Hey! It’s Friday! Let’s Chat! And MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus too!

Hey! It’s Friday! Wahoo!

I think every Friday I’m just going to try to do a chat post. TRY. Pictures from Instagram, Stuff, Things I’ve been thinking…you know…my mind, my life…about products that I can’t write a whole blog post about… and because I want to have FUN. Fun is good, right? πŸ˜› And I’ve decided I like doing these round-up posts, so yup. That’s the deal from now on. Expect more!

My neighbourhood FINALLY got a Recreational Centre! Oh so needed! And my hubby and I have been going regularly like I’ve mentioned before.

 photo IMG_1744.png
One of my favourite workouts lately involves Kettlebells, and the Kettlebell F.I.T. App is awesome. There’s different levels, all kinds of workouts with kettle bells-I love it. Try them! It’s a great heart-pumping workout!

Racinne LadyI Massaging Rejuvenation System .jpg

Racinne LadyI Massaging Rejuvenation System

Got this really cool Racinne LadyI Massaging Rejuvenation System to test out, and as nice as those face attachments look, see that pumice stone attachment? WOW. My feet are in need of some serious love, so I’m super excited to test this baby out! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you all, but my feet get blisters ALL. THE. TIME. And no matter what. I hate my feet. They betray me every visit to Disneyland. Needless to say, I have LOADS of bad skin things on my feet that need to be detached. Crossing my fingers this thing works!

 photo IMG_3105.jpg

EEEP! Nuxe RΓͺve de Miel Lip Balm 20th Anniversary Edition! I use this lip balm every night, and the coloured cap makes it super cute.

 photo IMG_3024.jpg
Got sent these CoLab Mini Dry Shampoos to test out. I guess they’re by Youtuber Ruth Crilley from A Model Recommends which mean nothing to me LOL. I don’t really know who or what, but eh-they’re dry shampoos?? They smell nice?? This whole dry shampoo business is beyond my old lady ways though-WHEN did it become so wrong to wash our hair? WHY? Don’t really get it…In the 80s if you didn’t wash your hair you put it in a ponytail???? I give up πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ These are nice? Light feeling and don’t leave any gunk on your roots like some other dry shampoos do. Worth a try if you use dry shampoos regularly!

I love TeeFury. It’s kind of an addiction actually. Hey-I live in T-shirts though, so… πŸ˜› but when I saw THIS one, I ordered one for Terry, Marky and me! Yeah, that’s right-we have an official FAMILY T-SHIRT now:
 photo IMG_3003.png

And if you’ve never seen The IT Crowd, watch it! Moss is my hero.

Got a new lipstick!

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus.jpg

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus


This is MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus! Yeah, I’m not a fan of her, but I am a fan of the MAC VIVA GLAM lipsticks. 100% of the profits go towards the MAC Aids Foundation, so I never feel guilty about buying one of these babies. MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is a bright pink lipstick that’s fun and I think would suit everyone! I do wish MAC would pick better spokespersons for Viva Glam. Like hello? How about Laverne Cox? I think the people at MAC are kinda’ dumb…or just slow to How The World Turns… πŸ˜› MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is smooth, really pigmented, a bit glossy for a MAC Amplified and really comfy to wear. Plus it leaves a nice stain on the lips as it wears off EVENLY. I say get one!

I picked up a few things from Pixi Beauty at Target Canada last week.

 photo IMG_3013.jpg

Figured it’d be best to get them now, before the CRAZY times happen when they liquidate. I’m not sure what they’ll be liquidating, as there really isn’t that much left on the shelves already? They haven’t stocked up in MONTHS from what I see…this exit was in the works around Halloween I say. It’s too bad Target never REALLY came here…it was never the same as down south, and I know since I’m down south a lot. I am really going to miss their seasonal decor section though…especially the Halloween one. πŸ™ Β That H2O SkinTint is freakin’ GREAT stuff…might have to pick up some more! If you want a review, just lemme know, I’d be happy to oblige.

 photo IMG_3168.jpg

Oh, how I love flavoured salts lately! You need so little to give quite the flavour enhancement! This is a merlot salt from Evoolution in Southgate. SO good with ground beef! They have quite a few flavours, including a spicy GHOST PEPPER SALT…need to get that one next for sure!

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on around here lately! What’s been up with you? Got a new lipstick like MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus you love? Or a new recipe you’ve tried and love! Do share what’s on your mind! Let’s CHAT. πŸ˜€

  • Whoa, Viva Glam Miley’s actually so pretty on you! I think it’s too pink for me, I’ll probably stick with Viva Glam I for a little burgundy/vampy goodness.

    • Thanks! xx I think you could totally pull it off! VGs are supposed to be universal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE VGI, and see-Ru Paul. Why can’t we go back to awesome spokespeople like that??

  • I need the lipstick too, looks fab on you.
    I am happy that this year it is more pinks, last year was a bit too red for me lol.

    • You’ll love it! Its really pretty! I agree, I’m glad it’s back to pink too. I didn’t get any of the Riri VGs at all.

  • Hey Tracy, I just got that lipstick in the mail today! I am not a fan of her, either, but this shade is super stunning and I had a good feeling when I swatched it during the preview a couple of months back. It looks BEAUTIFUL on you!

    I actually like dry shampoo. The thing is my scalp greases up, but my hair could still be clean. If I just shampoo, it dries my hair out. That’s why I appreciate a quick spritz just to freshen the roots. I’ve heard good things about these, but for the moment the brand is not available here yet. Annd I love that NUXE lip balm as well! I got the special edition cap in yellow hahaha I was totally hoping it’d be pink :p

    • Thanks you! It’s going to look awesome on you too! cc
      Ahh, see I get it now. It’s good for people with oily roots and dry ends. See for me it just frizzes my hair up, but I have dry curly hair, so….they just don’t work for me. Smell good though! I saw they had pink too lol! I’m going to look for that one too!

  • Angela

    Loved the post – feels like we’re chatting over tea. I agree that lippie looks foxy on you! I’ve exceeded my lipstick budget for the next…decade or so?…I have too many to consider another hot pink one. (Have you tried the Maybelline matte lipsticks – LOVE THEM YOU MUST TRY THEM OMIGOSH). Plus, I’m not a super big fan of Miley Cyrus – is she really popular despite the lunacy? questionable choice, I think. I have to agree with Sunny – I love dry shampoo because as someone with thin/ fine & thinNING hair (so sad), I need all the grip & volume I can get. When I had shorter bangs, these products were godsends because at work I have to don a hardhat and GROSS greasy bangs would be the end result of that πŸ™ This would make me feel more human and take them from I NEED TO WASH MY HAIR to I can live with myself now!
    Happy Friday πŸ™‚

    • Yes! I’ll have Earl Grey please! πŸ˜€
      Yeah, I don’t know? She’s questionable for sure! I wish they’d pick someone we’d all be enamoured with and someone that actually is worthy!
      See, I guess I’m the wrong person for Dry shampoos!But I do have thinning hair that’s for sure-I have some things I’ll be posting about that really help so look out for that. Dry shampoo just makes my hair frizzy? Maybe it’s because I have wavy hair?
      Happy weekend Angela! Stay warm! It’s getting colder and more snow to shovel haha! I think the warm weather spoiled us!

  • Ooh, the kettlebells app looks fun! Although I actually rarely use my Nike fitness app any more because I don’t feel like fiddling with my phone at the gym. I feel like I’ll just hop on Twitter instead, LOL. GOTTA FOCUS.

    I want to get that lipstick, even though I don’t like Miley either, but I’m trying not to buy much right now (holiday season is a killer) and I want a NARS lipstick more, lol.

    I like these kinds of fun posts, too! πŸ˜€

    • HAHAHA, I use my phone to listen to music on the elliptical, and I like it for this app! But I do admit, I like the machines a lot too!

      YES to NARS! You need one. They’re just something I can’t get enough of!
      And yay! I want to do more like this. So much easier to write.
      Have a great weekend! xx

  • LOL. I agree with you on the dry shampoo business. I think it works for someone who wants to break the everyday shampoo cycle, but I like using it for styling. Dry shampoo usually works well when I need to tease my relatively straight hair, and I make sure to wash my hair if I use dry shampoo cause it feels weird. ;o
    Miley Cyrus looks great on you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Love MAC’s cause, but they need to go with better spokespersons next time! ;D

    • Yeah, the gunk has to build up on roots, no? I guess I’m lucky I don’t need it, and I wash my hair because I exercise. Sometimes I can get away with not, but most of the time I can’t stand sweaty head LOL!
      And right? Like why can’t they pick someone who makes sense for once? I just don’t get it. Really baffles me!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I don’t understand MAC’s choices either. I like what the campaign stands for and the products are generally decent, but Miley? Really, MAC? Ugh. Undecided on whether I’d wear it at all if I go ahead and get it. The colour is pretty but rather bright for my usual tastes, and I’m just not sure I want her signature anywhere so close to my mouth… πŸ˜›

    Target is on my bad side anyway, and has been, from well before their announcement that they were pulling a runner up north. Why I dislike them though, is a rant best reserved for occasions where beverages are involved, because it could take a while.

    Ohoh and I don’t have a gym but I do have a non-functioning treadmill- does that count? hahahahaha Actually I recently got a new pedometer (yeah I’m sooooo high tech here) because my old one decided it hated me. I’d wear it all day and when I looked at it in the afternoon it would say I’d only taken a few hundred steps. I’m pretty sure that even a lump on a log could get 278 steps in over the course of 10 hours, so that one got returned. Hopefully the new one will be able to count better.

    Wavering on the purchase button with the blush ballz. What to do?!?!?! *smacks self* I am an idiot- I have a gift card. *searches email for gift card code* D’oh. Done and done.

    • I know, right? Like pick somebody that makes sense for once MAC! And hahahaha-the signature is hardly noticeable LOL! Hmmm, guess we need to meet at a pub someday as I’d LOVE to hear this Target story now!
      Hahaha, you’d be surprised at how little we walk each day-it’s surprising! And one of the reasons why people get bigger all the time. But I do hope your new one works better! My new iPhone has a step counter in too, but I don’t carry it with me all day LOL.
      YAY blush ballz! I love those things. So pretty you will love them!
      Any fun plans this weekend?

      • rachlovespenguins

        Well since a bunch of us are doing some 10,000 steps challenge thingy that my uncle found, I should sincerely hope that I’m getting in more than 278 per day! LOL
        A few pints and I’ll tell you everything. πŸ˜‰
        I work just about every Sunday so half my weekend is already spoken for, but as for tomorrow…. Maybe go by the antique mall to do some re-arranging of our space. It’s been a while, and even though the employees and owner do try to keep things tidy, the shoppers always manage to make things a right jumble. I’m all the time finding my stuff in other vendors’ spots, and their stuff in mine. It makes one wonder whether so many people really have a hard time remembering where they’ve picked up an item, or if they just don’t care and leave it wherever.
        I lead such an exciting life, no? hahahahaha

  • Love Miley or don’t (I’m not really a fan), I love that shade of lipstick! So pretty on you, Tracy! Hope you have an amazing weekend πŸ™‚

  • 1) I love you for watching The IT Crowd.
    2) The Body Shop Cactus Heart is by far my favorite foot-scrub-a-duber (the smaller size makes it easier to use than the original mitt).
    3) You are SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! (actually, put this one at#1)
    4) I’m curious as to the Co-Lab Dry Shampoos. Mainly because Ruth is of the same Youtube group as Real Techniques which is fan-freaking-tabulous. Also because while nothing has changed except that I eat more vegetables everyday, my hair needs to be washed an entire day early now. Which wouldn’t be a big deal except that I’m lazy. And don’t feel like it. And other dry shampoos I’ve tried really suck. So there.

    • LOL hahaha thanks! xx
      The IT Crowd is one of our fave BBC shows-we watch a lot of BBC here, even their panel shows we love.
      I guess I’m just the wrong blogger for Dry Shampoo then! I’ve never watched Ruth’s videos, and actually I don’t watch the pixiwoo sisters either. I only watch a few YTbers, I just kind of give up LOL!

  • I think I might actually cave and buy the Viva Glam lipstick because the color is so beautiful and it’s for a good cause…I just might put a sticker over Miley’s signature or something. And I love that t-shirt, and it’s awesome you all have it!

    • LOL hahaha sticker over the name hahaha I like that idea!
      I knew we’d all want one and when I showed them both of them said YES. πŸ˜€
      Happy weekend Margo!

  • Liz

    That lipstick looks so good on you! I have my eye on it but not in a rush or anything.

    And is it weird that the pumice attachment to that skincare device has me a little excited? I love pumice stones for feet. No blisters here unless I wear shoes that are too tight or loose but WHY do they get crusty so fast???

    • Awwww, thanks! xx Yeah it’s here for awhile. It would be fab on you!

      ME too lol! I was SO excited when I saw it! My feet sweat a lot, so I get blisters really easily. And m y little toes kind of curve, so they always rub on shoes. I should just get rid of them, they’re so scabby anyways LOL. Man, so gross are my feet. πŸ˜›

  • Lily

    That pumice stone attachment – Clarisonic needs to make one so I can attach it to mine! and that Miley Cyrus lipstick looks good on you πŸ™‚

    • They made one, the pedi clarisonic but it’s a different device πŸ™‚

  • THE IT CROWD ROCKS!!!! I’ve gotta get some of those tees for my husband!

  • Target is pulling out of Canada??

  • I like this chatty Friday post!

    Do you do the kettlebell work at the gym or do yuo have kettlebells at home? I have heard it’s an awesome workout but I have never tried it.

    This lipstick looks gorgeous on you! I love mine too and I like that it lasts so long on me! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks! I have them at home, but the gym has a full weight range of them! My gym has pretty much everything you can think of.
      Thank you I bet it looks pretty on you! Happy weekend to you to Agata! xx

  • Same here, not a Miley fan (especially not since she started to run around nekkid all the time and showing here tatas to everyone and their car) but that lipstick is GORGEOUS!

    • LOL hahahaha like what happened to her? Why do they all go NUTS?
      It’s one of the best pink lipsticks I have I think-really brightens up the face.

  • mattescience

    The IT Crowd is so funny, it’s one of my old reliables for periodic rewatching when I need something in the background while I do coursework.

    I noticed on your instagram that you have both the spring palettes from Clarins and Lise Watier – do you have a preference between them? I’m restricting my spring purchases to one palette and those two are the current frontrunners. (The Nars palette looks gorg but I very rarely wear darker eyeshadows so that one would be hard to justify lol!)

    • Mine too! Such a good show. I wish they’d bring it back.
      Yes! I do…hmmm the Lise Watier is really nice and brighter. If you like aqua shades, then I say that one. The Clarins one is nice too, but more green. More neutral even I’d say, so if you like that more then pick it. The Lise Watier eyeshadows are really creamy though and just oh that slightly better I think, because the pigmentation is good even dry, as I still find that the Clarins one needs to be used wet to get better colour. I hope that helps! I haven’t tried the NARS one yet, but I’m kind of excited for it! Everyone sure loves it!

      • mattescience

        Thanks! I guess I’ll put off the decision until I can see the colours in person… (and if I end up totally wanting both… whoops)

  • Haha I don’t get dry shampoo either. I’ve tried it but it’s not something I can get my head around although I also know of people who swear by using one. Then again, I wash my hair daily so I”m not the best person to critique, hey? πŸ˜‰

    • Again, we are alike haha! I wash my hair pretty much every day too, so yeah-I’m not the best person for testing them at all!