Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower

Not only has my skin become very sensitive in the past year, but my eyes have also joined in on that sensitivity fun train as well. And that sensitivity makes it hard for me to wear eye makeup. It’s not the makeup that bothers my eyes(at least most of the time), it’s the makeup removers that irritate my eyes to no end. Almost every eye makeup remover I’ve tried bothers my eyes so much. My eyes itch and water for days after removing eye makeup. It’s not fun. So, most days I keep my eye makeup to a minimum, or just wear none at all so that I don’t have to deal with the after-effects.

But I’ve finally found an eye makeup remover that doesn’t bother me! It’s Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower($17.25).

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Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower

History Timey that involves Saints! I went to a Catholic School run by Ukrainian nuns until grade 8, and honestly I loved learning about the Saints and their trials and tribulations. And Cornflower plays a special part at Klorane Laboratories, as it’s medicinal properties have been used for centuries. Cornflower was first mentioned by Saint Hilgarde in the 12th century to relieve tired and irritated eyes. The blue colour of cornflower resembled healthy looking eyes, so the plant was used to treat eye conditions. It was a symbol of crystal-clear vision, so the cornflower was nicknamed “casse-lunette” in France, meaning break the glasses. Klorane Laboratories are tradition loving botanists and researchers looking for increasingly innovative plant-based active ingredients. So, it was only natural that the cornflower be used in their sensitive eye care range.

 Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower.jpg

Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower

Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower is very gentle with a high content in cornflower extract to soothe sensitive eyes, and is even safe for contact lens wearers. It easily removes make-up and leaves a really nice feeling of freshness. The skin around my eyes is soothed and decongested, and my vision never gets blurry. My eyes never feel irritated at all when I use it. It’s become a staple for me and sits on my bathroom counter 24/7. LOVE it.

Oh, and another great thing about  Klorane Floral Eye Makeup Remover Lotion With Soothing Cornflower is that you can use it as an eye compress if your eyes are feeling heavy and tired and irritated! Just poor some onto a couple of cotton pads and put them on your eyes for about 10 minutes or so. Cornflower HEAVEN. Thanks, Saint Hilgarde!  😉

You can find Klorane Cornflower products exclusively in these drugstores: Jean Coutu, London Drugs and Rexall!

What’s YOUR favourite eye makeup remover? It’s a fine line for me-if a makeup remover is too oily, then my eyes can’t get rid of that oily film that’s left very well. And some micellar waters just aren’t strong enough to take of every last inch of mascara. This Klorane eye makeup remover WORKS for me!

  • Lily

    Oh! Sounds great! I know what you mean – I actually have to use micellar water to clean my eyes after removing makeup using those bi-phased ones because they’re so oily! I always wished there was one that isn’t oily but can get rid of the most stubborn mascaras with ease. If Klorane decides to come here, I’ll pick one up immediately!

    • Exactly! The oil just ruins my vision for days! Yes this would work for you! I’m surprised it’s not there since it’s found in most of Europe! I always thought that meant you guys get their stuff too.

  • Emma Bovary

    So glad that you’ve found a remover that works so well for you, it sounds great. I didn’t know all of that detail about cornflower, so there you go I’ve learnt something today!

  • I remember using this years ago and liking it. Good to know London Drugs still carries it. My favourite eye makeup remover is the Bioderma micellar waters.

    • Those work pretty well as well Iris! I love this one when my eye makeup is more tenacious.

  • Hey Tracy, I’m glad to hear you love this! I’ve heard great things about it but I haven’t given it a go yet. I usually use a bi-phase remover or a cleansing balm to remove my eye makeup. Technically speaking I don’t wear anything waterproof, but I use a lash primer and that makes mascara harder to remove. Might have to look into this once I’m out!

  • Fack. I need this. *grabs the list and adds yet another item*

  • This eye makeup remover sounds really great! I’ve been using a mix of coconut oil and some essential oils and it works beautifully to remove all of my eye makeup (even waterproof).

    • Oh, nice! I’m gland it works for you! I wish I could use it, but too much oils really bother my eyes.

  • Liz

    I keep meaning to try Klorane and forgetting! My eyes are more sensitive to shadow fallouts than removers, but that compress idea is neat. I like the story about the saint, too. 😀

    • Yeah it’s also a brand that’s kind of hidden at Shoppers. But everything from them is really great!
      Me too-I like their stories.

  • Ohh I want to try this! Thanks for the review. Especially now during allergy season, everything irritates! This is promising.

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