Introducing Burberry Kisses Lipstick! English Rose No.17

“Burberry Kisses is a new range of lipsticks that’s designed to give buildable sheer to high coverage with just one shade. A customizable colour release, depending upon how many layers of colour you apply.”

Burberry, I love ya. I REALLY do. But seriously, this is just WTH for me. I mean c’mon! ALL sheer lipsticks these days will give me that barely there look. And if I build up a few layers I get more pigment. So WHAT??!! I don’t get what you’re going for with these??!!

MEH. Ok, ’nuff snarky Tracy….let’s talk more about this Burberry Kisses formula that’s apparently so NEW hahaha…. 😛

Burberry Kisses are designed to feel like second skin on the lips. They’re enriched with lavender and rosehip and are whisper-light. Also, they are supposed to provide 6 hours of continuous hydration…which btw, when companies say that kind of stuff.. HOW do they measure that? As a chemistry major, I’d kind of like to know? And, why can’t I be involved in these makeup experiments? The only useful life experiment I was involved with was when I was in university. There was a study on the effects of Vitamin C on blood clotting time. So, me and my cash-strapped friends signed up because it payed $20! Like heck, that was money for a few lunches and coffees in the 80s my friends! These PEOPLE, they cut us….seriously…like CUT…with a blade…and then timed how long it took for the bleeding to stop. And then, we swallowed a vitamin C pill and came back a few hours later. And they cut us again…took all I had to NOT SLAP THAT WOMAN...and timed how long we took to stop bleeding. AGAIN. They used these fancy butterfly bandages to minimize scarring. Of course, everyone else healed up nicely. EXCEPT TRACY. I STILL HAVE THE SCARS ON MY FOREARM. SCARRED FOR LIFE. For $20. DANG IT. 


See how deliberate and symmetrical they look? She was good at cutting that hag hahaha.


What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Lipstick hahaha! Burberry Kisses  English Rose No.17 to be specific. She is a beauty!

Burberry Kisses English Rose No.17.jpg

Burberry Kisses English Rose No.17


Burberry Kisses English Rose No.17 is kind of the perfect MLLB shade for me. It’s a perfect, rosy neutral pink I can wear every day and not worry about.

Burberry Kisses English Rose No.17.jpg

Burberry Kisses English Rose No.17

The formula is different from most lipsticks out there, that’s for sure. Liz @Reductionista says it’s a gel formula. Maybe? I’m not quite sure about that. I think it’s like a light velvety lipstick that really plants itself on my lips, like:  HELLO-I’m your lipstick. We are gonna be friends today. OK? I do think it kind of hugs your lips…kind of really BECOMES your lips… at least with these lighter shades. Apparently the more pigmented shades are tougher to deal with and can accentuate lip flakes and such. But the lighter shades seem to be fine, according to various reviews out there.

Lasting power is decent too. I get about 3-4 hours of wear before it kind of disappears into my lips…fusing forever and ever amen.  😛  (Randy Travis! What happened to you?!)

Is it worth it? Here in Canada, Burberry Kisses retail for $36 and can be found at The Bay and at Nordstroms. To be honest? I’d rather pay for another NARS Audacious Lipstick, or go a bit higher with the cash and spring for a Givenchy Le Rouge a Porter, because heck it’s just a couple of dollars more, so why not go over $40 already and at least get a lipstick that’s COUTURE. Because that means FANCY. And ya’ need one fancy lipstick in your life I say. Or maybe a couple…  😛 Two is always better than one, right? RIGHT.

If you really want a Burberry Lipstick though,  I say go for their Lip Covers! Those feel like buttah on the lips! So nice. And worth it I think. Much like the Hourglass lipsticks I say.

Today was a gorgeous day! 13C! I hope the weather is awesome where you’re at too! It just may be spring finally!  😉

Expensive lipsticks…becoming more the norm than not, hey? What’s your most expensive lipstick you own? And what’s your opinion? Is a lipstick better the more money it costs? Or not?

  • LOL, Tracy! <3
    I share the same opinion on Burberry lippies although I only own one and tried a few more. There are other couture brands calling my name louder than Burberry. Let's just say that.
    English Rose looks comfortable and very soft on your lips. Plus at least this isn't scented, right? 🙂

    • 😀
      Yeah me too! And oh yes! These aren’t scented like the lip covers! So that’s a good thing!

  • NotSoFrivolous

    Wait… The Bay is carrying Burberry Beauty?!?!
    great review, btw!

  • Liz

    The whole range is bizarre and inconsistent. Mine certainly looks/feels like gel. LOL, I give up. And getting cut for $20 – omg, what?!? HAHAHA. ONLY YOU, TRAKEE.

    • Hahaha yeah this one feels thicker to me than a gel? I give up too haha!

  • Lily

    A lady cut you? You paid for her to do that? ??!?!?!!!!?????? Hahahaha
    I haven’t tried these, but doesn’t sound too interesting. Does look good on you though!


      Thanks! It looks nice! Feels ok too! But eh, for the price it’s just ok!

  • You are such a great writer, Tracy! That story with vit C is crazy! I have a friend who sold plasma for cash regularly, lol.

    I love the shade of that lipstick but that’s a lot of cash for something you don’t love! I think my Nars Audacious lipstick is the most expensive one I own. I always feel bad splurging on a more expensive lipstick since nothing wears on me for a really long time…

    • Hahaha, thanks Agata hahaha! I never did that, although I had friends who did sell their plasma too LOL!

      It’s a pretty shade for sure! But yeah, I’d rather get another NARS. Although, I think I”m tapped out on that now. REALLY liking the Marc Jacobs ones too! I want to get a full size of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang during the sale!

  • LOL at that experiment! What the heck? That is hilarious, lol!

    The other Burberry lipsticks aren’t p-free, so I was never interested. I think if I wanted to go for this kind of finish/texture, I definitely would opt for the Givenchy ones instead!

  • OMG YOU LET THEM CUT YOU??? I did participate in research experiments as well, but most of the time all it took was letting them record me when I read something… not CUTTING ME! Dang Tracy, you had guts!

    I have the impression that you aren’t all that impressed with this one. I won’t be jumping up and down for it then. Gotta say that that glow eyeshadow I have is really nice tho. I think you’d like it, too!

    • I KNOW. And My friends too. I did psychology experiments too-those were easy but paid nothing! We all jumped at the chance for $20 HAHA!

      It’s ok? I don’t mind it? It’s just…nice. I won’t buy another though!

  • OK girl, I have a phobia for sharp medical instrument and I almost threw up my breakfast reading your story :/

    Anyways I’m trying to get it out of my mind…. Gel is the new thing with lipsticks. ALL the new lipstick formulas released for the past year or so have been (claiming to be) gel formulas. From Estee Lauder Envy to the new Chanel Rouge Coco. I think the idea is that they’re lighter and thinner. I don’t have a problem with creamy lipsticks though so whatever.
    As for the ridiculous marketing claim that Burberry’s making here, more color if you layer, wow, who would have thought?? I’m struggling to find a job and morons seem to have the good ones in marketing departments. Life’s unfair.

    • Hahahaha sorry!

      Yeah, it’s just like those lipsticks you mentioned! It reminds of the EL one for sure. I don’t know if they’re lighter though because they really seem to stick to lips if ya know what I mean? I don’t know. It’s different that’s for sure!
      And right? Like I WANT THAT JOB TOO.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    That’s quite a story! On another note, I love the shade of English Rose. It looks like a marsala-ish shade. A very pretty splurge lipstick

  • rachlovespenguins

    New or not, I totally dig these kinds of lip colours. As much as I’d like to be able to pop into the boudoir or pull out a mirror, 90% of the time I’m applying lipstick while walking down the hall or getting out of the car. Sheer but buildable is my friend. LOL
    I might as well also admit that while I have sticker shock at a $50 Tom Ford lipstick, I own some Guerlain that cost me more than that. You know what though, I think I like the TF better. Lipstick has definitely become an expensive hobby. I think that in some basic ways you get what you pay for, but drugstore and midrange have come a long loooong way lately.

    • I agree for sure! Sometimes haha. I love my NARS. They just last and last!
      Lipstick IS an expensive hobby and it all depends on what our lips love! TF are kind of amazing in quality for sure, but drugstore is getting good lately! It’s all about what the lips love.

  • uhm, OUCH. and for $20. Goodness, Tracy! Buy hey– that lippie is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been doing bright opaques all winter and now I really want some sheer ones. Gonna add this to my list of to-try’s!

  • The cutting experiment sounds horrific. And for only $20?! 🙁 I have a feeling I’d scar too. I still have scars from childhood injuries.

    I really like this lip colour. The most expensive lipstick I’ve purchased was Marc Jacobs. I fell in love the the LE Gossip hot pink lip colour. Tried it on and went back to purchase it in Sephora.

    • It was and wasn’t? Like we were all: IT’S FOR SCIENCE hahaha! Yeah, I scar easily as I should have thought about it a bit more! I have scars from childhood still too as well.
      I adore the MJ lipsticks a lot!

  • That hag (insert all the laughing to tears emojis)! Apart from the audacious lipsticks, I kinda stick to my no more than £15 rule. So many good cheap lipsticks out there!

  • *swoooooooon* Such a pretty shade! But I’m a fan of sheerer lippies, as you know 🙂

    P.S.: What a nightmare experiment, yikes. They should have paid you guys 200 for that, at least!

    • It is!
      I KNOW. Come to think of it, I think it was $20 for each cut. Not that the extra money made it better LOL.

  • Lovely, and I love the name! Also..what did ever happen to Randy Travis? Love that guy. And also boo about that lady cutting you!! I tend to stick with mid-range lipsticks unless something about a particular formula/shade calls to me.

    • I used to ADORE Randy. I wonder what happened to him?!
      Yeah, I don’t know where I stand these days price wise. Mid range seems non existent lately to be honest?

  • Such a pretty everyday shade! We all know I love a good luxe lipstick (my most expensive are my Tom Fords at $55 each, eek), but I still view them as a fancy treat rather than something that’s totally ‘worth it’ as there are some $5 drugstore lipsticks that are 99% as nice! 🙂

    • It’s that for sure! I love TF too. Just lucky there’s no counter near me LOL! And I agree! Drugstore is stepping up their game for sure!

  • I actually try not to read reviews for products I am yet to review myself, but I simply could not resist. I agree, these are way too sheer, but depends on the colour. One of the shades is totally worth the price for me, because it is something I will wear everyday. The other, not so much. The way I look at it, I am more likely to wear a natural, sheer shade more than a super pigmented red lipstick. Given a choice, I’d put my money on something that I can use up. Just my two cents and this colour is just that for you! I may need to look into it myself 😉

    • Me too Shivani! Sometimes, you can’t avoid reading haha!
      Yeah I think it depends on the colour with these for sure. This is a really wearable shade for me, so I’ll get a lot of use out of it for sure. But, in the end, I’d rather pay for something I LOVE, not just because it’s more wearable-ya know what I mean? 🙂

  • I love these kinds of MLBB shades. This one is so flattering on you! I think I might pass on these for now and wait it out for the new Givenchy ones, but I’m getting impatient. I still don’t know when we’re getting them, and I needed one, like, yesterday.

  • Ha ha haaaa! I mean, $20 Vitamin C torture and Randy Travis mentions!! Where else on earth could you get these types of references amidst a Burberry lipstick review?! I love you, Tracy! In fact…”I’m gonna love you, forever and ever, forever and ever, AMEN!” Thanks for kicking that off in my brain, lol! This color is gorgeous, totally up my ally. I do feel you though, ahem, all sheer lipsticks can be built for more opaque color. That’s not really groundbreaking, dudes!

    • Hahahaha thanks babe! Now you got me wanting to two-step across my living room! Too bad there’s no one here to dance with lol! It is a pretty shade! But yeah, I think it’s just not that special for the $$.