Dior Pink Sunrise and Coral Sunset Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Summer 2015

I don’t know, but these two cheek products, the Dior Pink Sunrise and Coral Sunset Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Summer 2015 are pretty drool worthy I have to say. They really make your blush fiend heart beat faster, hey?

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To be honest, this #BLUSHFIENDLORD as I have been forever dubbed my my loyal knight, Liz @Reductionista only has one-ONE-Dior blush she loves. the Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush. Wait wait wait… I do like my Dior Diorblush Cheek Creme in Pink Capri, but that’s about it. Promise. So, no expectant love was waiting to surface when I saw these beauties.

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye .jpg

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Pink Sunrise


Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye .jpg

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Coral Sunset


I mean there’s no other words than WOW THESE ARE PRETTY to describe them. Sort of Tie Dye looking I guess, but I don’t know…you’d have to get a REAL hippie to tell you if they are or not. My bothers were TRUE hippies in the 70s… like long hair…Laissez-faire attitude…no care..no worries…let’s just do drugs and listen to rock’n’roll and things will just work out. I’m serious. My brother sold weed to the Guess Who in Winnipeg. *always has weird family PRIDE reaction to this fact* 

These guys went to MY HIGH SCHOOL. Went to school with my sister and brothers. LIKE HELLO. And Burton Cummings is a NICE GUY. Drugs whatever… this is SERIOUS TALENT from the middle of the barren prairies in Canada. And this song was #1 on the USA Song Charts for a LONG time. No Canadian band beat that record until…well…Nickelback I think…which is UGGGH….but whatever…you Americans have your taste in music so…. HAHAHA. You can have Nickelback honestly.  😛  We won’t miss them….  😛

Ok, Swatchy Time!

 Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye.jpg

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Pink Sunrise, Coral Sunset


Now yes, I have to agree with some people out there. These do not swatch well at all. Seem rather powdery and chalky to be honest. I was a Doubting Thomas too, but then I tried them on my cheeks and… different story folks. I think using the accompanying kabuki brush really works and makes the difference.  Bufffing them into cheekz is key to get the glow factor.

 Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Pink Sunrise

 Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Pink Sunrise .jpg

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Pink Sunrise


 Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Coral Sunset

 Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Coral Sunset.jpg

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Coral Sunset

I just think these are lovely cheek offerings from Dior. Although, I do think if you are darker than NC25 or NW25 in MAC talk, you’d have a hard time getting them to show up on your cheeks. I do think these are a pale gal’s dream for the summer though! They do take a couple of passes to get that colour to BOOM, but only two passes for me. I like these! LOTS.

Sometimes a brand surprises and me, and so far Dior with this Tie Dye Summer 2015 Collection is doing just that. I honestly am loving this collection-like all of it! So weird! But nice too!

  • Hey Tracy, I agree with the not swatching that well part, although even Pink Sunrise shows up easily on me! I actually swapped with a bloggy pal who prefers the pink for the coral. Gotta take it out and give it a spin now 🙂

  • Lily

    Both look great on you, o’ BlushFiendLord. And I’m glad something from Dior is tickling your fancy now 🙂

  • Liz

    Lol, isn’t it funny how we blush fiends have a hard time with Dior blushes? I’m just not feeling these, although the orange shade is tickling me a bit. I think this knight will stick to her Surratts and Becca shimmer souffles but these look lovely on BLUSHFIENDLORD!

    • Yeah they’re just not my faves ever, but these are kinda’ nice. And you know I already got some Surratts THANKS TO YOU you ENABLER EXTREME hahaha!

  • I like the coral better on you, looks younger & fresher imo.

  • rachlovespenguins

    I can give or take the design in the pan actually. It’s fun but doesn’t take my breath away. On your face however- yeah I might be needing one of those. Maybe the coral. 😀

    And I will take The Guess Who over Nickelback ANY day.
    *stuffs Nickelback into a box and ships them home*

    • LOL thanks! Ma face sells HAHAHA!
      Yeah, I wish we cold ship them elsewhere too… 😀

  • Those are such pretty blushes.

    I agree with you about Nickelback. Ugh at them.

  • Oh gosh these are drool-worthy indeed! You look so glow-y!!

    Eww at Nickleback *throws them back into Canada* sorry

  • They are SO pretty!!! *bounces up and down*

  • Toya

    LOL about the Guess Who…and Nickelback ~gags~

    I’m sad that these aren’t likely to work for me. They are some of the most gorgeous blushes I’ve ever seen!!!

  • I need the coral one, it is so pretty!!!! And they both look so good on you!

  • Lisa Adams

    Those look amazing of you! Loving the pink for myself. Also loving your lip color. What are u wearing??

    • Thanks! One of the Dior Fluid Sticks from the collection! I reviewed them in an earlier post!

  • Lol tie-dye just isn’t doing it for me! I think they look lovely on, though! Especially with that blue eye – so awesome!

    • I love this collection, but yeah would I have paid for any of it? I think the Coral blush yes. And maybe an Addict Lipstick. But I’m glad I got to try the fluid sticks again because WOW I love them!

  • HAHAHA, my dad’s in radio and he smoked Turkish cigars with The Guess Who sometime in the 70s.

    I’ll have all the Dior blushes you don’t want. 😛 These looks sooo nice!

    • DUDE that hilarious hahahaha!

      LOL hahaha I like them! Some don’t I guess, but they be MINE hahahaha! I’d shares if ya lived closer!

      • All the cool bloggers are scattered all over Canada! Why can’t we all just live on Blogger Island??

  • Emma Bovary

    They are stunning, I think for once I’m actually going to indulge in a few pieces from a Dior collection! I think pink is what I’m leaning towards, prettier in the pan and on the cheeks too 🙂

  • Anne Sanderson

    Thank you for this review. I’m thinking of getting the coral one. Would you say it leans more red or orange on your cheeks? I have a lot of redness in my cheeks and wouldn’t like to emphasise it. Thanks.

    • You are most welcome! I’d say more orange. I have a lot of redness in my cheeks as well, so I like using orange and peach more than pinks.

      • Anne Sanderson

        Thank you for your prompt reply. You’ve been very helpful. I prefer peach and orange on my cheeks as well.

  • Yup! Monty Hall went to my high school too-from the original Let’s Make Deal!

  • 1. These are gorgeous beyond words, drool-worthy, and just blush fiend YUMMY.
    2. Yes! These are such Tracy blushes! FABULOUS!!
    3. Your brother sold weed to The Guess Who?!?!?!?!? That’s kind of the coolest thing ever! I love The Guess Who! Laughing! These Eyes! No Sugar Tonight (in my coffee! No sugar tonight in my tea!”) Big fan!
    4. I think I speak for all Americans when I say WE DO NOT WANT NICKELBACK! You guys have created some amazing things over the years that Americans love, or are at least wildly curious about, including Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, MAC Cosmetics, universal healthcare, and beaver tails. Nickelback is not on this list. 😉