My New Favourite: My Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch

I’ve always had a thing for watches. I am a child of the 70s as you know, so I grew up wearing watches. That’s how we knew what time it was before smart phones hahaha! I’ve had quite the collection of watches over the years. Even had a triangle one in the early 90s…don’t know what happened to that one, though…must have lost it during a move or something. And now I can hear Marky yelling at me for not keeping my 80s wardrobe all these years so SHE could have it now hahahaha….hindsight, right? Oh well…words of wisdom! Don’t purge everything! Keep some things for your kids! Otherwise be prepared for their wrath! Anyways….this happens to be my current watch collection.

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch.jpg

My Watch Collection


Nice, right? But does one of those watches look extra special to you? Like stand out from the rest? RIGHT? It’s that amazing wooden one, hey? It’s so GLORIOUS and Tracy is in LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s like the watch of my dreams!

Jord Wood Watches is a locally owned St. Louis, Missouri company and they design/produce real wood watches from sustainable materials from all around the world. Each JORD watch is designed to be splash proof too, so don’t be worried about water ruining it! And links can be added or subtracted easily to adjust the band size-I like my watches loose, so the kind people at Jord adjusted my beauty for me. Loose is best!

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch.jpg

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch


The closure is really unique and so easy to use! You fold up each half on top of the closure and just press down and voila! Done! Easy!

Like Bruno Mars says in Uptown Funk…HOT DAMN…this Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch looks GOOD everywhere….

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch.jpg

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch

It looks good layered with my mandatory skullz too…

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch.jpg

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch

AND I can even wear it to the gym! It’s so lightweight I forget I’m even wearing it to be honest.

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch2.jpg

Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch #JordWatch

I wear my Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch to Zumba, and Yoga, and Pilates and it’s never in my way or bothersome. And…this is important because if you sweat like I do…dude…I sweat A LOT…just ask my gym buddies they will vouch for me…this watch NEVER takes up that sweaty stank! It stays NICE! And odour free! And no sweat stains either! Its so much better than leather watch bands which…ugggh…get really gross if you wear them to the gym. TRUST ME. You don’t wanna know that smell…

I ADORE this Jord Sully Cherry And Maple Wood Watch and yeah I know….I got this as a perk…but DUDES…I’m ordering MORE…one for the hubby for Daddy’s Day!! He’s gonna LOVE it!

You have to get one if you love watches like I do! Do you love watches too? DO you wear them? Or not? I bet I can guess your age by your answer hahaha!

  • How neat! It’s really cool and unique!
    I used to wear watches all the time but now I often work in a building with heavy security. I have to take off watch, jewelry, and even shoes to get through, so eventually I kind of stopped wearing them. I wonder if this wood watch would trigger the security bars, though.

  • This is such a fun and special watch! I really love the cherry and maple together. I have 2 watches and they both need batteries, lol! So I have 2 watches in a drawer, to be specific! 😛

    • Me too! I love cherry wood-my kitchen floors are cherry.
      Hahaha, yeah I hear ya! That’s the pain about them for sure!

  • Liz

    LOL. I’m a watch girl. Or lady, rather. 😉 I have two that I spent kind of a lot on and they’re both lasting well – nearly a decade. Jord contacted me too but the wooden watch isn’t really me. Glad you love yours!

    • LADY yes haha!
      WHY?! You should get one! It’s lovely! I think you’d like them a lot!

  • Lily

    Oh love this watch! SO COOL! I used to wear watches, but stopped once I had kids. I’d scratch them when I have them in my arms. So I guess it’ll be a few more years until I can wear them again 🙂

  • I didn’t wear a watch for years but now I’m into them again! I don’t have as many as you though. And definitely not a cool one like this one!

  • I need a good gym watch, I rarely wear one anymore since I don’t like how heavy they are and get stuck on shirts etc. Hmm sweat proof? 😀

  • That is a gorgeous watch! I normally despise watches because many are not funky enough for me, but this one is a winner!

  • Such a cute watch! I wear a watch daily. Unlike other millennials, I’m not a fan of being by my cellphone constantly and it’s a “no” and inconvenient at my job. So wearing a watch is a must for me, especially when I’m lost in the bookstacks.

    BTW I remember you mentioned Thrills gum in our previous post. I saw some at Dollarama today. This was in the Namao location on the northwest (likely very far from you). I’ve been told their stock varies but closer locations to you may have it? *crosses fingers*

    • Thanks! And good point! Most jobs don’t let you carry your cell phone around!
      Ooooh! Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, I’m on the South Side, but there’s one around here so I will look! Thanks!

  • Hahahaha! Ok, well, I don’t like wearing watches 😛 I had a couple as a kid, but I tend to fiddle with it and then I kind don’t like the idea of having time strapped to my wrist…I end up checking it constantly or whatever. My dad is big into them, though, and my mom…S wears them, too. Just not me, LOL.

  • Gorgeous photos! Thank you so very much for helping us get the word out!

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