Tiptoe Through The Tulips with Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape

I love Spring Makeup Collections. I do. Seriously, they’re my favourite releases. I can’t STAND holiday with all the gold…When a brand finally does a holiday collection all in silver, then I’ll be happy…but it never happens. GOLD. And RED. Blecccccchhhh. And fall makeup is eh for me too. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t..it depends on what the IN colour is…HOW ABOUT NAVY PEOPLE? Why is navy never a thing? A navy smokey eye is like SO so SO beautiful to me…and no brand ever does it. Sigh.  And summer is ok, but again, it’s usually the same old-bronze, oranges, teals….gimme a break. Tracy is BORED.

And I don’t even LIKE spring as a season. Spring is DIRTY here. All the sand used on the winter icy roads makes everything dirty and ugly as the snow melts…and then your car gets all sloshy and dirty too..and your shoes are gross and dirty too…not a good time to wear anything you really like. No leaves on the trees…and the grass is not green yet…it’s not pretty at all. BLEAK in fact. Not until stuff starts to bloom, which around here lately isn’t until late May, and that is months away! In makeup talk May is summer releases…bordering on fall already LOL. #why

But spring makeup? Is like a hodge podge of YUM! You never know what’s going to be the ‘IN THING”-it’s all quite different from brand to brand, and I LIKE THAT. It’s like makeup bingo madness! If you don’t care for one brand’s version of spring, just walk on over to another counter and bingo! You might like that one better!

All the spring makeup was starting to come out when I was in California in January, which for me is nuts. January is the dead of WINTER. Talking about spring in January is jumping the SHARK I think, but ok.. make me look at spring when I’m shivering…except I wasn’t shivering in California this year, so I was in the mood for spring makeup for sure this time around. And when I saw the Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette from their Clarins Spring 2015 Collection, it was love at first swatch.

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escapejpg

Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette

Swatchy Time!

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape.jpg

Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette


And honestly, those are the BEST dry Clarins eyeshadow swatches I’ve ever done. Most of the time, their eyeshadows really fair better wet, as they are mineral-based.

Wet Swatchy Time!

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape.jpg

Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette


A tad better in pigmentation, hey? But not really by much which is good news for those of you that hate using eyeshadows wet. Me? I don’t mind using wet eyeshadows. I kind of like it to be honest-less fall out, especially with mineral eyeshadows like these. Plus, I think using eyeshadows wet, is EASIER-yeah, you heard me- and just looks SO much better most of the time.

Here’s a simple look with the Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette($44) used dry.

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape.jpg

Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape.jpg

Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette


But look how the Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette sings when used wet! Yup, you’ve seen these eye looks before in THIS POST.

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape.jpg

Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette

As much as the dry swatches were so much better this time around, I still find that Clarins eyeshadows perform way better when used wet. It’s really up to you though! And this Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette is a good one to actually find out for yourself. The colours are oh so perfect for spring! Let’s just put it this way: I’m not upset that I payed for my Clarins Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette in California, even though I was sent one by the lovely PR. Get it quick whilst you can!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil($23) was something I was REALLY excited to try out.

Clarins Spring 2015 Garden Escape.jpg

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

I have permanently parched lips living in Alberta. I have no idea what normal lips feel like, so when the promos for this Clarins Spring 2015 product came out I literally DROOLED…which made my lips feel better for a bit. 😛
There’s not a lot of pigment in these things, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. What this is, is nourishment for your lips. With Hazelnut oil, Organic jojoba oil, and other oils depending on the shade you pick-Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil nourishes, plumps and softens the lips. It’s a bit tacky, but not overly so like a MAC lipgloss(WOW, just tried one recently and DANG MAC, they are STICKY buggers-FIX THAT SHIZ). You can feel Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is tacky at first, but that seems to die down after a bit of time. My lips do feel protected and nourished that’s for sure! Good to put over top lipstick for some extra protection, but otherwise? It’s ok.  😛 But cool for sure! I like this idea of lip oils, so bring us more!

Are you a spring makeup fan or not? What’s your favourite season? Again, the idea of these lip oils I REALLY LOVE… now if they can make them a tad more pigmented? We’d all be lining up to get them!


  • Never tried Clarin’s eyeshadows, but that’s beautiful! I have permanently parched lips too over here in Toronto. I have lived in Alberta before for a few years and remember how dry it was too, though I think it feels better than Ontario (our cold seems to seep into the bones here…). I really like the Hourglass lip oil treatment actually, so may try the Clarins! Great review, looking forward to spring!

  • Lily

    I never liked Spring collections because it’s always pink! And pastels which don’t work for me. I love Fall because earth tones are so far my favourites. Yes to navy blue smokey eyes. So gorgeous and brings out brown eyes. This palette isn’t too pink though and it’s surprising! Love the looks here. Beautiful as usual 🙂

  • Eyeshadow Addict

    Gorgeous palette on you! I didn’t think I’d like those greens, but I do!

  • Hey Tracy, whoa that quint is amazing WET! I love it on you, but I don’t like to use eyeshadows wet, so I’ll skip. I’m really the opposite. I like every other season better than spring, although to be honest holiday collections are starting to bore me a little because they all look the same! This year spring is better without so much PASTEL, which I hate on my skin tone! Also, the MAC gloss you tried: is it a recent shade? I have the impression that MAC glosses are less sticky nowadays, and I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed this!

  • I fell in love with that palette the moment I first laid eyes on it! I mean, hello, green!

  • Another one that loves those darn Clarins lip oils.. why couldn’t they make a transparent one for guys.. 😛

  • I agree- Spring makeup is much prettier than Spring actually looks. Toronto can be a slushy, muddy mess as well 😉 I’m so tempted by this Clarins palette- the lush green shades are so stunning! Love the looks you created with it, Tracy! xo

  • Wow, that one with the wet application looks so beautiful. I have experienced in the past that Clarins eye shadows work much better once applied wet. I tend to forget it in the mornings though lol

  • So so pretty on you, Tracy! 😉
    I wish greens looked better on me. Those complex greens and softer pink hues work so beautifully together. And look at that taupe! 😮 I think this will be nice in the autumn, too.

  • This post rocked the sound stage! So many LOLs! Spring is my favorite makeup release season as well b/c it’s the most colorful! Love the look of this one. I just saw it in store last night at Macy’s and it looked like a winner! Love your eye looks, especially the wet ones. I love wet shadow, too! It just bingo bonks the color right up! I’ve been using a lip scrub, followed by a drop of rms beauty oil and sealed in with Glossier Balm Dotcom before bed. I wake up the next morning with happy, hydrated lips. The balm really seals the oil in and helps it get deeper under the surface. Mucho love!

  • In Alaska, “Spring” is a 2 week period called “break up” and it’s disgusting. It’s slushy, dirty and stinky. HATE HATE HATE. I do love this color palette a lot– and it’s not very spring-y, in my opinion. The greens!

    • That’s pretty much like here dude! It’s gross.
      You need to wear more greens! They’d be so lovely on you!

  • Dior did a navy blue smokey collection for fall a few years ago – I remember because I bought my first Dior polish from that collection 😀 It’s a metallic navy blue. Still one of my favorites. But I get what you’re saying – spring is kinda like the mixed bag, yeah? I’m starting to like spring collections a lot, too, because of that. Never know what you’re gonna get! BOXES OF CHOCOLATES.

  • I’ve liked this this you posted about in on your insta (I think). That green speaks to me on deep levels, but I do have to hold off for a bit on the buying front 🙁 But this has inspired me to wear green more!

    • Green is something I think we forget about for some reason! We should all wear it more!

  • fashable

    well done babe, you EOTDs are fanabulous. and that palette is so so lovely 🙂

  • Liz

    This palette makes me swoon. I was going to buy it if they hadn’t sent it. 🙂 It shows up much better on your skin though. I can use it wet, sure, but when I don’t, the two pinks are virtually invisible on me. I wonder if it’s difficult to make the oils more pigmented…

  • Love, love this palette so much and I love Spring collections and love spring! So looking forward to it because I am tired of Michigan cold and snow! And I agree with you on the navy, we need more navy makeup!

  • Gah. That lip oil sounds DIVINE. Honey, though — does it smell like honey? I love actual honey, but I’ve recently discovered that I hate honey-scented products (so I should really stop trying so dang many). >.<

    • Hahaha, I don’t think so? I don’t notice any honey smell. Guess you wouldn’t make a good Pooh Bear LOL!

  • The pattern on the eyeshadows is gorgeous and so are the colors, especially the dark green and the brown one on the right! 🙂

  • What a gorgeous palette! I’m quite intrigued by the lip oil too, never tried one of those before! x

  • I love greens more and more. I used to be scared of them, but now I love them!

  • Oh! Thanks nice to know! I shall check! xx

  • I picked this up as well. It was my first experience with Clarins’ eye shadows. So far I’ve only used the shadows dry and I’m quite pleased as it creates beautifully soft looks. 🙂

  • Wow you are killin’ it with these looks! I only tried a basic look with these, using them dry. I may try to dampen my brush first next time and attempt the dark green wing.