New! Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick Is Ready To Wear Couture

Sometimes, the makeup industry kills me. One month we get lipsticks that are opaque in one swipe, the next day we get sheer lipstick balms.

Eh, I’m not complaining though. I think we need both textures in our lives! Somedays I want an easy to wear lipstick that I can just throw on without a lot of effort, and somedays I want bright, bold lips that will blind people.  😛

If I have to pick what lipstick brand is the most couture and fancy, it’d have to be Givenchy Le Rouge. From the sexy, heavy black leather case, to the divine formula-that expensive lipstick is beautiful and well worth the investment. I have two of them and my new goal is to get one every Sephora VIB Sale to soften the $$ blow. I think there’s a sale coming up soon, so…. 😛

But, if you’re looking for a a Couture Ready To Wear Lipstick-meaning easy yet elegant-then take a look at Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter!

 Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick .jpg

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick


This is a balm formula of the Le-Rouge Lipstick. And it feels SO GOOD on. It was love at first swipe for me and my lips! Especially since they’re super dry at the moment. Spring in Edmonton is like a roller coaster ride my friends. Today was 17C and gorgeous! Tomorrow, it’s going to be 2C and SNOW. Not a lot, but SNOW. My lips are freaking out people. They need moisture and fast!

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick is taller and slender than the Le Rouge Lipstick, but as you can see it still has the same sexy luxury case that’s made with genuine black leather and the metallic stud inspired by the Givenchy House fashion collections.

 Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick .jpg

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick


Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter has a unique combination of spheres of hyaluronic acid and natural microcrystalline waxes to protect lips and leave a subtle, shiny finish. It’s smooth and glides over lips leaving them feeling moisturized and soft! It’s very lightweight feeling too and feels great on your lips as you’re wearing it.

 Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick jpg

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick #303 Framboisse Griffèe


There are 16 shades to choose from! I have #303 Framboisse Griffèe, which essentially means scratched raspberry.

Swatchy Time!

 Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick .jpg

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick #303 Framboisse Griffèe


When I first saw Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter #303 Framboisse Griffèe, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to wear it. Berry Lipsticks are hard for me to wear. I think they age me.

 Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick .jpg

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick #303 Framboisse Griffèe


But thanks to the sheerness, I can wear it! And love it. It lasts well too for a lip balm lipstick-I get a few hours of wear which amazes me. Comfortable wear too. And my lips feel better after it wears off. Bonus and much appreciated at this crazy weather time of year!

 Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick .jpg

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipstick #303 Framboisse Griffèe

Givenchy Le Rouge-à-Porter Lipsticks will be available this month and will retail for around $40. Now, this is not a cheap one that’s for sure! But it’s really nice. And luxurious. And pretty. And COUTURE. It’s a Treat Yo’ Self Lipstick definitely! Maybe an Easter present for yourself instead of chocolate? Now that’s an idea, right? I want the Easter Bunny to bring me a BASKET FULL OF LIPSTICKS. EXPENSIVE ONES. Screw the chocolate ya’ silly bunny. Hand over the good stuff!  😛

So, I’m exhausted but happy today! I went to a 9 AM Zumba Class and then walked a 6.5 km walk with my hubby because it was so gorgeous outside today! Stupid snow tomorrow is ruining my life. Spring sucks.

What’s YOUR favourite high end, couture lipstick brand? Givenchy is mine hands down!  

  • oooh! It’s so beautiful!!! I need to get one for myself. Thanks for sharing <3

  • Liz

    Fab colour on you and the Le Rouge leather casing is to die for. When will these hit the Canadian shelves? If ever, that is.

  • rachlovespenguins

    I call shenanigans on this “berry is hard to wear” notion. I’m betting that as long as the formula sat nicely, you could get away with just about anything. Lipstick loves you just as much as blush does!
    And candy schmandy- Where can I sign on for this Easter Bunny basket-o-lipstick thing?!? I totally want that. I’ll take a couple of these, a few Tom Fords, maybe try out the new Burberry…. Oh and don’t forget some Dior and my Chanel Rouge Coco Shines. Those Shines are addictive. I actually get to visit the counter (!!!) soon and while I’m walking in with a list of the newly reformulated Rouge Cocos to try out, I’m silently wondering if I won’t walk out with a handful of Shines instead… lol

    • LOL they are hard to wear for me believe me! I know, I can pull off most lipstick shades, but berries and mauve ones make me look old I swear! But thank you! xx you are sweet my friend!

      And RIGHT? Can you imagine? A basket full of amazing lipsticks! YES!!
      I just got a Chanel Matte one-I’m going to have to check out the new Rouge Cocos for sure now. That Sunny-she’s KILLING ME hahahaha!

      • rachlovespenguins

        Yep, Sunny is totally responsible for a good portion of my Chanel wishlist. hehehe

        *gets out easter basket and writes note* “deposit fancy lipstick here, please”
        Do you think that will get results?
        Just wait. I’m gonna have some really bizarre dream about Peter Cottontail tonight.

      • Yeah she finally got me with La Romanesque. hehehe She’s our Chanel pusher LOL

        Hey, MAYBE. I’m writing mine right now. That fuzzy bastard better listen. NO CHOCOLATE. JUST THE LIPSTICKS.
        Hahaha-I know-me too-going all ninja on a bunny 😛

  • Lily

    I haven’t tried any lipsticks from Givenchy yet. I wanted to try the Le Rouge, but I think I’ll go for this one first. Looks so beautiful on you!

  • Hey Tracy, whoa I love this on you (so much that I bought it, too)! I’m digging the formula as well. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, and buildable!

    • Thanks Sunny! The Rose one you have looked amazing on you too! I want to see this one on you as well!

  • Nice! It’s so much lighter and more wearable than I thought, I love it.

  • Now that’s your colour! Looks like a great step up from tinted lipbalm to your way to full on lipstick.

  • That is a beautiful color, and a treat indeed! I haven’t tried Givenchy lippies before, but you’re right the VIB sale is coming up…

  • Ooh, that FOTD shot is gorgeous! Your lashes, lady, YOUR LASHES. The lipstick is totally gorgeous, too – you know I like that jelly finish! I’ll have to look into these the next time I can buy a lipstick, which, currently, WHO KNOWSSSSSSS *weeps*

  • Oooh scratched raspberry, sounds fancy! I like the leather casing and you look stunning (as usual)

  • This is a lovely color on you, Tracy! And that packaging is everything. *swoons*

    Now we live in the age where couture lipsticks are $40. That sucks. I want an Easter basket filled with good lipsticks, too. 😉

    • Thank you!

      I know, right? It’s a kicker the price! Me too. That basket would be a dream come true for all of us!

  • Emma Bovary

    That colour is so pretty, and I adore the name ‘scratched raspberry’ too, I think that would make me love it just that little bit more. That packaging looks divine, so luxe and unique too.
    Also, I agree with Larie – LASHES ARGJAKHHWNJSNKN

    • Me too! The name made me smile! Thanks Hahahaha-tomorrow’s post I’ll tell you about the lashes!

  • Lulle.Beaumiroir

    This new launch might ruin me… I have 4 Le Rouge and absolutely love them, but I tend to reserve them for special occasions, because they look so sophisticated.
    With this everyday-shades range coming out I think my budget is screwed!

    One slight disappointment though, I wish they would have made the leather on the tube a different color. Maybe brown, or gray, something new (out of my 4 Le Rouge, only 1 is black, the other 3 were all LE with variation in the casing color).

    As for the name, Framboise Griffée is just weird… who scratches raspberries??

    • Yeah I agree-I wish it was a different colour too, like red! That would have been really shmexxxxxy! I love Le Rouge too-I think I like them better than Tom Fords even.

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  • Toya

    I don’t have a fave high end lippie brand because a lot of their offerings are fragranced and usually chap my lips somewhat. My plan has been to buy a Givenchy every Sephora sale as well, but…I haven’t started that plan yet lol. Maybe this time I will! 😛

  • Scratched Raspberry looks mega slammin’ on you! Certainly not aging at all, this color makes your face sing! Zumba and intense walkeroonis? You were on a roll! I guess you gotta slam all of your spring activities in when you can since you never know when a fresh snow is heading your way! Boo! I think I need one of these lipsticks. B/c my god, look at it. And it’s sheer which is right up my alley. I like your Sephora VIB sale plan! BRILLS!

    • Thanks babe! Yeah it’s like GET OUTSIDE AND DO ALL THE STUFFS NOW when spring hits Edmonton haha! And YES. EVERYONE needs a fancy lipstick like this! If you like the secret agent nature of Rouge Allures, DUDE you have to get those Guerlain ones in the gold tubes-they are even BETTER.

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  • *heavy breathing*

    TREAT YO’SELF 2017

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