Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers

If you’re in the market for a new skin primer, then I urge you to check out the new Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers.

Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers.jpg

Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers


I’m not a huge primer person, but dang! These are GOOD. And there are 10 specially designed primers that target and perfect all skin types, tones and textures. Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers apparently triple the power of your foundation for smoother, more even, and longer lasting make up. How? Well, they contain Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and firm. There’s an ingredient called Vederine that helps your skin look more even. And theres something called Acti Tensor 3D that smooths the skin and makes your makeup last longer.

What’s unique about the Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers($43) is that they’re meant to be mixed and matched to get YOUR perfect primer. They’re divided into two categories: Texture and Tone. Five of the Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers are designed to address texture-related issues like shine, large pores, fine lines, dryness, and redness. The other five boost radiance for specific skin tones form light to deep.

I have the Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers in Redness Correcting and Radiant Primer Blue which is for light skins.

Swatchy Time!

Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers.jpg

Yup that’s green. And the other one is blue. Expecting to see some other colours were you? 😛


These feel pretty amazing for primers. One of the reasons I don’t like primers is that most of them feel so heavy and suffocating because of the silicones. These do have silicones, but feel more like a moisturizer to me. My skin feels like it can breathe when I wear them. And they don’t clog my pores causing breakouts. WIN.

Here’s a before and using the after Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers:

Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers.jpg

Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers

You can see that the green in the redness reducing MUFE Skin Equalizer  softens the redness in my skin nicely! It doesn’t get rid of it completely, but when I put my foundation on, I think my skin looks more even-toned for sure! The Radiant Blue is nice too! You can combine it with the other primers, or like I did put a bit on the high points of my face. Here’s a FOTD after makeup in the sun so you can see the radiance and smoothness:

 photo IMG_7732.jpg

I really like these Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizers! There’s a hydrating one, and also a nourishing one as well, and those are next on my list to pick up. Those I can use before the redness reducing one. If you have oily skin you can use the mattifying or smoothing one after the redness corrector or any of the radiance ones. I’m telling ya, there’s no easier way to perfect your skin! I say pick one or two up this week during the Sephora Sale! Highly recommended!

Make Up Forever is kicking it this year with all the newness! They were a really great brand before all these product makeovers, but WOW. So many of these new products are becoming Holy Grail for me! They are that good!

Do you use a primer every time you wear make up? I didn’t, but now I sure as heck do! What’s your favourite one?

  • Liz

    Lol, we both used HG in today’s posts. I don’t use primers much anymore but that green one looks pretty good to wear even just on its own!

  • I don’t use primers very often, but that green one would do me good. I have some redness on of my cheeks, a lot more than on the other, and it’s always a problem for blush application. That cheek looks like it has more blush, when in fact it’s just the redness showing… I sometimes use a yellow powder but I haven’t tried a green primer. Might be worth it!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I am so checking out the redness one tomorrow. I’m actually in the city, the hotel is just down the street from the store, AND there’s a sale on. These things may never coincide again so I’ll take whatever opportunity comes my way! And then I shall go down the block to Nordstrom and play in the Chanel. Hmmmm, and I wonder if any of the department stores over here have got a Burberry counter…..
    I need to go reassess my wishlists! I need a decisive plan of attack!!!

    • The stars have aligned haha! And yup you need a plan Stan! Otherwise this could get dangerous haha!

      • rachlovespenguins

        It’s usually pretty heavy on the credit card when I get over this way, hahaha.

      • rachlovespenguins

        The SA had wandered off with the green one but I tried the blue and thought it looked pretty promising. In the end I was very good and only bought a bottle of lacquer base and a tiny Josie Maran gelee blush.

        Which is because I’m gonna sit down later and order everything else online so I can use swagbucks/ebates/whatever I get the best deal on, etc. Lol

      • I gotta start to use that ebates thing! Everybody uses it!
        Wow you showed restraint! Good for you! I ordered a couple of things on Sunday and waiting for them to arrive.

      • rachlovespenguins

        Heh heh we’ll see how far the restraint goes when I somehow inexplicably find myself browsing the website later this afternoon. 😛

  • I love primers and I hardly ever go without using one. These definitely look good and I will have to check them out! I could use the redness reducing one!

    Speaking of MUFE have you seen their new Plexi Glosses? They look amazing!

    • I say them! They do look really pretty! I’m telling, MUFE is hitting everything outta the park lately!

  • Oh wow Tracy, RADIANCE INDEED! I do use primers when I know I’ll be out for the whole day. I like Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and the transparent Clinique one for my cheeks. On my T-zone I use Dior Pore Minimizer! The joy of having combination skin is sometimes I need more than one product to get things done.

  • Hello gorgeous! I am really not that excited by primers but you look so fabulous that I’m tempted!

  • Angela

    Dayum! I might need the redness-correcting one. My cheeks are so red and it seems like it peeks through underneath foundation AND concealer…it’s not even what I’d consider to be _that_ bad! Granted, I’m a total amateur when it comes to base makeup, so that doesn’t help, LOL! Hopefully there will be some in stock when I stop in at Sephora today! WOOHOO for a sale! Too bad I didn’t hold off before buying backups of my too faced shadow insurance and lancome mascara 🙁 15% off REALLY helps!!! You look MAHVELOUS.

    • It works really well my friend! And thank you xx too sweet you are! You’ll have to tell me what you ended up getting!

  • Lily

    I’m not a primer person either but I think I need the green one. and goddamn!! YOU ARE GLOWING!!!!!! Beautiful 🙂

  • Oooh, they sound so nice! I remember those days I religiously put on green tinted primer under powder foundation! This time I would be interested in the pale blue one or the hydrating one. Maybe it is the change of the season, but lately foundation doesn’t sit properly on my skin. ;-/

    • Yeah I’m interested in the hydrating one too! And I know what you mean-mine is starting to feel dry again!

  • Glad you’re liking these! I have the Mattifying Primer from the range and it’s seriously good 🙂

  • I was sad when they discontinued to old primers but it looks like the new ones are very worthy replacements! I’ll have to check ’em out.

  • I can’t wait for make up for ever to hit the uk in May, these sound good! Your skin is flawless!

  • Interesting! The redness reducing one really looks like it works! I’ve swatched the radiance one for my skin tone, but I couldn’t really see any difference. Maybe it’s something you really have to try on your face. I heard the nourishing one is really good for dry and dehydrated skin!

    • Yeah the redness one works well! I got a deluxe sample of the hydrating one and LOVE IT. It’s nice!

  • Amazing!