A Couple of Things You Gotta Look At Getting Before They’re Gone

Hey! Look! I’m back so soon haha! I know, it’s like a Tracy Blogging miracle! But seriously, this is just a PSA kinda’ post from me, about things I truly LOVE and use right now. Hey-I’d never tell you about stuff I don’t like. Or use. ‘Cause that’s not ME, cross my menopausal chubby heart. 😛 These are things that I think are important for those of you living in Canada to take a look at before they disappear…:D because they are truly great! And hey-if you live elsewhere in this wonderful world of ours and happenstance upon these lovely products? Give ’em a try! I think you will like them as much as I do!

First off this duo from Bioderma:

 Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème .jpg

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème

If you frequent Shoppers Drug Mart as much as I do, then I KNOW you’ve seen this stuff there. Stop looking and BUY IT. Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème I’m pretty sure I’ve seen sold as a duo over Christmas, and if you are lucky they are still there as a duo to scoop up. If not, even buying them as singles? SO WORTH IT. I shower every day, as I exercise pretty much every day. I try, I try. Just wish the chub would move off the bones! Oh, and the daily hot flashes GALORE that I experience also warrant daily showers. And daily showers are kind of a NO-NO when you have sensitive skin like I gots. These two products make my skin feel good! Normal! Not dry and scaly like they were starting to feel before they entered my shower routine.

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche and Bioderma Atoderm Crème soften and protects the skin and reduces any tightness in dry skin. Both products are allergen-free, soap-free, paraben-free. The Gel Douche, or Shower Gel gently cleanses and respects the skin’s PH balance. It really does leave skin soft after showering. It lathers really well too-only two pumps on my bath poof and it’s good! And the Atoderm Crème is perfect to moisturize after showering. It biologically strengthens the skin barrier and thereby curbs the penetration of any irritants. This duo is the best shower experience ever I swear, and my skin feels so good now. Love it! I don’t know about you, but I can’t take heavily fragranced shower products lately-I just can’t. These two products from Bioderma fit the bill right now. The gentle ocean fragrance is perfection.

You all know my love for Avène and the Avène Thermal Water. Right now, there’s a special offer you need to check out! I bet that itchy horsie would approve! 😛

Avene Thermal Water..jpg

Avene Thermal Water.

You get a Limited Edition 50ml Avène Thermal Water Spray for FREE with the purchase of the 300ml version! It’s a great travel version to take with you, or throw in your gym bag. There’s special art work on these too-this year, the 2015 version is called The Mirror and it’s the second “collector” of a series of six that Avène will be offering until 2019.

 photo IMG_6176.jpg

Last year’s LE from 2014 on the left and this year’s 2015 LE The MIRROR on the right

Scoop this sweet deal up S’il vous plait! I use the Avène Thermal water all the time now. After I cleanse my face before any serums, after showering it soothes my face, in the AM to refresh my curls, to cool my face after a hot flash OH YEAH- I can’t be without this stuff now as you can tell. Check out the cool display unit Avène sent me to house the pretties! You can’t get this anywhere unfortunately, but I thought I’d show you my new love. It’s cool, right? Like my own, personal little Avène Thermal Water Museum hahaha!

Avène Thermal Water.jpg

Avène Thermal Water

Ok, I’m done haha! But yes, both of these products are pretty amazing I swear!

Guess what? I actually went to a real gym today! A new recreational centre opened up by our house in early December, and we finally got a chance to check it out. It’s NICE. It even has an indoor track to walk or run on! And all the machines! I love it! Me and the hubby went to work out together this afternoon-it was fun. We haven’t worked out together in years! I mean, we walk together in the summer all the time, but actual weights and stuff-we haven’t done that stuff since before Marky was born. Hopefully we keep it up and get healthy soon! Tomorrow I’m gonna check out the Zumba GOLD class for older adults haha-I’m a bit scared to take the regular class with all the young people! Gotta test out the easy Zumba Waters first!

Have you done something with your significant other recently that was fun? Or haven’t done in years? Do share! It’s been kind of fun hanging out together as a couple now that Marky is away at college. Like old times…almost…:P


  • I’m huge on the Avène thermal water spray but there’s even 1 better and that’s the Uriage one. It’s a lot more salty/sulphar based but it puts all the rest to shame really. Love the Bioderma Atoderm showergel, I use that for the little ones in spring/summer when they’ve been out in the sun and run overheated.

    • OOOH now I gotta try that one! It’s not here probably though-might have to finally hit you up on your offer soon! And yes-it’s such a great shower gel-so gentle and moisturizing.

  • Yay, congrats on hauling your hiney to the gym! 🙂 Fingers crossed that you’ll be able to keep it up. I have a thermal water spray from Vichy, it sounds a lot like this one from Avène. I love it for hot summer days.

    • THANKS!! I will for sure-I really like it and its not far. I can actually walk. And in the summer for sure that’s gonna be the best part!

  • Hey Tracy, I actually haven’t tried a lot of these sprays at all, but now that you have sung this one praises, I feel that I have to check it out! That tiny museum is cute 🙂

    Whoaa you went to a real gym!!! Keep us posted about your Zumba class!

    • I love that spray, but now I’m interested in the one Phil talked about in his comment!
      YUP! The Zumba was FUN. Don’t know why I was so scared-I guess just nervous is all, but like Agata says-nobody cares!

  • Trakeee, you sure sound like you’re loving these products 🙂 I’ve never tried that Bioderma duo and no Bioderma for us US folk, but hey – if I ever make the trek back to the land of Canadia, I’ll keep my eyes peeled! <3

    • I am! Too bad-Bioderma is another great brand that I use a lot of. Their sunscreen is the best!

  • Lily

    The water spray doesn’t do much for me though… I need to try that Bioderma shower gel. Sounds great!

    • I LURVE the spray! Can’t be without it! That Bioderma shower gel is awesome-you barely need moisturizer truth be told!

  • a thermal water museum. all my dreams have come true.

  • Hi Tracy! I have been going to the gym for a while but this year my husband joined too. And I switched to Planet Fitness with him. I know it’s not the greatest gym in the world but it serves its purpose and I am so happy my husband is going with me and I can motivate him.

    Let me know how the Zumba Gold goes. As you know I attend regular Zumba twice a week (tonight is one of the days actually) and I love it more than any kind of workout. And there are people of different ages, the best part is- nobody cares and nobody judges you! I have three instructors, one of them is in her mid 50s and she’s the most energetic and fun people I have ever met!

    • Hey Agata! It was great! No different than a regular Zumba class the instructor said-just more verbal cues and maybe not as fast. But it was fun! I loved it! I’ll have to check out the regular one for sure, as I think i can do it. I’ve been doing Zumba in my home for over a year, so I know most of the steps and stuff. And yes-the motivating each other is the best part! We are a little sore today hahaha-I want to go tomorrow but we’ll see if we can move LOL!

      • Lol, well how sore are you today? My Zumba yesterday was so sweaty! Wednesday class is “glow in the dark” Zumba which is fun but the room is really small and it can get pretty crowded. My arms are sore from the gym on Tuesday but I hope to go tonight!

      • I’m ok hahaha! A little sore, but not bad! Wow, glow in the dark! I need to try the night classes sometime-maybe they are more fun!

  • I like going to the gym with S., too! Basically just any way of keeping active together is fun. Not that we have done much else lately, lol. Too cold 😛 We went running in -15C weather, does that count? LOL. I know that’s nothing to you Canadians, but give the tropical island girl a break, ok? 😛

  • Liz

    I have a travel size of that shower gel – picked it up because I think it said it can be used for face and body! (Have you tried on the face?) As for the Avene, I finished a small bottle of it this past summer but couldn’t really tell a difference between it and other sprays. But it’s nice to have around during heated moments that’s for sure.

    • It’s ok on the face yes! I’d rather use my A Derma stuff though. I really can tell a diff with Avene compared to the others!

  • Oh my goodness I am addicted to the Avene thermal water. addicted I tell ya

  • A completely random comment from me but every time I see those underwater Avene shots I have flashbacks to Zoolander where Derek Zoolander swims around in his fishtail talking about the ‘essence of wetness’! Lol. That aside I love Avene products!!!