The Make Up For Ever Artist Liner and Two Eye Makeup Looks I’ve Been Loving Lately

I”ve been an extremely lazy beauty blogger when it comes to eye makeup lately. There are multiple reasons why, but honestly? It’s just that I don’t really want to bother blending and blending and blending eyeshadows all the morning long.

It’s awards season in Hollywood, so all the stops come out for makeup looks at this time of year. But this is one that caught my eye:


Credit: Jeff Vespa/

Emma Stone has hooded eyes, just like me, so when I saw this winged eyeshadow look, I loved it! I love a cat-eye as much as the next beauty junkie, but when you have hooded eyes, or more like hooded eyes that are uneven like mine? It’s REALLY difficult to do every day. But this eyeshadow look is genius for us hooded eye gals! It still gives that lift to the eye that we need, but it’s so much easier to do than faffing around with liquid liner.

 photo EyeshadowwingsPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

Ever since that Sunday, when I do wear eyeshadows now(which is rarely btw), this is how I’ve been doing it! It’s so much easier I tell you. Not a lot of blending since it quite a graphic look, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me haha! This is FAST. All you do is sketch it out with your eyeshadow and fill it in. Simple. And as you can see it works for daytime looks as well as that night time look Emma is wearing. Just add some eyeliner to your waterline and darker, smokier eyeshadows for some drama and BOOM. You are done! And if you love and use eyeshadow pencils? Then doing this look is even easier my friends. Try it! And I see the Pixiwoo girls on Youtube have also done a look based off of this, although I think my way is a bit easier LOL. They still do a lot of blending, blending, blending…:P talk about making something harder than it really needs to be…which is why I kinda’ avoid YT lately, unless it’s Lisa Eldridge. 😀

The new(well, not so new-like a couple months new now LOL) MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner is a twist up, gliding eye pencil that I like to use for my other favourite eye look. Well, probably my MOST favourite and worn eye look!

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner.jpg


The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liners are available in 15 highly pigmented shades and 5 different finishes Matte, Metallic, Iridescent, Diamond, and Satin finishes. And no need for a sharpener as these are twisty-ups!
Swatchy Time!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner .jpg

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner Matte Black M-10 and Iridescent Green Tree I-34

So creamy and really blendable! And that’s what I look for in an eyeliner lately as I am getting older and older! The less tugging at my eyes, the better. I take these MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liners and apply them to my bottom and top lash lines and smudge, smudge, smudge baby.  BAZINGA! Eye look done.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner .jpg

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner Iridescent Green Tree I-34

This simple eyeliner look is exactly what I need to give my eyes some definition behind my new, big glasses. That’s why it’s my favourite all time eye look lately. That, and it stays PUT, even through hot flashes. I’m telling ya, if a really blazing inferno of a hot flash happens, makeup MOOOOOOVES. These MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liners don’t! Love ’em.

Have you tried a new makeup look recently? Do you have a favourite, easy eye makeup look? What is it?

  • Loved how Emma Stone looked, and love your daytime/nighttime versions! Haven’t tried these pencils yet, but the colors look lovely.

  • That winged eyeshadow look works beautifully! I ‘accidentally’ tried a new eye makeup look last week when I unsuspectingly applied a very dark green shadow in my crease and then I just decided to go with it – haha!

  • Hey Tracy, I love it when something requires a minimum of effort but makes a maximum of impact! This works really well on you! Glad to hear the liners stay in place. I seldom try pencil liners nowadays because gel is more reliable for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get tempted!

    • Thanks! I use pencils most of the time-these or the Marc Jacobs one. They both stay put on my oily lids, which is important as mine are so oily! And when I just wear liner, I don’t use primer.

  • Crap, now I want that teal liner! So pretty. And I love the way you’ve been doing your eyes, looks fab.

    • I love teal liners. I used to have every one from every brand LOL. Thanks Melissa! xx

  • Whoa! Just gorgeous!! And you’ve also found a quick and easy way? Does get much bette than that. Havent had a look at these liner yet, will have to do so now 😉

    • Thanks! Yes I just draw with a brush and that’s it! Easy.
      MUFE makes great stuff lately!

  • Honestly, you don’t need all that eyeshadows and blending chores. Your eye color and lashes are gorgeous without any of that.
    I’ve recently tried Marc Jacobs mini liner and it is really nice! I love using it to tightline. To think about it, I think I’ve been wearing less eyeshadows, too. 😉

  • Your eyes look gorgeous. Any tips on how to make that cat shadow so even? I haven’t tried these liners yet but there is one greyish/taupe shade (forgot the number) that I really want!

    • Awww, thank you! With hooded eyes I just look straight ahead and draw away. Using the eyeshadows wet are another easy way too! The liners are great and really stay put!

  • Love these looks! I’m so often lazy with eye makeup too and lately have just been wearing cream shadow and liner.

    • That’s another look I’ll do! Try making the cream shadow winged like this! Even easier than with shadow!

  • I love these looks! They look beautiful on your eyes! I’ve been pretty lazy with my eye makeup as well lately: cream shadow all over and a lot of mascara works for me. But I think I’m craving something a bit more fun 🙂

    • Thanks Marianna!
      Yeah, that’s another go-to look for me as well! Try this and let me know if you love it!

  • Ginn Marie

    I have hooded eyes JUST like yours, and giving my eyes some lift is my newest obsession. My eyes are also round, so it’s a bit troublesome. Anywho I’ll definitly be trying these looks out!

  • That teal color was MADE for you! It makes your eyes so jewel-like! Hahaha! Annnnnd LASH ENVY OVER HERE.

  • Ooh, I love these eye looks! The bold, graphic shape is perfect for more hooded eyes. You rock it just as well as Emma 🙂

  • rachlovespenguins

    I’ve done the “evening” version when I wanted something a bit more dramatic, but it never occurred to me to do it with lighter neutrals too. That’s genius!

  • OOOH ME LIKE! I wear the same gel liner cat eye, but GAH– this is so much more glam!

  • Lily

    What you have here are my go to eye makeup. Great for eyes like mine 🙂

  • Toya

    I’ll have to try out that winged shadow look – I’m so boring when it comes to eye makeup! I’ve been doing better over the past months to WEAR it, but it’s usually one or two shades, BAM, done. I received one of those liners in a taupe-y grey, but I rarely wear it – no good reason, either, except I just generally only wear winged liquid/gel liner when I do wear liner. I should pull it out again! It is awfully pretty.

  • I have hooded eyes too (I think?) And I’d LOVE to get a bit more cat-eye in there. What a brilliant thought to do it with neutrals. Now if I can just remember to not smudge my eye mid-day…

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