Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion and other Summer Goodies too

When you are fair, it’s really hard to find a bronzer that looks good on you. Most bronzers are so pigmented and normally, that’s a good thing when it comes to makeup products. But not when you are fair and want to wear a bronzer! Fair skins need bronzers that are sheer and buildable. And that’s exactly what Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion bronzers are like! Well, at least the two that I have.

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion.jpg

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion 15I Soft Iridescent Amber, 10M Natural Matte Honey

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion bronzers($42) are gel-power bronzers that blends seamlessly onto cheeks and never, ever looks powdery. They are long lasting, waterproof bronzers. I know a lot of people have complained that they’re not very pigmented, or you can’t pick up a lot of product onto your brush. And that’s because Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion bronzers have the same surface finish and texture like the MAC Extra Dimension powders and blushes. You need to use a very dense brush, like a kabuki brush to pick up product. Finger oils will cause hard-pan to form, but just use some scotch tape to lift that up and your powder is good to go(thanks Sunny for that tip!)

Swatchy Time!

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion.jpg

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion 15I Soft Iridescent Amber, 10M Natural Matte Honey

There are two finishes in the Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion bronzers-M for Matte, and I for Iridescent. To be honest, it’s hard to tell the difference in finish once blended and applied to the skin as you can see in the swatch.  The iridescent has slightly more visible shimmer, but like barely. These bronzers are my pale cheeks’ DREAM. I can apply them without fear of looking dirty or like I’m trying too hard to look bronzed. I prefer the 15I one, as it’s not as orange on the skin. I use both of them though, even together at the same time! I’ll put 15I on the backs of my cheeks and 10M on my apples. And you know what? NO BLUSH! I KNOW. I like these so much that I find I don’t really need blush when I’m wearing them! Perfect for summer when my natural flushed cheeks like to make their existence known to everyone, haha.  😛

There are some new shades in the Make Up Forever Aqua Matic Pencils($26):

Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic.jpg

Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic

Diamond Light Turquoise D-21 is on the right, and  Matte Black M-11 is on the left.
I reviewed these last year some time HEREand my opinion on them is the same as then. The lovely turquoise has a bit of a patchy application. I think it’s the sparkles that ruin the formula in these pencils. Using it all over the eye is kind of not a good idea, but it makes an awesome, bright summer eyeliner for sure! The matte black is pretty freakin awesome, but again, best used as a liner because who wants matte black eyelids! Although, if you’re using it as a base for powder eyeshadow then go right ahead.  😛   I miss the old formula Make Up Forever had in pencil form that you had to sharpen. These have a built in sharpener on the end, but I do miss being able to use their pencils all over my lid. 🙁

There’s also some new summery shades in the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouges too!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge.jpg

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge #23 Apricot Pink

I love the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouges($29), so I was pretty excited to see this pretty Apricot Pink shade added to the collection. I happily applied it to my lips to test out and NOPE. OMG it’s so bad. Patchy, clings to every lip imperfection and feels really tacky. I don’t know man-it’s like the formula on them- at least this shade- has changed? It’s more creamy feeling than what I remember?! Kind of like the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks-that’s what they feel like-at least the OLDER formula of those things because this year, I really liked them. It’s like they exchanged formulas or something! It’s too bad, because this shade is so pretty! I really do hope the formula hasn’t changed on Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouges, otherwise I’ll be clinging onto my little collection with all my might!

Have you picked up anything from the new Make Up Forever Summer launches? I wish they’d come out with more shades in the HD Creme blushes! 

  • The bronzers look really good, just the right amount of sheen and not overly warm. I haven’t tried the Aqua Rouge line yet but I guess I’ll stay away from this particular shade!

  • Hey Tracy, those bronzers look GREAT on your skin tone! Next time when someone asks me what bronzers I’d recommend to lighter skin tones, I’d steer them in this direction! So sorry to see that Aqua Rouge tho! It already swatches kind bad… I can imagine it not looking that pretty on the lips.

  • Liz

    I still haven’t gotten around to trying any of MUFE’s new things. The bronzers are so pretty but I’m not much of a bronzing person. That turquoise looks awesome but no thanks on patchy shadow work. :s

  • Oh goodness those bronzers are so pretty! I actually used a ton of bronzer on my hawaii trip because I refuse to tan at all!

  • Lily

    I’m trying to get into bronzers lately, more for the edges of my face to make it more dimensional. I only have Dior Aurora, which is more of a “blonzer”. I want to try these 2!! But there’s no way I’d get to Sephora anytime soon, so I guess I’ll have to miss them 🙁

  • Nooooo, what a shame that Aprictot Pink doesn’t deliver 🙁 The color is so purteh…

  • Toya

    Second the wish that they’d come out with more HD blushes! I want some with cool, bold tones – a lot of them know are softer and more subdued, and while thats nice, I feel like they all would look the same-ish on me.

    RE: the shadow pencils, I have only tried the one I have, the bronzy shade, and its SO GOOD – it has those sparkles but it spreads so well and brightens my eye so nicely. You should try it!

  • I’ve seen the bronzers around and even though lots of people don’t seem to care for them, I’m kind of interested. I’m heading to the mall tomorrow so I’ll totally swatch these in person. I might just cave and get one. Your swatches are too pretty to pass up! Sorry to hear about the Aqua Rouge. That shade really is pretty!

  • Whoa – a bronzer that causes Tracy to skip blush?!?! Holy moses, this is serious! 🙂 Sorry the Aqua Rouge stunk up the joint. I’ve only tried one and it was good, but that was 2 Christmases ago, so it definitely would have been the old formula. LOL at “and NOPE.”


    so bummed the aqua rouge was patchy. it sure it gorgeous and just screams summer. love the color. thanks for all the testing/swatching!

  • I seriously cannot stop SWOONING over those bronzers – and if you say they’re good, I know they are GOOD! Of course the swatches sell themselves!