It’s Friday! Root Canals, The Body Shop Smoky Poppy, And Banff!

Hey it’s Friday! Let’s chat!

Sorry I missed last week, but honestly I had quite the boring week. Nothing exciting happened. But this past week was FUN.

My hubby Terry had his first root canal. Poor baby… Me? I’ve had THREE in my lifetime, with my first at just the young old age of 18. I’ll never forget it. Let’s compare root canals, shall we? Just for FUN.

Here’s MY story: I had a fun night at the Winnipeg Ex(ummm, in Canada we have these fairs with rides and stuff that travel from city to city in the summer) eating my mini doughnuts. Then, when I came home at 2 AM and tried to sleep? BAMMMO. My tooth starts to ACHE. WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE(well, maybe second… I had appendicitis when I was 7 and had to have surgery…that probably was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced). My tooth hurt so bad…I woke my parents up crying in pain…who, bless their immigrant souls, fed me straight up 4 shots of vodka to kill the pain. It didn’t work. So, at about 4 AM my dad decided to take me to the ER. And started turning into the children’s ER, because honestly that’s where he took me most of my life-it was where he always took me! I was a sick lots…but that’s another story for another Friday. 😀 After reminding him that I was 18 now and needed to go to the regular adult ER, my dad finally figured out where to take me. In the ER I was crying so hard and loud, my poor father covered my head inside his jacket LOL…to stifle the sobs! He stroked my head too.. to try to make me feel better…me sobbing in his armpit. 😀 Of course back then in the 80s there was nothing they could do for me besides send me home with Tylenol #3s, and strong advice to call my dentist on Monday morning. After being drugged up the whole weekend from the codeine, I finally had my root canal late Monday afternoon. And that was another nightmare…they didn’t give me enough freezing! So they literally had to inject more RIGHT INTO THE OPEN NERVES. Yeah…it HURT.

Terry’s story: My tooth is bugging me. Eh, I’ll ignore it for a few weeks. Maybe I should call the dentist? Yeah, ok. It’s still bugging me so I’ll go see her. Oh, my tooth is infected? Wow! Ok, I’ll take these antibiotics for the next 2 weeks, with my scheduled root canal the next Monday. Root canal day was a long day, as my tooth was really infected and they had to drain a lot of gunk, but eh-it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I stopped at TIM HORTON’S RIGHT AFTER MY ROOT CANAL and brought home these lovely doughnuts:

 photo IMG_3516.jpg

I think I win, RIGHT???? MEN. WHY is stuff so much easier all the time for them? Sigh…oh and the doughnuts were delicious. And Terry is doing fine. 😀 I love my hubby. He’s so easy going. The complete opposite of me which is why he’s my soul mate. He’s funny…good looking…and always takes care of me. He promised my mama he would and he has!  😀

Let’s talk some beauty now! I’ve been enjoying The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection in my shower lately:

 The Body Shop Smoky Poppy .jpg

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy


The Body Shop Smoky Poppy shower gel? Is BLACK. Which I wasn’t expecting?? But cool nonetheless! Like a soul-less shower gel HAHAHA…Shower gel of my dreams! Apparently The Body Shop Smoky Poppy collection has real Turkish Poppy in there, but I don’t think poppies have a real fragrance? Correct me if I’m wrong, please! But my mom used to plant poppies all the time in the garden when I was a little kid. They’re kind of one of the favourite flowers of Ukraine…I mean they’re in our head wreaths, in art…they’re EVERYWHERE… and they were in our garden when I was growing up that’s for sure.

People used to STEAL the seeds from our garden! Which pissed my mama off to no end. She had to be quick to harvest the seeds before druggies stole them. I think they thought they could make opium out of them LOL 😀 😀  Good luck with that DUDES… not THAT easy hahaha. But honestly, I don’t remember Poppies having a scent? Pretty sure about that because as a kid I used to sniff everything in my mama’s garden, which is why I have such an attachment to certain flowers like Lily of The Valley and Orange Blossoms, and CARNATIONS…MAN…those were all such awesome scents! Little Tracy used to make a bouquet of flowers and put them in a glass on her bedside table…Ahhhhh the scent memories I’ve just stirred are amazing! The Body Shop Smoky Poppy is…hard to explain honestly. It’s a floral oriental, that’s on the weaker side of oriental. But I like it! It’s different for The Body Shop and not all fruity tooty, so kudos to them. Honestly, it really reminds me of carnations, which I LOVE. I like this new scent direction they’re taking! Keep doing it!

Terry had to work in Calgary for the weekend-it was Hockey Day In Canada! All the Canadian Hockey teams were playing, so CBC was televising them all day long. I decided to tag along, because why not? I love going to Calgary.

 photo IMG_3565.jpg

It was really WARM there! We couldn’t believe it! People were wearing shorts HAHA! It was nice to spend time with some old friends, and of course, visit Nordstrom’s!

 photo IMG_3692.jpg
These Van’s cost $38…plus did you know that you can take back pretty much ANYTHING if you change your mind? These flowery Van’s are a tad too big, but I got them anyways because the SA told me that even if I wore them OUTSIDE and felt they were too big? I could STILL bring them back for a refund?!!  YOU ROCK NORDSTROM. The Bay better take note because DUDES…that’s like OUTSTANDING customer service.

On Saturday I had fun with some old friends I haven’t seen in awhile and walked about 9.5 km around downtown Calgary! I managed to get to a Shopper’s Drug Mart for Super Redemption though!

 photo IMG_3599.jpg

I’m kinda’ glad I was in Calgary for this redemption event, because I got to redeem for some Urban Decay this time! There aren’t any Shoppers around me in Edmonton that carry Urban Decay, so YAY me! Oh, and so far I can say that that concealer and powder are AMAZING. If you love powder foundations like I do then GET them.

We had a lovely Sunday brunch at out hotel, The Westin Calgary, and a very understanding waiter because WOW everywhere in Calgary the heating was out of whack because of the warm weather. He brought this hot and flashy lady the most awesome COLD glass of ice water I’ve ever had! I’m telling you, I’ve never appreciated ice water so much until these hot flashes started.

We started driving out of town back home and started talking about Banff. So we decided WHAT THE HECK LET’S GO TO BANFF. It’s only about an hour away from Calgary, and we haven’t been there since last year during the College Road Trip, and we only stopped there for a bathroom break and didn’t really get to visit. So off we went!

The drive to Banff is kind of amazing BTW.

 photo IMG_3573.jpg

You see the mountains in the distance…and they keep getting closer….

 photo IMG_3576.jpg

And then…you’re smack dab in the middle of the beautiful Rocky Mountains…in a town…it’s CRAZY BEAUTIFUL.

 photo IMG_3586.jpg

It’s a bit of a tourist trap downtown Banff to be honest… nothing like it was 26 years ago when I first moved here that’s for sure. So many more brand name stores like Roots and The Gap are in town. But it’s still quite beautiful! The air? You can tell is different when you breathe it in. It’s so clean. And crisp. I love it. I’d love to live here if I could, but I’d need at least $1 million to buy a place it’s ridiculously expensive….but I can dream!

Our first stop in Banff is a family tradition…and even though we were less one family member, I  had specific text instructions from Marky to honour the tradition and buy her some candy hahaha!

 photo IMG_3701.jpg

I’ll say this…they sell EVERY kind of candy???? YUCKKKK.

 photo IMG_3579.jpg

But I got Marky her FAVOURITE! It’s not sold here in stores, but is an import from the UK. What can I say…Narnia kid or what LOL!

 photo IMG_3707.jpg

And something for me that I can’t get anywhere else!

 photo IMG_3700.jpg

It’s a sick love some of us 80s kids have for Thrills…maybe it’s because we used to get our mouths washed out with soap for swearing when we were little… 😛 I think it’s actually a lavender taste, not soap?  But I can’t help it! If I see a pack, I buy it…and CHEW… 😛

We had to stoop at the COWS store…because it’s amazing and makes me laugh so much!

 photo IMG_3581.jpg

Right??? And of course, I had to buy this one!

 photo IMG_3580.jpg

I DIED. I’m starting to have the most awesome Breaking Bad T-shirt Collection I think LOL!

We shared a cinnamon sugar and lemon Beaver Tail…because it was HUGE…like the span of Terry’s chest! We tend to share treats now that we’re old and chubby…and that’s ok with me!

 photo IMG_3592.jpg

Sadly, it was time to get back home…  🙁   but first a pit stop for the most perfect chocolate milkshake ever from the cult Peter’s Drive-In in Calgary:

 photo IMG_3594.jpg

Peter’s Drive-In is famous in Alberta for no nonsense burgers and shakes. SO GOOD. And DON’T order the large fries…it’s a SHOEBOX of fries…I’m serious. SHOEBOX.

OH, and Marky is taking a Character Design Class, and the last assignment was Mickey Mouse, and my daughter’s version of Mickey CRACKS ME UP so much that I have to share:

 photo IMG_3192.jpg

I dig this Mickey… he’s like EVERY MAN MICKEY, right?  😀

And that was my awesome week! How was YOURS? Did you do anything fun? Find something new and awesome? Share! Let’s CHAT!


  • Hey Tracy, whoa that root canal story is both hilarious and horrifying! I can’t believe your parents gave you 4 shots of vodka, although I did have an Australian colleague of Greek descent who told me her grandmother would give her ouzo for small ailments! That’s kinda funny! Also, I thought you were going to say CHILDBIRTH was the worst pain you ever had to go through, but I guess some childbirth stories are less mortifying than others.

    And you’re right, poppies don’t have a scent! It’s one of those scents that perfumers kind of IMAGINE (like orchid). Love your Vans, and I did hear Nordstrom has the best return policy in human history 🙂 The cricket candy is kinda yucky tho. I am not scared of bugs or anything, but I wouldn’t want to eat anything that looks like them…

    • Hahaha, right? Immigrant parents LOL! You know, childbirth hurt too…I forgot about that LOL. I’ll have to tell that story some day for sure!
      Yeah, I was pretty sure poppies don’t smell at all so thanks for verifying!
      When Terry was in Japan for the Olympics, he tried a teriyaki cricket. He said it was crunchy. YUCK.

      • I can imagine that… You know what they say about bugs being rich in protein and whatnot. I’d have to go through A LOT before I’m willing to put any in my mouth.

  • Hi Tracy!

    Wow your root canal story is crazy! I had mine done a few weeks ago and it was painless. In my dentist’s office they even give you a paraffin wax treatment for your hands 🙂 Crazy but so relaxing!

    Your trip sounds really lovely. I love the Vans you bought. I just saw some cute flower printed ones myself at the mall but I haven’t tried them on. I love Nordstrom. I don’t have one nearby so I just shop online and with free shipping and returns..yeah it gets me in trouble!

    I didn’t really do anything super exciting. On Wednesday me and my friend went to an outlet mall, she wanted to get a new Coach purse. I didn’t really like anything so I just got a cute belt. Oh, and we tried the new Tiramisu Starbucks coffee-yum!!!

    Anyways, hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend and that the next week brings you new adventures!

    • You know, every root canal I’ve had, the pain starts on a Friday night? It’s CRAZY. The last one I had was the same, and I had en emergency one on Saturday morning. Thank god dentists work on Saturdays now LOL! In the 80s they didn’t!

      I had to get them! They were on sale-such good sales there. I wish we had one in Edmonton! Maybe some day.
      Wait-Tiramisu coffee at Starbucks? Wow! I didn’t notice that one on the weekend! I just tried the Flat White and I like it!

      Thanks Agata! Happy weekend to you too lovely lady!

  • Haha, doughnuts after a root canal is a solid choice. I wish we had Tim Horton is Ireland. I think there’s one doughnut kiosk in Dublin, but they don’t do toppings. Weh!

    I love your writing style, it’s really cheery 🙂

  • Angela

    Darling. I had to skip over the root canal story because I am overly sympathetic and my teeth will inevitably start hurting. And with our (admittedly beautiful) weather, my allergies have flared up now. BOOOO! OH now I want a donut, a double-double, and a kleenex. I did NOT know there was a nordstrom in Calgary. What mall? Chinook or Cross Iron (I’ve only been to both a couple times, but we have a trip to Calgary coming up and if I can convince/possibly drug my husband to manage all three…very young…children I can be freeeee to explore, LOL!). And now I want a trip to Banff, too! Gotta say though, probably because me and my husband are somewhat cheap (frivolous??), we go to Canmore in preference (no park fees!!). Would love to hear what your feels are on the UD concealer. When I run out of my NARS, I might give it (or Maybelline Fit Me) a go….if it doesn’t make my under-eyes look like I’m 90. Seriously, that NARS stuff is D-R-Y. Yowza. SO poppies – love ’em – don’t have a scent, I’m fairly certain. We have them in our garden, they grow randomly now since no one steals the seeds, haha. But oh man, I howled when I read your dark soul comment. Better get back to work, but gotta say your Marky is talented 🙂

    • HAHAHAHA! It’s ok, I understand LOL!
      Nordstrom is in Chinook-but wow that mall is ridiculous. SO many people, so much traffic…they really need to do something about it. We were there in the afternoon, but as we were leaving there was a lineup to get at every car entrance…I swear it was a good 20 minutes in a traffic line to get in for those people. And I though WEM was bad lol! Yeah, that Nars I hate under eyes…to dry. This UD one is way creamier!
      And that’s what I thought when I poured it on my shower puff-shower gel for dark souls like me! 😛 And thanks…she cracks me up too!

  • Sara Hawkins

    I hate Terry…. My root canal experience (all 3 of them) were like yours. Horrible pain and then the needle in the tooth to re-deaden it. GAAAAAA. Speaking of Teeth….. My little baby is teething and the lack of sleep is taking it’s toll on me. After my root canal experiences, I know how much pain she is in. I love Cows! Their ice cream is great.
    Beavertails is also yummy (the turtle one is awesome!)
    still waiting for Sephora to open (it’s coming Spring 2015).

    • Right??? Like what the heck! Why were they so painful for us!
      Poor little baby… I remember when Marky was teething.
      We shared an ice cream in a bowl too-one scoop! It was yummy!
      And Wahoo! SOON!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Okay, not that I’m glossing over everything else…… but teeheeheehehehehehehe Mickey is giving me the giggles.

  • You and Terry are the best 🙂 I hope he’s feeling better now! I’ve never had a root canal but I’ve had other teeth operations (removals, wisdom teeth, root extraction because it grew back…LOL) and they ranged from totally ok to total suckage!

    And omg, I want fair food now. I LOVE fair food.

    And YES. Nordstrom is amazing and I miss the billions of them in Seattle. Man this place sucks. SUCKS.

    • LOL thanks hahaha! You guys are pretty awesome too! 😉
      MAN, there was a lot of junk food up there LOL! We were kind of surprised!

      Awwww, LOL…I miss Seattle too hahaha

  • You definitely win with your root canal story, yikes!! But those donuts do look amazing….and I want those Vans. Are they from a special collection because I haven’t seen them around me. Hmmm.

    Also, I can definitely verify, like Sunny, that poppies are scentless! They are my favorite flower in the world, and they are mostly because they don’t smell and agrivate my allergies!

    Your food adventures are giving me major envy. I’ve been stuck in bed most of the week with an icky cold/flu that is going around. Happy Friday!

    • I’m not sure? I think they were an o older collection since they were on sale?

      Wahoo! I was right about them!

      Awww, you poor thing! HUGS! Feel better soon!

  • I loved reading about your week. It sounds amazing! I’ve been super curious about the new TBS scent, but my store is too far away to go to now that I’m working and toting kids to and from school. And the last order I tried to place online wouldn’t give me my 3 free so…. I’ve had to explore other options. Eek!

    Mr. M has HORRIBLE teeth. He went to the dentist 7 years ago and it was the first time in years and learned he had 12 cavities. I can’t even. I went in November for the first time in10 years (I know….!!!!) and laughed so hard I cried over the fact that I am still cavity free. I was sure the kids had ruined me! Terry’s root canal reminds me of Mr. M’s kidney stones. Moaning and for weeks while not going to the doctor until my (at the time) pregnant self found him screaming in the living room one morning. I told him to either go to the ER or I’d kill him myself because I refused to let his stupidity be the reason his toddler daughter and unborn son would be fatherless. Turns out it was just three MASSIVE kidney stones and he wasn’t in fact dying. Men!

    I love great customer service! I am so impressed with Nordstrom that they are winning me over from Sephora :O

    I misssss yoooouuuuuu and am so glad I got to read your post to catch up <3

    • It’s very carnation I think! So if you love them, you’ll like it!
      I’m bad about the dentist too….I don’t go every year…partly because it’s SO expensive! But same here-I hadn’t been to the dentist for 5 years and NO cavities LOL!

      MAN, I’ve heard kidney stones are bad! Poor guy! He sounds like someone who just hates doctors period! I can agree with that LOL!

      I miss youuuuuuuu too! I was thinking about you while I was working out at the gym! 😉

      • Hahahaha, I think of you when all my favorites songs come on Air1. And when I workout. So basically when I’m sweaty or belting out tunes XD Oh! And I was doing research with a very broad starting point but it involved finding a company in Canada. It was so tough that I almost tweeted to you for help, but in the end I was able to find what I need and finish the report. Just know that when ANYTHING Canada comes up, you are on my mind!!

      • LOL same here! I exercise to our fave tunes, so you always come to mind when I’m hot and sweaty too LOL!!!
        Glad you found out what you were looking for! I’m always here to help you out if need be my friend! ALWAYS. Because I love you! LOTS.xx

  • Haha, men really do seem to have it easy when it comes to being sick– but at least you both got donuts! 😉 I’m kind of extra tempted by the Smoky Poppy shower gel now that I know it’s black (very cool and I do love the scent) and those floral Vans are awesome! xo

    • Everything is easier for them, right? So not fair…but the doughnuts made up for it!
      Yeah! I was surprised it was black! Freakin’ cool!

  • Oh my god, there’s so much stuff in this post. And I want to respond to it ALL but I feel like I’m gonna forget something!!

    So glad you had a nice trip with Mr. Beauty Reflections, Tracy. And Banff looks gorgeous at this time of year!! It’s too bad it’s gotten so commercial, though — like, I think there was a Roots the last time I was there (many years ago), but a Gap?!! Gross!!

    I am crazy about keeping my teeth clean (because I landed like the shittiest gum architecture), but M has had ZERO problems with his teeth and hasn’t seen a dentist in seven years. Seven!!! It makes me so mad!

    PS: I love that Mickey! So great 😀

    • Hahaha thanks Rae! We had fun! We haven’t walked downtown Banff in YEARS and man it’s changed…Yup a Gap…and all sorts of other stuff that just shouldn’t be there. But I guess it’s money for the town, so eh…what can you do!

      I keep my teeth clean too don’t get me wrong…I’m a flossing FREAK. I’m just JINXED with bad nerves and the first place they go are my teeth son of a BITCH. The last time I was at a dentist was 5 years ago and NO CAVITIES WAHOOOOOOooooo knock on wood….:D

      Right? Smoking dejected Mickey makes me LAUGH….. 😀 Right now as we speak Marky is attending a lecture by SHIYOON KIM-he did the credits after Tangled??? and she’s so freaking excited to get to meet him!! I”M EXCITED FOR HER hahaha!

  • What a lovely trip you guys had, it looks beautiful there! <3 Loving the floral Vans by the way, total no brainer, buy buy buy!

  • Eugenia

    Root canals STINK, Lil Sis – I know cause I’ve probably had 3 as well (might even be 4, for all I can remember now) and my first one was around 17 or so (and I had an emergency appendectomy at the age of 4! We really are related, lol!) – Tom’s never had any tooth issues (DAMN THE MAN), but if he did, I’m thinking he’d be whining about it a lot more than Terry did, hahaha! Love the road trip (dying to go to Banff) and why can’t Shoppers here (or as it’s really called in Quebec “Pharmaprix”) carry Urban Decay? *shakes fists*
    PS: Marky’s version, is genius! Tell her I said so!

    • You too hey??? We are sisters LOL!!!
      You need to come visit! As I need to come there LOL! IT’S TIME.

  • Wow! My week was a total snooze-fest in comparison, LOL! No dental surgeries or Rocky Mountain surprise getaways! The Banff side trip sounded awesome; it’s always the unexpected journeys that are the absolute best! I could almost smell the fresh mountain air! Marky’s Mickey is hilairs! And I’m glad your hubster’s root canal was “easy peasy”. Yours sounded like a damn nightmare! Bless your sweet parents for the vodka shots! I’ve never had one – knocking on wood now – they’re on my list of things I just don’t even want to deal with (eye surgery is near the top)! Mucho love and BEAVER TAILS (which we do not have but tops my Canada wish list)! 😉

    • Hahaha sometimes I have a really fun week! Most weeks is a snooze-fest though!

      DUDE. You and the hubby need to come here some day…you have a bed here KNOW that. You’d love it. I’d LOVE it. PLEASE.

  • Lily

    LOL at Terry’s and your root canal story. He’s so sweet though. Love your story! My week was very busy, Chinese New Year and all. Went to visit relatives, people came to visit, lots of eating and catching up and I’m glad there are some relatives of mine who love makeup so we had some beauty chat! Weather was so hot and humid, I had like 5 showers a day. Then it just went the complete opposite one afternoon and we had thunderstorm and blackout for a few hours! Crazy…

    • Sounds like fun for sure!
      Ugggh…I’d DIE with all the heat. Even in California I can’t stand it LOL!!

  • I used to LOVE poppies when I was a kid! They’re so pretty! And by the way the Smoky Poppy collection smells amazing! Does the scent of the shower gel last on the skin? I’m tempted to get it since it smells good and it’s black! x

  • Emma Bovary

    Loving this post sick, so good to follow your train of thought like this. You’ve made me want to visit Canada soooo bad!
    I smelt Smoky Poppy the other day and quite like it – yet to buy anything though!
    You’ve made me crave milkshakes and donuts too >< mmmm