Friday Chat: California, Disneyland and Marc Jacobs Oh My

HEYYyyyyy How ya DOIN’? I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. But you see, I was in California all last week and just didn’t have the time, or the will to blog! So forgive me! But I’m here to to share my trip and some other stuffs too!

Before I left, I decided to clean out my computer room-a bit HAHA. I found this, but didn’t have the heart to throw it out!


 photo IMG_4494.jpg


GAWWWWD. I miss those days! The whole waiting for the delivery! And sitting all day and all night reading until you finished the book! Sigh… I miss it SO MUCH.


 photo IMG_4484.jpg

I got some new Nikes again haha! I love Zumba! And I needed another pair to rotate with the other ones I got. And man, runners(not SNEAKERS LOL) are so bright and happy now! If I wore a colour like these in the early 80s, it would have been social suicide dudes. Thank the lord you don’t have to deal with THAT.

 photo IMG_4496.jpg


Yup. I hit VIB Rouge with Sephora….which isn’t hard when you buy for two people. I buy things for Marky too, and mostly we buy skincare to be honest. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most skincare items are starting to cost about $100 each easy so…yeah. It’s not hard to get VIB Rouge if you are like me. I’ll say this…I LOVE the Le Marc Le Rouge Lipsticks…more on that in another post!


 photo IMG_4501.jpg


I got the most AMAZING gift from my Aveeno friends: the NEW Daily Moisturizing Lotion Sheer Hydration Lotion which is AMAZING. It feels so GOOD. SO LIGHT. And they sent me a gift certificate to Bliss Spas! You know, as a Beauty Blogger I’ve NEVER had a pedicure. Like ever. It scares me haha! But I’m thinking of getting a facial! Or maybe some yoga! Not sure yet! But I’m excited and grateful nonetheless.

 photo IMG_4505.jpg


Before we left for California, Marky’s College CalARTS had their Portfolio Day, where students showcase their work and companies come to the school to look and see and hire and offer internships! It’s pretty cool!

 photo IMG_4513.jpg
 photo IMG_4512.jpg

 photo d6a18a13-87b1-4c6f-b9d2-65570fff2c4d.jpg

Disney Features and Dreamworks Products were very interested in Marky’s work and called her back to talk to her! And since then she’s also had emails from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network to apply for internships! SO excited for her! Although, that means she won’t come home this summer. 🙁  But hey, such is life…it’s all good! And I’m so PROUD of her.

 photo IMG_4632.jpg
She gave me her Beymax Pin Disney Features gave her–I will treasure it FOREVER. It represents everything I hoped would happened for her-proof she’s doing well at college and proof that someday, Marky will be a force to be reckoned with in the Animation world!

Then it was time for us to leave for California to visit my Marky!

 photo IMG_4523.jpg

This Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment was awesome on the plane ride. Kept my lips comfy and hydrated the whole trip!

 photo IMG_4531.jpg

Found some Laneige skincare at Target WTF. See, this is one of many reasons they failed in Canada! Why wasn’t this brand sold here? This Sleep Mask is pretty awesome! Glad to have found it! I don’t notice the comforting scent it apparently has, but it works really well!

 photo IMG_4535.jpg

I love California. And all the fresh produce. The hotel we stay at when visiting Marky is a Marriot Residence Inn, and the staff remembers us-heck I give them HUGS now lol! And so, we get a special bowl of fresh berries when we come down…I’m telling you…HUGS is money. Hugs will get you all kinds of love! HUG more often. You’ll thank me!


Friday Chat: California, Disneyland and Marc Jacobs Oh My


Every morning, these guys cross your path in California…we don’t see many of them in dry Alberta. They fascinate me…like wow. So cool…but I like worms too so…sorry haha. I should have studied Entomology or Biology more at University instead of Chemistry methinks….  😛


Bobbi Brown Peachy purchases


I’m kinda’ having a Bobbi Brown Moment for some reason! I never really got into the brand, but lately as I’ve gotten older, the brand is starting to appeal to me for some strange reason. I picked up a few peachy items in California, and so far I’m loving them! Especially the Pastel Peach Powder Blush-it looks so pale in the pan, but WOW pigmentation! And it glows too! Blush Fiend LOVE.


Disneyland California


DISNEYLAND. You know I had to visit! These orange flowers on some of the trees there were so pretty! I wish they’d grow here! WHAT ARE THEY!!!


Disneyland Treats


The desserts OH MY. Like WHY.

 photo IMG_4559.jpg

BEYMAX APPLES. Sorry, too cute to eat for me!
This Rose Raspberry Mickey Macaron was so GOOD. You could taste the rose, and the raspberries were so FRESH. YUMMM.
It’s a good thing we walked an average of almost 30K steps  every day at Disneyland!

 photo IMG_4567.png

And that’s just counting when I had my phone in my hand or pocket. Dumb Apple. The app only counts steps that way. I’m pretty sure we logged well over 30K the days we were at the park…my body could FEEL it…getting out of bed was an experience I’ll tell ya! SO hard… like I was hit by a truck or something. But once I got going all was well!

 photo IMG_4550.jpg

Oh HEY… you know the tequilas they sell in California Adventure Park sure help with any kind of pain you’re dealing with dude…that’s why they sell them there I’m positive…liquid MEDICATION. And they ain’t watered down at all nosiree…you can taste tequila for sure!

 photo IMG_4561.jpg

There’s some cool Maleficent art at the parks still, even though the movie came out quite awhile ago…I’m late to the party, but MAN…I really love the movie a lot! I think it was a great live version movie of the cartoon! Kinda’ obsessed with the makeup looks in it, which is why I bought that Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Watermelon because that’s what the makeup artist used to get that amazing peach flush on Aurora’s cheeks! I’ve heard the Cinderella movie is really good too! Excited to see it now for sure! Might even go see it at theatre for once lol!

Phew! I think that’s enough haha! Loads of pics and thoughts! It’s hard to get back in the blogging groove when you’ve been gone on holidays! Posts like this help me get the blogging mojo back. I have loads of stuff to show you in upcoming posts so stay tuned!

And Bobbi Brown! It’s kinda of amazing me at the moment! Have you suddenly been intrigued by a brand you’ve ignored?


  • Welcome back, dear Tracy!
    Thanks for sharing all the fun with us. 🙂
    I’ve always loved the Aveeno daily moisturizer (And the baby lotion tubes), but are you saying it now comes in a lighter formula?! Gotta check that out. Is it scented?
    And I’m glad the famous Laneige pack works out for you. This is like a mega-seller in Korea and probably has been around more than 10 years (They’ve kept updating the product). Unfortunately, it breaks me out so I can’t use it. ;-/

    P.S. I want a Beymax pin!!! It is so freaking cute. <3

    • Thanks Lena! xx
      Yes! It’s lighter and still unscented! You need to check it out! It’s really nice!
      I love it! I wish I could have picked up the whole line haha!
      He’s so cute I know! And I couldn’t find ANY merchandise of him in Disneyland or at the store! Kind of bummed me out-I want a Beymax stuffy lol!

  • Hi Tracy and glad you’re back! I love your Friday posts!

    Once again, congratulations to Marky, she is doing so great and you should be totally proud of her. She def has a bright future ahead of her with such skills!

    The gift from Aveeno is really nice, I would probably get a pedicure myself. I like to get pampered and usually after the winter my toes really need one.

    I have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown, I am not sure why…Maybe because my Sephora sucks and doesn’t even carry the brand. But those blushes look really pretty and soft!

    I am going to see Cinderella at the movie theater on Sunday and I am really excited! Of course I am going to wear my Mac Cidnerella eyeshadow palette, lol.

    Have a great weekend, let your tired legs recuperate and I am looking forward to what you have in stock for us.

    HUGS!!!! (Since they are so powerful!)

    • Awww, thanks my friend! xx

      Thanks! I’m so proud of her! She’s doing great. I knew she would.

      My feet need some TLS for sure, but I think I’d giggle the whole time someone was touching my feet LOL!

      Yeah I don’t know the brand just never appealed to me, but lately I’m liking some things!
      I want to see Cinderella too! Let me know what you think of it!

      Yeah my legs are still tired LOL!! But I did go to Zumba today-man I missed it! I hope your poor knee is ok…I wish I could give you a big bear hug! xx

  • I always enjoy your roundup posts! Those running shoes are ah-mazing and congrats on the VIB Rouge status! I haven’t *quite* made it there yet 😉 The Disney visit looks like so much fun and those soft coral, tones from BB are gorgeous 🙂 Have an amazing weekend, Tracy! xo

    • Awww, thanks Jennifer! xx
      I’m loving the soft corals lately a lot! So fresh! You too love! Happy Weekend! xx


    But yes to all the things! I love bright shoes, too. I have neon green and neon yellow SNEAKERS hahahahahaha. Actually I consider sneakers to be more of a walking shoe – you know, sporty but not for sports? LOL. I don’t know what I call the other ones. Running shoes? Runners? Hahahaha.

    Also, that Laneige thing – I want it. I’ve had my eye on it for a while but I already have some masks going and am trying to finish those up coz I don’t want a bunch of them sitting on my dresser, lol. I hate clutter T_T

    And three cheers for Marky! I hope she gets the best internship and has an awesome experience!

    • Because he’s CUTE HAHAHA!

      I love how bright they are now! So much fun! Seriously though in the 80s you’d have gotten made fun of for wearing them lol.

      Yes the brand is really nice! They had so many things-next time I’m going to more. I picked up the serum too and LOVE it.

      Thanks! Me too! So proud of her!

  • Guppy

    Those are like totally gnarly runners 😀 I recently got some similar hot pink ones. But I also had to get some old school North Stars – blue with yellow stripes! They so go with the blue Adidas gym bag I still have.
    Thanks for the heads up on those Disney Margaritas! We’re taking our youngest for a quick trip in April and I’ll need some liquid fortification to do both parks in 2 days :0

    • LOL thanks Guppy hahahaha! GNARLY. I love it. 😛
      Yeah those Margaritas are GOOD. They sell beer there too, and wine as well! Only in California Adventure Park though-Disneyland is still alcohol free. And YUP. You’ll need it haha-that and bring some kind of foot invigorating gel lol! Have fun hey!

  • Angela

    Welcome back, Tracy! So good to hear from you…I feel like you’re a friend (who takes pictures) that sends me notes about what she’s been up to lately.
    Do you know if there’s still an outbreak in Disneyland? We put the kybosh on our trip there with our little minions since we didn’t want to bring any nasty bugs home with us (not the snail kind, either). We’re all immunized but it’s no guarantee! I didn’t know you were a fellow science nerd! I am a metallurgical engineer and i was THRILLED when my ~6 yr old started asking questions about how the Titanic could sink after only getting hit by an iceburg. I was in my GLORY, LOL. Ya, kinda nerded out on it but it was awesome!! We LOVED Big Hero 6 – my boys love what I think of as “drunk” beymax. haha We jumped out a WIIINDOOOW.
    So glad to hear that you’ve had such a lovely time. and of course ALSO glad to hear Marky’s achievements are being recognized by potential employers, though I’m sad for you she’ll be located so far from mama.
    Congrats on the VIB rouge status! Maybe one day my daughter will be interested in cosmetics like her mom (self-professed lipstick junkie), but she’s not quite 2 and that’s a LONG way off, LOL. For now, I’ll remain a faithful plain ol’ VIB member of the non-rouge persuasion. That Bobbi Brown blush (the light peachy one) is gorgeous. GAH now I might have to splurge a bit more next time I go to Sephora.
    Happy SPRING!! And hugs to you my dear. You made my Friday morning more sunshiney.

    • Thanks Angela! I feel like we’re old friends too! xx
      I don’t think there’s a problem still, but doesn’t it make you angry that people are such idiots? Like IMMUNIZE YOUR KIDS PEOPLE. You can DIE from the Red Measles for crimes sake. I had them when I was little because my immunizations failed and I’ll tell ya’ it was NO PICNIC. I was terribly sick for over 2 weeks.
      Yes! I am a fellow Science nerd lol! Yay for kids and science! Marky loves science too-but Art was always her passion. And thanks! I’m so proud of her!
      Happy Spring Angela! And yes! Treat yourself to a happy peachy blush! Hugs to you! Love ya! xx

  • Hey Tracy, welcome back! Marky has been doing such an amazing job! You should wear that Beymax pin all the time 🙂 Disneyland looks as fun as ever! I’m glad to hear you like Maleficent. I want to see Cinderella as well, but it doesn’t look like I have the time for that this weekend (boo). Your new runners are WAY cool! Can’t believe they would have been frowned upon once upon a time 😉

    • Thanks Sunny! I was wearing it the whole time at Disneyland and all of the employees were asking me where I got it haha! It’s only given out by the studio so it’s special for sure!
      And yes-those runners would have been a big no when I was young lol! Only white. Or black. That was all that was cool lol!

  • Lily

    You finally got some Bobbi Brown! Did you get any creamy matte lip colors? And sounds like you missed Marky so much. I’m so happy you get to see her again. Love those bright Nike runners, and my girls loved Cinderella 🙂

    • Yup! I finally did! That coral is a creamy matte!
      I did miss her a lot this time. She’s like my left arm lol! Ok, I gotta go see the movie I think!

  • Welcome back! Aw yeah, good choice on those Bobbi Brown products! I can’t wait to see the products ‘in action’. That pin is super cute by the way. So sweet.

  • Wow! Marky is CRAZY TALENTED!!! Those drawings! She’s going to be a busy girl in the next stage of her life because everyone is going to want to hire her! You raised one talented kid, Tracy! Cracking up about the margarita comment, lolol!!!

  • Liz

    Lol, welcome back, Tracy. I’m having a Bobbi Brown moment myself. I think they’ve always been quite good, especially with complexion makeup. It’s just they can’t do sparkly shadows if their business depended on it. I say they just leave that to other brands and do what they do best: refined mattes and shimmers.

    I love that you and Marky maximize beauty deals together. I grew up in a house with three other women and not one ever gave a crap! You raised her well, clearly. 😉

    • Yeah I agree! I think I’ve always been disappointed by blog reviews of their eyeshadows, but I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadows lately anyways so I thought I’d get some blush! And LOVE. I need to try a foundation next!
      Yeah haha it’s easy when you buy for two! But soon she’ll be on her own and then I bet I won’t make VIB Rouge lol!

      • Liz

        Eventually she’ll start buying YOU things so maybe she’ll make VIB, lol!

        Forgot to mention that I also LOVE your orange Nikes!

      • I CAN DREAM haha! She can buy for both of us maybe-we’re gonna need somebody to supply blush for our old lady cheeks in the nursing home, right? 😛
        Thanks! Me too! I wanna buy another pair haha-I saw like 10 I liked.

  • I got that Laneig mask myself, I’ll start tonight! 😀

    • Wahooo! I hope you like it! I still have to try the Meso Mask-But I’m trying to heal acne from sunscreen. SIGH.

  • Go Marky!!! That is incredible for her!!! I’m glad you had such a fun time in Cali!

  • Eugenia

    Lil Sis, I literally don’t know where to start! Love these posts – makes me feel like along the ride with you! SO so proud of Marky – BRAVO!!! Her talent is insane and it’s only justified that the guns are taking notice. As a mom, I totally get that bittersweet feeling – we never want our babies to grow up (or we do, but every now & then we want them to shrink and be our little girls again. Sigh). Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be throwing our way! Those desserts……

    • Thanks Big Sis! I’ll be sure to tell her! It’s true though-I miss her lots! But I’m also so dang PROUD and happy for her!