Hey It’s Friday! A perfect red lipstick from Arbonne, a perfect cat, and a perfect T-shirt

Hey it’s Friday! Ready for another instalment of chatty Fridays where I talk about loads of stuff including some short product reviews? Yup you are!

This week was pretty great as far as weeks go! I was invited by one of my oldest and dearest friends Monique to supper on Saturday night with her and her new(well one year new) husband and a bunch of family. That’s where I met the most awesome cat ever, Buster.

 photo IMG_3221.jpg



Buster is one of those cats that makes a very disapproving face which I LOVE. It’s the kind of cat I can dig. He looks like he’s pissed off at you 95% of the time. He isn’t mean or anything-quite serene! He’s just…Buster. He’s like me…just Tracy. 😛

Monique’s hubby Mike is a HUGE Breaking Bad fan like me… GAWDDDDdddd I miss that show. And Mike is the only one that feels my pain. LOOK AT THE MOST AWESOME T-SHIRT HE FOUND FOR ME:

 photo IMG_3217.jpg

I DIED. And went to heaven. THANK YOU MIKE. I’ll be wearing it on Sunday night to watch Better Call Saul, which is a pre-cursor of sorts to Breaking Bad even though it centers around the lawyer Saul Goodman, who was one of my favourite characters EVER on TV. I’m just A LITTLE BIT EXCITED FOR SOME GREAT TV TO COME BACK CAN YOU TELL….. 😛 😛

A little while back I found the PERFECT Red Lipstick and it’s Arbonne Strawberry Lipstick.

Arbonne Strawberry Lipstick.jpg

Arbonne Strawberry Lipstick


Arbonne Strawberry Lipstick($31) is kind of amazing and awesome too! This was my first real makeup item from Arbonne, and to tell you the truth-I was kind of blown away. The lipstick contains mango butter, aloe, and pomegranate extracts. It’s REALLY moisturizing and probably the most comfortable lipstick I’ve EVER EVER tried. Yeah, you heard me-EVER. It’s opaque in one swipe, doesn’t feather or bleed, and is pretty long-wearing too-like 4 hours at least and fades beautifully. I can’t find anything wrong with this lipstick. No smelly smells, no bad ingredients… Like NADA. I used to think Arbonne was…weird? But DUDES, this company is NOT weird. They use botanically based ingredients, pure, safe, products and cruelty–free formulas and have been doing so since 1980. WOW. All I know is that after trying this lipstick I want to try MORE Arbonne that’s for sure, because this next thing I’m going to show you? ALSO knocked my sweaty socks off!

Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews.jpg

Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews


These limited edition Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews($36) are really great!

Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews.jpg

Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews


Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews are chewy chocolate and caramel morsels of goodness help fight food cravings and keep energy levels up throughout the day. Rhodiola root extract helps relieve mental fatigue and stress by boosting your energy between meals. I’m really getting into these herbal helpers lately as you can tell, and am loving it! This would make a great gift instead of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, especially if your loved one is…ahem…like me-HOT AND FLASHY. Sure, real chocolate is always welcome, but I’m betting most of us hot and flashy ladies would rather get something like THIS, right? Only 30 calories each, plus you can call it your HAPPY TREAT because that’s how you’ll feel after chewing one. They kind of taste like a Tootsie Roll. Who doesn’t like Tootsie Rolls?

Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews.jpg

Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews


YUMMM you guys…these Valentine’s Day Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews have been helping me stick to a healthier eating plan yessiree! Love them and Arbonne…seriously I’m as surprised as you are hahaha 😀 and will be trying MORE Arbonne in the future!

Which brings me to more Valentine’s Day stuffs, from LUSH this time:

 photo LUSH VALENTINEIMG_6810_1.jpg

LUSH Heart Throb Bubbleroon, Prince Charming Shower Gel, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar


They have some great gift sets for sure, but I kind of feel a lot of the products this year are a little TOO young for me, EXCEPT for that Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, because LOOK AT IT. It’s a Unicorn Horn. And I love it. It’s like my dream hair colour HAHA! Smells of lavender, Ylang Ylang and neroli so Tracy LIKE. That Heart Throb Bubbleroon smells really good as it contains Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, but LUSH..enough with the freakin’ gold glitter dudes…it’s just a pain in the butt to clean the tub after. And nobody really likes having big chunks of gold glitter on their bodies after a bath. Prince Charming Shower Gel is really sweet and marshmallowy and fruity…too much for this old gal, but if you have a girl around 8-12 years old WOW this is for them!

OH, and the BEST part of my week was this!
 photo IMG_3271_2.jpg

LOOKY! I’m in PRINT hahaha! That’s me featured in the Avon Campaign 7 Brochure talking about the Avon Elements Skin Revitalize 2-in-1 Brightening Eye Roller! It contains revitalizing Aronia Berry Complex, and has a roller ball that instantly wakes up tired eyes and reduces any puffiness, making you look awake! It also has optical diffusers that blur the look of dark circles and brighten the under eye area, so you need less concealer. I love the stuff! And DUDES…I’M IN PRINT. 😀 😀

That was my week! A pretty great week for sure! How was yours? Anything exciting happen to you? Have you tried anything from Arbonne? If yes, lemme know what as I’m REALLY intrigued with their products right now. 


    That Bert shirt is AWESOME.

    Annnnnnnnd as you might have expected, LARIE DOESN’T LIKE TOOTSIE ROLLSSSSSS LOL.

    • HAHAHA I figured you wouldn’t LOL- I KNOW YOU NOW hahahahaha

      Thanks! When I got the brochure I squealed LOL!

  • Guppy

    Buster looks like he’s related to grumpy cat lol!
    I LOVE the Bert shirt. Hubby and I only recently got into watching B.B. on Netflix – that shirt is so apropos. I love Walter White (and hate his wife for some reason… )
    Hope you’re framing that Avon ad – you’re a model now! 😀

    • Hahaha maybe he is! ME TOO-I was like that too about Skyler haha!
      Hahahaha-thanks! I should, hey?

  • Liz

    I don’t like cats either but Buster looks okay, hahaha. Congrats on making print! As for Arbonne, their products don’t seem bad but sorry, never going to pay $31 for an Arbonne lipstick.

    • Too bad because it’s better than most high end lipsticks I’ve tried, and WAY more comfortable too! It’s WAY better than Chanel, Lancome-ALL of them.

  • rachlovespenguins

    My blush ballz arrived!!!!!!!! And I guess all the reviews and remarks about the size really sunk in because I opened the box and thought, “wow these are LARGER than I expected” hahahahahahahahaha

    I don’t like Tootsie Rolls either. *cringes and hides behind a rock*
    And YAY for being in print!!!!! Congrats!
    Can I come visit you and your friends and hug that cat? Buster looks like a cat full of awesome.
    The lipstick looks pretty too. 🙂
    One of my cousins got involved with Arbonne a few years back and I went to some party/dinner thing at a local restaurant. I don’t remember being very impressed at the time. We tried some vitamin something, and I remember the lady wanting everyone to try an eye cream and only put it on one eye so we could see the difference it made. Me being me, I divided my portion between both eyes, and the rep was not really impressed with my renegade ways. I figured if it was really supposed to work then why on earth would I want to sit in a public restaurant with one eye looking all bright and perky and the other looking sad and drab? Granted it didn’t do some magical transformation act, but she also didn’t offer any more to the ladies who had followed directions in the first place, so unless they bought the stuff they got to leave with one eye treated.

    • LOL hahahahaha that’s hilarious!

      Thanks!! LOL at your story hahaha! I’m kind of amazed at how good their stuff is. It’s seriously REALLY good. I got some skincare to try out and it’s like WOW.

  • You’re FAMOUS now, Tracy! <3

    Buster is so cute! I like how he just sits on the table like that's where he's supposed to be LOL That T-shirt is epic, and man what a stunning red lipstick!

  • 10000% percent that Arbonne is weird but I can’t quite put my finger on why…

    • DUDE, they aren’t at all. Their stuff is REALLY GOOD. I’m going to change your mind the more things I show you I promise!

  • Wow, congrats on the feature! Looks like a pretty fab week overall- that red really does look perfect and I think I’d get along with Buster too 🙂

  • Bailey_AlltheWords

    Love the shirt! Better Call Saul premiers Sunday (I think it’s this Sunday…) I’m hoping it’s as good as BB. So awesome you’re in the Avon book! I know I’m in one too but I haven’t seen it yet.

  • Lily

    DUDE! You’re in print!!!!!!!! Excited for you, man 🙂

  • Congrats again on that feature! So! Cool! I love permanently grumpy cats too.

  • Ah so COOL that you were featured, Tracy!! I love it! And between the disapproving cat face and Breaking Bert shirt, this post was everything happy and excellent in life. I loved Saul; so excited for BCS! Oh and Schitt’s Creek starts in a few weeks here! The recording is all set up! Thanks for the head’s up on that!

    • Thanks! You are gonna LOVE that show. It’s amazing. I hope they don’t censor out the swears LOL!

  • Congrats on being in print! Epic!! Also, that cat is amazing and so disapproving! I love Breaking Bad and also know the guy that plays Saul, vaguely, but I still have met him through friends, so that counts ya? Love that red lippie too! My week was pretty good. I got a puppy! I am definitely a cat girl, but my fam got a pup and I can’t be more in love if I tried

  • This is so cool! Buster is ADORABLE!!!! =D i love cats with faces like that! hehe
    Congrats on the print! =) You are now memorialized in Avon’s history! Go you!!!