Repetto The Perfume

For more than 65 years, Repetto has been outfitting ballerinas with their famous hand-sewn ballet shoes. What made and still makes them so loved is the “stitch and return” method used to create them. The soles are stitched inside out and then firmly turned back to give their pointe shoes unmatched suppleness.


Repetto Pointe Shoes


Even their leather shoes are made with the same “stitch and return” method.


Repetto Ballerina Flats

One day, that shoe will be MINE! Or a bag. Maybe both! There’s something so elegant, simple and graceful in Repetto’s designs.

Repetto decided to open up a new chapter in its history with the launch of its first perfume.

The face of of Repetto Eau de Toilette is Dorothée Gilbert, Principal Dancer of the Opèra National de Paris. I could watch her all day! So beautiful!


Repetto Eau de Toilette


To create their first fragrance, Repetto called on perfumer Olivier Polge, son of perfumer Jacques Polge.

Olivier Polge perfumer chanel

You’ve definitely liked or at least sniffed one of his fragrances! He’s created scents for Balenciaga, Burberry, Bvlgari, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Lancome- I could go on and on. The man has created a LOT of fragrances. In 2013, Chanel announced that Polge would become house perfumer when his father retired.

The powder pink bottle is the same colour as the famous Repetto pink, and has an identical ribbon used on the famous Carlotta Pointe Shoes. And hanging from the ribbon is the brand’s iconic lower-case ‘r’ in a weighted, drop pendant.


Repetto Eau de Toilette

With Repetto Eau de Toilette, Olivier Polge sought to achieve a hand-sewn effect by combining a selection of luxurious and authentic raw ingredients. Rose is the heart, and like the satin ribbon of pointe shoes, it ties all the other notes together. The choreography of the scent opens with pear and cherry blossom, but the rose is also present as well and fusing with orange blossom. What’s so unique is that I can really pick up each note with every sniff, and even hours later too. And usually I’m not a fan of cherry blossom, but with the rose entertwined I actually like it. The rose really does tie everything together in a perfect dance of florals. It’s a floral that’s complex, beautiful and ever so rhythmical, yet magical and feminine. The base notes of Vanilla and Amber Wood give the fragrance its heart and as it wears down, they make it a standing ovation for me. Repetto Eau de Toilette lasts well too with great sillage- I can still smell it on my wrists 8 hours later.


Repetto Eau de Toilette

Repetto was available at Sephora not too long ago, and maybe you can still find it there. I can’t believe it’s not there anymore, because it was all over the store around Christmas. You can find it online at places like Amazon and at various Boutiques Repetto. If you see it, it’s worth a sniff for sure!

Did you ever take ballet lessons? I never really did, but I did take Ukrainian dancing, so some ballet was included in our lessons. I did sign Marky up for ballet when she was four. It didn’t last long. My daughter was more interested in admiring herself  and her Minnie Mouse tutu in the mirrors rather than actually dance HAHAHA. 

  • Ahahahaha that Marky story cracked me up! You know that one day when she becomes a world-famous illustration artist she’ll hate you for having divulged so many of her secrets, right? :p Oh and to answer your question: no I didn’t really do ballet. I did something similar for kids in a ballet classroom and I had a tutu tho. Those mirrors, man 🙂

    Sooo I haven’t sniffed this one, but I did smell one of the Repetto perfumes. While it is a pleasant rose fragrance, there is just nothing that leaves much of an impression. I mean it’s great, but I have smelled SO many rose fragrances by now. It’ll have to be very very special to stand out!

    • LOL I KNOW–shhhhhhhhh hahahaha-it’s a good thing she doesn’t read my blog! Seriously she used to stand in front of the mirror, rubbing her tummy where the Minnie Mouse print was and SMILE. HAHAHAHAHA it killed me! But her teacher was a jerk and all-she doesn’t pay attention-who could when you look so DANG GOOD IN A TUTU??!! HAHAHAHA!

      Yeah, I hear ya! It’s not different from other roses for sure. But it’s pretty! And I don’t know, maybe it’s just the whole ballerina association that makes me like it! 😉

  • Liz

    I’ve always wanted to take adult ballet! Not sure why I haven’t. Didn’t get around to sniffing the perfume but I wasn’t a fan of the shoes. Maybe I have weird feet but they never fit right despite all the acclaims.

    • Me too! Too bad we can’t go together!
      Haha, I’ve never tried their shoes! I want to badly now!

    • You guys should both do it! It’s amazing exercise and it helps your posture like you wouldn’t believe. Great for the back! 🙂

  • Emma Bovary

    This looks, and sounds, delicious! Very classy and I love the inclusion of Amber Wood and Vanilla, mmm

  • Cute bottle! And the scent sounds lovely. Vanilla, hmmmmm.

    I took ballet as a kid. But the pressure got to me when I made it to the pro group and I quit. A shame, really.

  • I know this one, they’re on their third release already. The original first went down really smoothly with all the women I know and gave it to.

  • rachlovespenguins

    I am really loving rosy stuff at the moment so I’ll give this a sniff if I see it! I took the dreaded ballet lessons as a child. I think I wanted to, at the time, but it’s obvious no doubt that ballet and I eventually had somewhat of a falling out, lol. Me being klutzy didn’t help matters. 😛

    • I love rosy stuff too lately! Hahaha, see that was Marky-she could hit a wall if she was running even if it was 12 feet away. BOOM.

  • Looks and sounds so dainty! I was jealous of all the girls doing ballet as a kid beacuse a) I had no grace whatsoever b)my parents just wouldn’t let me

    • Hahaha me too. At my high school there was a girl who left every afternoon to go to ballet-she was in the pro program. She was SO GRACEFUL when she walked it was unreal.

  • Ok, what were we talking about? Because after the opening scenes of the sun rising over France, my mind wandered to the land of all things beautiful and elegant and heavenly! I loved that film. I want this perfume. Ads work, LOL! I took ballet for a few years as a child, and again as an adult a couple different times. There’s an adult dance studio that teaches everything from ballet to hip-hop right up the street from me, and I’ve taken several classes there. It’s fun and GREAT exercise! I always left there sweating like Randy Travis after an outdoor concert in July! 😉 I did gymnastics freshman through senior year of high school and got to put some of my ballet training to use in floor routines. I miss it. I wish there was an adult gymnastics facility where one could sign a waiver and just go play on the equipment. I’d LOVE to frolic on the uneven bars again! I love watching ballet. It gets me choked up because it’s so beautiful! And I never get choked up about anything!

    • I know right? That film is so beautiful! I wish I took ballet as a kid, but I was always too tall for things like this. I did Ukrainian dance and it had some ballet technique in it, but that’s as close as I ever got. So cool you took it up again as an adult. At my gym they have this Barre Work class and I’m going to try it tomorrow. I think that’s the closest I’ll get to do ballet now.

      • It’s never too late to ballet, girl! I know what you mean, though, when you see ballet, it’s just so beautiful and the dancers look like angels. Who doesn’t want to look like a dancing angel!? I’m pumped that you’re going to do a barre class tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear about it! There’s a place nearby called Pure Barre that I’ve wanted to try for a long time, you’re inspiring me to look into it and GO! Relevé! 😉

      • Hahaha exactly! yeah that’s it-Pure Barre! I’m going to try it tomorrow for sure! Let’s BOTH do it!