know where we live…NOT any more! Resist the man!

  • elina

    Oh, I just love the way you write!!! So refreshing and true!!!

  • Exactly like Lily, I didn’t know who the f*** Jacklyn Hill is. Then I had to check out her channel after seeing the swatches of the highlighter. And… OMG, you are so right, exactly like all the other Youtubers, (minus a few) she baths in makeup, thick base almost like mask, and funny faces while doing that as if it is so much fun to be putting a mask on your face. I am also so fed up with all the Youtube scene. First of all it is so time consuming. To see a make-up, you have to watch a 20 min video! who has time for that?`Then the titles which are written in big letters “THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING TRICK YOU WILL EVER SEE” kinda… Then you watch, of course it is as good as a scam. Then all the popularity they gain because 2 million (how is that ever possible) mindless kids clicked subscribe. I met a few Youtubers from Germany in a recent blogger event. They said 80% of their subscrubers are below 18!
    Then there is that, these Youtubers, they demand around 20 000 € to show up in an event and double the price if they Vlog there. WTF man! We are desperately waiting for an invitation to see the new launches, to write and review these and put hours of work in there and the brand pays so much for these people to show up?!?

    And yeah… I have so much more to say but I should stop. Last comment, Smokey Naked is an oxymoron.

    • Agree with you totally Sara! And you are right, brands are all over vloggers now and I think us bloggers will be left behind in a cloud of makeup dust. And you hit the nail on the head-most of the subscribers are UNDER 18. And really can’t afford high end makeup! But I guess Mummy and Daddy buy it for them. Or, thy start their own YT channel hahaha.
      And right? It’s so STUPID. Naked Smoky hahahaha.

    • What sane marketing specialist will throw 20k euros to an “influencer” who’s massively followed by children?? I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever! Minors are not a a good segment for high-end beauty brands, they just don’t have the money to be regular customers.
      Man, PR people still have a very hard time understanding social media. I predict some major adjustments in the future… like taking quality into account rather than just the numbers of followers. That would be a good place to start if brands want to keep their image intact.

  • I’m similarly getting less excited about new releases, feels like churning an old wheel, really nothing new under the sun… I also feel like I’ve collected way too much makeup for one person to use, so am gonna focus on using up my stash for awhile. I don’t know who said Youtuber is, but sounds like I don’t need to 🙂 I enjoy watching Lisa Eldredge on YouTube tho.

  • I honestly don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is, but I’ve been eying the BECCA highlighter for years and I needed that peachy gold all over my tan skin forever. I did check her out and I don’t care for her makeup style either (too Instagram).

    • I hear ya, it’s a great colour for you! But it’s not the first peachy highlighter I’ve seen-Lise Watier had one and it was really nice! But yeah, it’s not Becca and I get that this is probably a really good one. That’s not point though-it’s using HER to promote the product. WHY HER. To make more money of course. But then they can’t churn out enough product fast enough for the demand hype they’ve created. THAT BUGS ME TOO.

      • LOL funny you mention LW because years ago I got ignored by their PR and it left a sour taste in my mouth, so byeeee LW. Haven’t featured them on my blog ever since!

      • LOL like me and L’OREAL. They’re ignored me and I am DONE with them. I’ve been kicked off their list now-guess I got a big mouth HAHAHA. I’m done with a lot of PR. And Lise Watier right now is in limbo with a new firm handling their PR. AGAIN. I think the problem with them and what happened to you is that they constantly kept changing PR-people kept leaving the job. I got left off their lists every time they got a new PR. EVERY TIME. If it happens again I’m done with them.

      • YES. What is up with L’Oreal’s PR right now? I had a great relationship with their her when she was at L’Oreal Luxe, and she still sometimes tells me that she loves my work, but like — I haven’t heard from them in years! It just doesn’t make any sense to me, and it’s a shame because I think some of their recent releases look awesome.

        Lise Watier is weird, too — like, where are all of your employees and interns going? Why is your employee turnover rate so high? :s

      • SAME with me Rae! Exactly the same! I don’t know what’s up with them. I’m kind of glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s been ignored haha. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m the only one.
        And yeah, right? What’s up with LW why is it so hard to keep an employee? But it looks like they’ve hired a PR firm to take of their stuff now, so I’m hoping that will be better and more constant. Have to wait and see I guess.

    • Eyeshadow Addict

      Love it–Instagram style. Totally.

  • okay I’m actually really excited about the UD Naked palette, mainly because it’s the type of palette that I would use. I love Naked 1 and 2, but it always annoyed me that the colours were so light, because I need a darker palette to make my eyes look more deep set. that said, it totally doesn’t make sense to call it naked smoky 😛 it’s an oxymoron FOR SURE. I don’t watch Jaclyn Hill, so I honestly have no idea what the story is there with her and BECCA, but you’re 100% right — the highlighters are good enough to stand on their own, they definitely don’t need the help!

    • LOL hahaha I can see that it’d be great for you! But my point is stop calling it NAKED. It’s not NAKED anymore.
      Their highlighters are so top notch-why make one after her! They don’t need to. And now, the hype has exceeded the demand and that’s what I can’t stand about the makeup biz these days.

  • Angela

    First off, let me just say that YAY RAIN. It was so stinkin hot this weekend and I am SICK of being sticky and hot and just…YICK. So the forecast this week is a very welcome change. Back on topic: Hello, my name is Angela and I am a YT addict! I have subscribed to several makeup guru channels (and Jaclyn Hill is one of them). I am amazed at just how many so-called gurus there are! There are some that stand out, and are truly talented and have great tips on how to apply your makeup – since my mom was never a makeup-wearer and I am makeup-obsessed, I feel like there was a lot I should have “learned” that only now am I catching up on. So I watch these YouTubers and pick up tidbits here and there. Once in a while, there will be a delightful tutorial on a certain look that I’ll try to emulate (and realize it’s kind of what I’ve been doing all along!). but with someone like Jaclyn, who absolutely wears lots of makeup, I live through her fancy-pants looks vicariously. She’s got a fun personality, so I enjoy watching her videos even if I never re-create her looks (YOWZA that would be a lot). I don’t have those icy blue eyes, mine are nearly black, so when I have tried a super smoky look like hers, I usually look like I’ve gone goth and not in the good way. Super pale skin + super dark eyes make for a troublesome combination when it comes to smoky eyes. Though I have picked up so many tidbits from the videos I watch, so it’s very satisfying. Anyhoo…all that to say is I love to put on makeup and see the transformation even a small amount can make, but I don’t have much time to put it on myself and even if I had more time to play, my sensitive skin can only handle so much scrubbing. And for the life of me, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use a brush while applying foundation and look “natural”. but anyways, I wouldn’t rush out and buy just any YT-collabs unless it’s someone I really trust (Makeup Geek is one good example) and the product is up my alley. Kandee Johnson and Kat Von D are teaming up supposedly and I would be really interested to see what they come up with – and because of my admiration of Kandee and true love for Kat Von D’s eye products, if it’s an eye palette, I might just pick it up if it comes to Sephora But how many highlighters do I need?? I use only a very very small amount and will probably NEVER go through the ONE highlighter I own, so those other products are just “meh” to me. Holy crap, I just wrote a novel. Sorry y’all!! A bit rambly for Monday.

    • LOL hahaha I’m glad you enjoy them and watch them for entertainment mostly, because that what most of them are. I like watching the real makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge and Monika Blur-they are so awesome to watch and apply makeup like it’s supposed to be done, not the whole Kim K stuff. I can’t stand it anymore. SO MUCH MAKEUPS ON ONE FACE-I mean WHY?

  • Bravo! I recently posted something similar that didn’t exactly go over well but sometimes you just need to get stuff off your chest. I’m with you when it comes to feeling underwhelmed lately with new products. It may be because everyone is regurgitating the same info or because everyone is jumping on the same bandwagon or maybe it’s my age. Who knows but I’m kind of over it all. All the hype all the build up. I like what I like and stick with it. I like to try new things but I’m definitely not switching up my routine every other day. As for the JH highlighter. MY HG is a discontinued LORAC product so I’m on the hunt for a dupe because eventually this one will run out. I was told that the new Becca shade being released was similar. Little did I know it was associated with JH whom I do not care for. Upon returning said product to Sephora I think I made the SA’s heart stop when I told her I would be returning it. Instead of simply asking if there was something wrong with the product she looked at me like and said “YOU didn’t like THIS” How could you NOT like this?” When I told her it was because of JH and was like don’t you watch any of her videos, how can you NOT like her. I wanted to jump over the counter and throttle her but instead I simply said yes I’ve watched her video and I just don’t care for her.

    Good for you for putting this all out there. I applaud you for taking a stand. Wish there were more people like this out there.

    • Thanks! Good for you as well and screw those who didn’t like your opinion. It’s YOUR BLOG, YOUR VOICE and you can write what you want! It’s getting way too much lately, all the YOU NEED THIS MAKEUP IT’S GONNA CHANGE YOUR LIFE crap they’re throwing out at us. The LORAC ones-I have two of them! Spotlight and the lighter one and they are my HG too! They’re the reason why I’ve never jumped on the Becca Highlighter Bandwagon because I already have the BEST highlighters ever made! High Five! LOL at your story about returning it hahaha! But good for you for telling her why! I think the beauty biz needs to know that some of don’t care for this new marketing strategy that’s going on. I don’t, and it looks like a lot of others don’t either.
      And thanks! Yeah, me too. There are still a few of us around that’ll take a stand-most of them are my friends and that’s why they’re my friends. We can’t stand the bull. Join us hahaha!

      • I find myself getting a little more ballsy as I slowly inch towards 40. LOL I use LORAC Radiant which I think is the lighter shade. You were referring to. And if I hear one more person say that this product or that product is “life” I’m going to hurl something at my TV. I only used to get fired up watching sports (I’m from NE-it’s in our nature) but now my husband leaves the room sometimes when I’m watching YouTube because I’m shouting “liar” or “fraud” or something at the screen.

  • YASSS! This needed to be said! Honestly I have been so anti-naked since the first palette came out. I don’t own a single one and never will. If I am going to buy from UD, it is going to be color. The color I saved my money for when I was 13 to buy sparkly blue UD eyeshadow okay? Like stop UD. Ugh. And as far as Jaclyn Hill…Becca won’t ever get my business on that highlighter simply because of her. I DO NOT understand this beauty guru craze. You think because you can slather on makeup with a spatula that you know everything about beauty, enough to be called a guru? There are some super talented bloggers and youtubers but hey…I can pour half of my foundation bottle on my face and make a duck face but no one is giving me money for it haha. It is unbelievable. Everything has changed so much.

    • Thanks! I realized once Naked2 came out this wasn’t going to stop and I’ll never buy another one of those Naked Palettes. The next one is going to be NAKED COLOUR just watch hahaha. SPATULA HAHAHAHA I love it! It’s very worrisome this YT makeup guru trend going on….all the foundation, all the concealer, all the contour…..it’s going to create a generation of Kim K drones with horrible skin. Because slapping that much makeup all day every day, is NOT good for your skin. If you talk to any Super Model, they’ll tell you that. And that’s why most of them hardly wear ANY makeup on days they aren’t working-to give their skin a rest!

  • Couldn’t have said it better, enough of the whole naked concept, JEWEL TONES AREN’T NAKED!!!! And don’t get me started on you tuber merchandise, bar the real techniques brushes, no no no no!

    • Eyeshadow Addict

      Yes, I love the Pixiwoo sisters! It’s okay because they’re pros! 😉

  • For the Naked Smoky I agree with you: UD has been milking the Naked cow so much that the range is now meaningless. Smoky ain’t naked. But rose gold ain’t naked either (Naked 3), same with the gloss range. But you know what, if people want to get all excited about it, good for them. I clearly have no interest in this palette because I’ve grown immune to the hype and hysteria that surrounds UD releases, but if people enjoy going crazy for it, if they’re having fun, why not. I just hope for them that the quality is there.

    As for Jaclyn whoever, I have no clue who this person is. That’s cause I never watch youtube makeup videos. I don’t see the point, I find most of them annoying, and honestly I don’t need a youtuber for inspiration. I’m not sure I understand the beauty guru concept… But I believe you about the TOO MUCH makeup thing. I mean, have you seen the pictures that many brands post on twitter these days? The kind of photos they retweet from their fans? Anastasia Beverly Hills feed causes me to facepalm whenever I look. Overcontouring, over… everything. Poor girls look like they wear paint :/ Just a couple years ago Anastasia (before it was called “ABH”) was a legit brow specialist, now their social media channels make them look like a cheap brand with very poor taste…

    • It’s not the people going gaga over the hyped up stuff that bothers me, its the companies creating the hype that bothers me-they make something LE, and then don’t create enough product so that there’s this sense of URGENCY to get it and then get a popular YT to be the face of it who has millions of minions and it’s CRAZY. That’s my problem with it all. Not whether someone enjoys it-go right ahead.
      I don’t follow Anastasia BH, but it’s probably all the stuff I hate about makeup so…yeah. That’s exactly the looks that I’m talking about. It’s just TOO MUCH. I wish skincare got HALF of the hype that makeup does…because honestly take care of your skin, you won’t want to cover it up!

      • Eyeshadow Addict

        It was refreshing listening to “real” artists at IMATS talking about how YouTube advice can really be a bunch of bollocks. Contouring isn’t for everyone!

  • Thank God, I didn’t know who Jaclyn Hill was and now I’m not even curious how she looks (ok, maybe a little bit??).
    I don’t think you’re losing makeup mojo. It seems you just hate to see something so obviously hideous and speak about it. Which we so appreciate. If there was a makeup/skincare nation, I’d vote for you as president (or prime minister, whatever) ;D
    I still like makeup but only a selective few (not necessarily new releases) excite me. And I just had a facial this afternoon, which I think is so much better than some highlighter (paid about the same money, too!)

    • Hahahaha! Yes, I think you’re right and LOL at president HAHAHAHAHA, you are the best Lena! And see you made SUCH a good point-if people would spend all the money they spend on ALL that makeup being used at us on SKINCARE AND FACIALS instead-you wouldn’t NEED to cover up with all that makeup!

      And thanks hahahaha…

    • Eyeshadow Addict

      Tracy and Wayne Goss should be friends.

  • Hahah, I just posted today how I wasn’t interested in Champagne Pop AT ALL (also, I only own the original Naked palette, and I don’t even like it all that much). But speaking of too much make-up, Instagram brows and all that, I recently watched a video on YouTube by a Polish make-up artist, and she did half of her face in a normal, daytime style that’s complimentary for every woman, and the other half like a ‘beauty guru’. She mentioned a lot of the same points you do in your post, and basically said that she now sees a lot more women in the street who are waaay too made up, or made up using techniques usually reserved for photoshoots – because what looks good on camera doesn’t necessarily look good in real life 🙂

    • Hahaha! I’ll have to go read your post! Oooh! That sounds like an interesting video to see! And it’s true-photoshoot makeup is NOT everyday makeup. And because of YT, all the makeup companies are creating products FOR makeup looks like that! All the contouring, and now the STROBING. Like WOW.

    • Maggie

      Which Polish YTer, Monika?

  • Eyeshadow Addict

    I had the very same thought about Naked Smoky. Nonsensical. And it looks kind of boring to boot! So much marketing racket.

  • Yes!! I agree with everything in this post!

  • Yep, feel the same about Naked Smokey (WHATEVER that means, seriously), and I don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is, nor did I really know there was a collaboration going on there…

    I was watching a video by a professional makeup artist (ahhh, I can’t remember which one, as I don’t watch them regularly – it was for a magazine cover look that was gorgeous) and she clearly made the distinction that editorial looks, photo shoot looks, etc., are not for everyday life for the average person, and while I think professional makeup artists clearly know their trade in that sense, these YT “gurus” that are popping up like daisies don’t really have the history/professional training and kinda just go nuts. I mean, not saying that you have to have a formal MUA background to be successful, but well, professional makeup artists work hard, and they definitely know their stuff – you know, like Lisa Eldridge. I mean, obviously everyone decides for themselves how much makeup they want to wear daily, and some people have personal reasons for wearing their makeup a certain way, and I’m okay with that. And if those people want to tell other people how to do their makeup, lol, well, it’s my prerogative to ignore them, hahahaha.

    • Pretty sure that was Lisa Eldridge who said that! I loved how she was trying to be gentle when she said that hahaha but she’s RIGHT. When she does a makeup tutorial, it’s SO REAL. And even when she does a look on a model based off a magazine cover she’s done-she makes it wearable and it’s NOT like the makeup that I see people like I’m talking about do. What they do is pretty much solid drag queen makeup.
      I like your logic! It works for me haha!

  • I agree that naked things are not generally “smoky” so I don’t really understand the name. Wish they’d just called it Smoky 2, Smoke Stack, Smoke on the Water or something? As far as Jaclyn Hill, I think she’s beautiful and has a really fun and sweet personality. While I wouldn’t necessarily rock a smoky copper eye and flawless skin for a grocery run, I can appreciate the artistry and think it would be a great starting point for a fancy occasion. Makeup is worn for different reasons by each person, and if someone prefers a full editorial face, I’m not going to judge. I’m sure there are some people who’d be just as upset with people who don’t wear any makeup and assert that they’ve “given up”, which is rarely true. I do agree that skincare-focused buzz would be incredibly refreshing. I also agree wholeheartedly that I’m very much over companies causing a frenzy over LE collections and then not creating enough stock so people have a fair shot at purchasing the items. The LORAC Mega Pro debacle is a fine example. I had my eye on that for weeks and was able to buy it the day it launched without any issues. I had no idea they created so few of them and people were going to be so upset when they couldn’t get one. It makes me not want to do FOTDs with it because it just reminds people who wanted it that they didn’t get one! And after the backlash, they’ve yet to create more even though people begged them to? That I don’t understand at ALL. People are standing there holding money out and you’re…going to walk on by? Who is in charge here?! And MAC, they’re BANANAS. I can’t even worry about their LE stuff any more. I’m a paying customer. I’m not going to “stalk the site” all night, deprive myself of sleep, all in the hopes of obtaining a lipstick. NOPE. I shouldn’t have to work that hard to buy makeup. NO ONE SHOULD!

    • I disagree totally. I think she’s part of the problem with makeup these days. Editorial makeup is NOT meant for every day, and that’s pretty much her thing. And now EVERYONE does it. The over highlighted, over contoured look that’s just NOT wearable every day. Here’s the thing Kristen: her techniques are not all new. It’s taken from drag queens. And drag queens are guys, trying to look like girls, right? So when you do drag makeup on a girl, it’s TOO MUCH. And sure, you’re right-I shouldn’t judge. But I DO, because I feel YT people like her have caused this whole makeup ridiculousness that’s around now. And honestly, it’s not really HER and her makeup I have that much of an issue with-it’s WHY BECCA PICKED HER. To create a frenzy about their product that didn’t NEED a frenzy-their highlighters are already the bomb. And why not pick a legit makeup artist? Someone who’d worked for YEARS in the industry like Lisa Eldridge, Rae Morris? Nope. You pick her because you KNOW it’ll cause a frenzy with her minions. And then-you don’t produce enough of the product for all! That’s my issue.

      • Well, even though we’e going have to agree to disagree on the Jaclyn Hill topic, I still 100% agree with you on everything else you said. The only place I run into people wearing loads of makeup is on social media. In my regular day-to-day life, I never see it AT ALL. I work in a building with around 1,200 people and have never even spied an Instagram brow, and of all of my group of female friends, I think I’m the one who wears the most makeup – and I don’t think I wear that much! 3 of my friends don’t wear any. So I’m wondering if maybe the overdone look just seems like a bigger issue than it really is because people on social media are promoting the more is more method. Of the people in know offline, they don’t even know what Anastasia Beverly Hills is, and only one friend might know Lisa Eldridge or one of the other super famous vloggers. I just haven’t seen a big translation in “you must wear ALL OF THE MAKEUPS!” in real life versus what is portrayed online. Also, I second the person below who mentioned being irritated with brands promoting only super made up women. I don’t know anyone in offline life that looks like that – ever! One of my favorite YouTubers is Essie Button and to me, she’s so beautiful and spunky and she wears what I consider to be a “normal” amount of makeup. Yet I’ve never seen her featured on any of the big brands’ social media feeds. That makes no sense to me. If you’re trying to appeal to the masses, sure feature glam queens, but also feature girl next door types, and fresh faced no makeup girls. Let’s see some images that truly reflect a spectrum of women, just like the spectrum that exists in reality!

      • Man, I see them everywhere, when I’m in California especially. Even people who work at Disneyland, working the rides in full up drag, online, instagram makeup. It’s scary. I think maybe you don’t see a lot of it, because DANG it’s hot and humid where you live! It’s hard to walk around like that lol.
        And I agree about Essie-she’s Canadian and I like her and more NORMAL in her makeup approach. Why not use HER? Not the made up people! Totally agree with you on that!

      • Oh COME ON! You’re sweating your balls off working at Disneyland and you’re rocking club makeup?! That sounds like torture to me! And lol – dude, you’re so right! The humidity factor here could be the reason why I never see Insta makeup about town! Everyone here is like “NO.” God I love Essie Button. She’s definitely on my boat of people and things I adore about Canada. I know she’s had a few collabs in the past with makeup bags and t-shirts, but I’d love to see her have one with a cosmetics company! I feel like she’s a great representation of a regular person’s day to day makeup, plus she’s just fun as can be!

      • Henna Singh

        I definitely think that people in California are more into trends so would do more makeup than us…

      • Henna Singh

        I have to say that although this is the makeup that’s trendy right now, I don’t see many people doing it – other than those of us (myself included) that are SUPER into makeup… sometimes trends seem bigger to those of us that follow them so closely, but not everyone is as invested in them as we are… Atleast in Calgary where I am!

  • I really think Becca overdid it with the Jaclyn Hill collaboration – I think she’s sweet but not necessarily the right kind of YT-er to collab with. She looks great without that much makeup on..

    • I’m glad you agree. And I was honestly shocked to find out that she’s barely 25! She looks so much better and younger with out all the makeup on.

  • So I tend to agree with you on the way the industry is going. I don’t watch Youtube videos unless it’s Wayne Goss or some other legit MUA. I got to IMATs to watch the seminars (and to shop but I go TWO days to watch all the seminars and meet artists like Kevin James Bennett or Roque Cozette). But I also get it. Real true artists don’t have a ton of time to put up videos every day, so I guess someone had to fill the gap. I admit, I bought Champagne Pop, but mostly becaue it is GORGEOUS. I have no interest in UD Naked Smoky, and I am startin to grow tired of all the MAC releases. Just give me some GOOD makeup.

    • I actually have a problem with him too. Is he really a legit MUA?I’ve never seen any of his work? I don’t know. And the way he tags and titles his videos? It’s to draw attention for sure. I don’t know man. One minute he praises JH, and then the next he slams people who do drag makeup on YT, which she does? He’s baffling to me. Like everyone, I think he’s there to make money any which way he can.
      And again, it’s not the Becca Highlighter I have a problem with. Buy away! It’s who they used to promote it. That’s my problem, and what I see going wrong in the industry.

      • I know I already put in my two cents but here’s two more. I have a 15 year old niece and she wanted to get into makeup. She told me that she doesn’t understand how these YouTubers have so much makeup and why they wear so much of it. She, at 15, realizes something that took me years to finally figure out. She said how can they preach to be yourself and them completely alter their faces. It’s all a big rouse and most of the time people are just trying to get their numbers up by schlepping lie after lie until you finally just give in and believe it. Trust me when I say I know first hand what’s it’s like to be duped and lead to believe one thing while the sneaky little man behind the curtain is doing something else.

      • Good for her! She’s smart!

      • jewelnabq01 .

        Your niece does sound wise beyond her years. I finally starting catching on after trying to do some spring cleaning of my makeup and realized I am now officially a makeup hoarder. With the trending of all these makeup You Tube “gurus” and promotion of products you know they are being paid to sell, it finally hit me when I saw another trend, There were copy cats of these “gurus” by 16 year old girls doing makeup tutorials for 6th graders!!! That was enough to ween me off You Tube unless I was looking for something in particular. We are seriously being brainwashed.

      • I can’t agree with you more. I really never considered WG to be a legit MUA, never seen his work on others either other than his friends he uses to demonstrate. Actually in my comment below, in the part written with big letters, I was exactly referring to him. In the way you also described as
        “And the way he tags and titles his videos? It’s to draw attention for sure”
        He does everything to get attention. Lately I have seen he photographed the scars of his removed moles and wrote something like “I hope I don’t have cancer”. As a cancer survivor, I am not going to hide it, this made me want to punch his face!! Using the word cancer to get more followers, exactly at the moment it is so unlikely you have one. Not cool!!!

        I think he is just a hype, and it bothers me that he has more followers than Lisa Eldridge 🙁 One thing to give him credit though is that he knows how to draw attention.

      • Henna Singh

        Just have to chime in too – I totally agree that I can’t watch his videos! They’re just made to attract attention and often his tricks will NEVER work! Like putting foundation over powder? Just no.

        Yes, to Lisa Eldridge though, but I feel like her videos are so over-exposed that her skin always looks so perfect and you can’t always see technique.

        Jaclyn’s videos are watchable because of her personality, but I didn’t go for Champagne Pop… I have too many highlighters… don’t even use them all, so there’s no need for one more.

  • Maggie

    I actually give zero fucks about the kind of makeup that’s trendy or not, or what people like to wear. Lip balm is your jam? Great! You pack six layers on? You do you, girl. I’m all about using makeup in any way that suits you, and expresses who you are, whether that’s drag-queen flair or girl-next-door simplicity.

    What I am over is the bullshit marketing.

    • Agree! But I am so tired of the over contoured, over highlighted look that’s infiltrated the beauty world which trickles down into products now. THAT’S my problem.

  • Don’t hate me but… I am actually really looking forward to the new Naked Smokey palette, woops. That said, I do feel like I am losing my make-up mojo a little bit as well. I just don’t get as excited over stuff anymore as I used to. There were times when I was super enthusiastic about every new release and I eagerly tested and reviewed everything that fell into my mail box and that I could get my hands on, but now? I’ve become much more selective. And critical. And pessimistic, almost. It’s almost like I’ve slowly become immune to all the sales talk and advertising and I now just care about what I want/like/need. I’m sick of trying every new fad product or trend and end up just being left disappointed about half of the time.

    • LOL I could never hate you Melissa! I can see why some people would like it, although the reviews on it have been quite mixed. It’s the name Naked I am sick of already. Just call it Smokey Something.
      And you’ve just explained exactly how I feel about blogging and the trends and the new stuff. EXACTLY.

  • oh man. preach. yes to the ‘too much makeup’ points, for sure!

  • Angela

    OMG all I see on YT now is on this ridiculous strobing “phenomenon”. I just keep waiting for someone to say…oh WAIT we’ve been doing that all along. Sheesh.

    • Yolondi

      I want to say this! But I am not a youtuber therefore no one will listen lol, it’s called highlighting and yeah we have been doing it forever, stop re naming it something new and hope we fall for it!

  • Toya

    You know, I really like watching some makeup tutorials on YouTube – it’s an easy thing to throw on while I’m taking my makeup off for the day (ironic, yes? lol) – but I totally feel ya on some of these people and how much makeup they apply, it’s insanity! I guess for me it doesn’t bother me too much because I’m old enough to know better, and I just don’t watch those people. Truth be told, of the YTubers I watch, I watch for their humour and personality and the makeup part is secondary.

    However, the hype around products IS starting to wear on me, too. I have a bit of a *thing* when it comes to overexposure, and I find when something is promoted to death and overdone then I lose interest, fast. On top of that, if it IS something I might like to try (say, because of a new, innovative formula), I tend to be hypercritical if it’s been praised to the heavens -> case in point, most YSL products.

    All this to say, I’m the kind of person that when shit annoys me or turns me off, I usually just ignore it – in this case, ignorance is bliss LOL

    • Hahahaha, I’m kind of the same way I think, which is why the hype bugs me. Seeing the same posts on Instagram WEARS me so thin that I tend to turn off too.

  • If I were a makeup artist that struggled for YEARS to make a name, get good clients etc.. It would be a brand’s HONOR to work with me. Don’t get why they go for these youtube things that pop up and vanish the next day. I’d have more trust in a brand when a 15 years experienced MUA is behind the wheel, than a “oeh that’s pretty and shimmery” doll on my screen pushes her named product.. LAAAAAAAAAAAAME

  • Jane

    I never watch the youtube videos because the looks most girls do there are for hookers. I don’t judge, this looks sometimes good, but not wearable for me and way too much work. I can imagine that subtle, half-sheer, wearable day look will not be very noticeable on camera, so will not get enough views on youtube. I also think I am just bored to watch how someone else applies their eyeshadows. For me it is similar to watching how someone is brushing their teeth for 10 min. Waste of time. Makeup is not a rocket science, I do learn all tricks over time myself, by simply trying different things, intuitively. I don’t feel a need to be taught by others.
    I agree with you that makeup industry is going nuts (or maybe it always went like that), though, endorsers was always the easiest way to get awareness, even if sometimes a risky one (if endorser is a polarizing figure or is off equity).
    I recently searched for the last years’ LEs and realized how bigger the LE collections became over time. Massive collections vs just few items 5 years ago. Brands figured out that LE sell well and now there are more and more of them every year. Chanel made 3 LE collections for summer… How about weekly or daily LEs? I feel overwhelmed by expanding LE stream that already feels like a flood. It annoys to the degree that I want to cut all of them completely to get some peace of mind. I have a feeling that in their attempt to sell more the makeup industry will hurt itself and turn people off eventually, if they don’t stop this madness. We all jump on this LE bandwagon for a while, but sooner or later we realize this is all waste and feel an urge to jump off it again. Maybe business hopes that there will always be someone new who will jump on it?

    • Hahahaha I had to laugh so hard at this:

      “I also think I am just bored to watch how someone else applies their
      eyeshadows. For me it is similar to watching how someone is brushing
      their teeth for 10 min.”

      • Jane

        ok, maybe not the best comparison since teeth brushing shouldn’t take longer than 3 min 🙂 I used to like watching makeup application too, but I was 9y.o. watching my older sister and unlike the beauty vloggers she did not enjoy my close attention at all 🙂

    • Well said! The LE train has to stop! That’s why most of us bloggers have given up on MAC -those releases sell out so fast and we just don’t want to stalk the website to stores anymore. And the thing is a lot of the LE stuff from a lot of the brands is SUBPAR in quality! How may times have we been disappointed! Too many I think. The way the biz is going really frustrates me and I just feel like giving up lately.

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  • Lydia

    I tweeted about the Urban Decay palette a few weeks ago. COULD. CARE. LESS. I completely agree with everything you said. Naked and Smokey are oxymorons, so clearly someone in their naming department may actually be a moron. As for Becca, they are a tried and true brand. Who the heck is Jaclyn Hill? I had to google her. Rae Morrie = genius or maybe someone who legitimately contributes to the advancement of beauty trends and technology. I’m so tired of brands releasing brands for hype marketing instead of having a finely curated and thoughtful collection or product launch. I’m just another disillusioned and jaded beauty blogger evidently.

  • You just voiced out everything I thought of regarding the new UD palette. I mean, 3 Naked palettes are enough and they’ve got 2 basic palettes anyway. They need to come up with something else. Something totally new and not a NEW Naked palette.

  • So true what you say about Naked Smokey – I look at it and think that it’s missed the ‘naked’ point! And a big fat YES to Australian makeup artists being given the opportunity to spruik Australian brands!!!

    • Right? Why not Rae? She’s such a great makeup artist and I’d LOVE to have her brushes!

  • I literally LOL’d at this. Thanks for telling it like it is, mama xo

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  • Well, I have to say I am going through the same phase you are! Or I think we are just too wise for the very fantasy many makeup lines are creating! At some point, I too tune out. I don’t even remember so much makeup in my youth and I was able to stay sane!

    I also don’t see what qualifies some brands to hook up with some beauty gurus when there are true struggling makeup artists who can’t even afford to buy the brands being overly PRed. Ironic since the beauty gurus get an entire collection free while a true MA has to pay.

    • Hahaha, you are right! There is just WAY too much for us now…and I think that’s the problem too. So much competition, so hype has to be created…and as a blogger, like HELL I want to be part of that. I started blogging because one too many times I was lead astray by a magazine’s RAVE reviews of a product, only to find out it was CRAP. When I see hype, I start to shrink and close off right away. Not falling for it…EVER.

      And it is so ironic…and so WRONG. YouTube has created this new- I don’t even know what to call it…pseudo makeup artist I guess, and fooling and leading everyone astray. I can’t take it much longer….it makes me so frustrated and angry for all the makeup artists I know working so HARD to make a name for themselves. And I know! I worked as a makeup artist…it’s such a tough biz…and these ‘gurus’ are ruining it for everyone…imo at least. Sigh. I’m sad now hahaha.

  • jewelnabq01 .

    I was sent here via Olivia’s blog, and I must say this was a well worth it. You made my day!!! Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. When watching these makeup “gurus”, I always thought who has time for these, and even on special occasions these are over the top. It is even more scary that the even younger generation is copying with makeup videos of their own. You can now see makeup for 6th graders! How pathetic is that?

    • I knew I wasn’t the only one! I just can’t take it anymore and had to say something. All the makeup they put on their faces-it’s so CRAZY. And unrealistic! I just don’t understand anymore, so I give up watching them now, unless it’s one of the makeup artists I DO like and trust, like Lisa Eldridge and Monika Blunder. You never EVER see them applying makeup like the ‘gurus’ do! Man, there’s NO WAY i’d have let my daughter wear makeup in grade 6!

  • Yolondi

    A bit late to this discussion but I’ve been on holidays! I’m not a fan of Jaclyn Hill but I’m not not a fan, she’s just whatever to me. The thing I don’t get about this collaboration is that she is everything the Becca girl isn’t. You look at any campaign ad Becca has done and the make up is clean, natural and understated with just enough emphasis on the models features. Jaclyn Hill does not match up. At all. There are so many other people that could have been used for a collaboration. I have heard it is glittery as F*** anyway. I guess I also would have liked an Australian you tuber/ blogger to be used as well, seeing it is an Aussie brand (Aussie girl here!). But like you, I’m getting really over everything, it just feels like you are being smothered with all the releases constantly shoved down our throats. It’s hard to not get materialistic and greedy over new releases and feeling like you have to keep up. It’s actually impossible, even if money was not an object.I’m over Urban Decay anything, over the words Limited Edition and over contouring and drag make up. It’s aging and only good in photos. Sorry for my thesis but it makes my blood boil! Maybe it’s a getting older thing, I’m 34 now!

  • Word!!! Thank you! You made my day!
    I am not a fan of JH and I don’t like her looks 🙁
    And this highlighter is any must have for me! I don’t understand this hype!!!!

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