Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 And Event At WEM #ShapeMatters

Have you guys seen the Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 Collection yet? Well, let me show you some of it!

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015

 Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.jpg

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


It’s pretty dang gorgeous, wouldn’t ya’ agree? Some if it I haven’t been able to test, as I snapped pics quickly before I dashed out to California-yes, again haha. But I have tested the lipsticks and have some glorious hotel pics of them on my lips. 😛 But lets talk about some of the other pretties first!

Smashbox Bronze Lights Deep Matte $39

 photo IMG_0685_1.jpg

Smashbox Bronze Lights Deep Matte

This bronzer is infused with Smashbox’s Photoset Mineral Complex so that it stays put for up to eight hours. It’s really smooth and finely milled and I bet it blends like a dream!

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.jpg

Smashbox Bronze Lights Deep Matte

The colour is fantastic too as you can see-not orange at all. I can hardly wait to get home and use it!

Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color $36

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 .jpg

Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color

Hollywood & Highlight is a sheer pink pearl, creamy highlighter and Malibu Berry is a rich berry blush.

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 .jpg

Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color

Pretty huh? They swatched super creamy and felt like they’d blend quite well onto the cheeks. I think this berry shade is a touch too dark for me, but walking around Disneyland,(there’s a Sephora at Downtown Disney, so yeah….I tend to stop there LOTS hahaha) I’ve been eyeing Silver Lake Sunset which is the prettiest peachy pink blush I’ve seen in a long time. It might just make it home with me yet. Apparently you can use them on your lips too!

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner $29

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 .jpg

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner

Ok, this looks and sounds familiar, hey? From the Sephora website:

The unique flexible tip features a versatile, angled shape that lets you create any line from thin to thick. Plus, the creamy formula glides on for a smooth line every time. With up to 36 hours of non-stop wear, you never have to worry about smudging, flaking, or fading. This waterproof formula dries instantly for a head-turning look that lasts.

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 .jpg

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner

I didn’t like the one from that brand that starts with a B-it was horrid. This one is pretty similar I have to say, but I don’t hate it as much. The formula is better-not as flaky and crumbly. You still have to twist some out onto your hand and then dip the brush into it, otherwise you’ll end up with a glob o’eyeliner that’s not pretty. But it’s easier to apply, smoother and works just that little bit better. I love the colours they have and I keep looking at the Lilac shade because DUDE-it’ll match my hair! And it lasts and lasts! I wish I could show you a pic, but alas my iPhone is all I have and I can’t get a nice enough closeup to show you.

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Be Legendary Matte Lipstick $23

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 .jpg

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Be Legendary Matte Lipstick

These LE Matte lipsticks are NICE. Donald Robertson btw, is an Instagram Artist and his work is really colourful and great! Look it up!

 photo IMG_0699.jpg

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Be Legendary Matte Lipstick


The shades I have are Femme Fatale Matte which is a vampy plum, Punch Drunk Matte which is a bright raspberry( MY FAVE!) and  Mauve Matte, a mauve pink.

Creamy and pigmented, they feel pretty good on the lips for a matte lipstick. They last forever too, at least until your next meal haha! They wear off beautifully as well. And not a bad price I do have to say since most lipsticks are starting to cost well over the $30 mark these days.

Here’s those glorious hotel pics I was talking about:

Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 .jpg

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Be Legendary Matte Lipstick

I like them! I say they’re pretty comparable to MAC mattes, so if you like those, these will be up your matte alley.

There’s an event happening in Edmonton next week with Smashbox and I’m officially inviting you if you happen to live in the area!

It’s on Friday May 8 and Saturday, May 9 from 12pm-8pm at Sephora West Edmonton Mall. A Smashbox Artist will do your makeup using some of these Spring/Summer2015 products, and they’ll teach you how to contour like a pro because #ShapeMatters. And if that’s not enough, you’ll get your picture snapped by fashion photographer Kyriakos and take home a USB of Pro headshots! It’s  a minimum purchase of $75 that goes towards products of course, but HEYYYY???!!! Isn’t this a really cool event? I wish I was in town! Just phone the Sephora Store 780-425-3788 to book your appointment. I’d hurry up because this is pretty sweet if you ask me!

Whaddaya’ think? Anything from the Smashbox Spring/Summer 2015 collection appeal to you? I really do wish I was in town, as I’ve never had my portrait taken by a professional fashion photographer before, have you? I bet it’s fun! If you’re gonna go let me know! And upload your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #ShapeMatters and tag me @beautyreflections too so I can see your pretty pics while here in California!


  • Liz

    Oooh, Femme Fatale Matte looks great!

  • I have Silver Lake Sunset, and it’s really super pretty! (It’s the one that arrived already used in a Sephora order, but they sent me a new one). It’s really gorgeous on cheeks and really not drying on the lips, but it translates more frosty as a lippie.

  • Punch Drunk is stunning on you! I still cringe when I see an eyeliner like that. My experience with that particular one was HORRID as well. Glad to hear this one is better, but I really think I should stick to gel and call it a day :p

    • Thank you! xx Yeah me too that one was such a mess. This one I had a much easier time with. I think I might pick up the lilac one and then when I’m home take some good pics to show. Ya, know for SCIENCE hahaha!

  • Emma Bovary

    Mauve Matte is stunning!

  • Lily

    Oh! All the lipsticks look great on you but Femme Fatale is super sexy! And you’re right about the bronzer. Can’t see a trace of orange in it 🙂

    • Thanks! They are great mattes for sure. I can hardly wait to actually try the bronzer as it does look promising!

  • Ooh, that does sound like a fun event! Man, I want pictures! Haha.

    The lipsticks look good. And the cheek things. But I think I want that Clinique chubby highlighter stick. You think this one is better?

    • Me too, I was kind of bummed I’d be missing it! Oh well!

      They aree! And yes, I think this one is better than the Clinique one! Not as silicone feeling!

  • That punch drunk thingy is getting major thumbs up on your complexion! 😀

  • I have been seriously obsessing over these blush sticks, I swatch them every time I go to Ulta. The highlighter and bronzer one are my two favorites! But I somehow overlooked that bronzer- it looks so pretty!

    Punch Drunk looks fantastic on you!

    • Me too! I’m still thinking about Sliver Lake Sunset-it’s so pretty that I’ll probably get it. The texture of these is fantastic!

      Thanks! I love it as well!

  • I will check it out for sure!

    They seem great! The texture is amazing! I think they are a good bet for sure!

  • Cosmetic_Confections

    thank you for posting a swatch of the brozner! I keep looking for swatches and can’t find any
    great post!