Summer! Turns Me Upside Down! Aveeno Loves That Make Summer Easier!

SUMMER!! I kinda’ hate summer to be honest…. I’m really a true Canadian girl-I LIKE THE COLD. AND THE SNOW *ducks from all the snowballs thrown by you summer-lovin’ beauties*

I’m serious! Gimme a -20C day ANY TIME. Anything above +22C you can KEEP. I don’t want it! It’s a good thing I’m mostly a pretty good girl(crosses self), because there’s NO way I could handle living in HELL for all eternity! These hot flashes are bad enough! Pretty sure they’re HELL. ON. EARTH.

So, to help me deal with summer, I’ve decided to show you some of my SUMMER FAVES! Things that help me get through this horrid season of HELL ON EARTH. Hands up if you hate summer too!  😛

Let’s start with something  easy-my fave drugstore brand, AVEENO! And I may be a bit biased since I’m an #AveenoAmbassador, but DUDES-their stuff is AMAZING. And AFFORDABLE. Which means I have more money in the summer to spend on…BEER. WINE. POPSICLES. You know…IMPORTANT STUFF DUH.

Aveeno Shower/Moisturizer Summer Combo


AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion, AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

With AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, skin hydration starts in the shower and stays with you long after that shower is over. Which is what you need in the hot summer! This body wash replenishes your skin’s moisture barrier with a combination of colloidal oatmeal and natural oils, giving you healthier looking skin. And we want that in the summer, right? Skin is on full summer viewing, so we want it to look good! This body wash is soap-free, dye-free and gentle enough for most sensitive skins, of whom I am QUEEN I swear. This is such a soothing shower gel I tell ya! Which is perfect for summer. It’s a staple in our shower at Beauty Reflections. We all really love most of the Old Spice Shower Gels, but sometimes? You just want a CLEAN, fragrance-free shower, ya’ know what I’m saying? And this? IS IT. It’s like the coffee beans they make you smell to clean your nose when you’re sniffing perfumes. SHOWER SCENT RESET.

AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion

This new ultra sheer lotion absorbs in seconds, for a fresh, powder like feel that’s SO NICE  in the summer! It moisturizes for a full 24 hours too, which is kind of amazing for a body lotion that disappears so fast. But it really does leave you feeling velvety soft all day, yet no greasy aftermath at all. Which is perfect for summer, right? RIGHT! And no fragrance to compete with whatever summer scent you feel like spritzing on yourself to make summer tolerable HAHAHA. Man…I really do hate summer, hey? I keep telling Terry we need to move to Scotland in our old age…somewhere in the Highlands there…a cottage…and a goat…I don’t know why I envision a goat in my retirement vision, but I’m pretty dang sure LILY @ChloeAsh might have something to do with it…. 😀

Yup! These two Aveeno products are #BetterTogether like peanut butter and jam, salt and pepper, summer and heat???! Yeah, all of those ok! Again, why can’t summer mean NICE, COMFY TEMPERATURES, HUH? WHY??!!

What’s your favourite Shower/Moisturizer Summer Combo #BetterTogether? Let us know! Tweet me dudes! Me and Aveeno really want to know and use that hashtag! And are you a summer lover? Or summer hater? Don’t worry…I’ll still love you no matter what! Me and my future goat-we PROMISE   🙂

And now, let’s  just enjoy The Cars -Magic! I’m going to try to show you a song I associate with summer, and feature them in these summer posts I write. This is a classic! And let’s talk Rick Ocasek-how’d that dude end up with Paulina??!!


  • Angela

    Hey there Tracy, happy Wednesday! (I generally don’t like Wednesdays…too far from the weekend yet. However I am trying to be positive, see?) SO I am a summer hater. Born and raised an Edmonton (well, Leduc) girl. I don’t like the clothes situation (you can always add more clothing if you’re cold!) or the “melt into a wee puddle situation” when it gets above 24. I am not looking forward to the next few days, LOL!! Give me spring or fall! The last couple days have been reasonable: sunny yet with a coolish breeze. Anyways, all that to say I agree with you on Aveeno! I like that it’s cheap, it’s the only body wash I can handle in the shower (DRY SKIN, YO) even in the WINTER! and even the regular Aveeno lotion is lovely and actually helped me overcome a small eczema patch on my shoulder that likes to come out once in a while. One thing about all lotions in the pump bottle is that there is generally SO much left and yet the pump ain’t working. Someone really needs to sort that out….but this is not specific to aveeno, just a pet peeve of mine with pumping bottles. OK rant over. I hope you have A/C of some sort – I keep battling with my husband over it. I say: But what about the KIDS?! Surely they need some climate control, LOL!!!

    • Happy Wednesday too Angela! SAME! You can always add clothes to get warm, but when it’s hot? There’s only so much you can take off haha! I was born in Winnipeg, so the cold is like in my genes! I LIKE IT. I agree with you about pump bottles! And I’m glad Aveeno works for you too!
      HAHAHA, yes, we actually do have AC-it’s a medical expense when you have MS which is a-ok with me. I probably won’t leave the house for the next couple of days except for Zumba haha!

  • Haha sorry but I am NOT with you here, Tracy! This subtropical island girl embraces summer with all her heart (just not a heat wave that lasts for a week. That’s tough in Belgium)! I wish Aveeno were available here. I really liked some of their stuff that I got to try! For the moment I am really digging Clinique after sun balm. It’s light and hydrating! Not greasy or sticky at all!

    • Well, if anyone can take a heatwave in Belgium it should be you hahaha, no? 😉
      It’s going to be +30C here for the next few days and UGGGH hiding in my house now!

      I wish it was available there too!

  • Liz

    Can I get in on your retirement plan somehow? Scotland and goats!!

    I don’t have dry skin but I do like Aveeno body care a lot. (Not a fan of their face stuff though.) I’ve heard from other eczema sufferers that Aveeno is good for their skin.

    • Sure! The more the merrier! And we can get MORE goats now haha!

      It’s good stuff yup!


  • Lily

    No moisturizer for the body during summer… which means, none for me at all. LOL! It’s humid enough that my skin is kept moisturized? Haha… and dude, GOATS again???

  • Sounds like a winning duo! I’m not that picky when it comes to body care to be honest… As long as it smells good I’m game 😉