Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm

Do you know that I’ve never been a huge fan of eye creams? Yup. It’s true. I try them all the time. Test them out. Review them. But never keep on using them after. Why? I’ve never really noticed a huge difference when using one. None of them really did anything for any lines or wrinkles that I’ve got. They’d still be there no matter what. And sure they’ve moisturized, but honestly I’d get the same moisturizing effect by just bringing up my face cream under my eyes. So, why keep on using them? Or buying them and wasting my money?

Well, I’ve been testing a new eye balm from Avene since January-that’s two whole months folks. And you know what?


Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm


Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm is designed for us…mature ladies…but I say PFFT to that…everyone needs to use this eye balm! Oh, and it’s paraben free too! And NO fragrance!

Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm has four key active ingredients to address the four main issues for aging eyes.

1. Redensifying and anti-sagging action: It contains Hyaluronic Acid Fragments (H.A.F.) to boost the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid synthesis to add volume and firmness.

2. A cosmetic “lifting” effect: The combination of a natural, firming polymer and a “soft focus” filling agent in Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm lifts the lids and widens the eyes.

3. Refreshing action: Dextran sulfate reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue thanks to its decongesting properties.

4. Smoothing, protective and nourishing action: Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm contains Glycoleol which is nourishing and lipid-restoring. And there’s Pre-Tocopheryl, a powerful cellular antioxidant that helps create vitamin E reserves. Both of those ingredients intensively hydrates.

 Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm.jpg

Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm

The texture of Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm is something else! It’s beautiful and smooth, yet rich and not greasy at all. As soon as I put it on in the morning, my eyes look brighter, wider, more awake. And it sinks in quickly too and works well under any makeup. But, since I’ve been using Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm, I’ve noticed that I need LESS concealer under my eyes. YUP. LESS. Which is perfect, because as we get older, heavy concealer under the eyes is kind of a big NO. I sometimes even SKIP concealer now and find that my foundation does a good enough job under my eyes. My under eye area looks so much brighter and even! And I’m noticing that some of the fine lines are looking better too!

Who knew a really good eye cream could make such a difference? 😛

Avene Serenage Revitalizing Eye Balm is supposed to be on shelves this month. Look for it wherever Avene is sold and GET IT. You’ll thank me!

Are you a regular eye cream user? Do you notice a difference when using it?

  • Yes! I am a regular eye cream user, ’cause my under eyes get really puffy AND dry (right? Like wtf) if I don’t. Looking at old photos for the blog, I can always tell when I was using a shit eye cream, LOL. This one sounds good! I have some going that I like right now, but I’m always tempted by new stuff, lol.

    • Haha, I don’t get puffy so I’m lucky. But you’d REALLY like this one I think as it’s hydrating and feels so GOOD.

  • rachlovespenguins

    I pledged my allegiance to the eye cream a long long time ago but I bounce around a lot because I’m such a sample junkie. And I should have started to use the stuff when I was like 6. Dark circles and me? Best frenemies forever. My mother told me that she could always ALWAYS tell when I hadn’t gotten enough sleep, and you can even see the damn things in some of my baby pictures. Most eye creams don’t do too much for me on that front, but well-hydrated circles definitely look better under makeup than dry ones, so I’ll take what I can get.

  • I love that this one can be used under makeup and has led to you being able to skip concealer all together! What a WIN! I finished a pot of One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm that lasted over a year and ordered the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado. Been using it for months and honestly, I don’t think it’s doing a damn thing. May try this Avene product next! I did love the OLO one, though. It WORKED!

    • Thanks! I hope you do try it-it’s all sorts of amazing to me! I think you’ll love it too!

  • I’m glad to hear you finally found an eye cream that makes a difference, Tracy! I use eye creams because my undereye area is drier than the rest of my face, and I have found good ones that I’d go back to! Glad to hear this reduces the amount of concealer you need. That’s always a sweet deal!

    • I know! Thanks! I can’t believe how good this stuff is. I already got a backup lol! I can’t be without it!

  • Lily

    FINALLY! And yes, I always use eye creams, ever since I was 25 years old. I think it does make a difference – from the way my eyes feel, to how they look compared to my peers. I’m going to look for this here. I hope they brought this in!

    • RIGHT? ahahaha-you knew I’d eventually come around hey? I hope they do too-you’ll love it!

  • I so agree – good eye creams are hard to find! I really love the Lise Watier eye cream with labrador tea as it’s one of the only ones that actually had an effect on my fine lines.

  • Yeah! Welcome to the no concealer club! Seriously, eye cream > concealer. Good to hear this one gets your stamp of approval.

    • Thanks hahaha! It’s amazing to need less makeup to cover up! Avenue has really done that for my skin I have to say. I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore.

  • It’s wonderful to hear you’ve found something that actually works! I am so with you – it is nearly impossible to see any visible result with eye cream.
    You know I am a huge fan of Avene products. I want to try the whole Serenage line soon. 🙂

  • Liz

    I don’t ever expect visible results with eye creams. I guess they can temporarily help certain things but as long as they don’t irritate my eyes and hydrate well, I’m fine. The skin around my eyes do feel a little more “mature” as of late though. Will have to scope this out when I’m done with the current tubes and jars!

    • This one is the first one that I honestly can see a difference. The skin under my eyes looks younger! I already got my backup for when this is done, and I think I need to bring one to Marky when I go visit during Spring Break!

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