June 18th is #WinkDay

June 18th is the first ever #WinkDay. I’m going to put on blue eyeshadow and show my support for women suffering from the Cancer Blues. Want to know how to join me?

Take your favourite blue eyeshadow-any shade of blue will do. Then, make your own Wink video, tag it #WinkDay, and post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook so everyone can see how important the cause is to you. For every video or selfie posted, the Canadian beauty industry will contribute an additional $5 to support the programs of Beauty Gives Back.

So join me on THURSDAY, June 18th! Wink if you’re with me! #WinkDay




  • I wanna show my support but I can’t wink! lol… I can’t wistle either. I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with me, I wasn’t assembled right…

    • Hahahahaha yes you were! Just take a selfie with your eyes or eye closed! You do such killer makeup looks-I totally want to see!

  • Great cause! Is it this Wednesday (June 17th) or June 18th though? I’d like to join 🙂

    • ARGGGH I’m an idiot! It’s Thursday! I think I lost a day somewhere hahaha. June 18th is Thursday! And YAY! I’m excited to see you wink at me!

  • Such a great cause! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’ll see you Thursday with blue eyeshadow to beat the band! 😉

  • looking forward to this!