Enjoying Summer In The Sun with Bioderma Photoderm and Cicabio Cream

Even though I hate summer with all my might, I DO like some things about it. Like the sunlight! Up here in Edmonton we have light until at least 10 pm until late August. It’s really cool and I love it.

 photo IMG_8506.jpg

9:37 PM in Edmonton….looks like 2 PM, right?

And I really appreciate it when we go to California and the sun starts to set at 8 pm haha! It’s so WEIRD for us! Around summer solstice it never really gets dark to tell you the truth up here… one of my fave memories is being up in Jasper at that time and sitting outside enjoying the mountains at midnight. And it was so light out that you could see all the amazing scenery. We’re planning on visiting Jasper soon actually, since we’ve been to Banff so many times this year. It’s actually closer to Edmonton than Banff is. We haven’t been back to Jasper since the late 90s sometime when we took little Marky to show her the glaciers. We want to go back and see how far they’ve receded since then…which is SAD. Climate change is real folks…. 🙁   don’t believe the jerks who say it isn’t.

Today let’s talk about spending time in the summer sun with Bioderma!

Bioderma Photoderm.jpg

Bioderma Photoderm Spray SPF40($29.95) has stabilized UVA/UVB protection and is a great pick if you have sensitive skin. It apparently offers internal biological protection which Bioderma calls Cellular Bioprotection that preserves and stimulates the skin’s defences (immunity) during sun exposure. WARNING: TRACY SNARK COMING AT YA! 

As soon as a skincare product claims to stimulate skin immunity, my left eye starts to twitch. Now, the ingredients that I see that they’re maybe talking about is Rhamnose, which I’ve blogged about before and Laminaria Ochroleuca. Vichy uses Rhamnose in some of their products. It’s a plant sugar that encourages fibroblasts to be more active and make more collagen, elastin and also increases cellular turnover. Laminaria Ochroleuca is latin for a species of kelp that’s called brown seaweed. It helps reduce inflammation and is moisturizing. So if those two ingredients ‘stimulate skin immunity”-ok then? Can you really stimulate skin immunity? Like I don’t really understand how that pertains to anti-aging? Immunity refers to the ability to resist infections from pathogens, and our skin is the front-line defense against trouble. So when a skincare product makes these kind of claims I automatically ROLL MY EYES. Speaking of rolling my eyes, did you know I got into trouble at school for rolling my eyes? Yeah, apparently I did it a lot in classes-like when someone couldn’t do simple algebra like A/B =C/D and solve for D. C’MON!! HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS CHEMISTRY COURSE??!!! HOW’D YOU GET THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL??!!! So, this teacher took me aside and told me that I needed to control that knee-jerk reaction, because not everyone catches on as quickly as I apparently did, and that it would get me in trouble some day….


I guess I found my eye-rolling calling in Beauty Blogging, hey??? If she could only see me now!  😛

Bioderma Photoderm.jpg

Bioderma Photoderm Spray SPF40, Bioderma Photoderm Milk SPF60, Bioderma Photoderm After-Sun

ANYHOO, immunity boosting whatever aside, what I DO care about is if it’s an effective sunscreen or not, and it IS. I really like Bioderma Photoderm Sunscreens actually. They are really light-weight, and the non-aerosol spray is great if you happen to be one of those people that misses when they’re applying spray aerosol type sunscreens, which is actually a lot of people. Or if you don’t spray long enough to get enough protection! Remember I talked about that HERE. You can’t goof this one up, since you do have to rub it in.

The Bioderma Photoderm Milk SPF60(I get it on sale for $14.99) I’ve been using for a couple of years now! It’s a great one if you have normal to dry skin, and it layers under makeup beautifully. It absorbs into the skin just like a regular moisturizer, and never ever breaks me out. It leaves my face smooth, not greasy, and no white cast. It’s waterproof and paraben-free too! One of my favourite face sunscreens for sure! And you can get on sale at Shopper’s Drug Mart quite often.

If you spent all day out in the sun, the Bioderma Photoderm After-Sun($23.95) is a great product to have on hand, especially if you didn’t listen to me and reapply your sunscreen and got a little red. Remember-pretty much every 2 hours you should reapply your sunscreen is a good rule to live by! It is enriched with emollient and soothing agents like allantoin which is a moisturizer that helps with dry, flaky skin, and ginkgo biloba, which soothes that overheating/burning sensation. That’s like the worst feeling, no? Anytime I get a burn from the sun(RARE these days to be honest I’m like a sunscreen vigilante spraying everyone within reach I swear), or if I touch my arm on the oven door(I’m an idiot I swear I get an oven burn once a year and there’s a scar on my forearm right now from the last one) I think OWEEEE THIS HURTS. And I whine for hours because it just hurts so BAD. I can’t imagine the pain burn victims go through, and understand why they’re put in induced comas to heal. I think if people actually really remember how painful a sunburn is, they’d vow to never get another one. But we tend to forget pain and how bad things hurt. It’s like a defense mechanism our brain has I think. Weird. You’d think it’d make an implant so you NEVER FORGET, but nope. Not the case, at least for some things! To be honest, I’m one of those people that really remembers pain. I remember how painful my gut felt when I was 7 and needed an emergency appendectomy. I remember the pain of every tooth that went rotten and needed a root canal(three at last count LOL). And I remember how PAINFUL childbirth was. It hurts like a MOFO dudes. And is one of the reasons why I decided Marky was ENOUGH for me hahaha! Ok, back to product talk! Bioderma Photoderm After-Sun also has glycerine and shea to moisturize your skin. It feels really nice and cool on the skin too! And honestly, you don’t have to use it just because it’s meant for after-sun. It’s a really nice, light, cooling summer moisturizer for anybody to use and at any time of year. Like us hot and flashy ladies! This is a great moisturizer because I don’t know about you, but I always get a hot flash after a shower. This feels great after a shower and kind of stops that business from ruining my clean feeling. Win!

Bioderma Photoderm.jpg

Bioderma Photoderm Self-Tanner

If you are a good sunscreen cookie like I’ve been this year-seriously I’m not kidding. I’m like MAC NC15, maybe even lighter right now- which is WHAT. I haven’t been this pale in the summer since I can’t remember! And my legs never see the light of summer because I don’t do shorts. I’m an old lady-nobody needs to see that HAHAHA. But, my calves show in my super cool capris at Zumba, and they’re so pasty white! So, sometimes I like to add a bit of colour to them shins. Bioderma Photoderm Self-Tanner takes advantage of a new technology that combines the self-tanning agent DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) with a unique diffusion system. It allows more DHA to come into contact with your skin and  improves the colour you get, meaning NO ORANGE FAKE TAN. And when you’re pale that’s so AWESOME. Most self tanners turn really pale skin the weirdest shade of peach which is…unnatural my friends. Nobody wants to look like a peach.  Shape, fuzz,  OR colour….  😛  It’s a nice gentle, gradual self-tanner too. You use it once a day, for days 3 straight and then ever other day to get the colour you want. Then just use it once a week to keep that shade of bronze. It’s a really fine mist, and dries instantly so you can get dressed right away which is nice.

 photo IMG_0064.jpg
Bioderma Cicabio Crème($15.95) is a life saver! It helps heal minor skin damage from medical treatments or if you’ve overdone some skincare, or of you’ve gotten a SUNBURN. It’s for any time you’ve damaged your skin-barrier, and if you’ve ever had that happen, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s HORRIBLE.

You see, like I said up there ages ago-our skin is the front-line defence against anything coming at us. So, when it’s damaged, it’ll let you know big time! Hands up if you know what I’m talking about! Redness, scaly, dry skin that hurts is the result of your skin barrier being compromised and WOW it’s not fun at all. No sir. And you need to help it heal toot sweet my friend! Bioderma Cicabio Cream helps repair irritated skin with a combo of resveratrol, copper and centella asiatica, which stimulates those lazy fibroblasts to produce more collagen and stop any scarring from happening. It also helps prevent infection with zinc too, and has an active ingredient to stop that urge to scratch when healing starts to happen. It has a beige colour that’s actually natural and related to the product’s active ingredients. It’s not coverage by any means, just so you know. Stuff is AWESOME and SO much cheaper than my beloved La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5! Like half the price cheaper, so score!

Phew! I think I’m DONE covering anymore sunscreen this year HAHAHAHA-seriously dudes I do hope you’ve learned something by reading my sunscreen posts because DANG…so much work and research I do to make it tolerable to understand, if ya’ know what I mean. I feel like I should get an award or something. HUGS at least, because I love hugs. SOMETHING….  😀

OH and have you seen Janine @BeautyGeeks post about the Bioderma Hydrabio SPF 30 Sunscreen Water that’s available in France???!!! READ IT PLEASE. ERMAGHAAAAAAAD I WANTS IT PRECIOUS. Stupid Health Canada-I can’t wait 18 months before this gets approved for sale here! I need a MULE from France to get me some! Anybody out there willing to help a sunscreen addict out?  😉 I’m seriously thinking about booking a trip to Europe just to get my hands on this stuff! WATER. SUNSCREEN. MIND BLOWN.

And now, today’s summer tune courtesy of Blondie. A song you’ve probably never heard I bet, In The Sun!


Gotta love Blondie’s whole look. I appreciate it LOTS.

So, hey! What makes YOUR eyes roll? There’s a lot of crap that does it for me to be honest. I could write a whole blog post on eye rolling triggers hahahaha!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I’m always trying to get my relatives to haul me stuff from Europe but it never seems to work. I mean, if they’re not going to take me with them the least they could do would be to visit a few pharmacies and maybe drop by Kiko, you know? lol
    I bought a new spf mist from Coola a few weeks ago but haven’t given it much of a workout yet. Mostly I’ve just been avoiding sun like the plague, darting from shadow to shadow with hats on and the like. I feel like a character in a campy spy movie, hahaha! I’ve been enjoying this sunscreen obsession you’ve got going on though, since I keep looking for better fast-absorbing and non-greasy options for arms and feet. I’m usually pretty well covered since I actually hate the feeling of sun on my skin, but 3/4 sleeves are common, as are my beloved leather sandals. Leather shoes that are slimy with sunscreen are super-gross though. Yuck. *shudders*

    • Hahahaha I agree! Just a little stop at Kiko please!

      The Coola one is nice! I spritzed it on at Sephora at Disneyland, but bought the Supergoop one since it was cheaper. Next time I go back, I’m going to pick it up too and stash it away. They work quite well! I used the Supergoop the whole last time and no sunburn!

      And yeah, I hate sunscreen on my feet and sandals! But I’ve had burns there and it’s not fun at all.

  • Bioderma is an amazing brand! I love it! I haven’t tried any of those products but plan to this summer.

    • It’s a really great brand at the drugstore! You should try their skincare too. I think people forget they make anything else besides the micellar water haha!

  • LOL I had that in language classes! I tried not to let it show, but most of the time I was like “ask me just ask me it doesn’t take me a whole minute to string a sentence together!”

    Also, sorry for being COMPLETELY distracted by SUNSCREEN WATER??! I’m in the process of trying to find online pharmacies in France that ship to Belgium, although I did already find it on Amazon.fr. Shipping is 6,50, which is on the expensive side. But then again if I get you one and myself one, maybe we can split 😉

    • Hahaha right? Just ask me so we can move on is how I felt in school all the time! #kindredspirits

      I KNOW I DON’T BLAME YOU! I almost fell outta my chair when I saw Janine’s post! AND YES I will split any cost to get one! You are the best!

    • Sunny, I’m gonna be in France next week, so I can pick it up for you if you want! Tom will be in Belgium afterwards so he can mail it to you then if you want.

      • Aww thanks, Melissa! I have a friend who is also going next week and she already offered. Thanks again tho!

      • Oh, well, that’s even better! Let’s hope this product is what we all hope it will be, amirite?? 🙂

      • I will keep you posted, although you might as well pick up a bottle for yourself!

      • Oh for sure!



      • I’ll look up what shipping to Canada from Switzerland and/or Belgium costs. I’ll see whichever is cheaper.

        Update: hmm, so there isn’t much difference between Switzerland and Belgium, but either way the cheapest option (economy, no tracking, etc) would be around 15 USD. That’s probably as much as the product itself :-S

      • That’s ok with me! I’ll pay whatever it takes to get the stuff!

  • Haha Tracy ;D Nothing makes me roll my eyes anymore. Oh, those blog posts quote and cite PR info as it is, I think?
    I still like the sound of these sun products. I’m all about “photo-stable” protection! But also, my expectation for sunscreen is realistic. The western ones keep failing me so I ended up ordering some Japanese sunscreens from Japan. One of them still hasn’t made it here even after a month. Crazy ;-(

    • LOL yup! That’ll do it for me too!

      I need to get some Japanese versions. I hear they are so GOOD.

  • I actually have enjoyed all of your sunscreen posts! I appreciate how you break it down and explain what does what. Now to go back through your posts and pick one lol.

    I didn’t know that it gets dark so late in Canada. That’s actually pretty awesome. I don’t like being out after dark. Especially over here. You never know what the heck is lurking in the darkness.

    • Thanks! That means a lot! It was such a lot of work!

      Just up North here. Edmonton is the farthest major city in Canada that’s so far north.

  • Big Texas hugs your way 🙂 Rock on! Seriously though, no sunscreen in Texas means hag looking leather ladies. NOT a good look

    • THANKS BABE! Right back at ya!
      HAHAHA you know, when I was in France-the one time I’ve been overseas because I’m POOR- these ladies from Italy got on this shuttle bus with us to take us to Disneyland Paris AND OMG OMG I’ve NEVER seen so much sunscreen damage in one place in my LIFE. I got so SCARED dude! I mean, they were all pretty and stuff but GEEZ dark spots and leathery skin…I vowed to never let that happen to me!

  • Lily

    LOL at your left eye twitching, Tracy. Hahahaha! Sun here sets around 7pm. But around now, it only sets about 8pm. Throughout the entire year, by 8.30pm, the sky is completely dark. We don’t see many stars either. That’s sad. And when it’s rainy, we don’t get any stars! My comment is so unrelated to the sunscreen. hahahaha!

    • It seriously does man…I don’t like when I read bull crap like that hahaha!
      I want to go to the mountains and see all the stars there! Apparently it’s pretty incredible! And lol-I like comments like yours hahaha! it means we are FRIENDS.

  • Liz

    I want that spray Bioderma here now ASAP!

    And I had no idea it was so bright so late there in the summers! I could swear that when I was little, we played outside until almost 10pm before the sun set but it is not like that here these days…!

    • It’s a good one! Really nice feeling for sure.

      Yeah! It’s the best thing about living up here. Except in the winter when it gets dark at 4PM LOL.

  • That is NUTS that that picture was taken at nearly 10 p.m.!! WHOA! So cool! You are so hilarious with your eye rolls and scientific explorations! I barely passed algebra so thank god I wasn’t ever in a chemistry class to annoy everyone! My mind implodes when it sees numbers and letters together. MATH = Mental Abuse To Humans, LOL!
    You have really covered every sunscreen type and issue this year! I feel like you’ve created a mini encyclopedia of sun care items, which I can come back to and review before I buy my next sunscreen product! THANK YOU!

    • Hahaha you need to come visit you and Mr. B.J. Party hahaha 😉 you know I have a spare room when Marky is at college! I’ll show you guys all the night light and even the Northern Lights! Be SO MUCH FUN.
      You are like Marky…I had to help her through high school with Math…SO. MUCH. PAIN. For us BOTH.So glad she got into art school because DUDE the kid is just so MATH IMPAIRED it’s not even funny!
      Right? I need a sunscreen award! LOL! Thanks for the love….means a lot! Makes me happy SOMEBODY actually listens! LOVE YA BOO!

      • That would be so awesome to come visit you guys! Maybe we can work on that for next year when we’re not bogged down with wedding-related trips like this year. We’d LOVE to visit you! Oh I guess we should probably obtain passports at some point, LOL!
        Oh I totally feel terrible for my parents w/r/t my math “skillz”. Painful is the perfect description! Though I’d rather have Marky’s incredible, creative art skills than algebra skills any day! 🙂
        Sunscreen award INDEED! You have earned the SPF Award of the Golden Gods! 😉

  • SKIN IMMUNITY! Sometimes copy on beauty products sound so fanciful and amazing that I indulge a bit in the fantasy. If some company wrote that one of their products could make me have superhero skin, I’m going to be honest, I might buy it. But only because every time I would apply it I found see my skin with a SuperWoman-type cape looking like a total boss. Man, I should make something like that for skin! Only I don’t have a chem degree.

    BUT ANYWAY! About these sunscreens! Say you’re out and about, how sweatproof have you found them? Can you go a few hours without it feeling like it’s melting off? SPF in the eyes hurts like a mother–

    • HAHAHAHAHA you made me LAUGH SO HARD hahahaha I love it…..someone with an interesting comment and point of you! You are amazing and I love your brain… 😉 It’s my kind of brain!

      Nah, these aren’t the best for what you’re looking for….check out the Neutrogena Cool Dry Spirt stuff for body, and for face the new Shiseido Wet Force stuff will stick to your face like GLUE dude…just be sure to oil cleanse, and then cleanse again to get that shiz off because WOW it stays like a mofo.

      • Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve had my eye on a Shiseido sun milk/essence/liquid for a long time. One of these days…!

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