Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set: Inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

OK, So I’ve been stalling with these Make Up For Ever Fifty Shades Of Grey stuff. And as you probably have guessed...I AM NOT A FAN OF THESE BOOKS OR THIS MOVIE. I have not and WILL not EVER read them or see these movies…as I’m assuming there will be more movies…why does Hollywood draggggggg these things out…like The Hunger Games movies …HOLY HELL Mockingjay Part 1 was BORING you guys…

I debated about reviewing these Make Up For Ever products but in the end…it’s about the makeup…so I shall share my thoughts on the collection.

Today it’s about the blush…of course! It’s where I always will start in a collection no matter what. #BlushFiendsNeverDie #justwatchedTheGooniesAgain  😛

The packaging of Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set($56) is..cute I guess? The black velvet pouch and dogtag with Make Up Forever stamped on it is pretty…although I have no idea what significance the key has…like I said… not a fan of the books. And don’t tell me because I really don’t want to know… 😛

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set.jpg

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set

This blush-fiend-worthy set features three cheek shades, plus an Artisan Powder Brush for application.

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set.jpg

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set

The Make Up For Ever  Artist Shadow blushes  in I-526, I-808, S-748 are stunning!

Swatchy Time!

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set.jpg

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set, Artist Shadow blushes in I-526, I-808, S-748 and then the orange and pink shade blended together

A lot of people said they’d never wear the orange shade, which is why I blended the pink and the orange together-it makes a nice peachy pinky coral shade if you do that! I do find that depending on the brush you use, it can be hard to get enough product on the brush. It takes some building up of the shades to get intensity, which is ok with me! As I get older I enjoy a gentler blush like these. But wow, they leave such a gorgeous sheen on the cheeks! Really pretty blushes that’s for sure!

Here’s a close-up of the Make Up For Ever Travel Precision blush brush in 150 included in the set.

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set9.jpg

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set Travel Precision blush brush in 150

I love Make Up For Ever’s brushes-they are so soft! This one is smaller than blush brushes I like to use-hey I have a LOT of cheek real estate to cover- but it is a travel size. It does work nicely and blends out colour beautifully. And it’s a great deal considering the price of this set is what you’d pay for most good high end makeup brushes.

Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set.jpg

wearing the Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek trio


The Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set is well worth picking up I say. It’s still available, so better get on it if you love it! Of course though, you could just build your own cheek palette with these shades or any of the other pretty looking shades that MUFE has…which is what I plan on doing soon. It kind of dawned on me when this arrived to review that I could do that…DUH TRACY. 😛 Oh, and the shades in this Make Up For Ever Desire Me Cheek Set are removable from the palette-so YAY for that! So if you do pick up more shades, you can always change up this trio to whatever shades your cheeks desire. Thumbs up Make Up Forever!

Anybody else just realize you could build a blush palette from these Make Up Forever new eyeshadows/blushes? 


  • Eyeshadow Addict

    Looks great on you! And I realized the same. 🙂 I was stoked to find out that the shadows in the 50 shades quad are also removable…possibilities!

  • OK so I’m never going to read the books or see the movie either, but dang this trio is HOT! I love how you mixed the two and basically got a fourth shade out of it. It’s genius! I’d wear all of them happily, and you look stunning!

  • I love that they are removable!! I am so so against the book/movie that I would never pick this up…BUT I think I would like to try and recreate it on my own because the formula looks amazing. Even if it does cost more that way it would be worth it to me!

    • Me too! I know-it just kind of dawned on me that you don’t really have to get this set-just make your own!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I’m against the fifty shades thing, but yeah that’s really pretty. And I’m relieved that the actual product looks normal. I was expecting the branding to continue inside the bag. So glad it doesn’t! Now I might actually consider picking this one up.

    • Me too, I was scared there’d be some stupid crap on it but nope! The eyeshadow set on the other hand….the box…it’s all sorts of wrong. It’s in the trash lol.

  • Beautiful look! I actually really like orange/tangerine blushes, there’s one from Face Atelier called “Tangerine” that is one of my favorites, looks unnatural in the pan but looks super natural on my face for some reason

  • Great. My wish list just got a bit longer again. Love it!

  • Angela

    I’m with you on the Fifty Shades of NO thank you. Movie and books included. That orange is yowza but man, you’d probably look great in it all by itself! I like that they put it together with a pink and they really look awesome together! I’m not super fond of blushes you have to work really hard for. The two MAC blushes I own are maddening to use despite being great colours. Hope you enjoy the sun later today, LOL! I’ll be hiding in a corner with a box of kleenex. NATURE is up my nose right now. Yuck 🙂

    • Right? It’s just all sorts of wrong.
      Awwwww, I feel for you! My hubby is starting to get annoyed too…I better make sure he picks up some Claritin Extra Strength soon! Feel better my friend!

  • Lily

    Cheek real estate. Bahahahaha!!!
    I love these 3 shades. A little something for everyone, and yay to mixing pink and orange for a beautiful coral 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I didn’t know about the orange one either but you made it work!

    The Latest. Beauty & Colour

  • I’m not a fan of the series either, but this palette keeps tempting me over and over! These shades are totally up my alley 🙂

  • Liz

    Ughhhh, I want this set because it’s such good value for the pretties but can’t right now. Not very blush fiend of me but I really have to put a cap on the blush hauling. As for the movie, I can only hope that EL James goes on being a tyrant and that Universal would cancel the whole thing and set Jamie Dornan free. LOL

    • LOL hahaha yeah I know what you mean! I actually passed this on to Marky who’d loving it. I think I might make a palette of my own though as I did like the the texture a lot!
      Hahahaha, free him LOL.

  • This is a lovely trio and the blush looks fabulouso on you! I’ve never read the books, nor will I be seeing the movie, but I try not to knock it too much since it’s hard to judge something I haven’t experienced. Though I’ve also never experienced crack but I steer clear of that, as well. 😉