Klorane Mask with Desert Date- A Treat For Your Hair

So hey! Did you know that Sephora now carries Klorane products? Which is great because the more I try from the brand, the MORE I like it, so having it readily available to order is pretty cool. HOWEVER….I do think this means prices may have gone up. So if you are in Canada, maybe check out Shopper’s Drug Mart and www.well.ca before ordering from Sephora, because I did see prices are less at least at Well.ca.

Klorane Mask with Desert Date.jpg

Klorane Mask with Desert Date


Anyways…. one of my favourite new hair deep conditioning treatments is the Klorane Mask with Desert Date. DATES…I love dates…food of the gods they truly are…yummmmmm…. Desert dates are rich in lipids and proteins. They repair and regenerate the natural keratins, giving new life to dehydrated, damaged, brittle hair. There’s also Wheat Proteins to also help strengthen hair. What you WON’T find in Klorane Mask with Desert Date is parabens or sulfates, AND its SILICONE FREE too! Wahoo!

Klorane Mask with Desert Date.jpg

Look how thick it is! Klorane Mask with Desert Date

Sure, you can just leave Klorane Mask with Desert Date in your hair for 5 minutes. That’s totally fine, and I do that too. You’ll get nice, smooth, shiny hair that’s so easy to comb through. BUT if you really want to treat your hair, then do what I do once a week leave it on your hair wrapped in a warm towel for at least 20 minutes and HUZZAH – your hair will be so smooth and soft and shiny, you won’t even recognize your hair. It’s the truth.

Klorane Mask with Desert Date.jpg

Klorane Mask with Desert Date

Oh, and the SMELL….oh…my…god…Klorane Mask with Desert Date smells SO GOOD…. heavenly..just like I said…food for the gods. You need to try it, even if it’s just for the scent! I love this hair mask and what it does for my hair, so I’ll always have it on hand. And I really want to try more hair care from the brand now for sure! There’s a Magnolia hair mask and if it smells as good as this date one does….YES.

I really do love hair masks as you know, and use them all the time. What are some of your favourite ones? I’m always looking to try some new ones!

  • I luuuuuurve Klorane hair care! Because yeah, it’s pretty much free from errrthang, lol 🙂

  • I NEED to try this!! I’m finish up another hair mask and then this is definitely on the list. Love the Klorane dry shampoo and leave in date cream.

    • that leave in date cream isn’t here yet! It’s coming soon, and I’m so excited! Have you reviewed it yet?

  • I’d never heard of Klorane but you make this hair mask sound amazing ^_^ I love finding great new products/brands to try and sometimes I’ll use a hair product just because it smells good lol

  • wait, does it smell like dates?!

  • I sooo want to try this one! Klorane products always smell wonderful, they’re awesome.

  • Emma Bovary

    I had never even thought of Klorane for more than their dry shampoo, how sad is that? This sounds amazing, I love trying out new hair masks so if this one is available in Australia I’m going to check it out

  • I have been obsessed with Klorane lately, ever since I read one of your posts about the brand a month or so ago. This sounds AMAZING and I also love dates… add another to the “Tracy made me buy this”list!

  • Liz

    I’m not really into hair masks. They do soften up the hair nicely but then I end up putting a lot of products in to tame the frizz and it feels like the mask is rendered useless afterwards. I do want to try some Klorane shampoos though! All eleventybillion of them!

    • Too bad! i don’t get frizzy from them and find they make a huge diff for my curly hair. Maybe the humidity makes a difference? We are so dry here.

  • Silicone-free and tasty-smelling, you say??? Count me in!

  • Lily

    If your Sephora carries Klorane, I sure hope they bring it here. I don’t apply hair masks though. I remember trying one and I think my hair stayed flat for one whole week. HAHAHA!

  • Hair masks are not for me, I am so lazy, lol! I like the idea of them, but I can barely remember to do my face masks, and having to put stuff in my hair and then wash out…lol. It would be a disaster. It sounds amazing, though!

  • I love hair masks so this one if going on the wish list, STAT! DATES! YUM!!! You’ve sold me! I like DIY hair masks, as well as pre-packaged ones. One of my fave cheapies is the Argan Oil mask by OGX (Organix). It smells insanely good and the scent stays around through a few washes. Amaze, and it’s around $5 bucks in US drugstores. Thanks for the head’s up about Sephora carrying Klorane!!! I just added it to Loves. 🙂

  • I need to get the shampoo!!