My California Trip and Stuff and Such

HEY!!! HOW YOU DOIN’?? I know, I used that line on you last week, right? I really am Sorry, but I’ve just been living life and haven’t had time to bloggy blog! I’m back from California now, and so I thought I’d share a few snippets of my trip to get my toes all dipped back in the blogging waters…:D I have like TONS of skincare to share with you over the next while…and menopausal HELP too… but for now, let’s have some FUN. I like FUN. What’s life without fun, right?

Ok so Disneyland first, because you know…it’s my second home HA.

 photo IMG_2728.jpg

The biggest macaron I’ve ever eaten is this Mickey Salted Caramel Macaron from the Jolly Holiday Bakery(Yep-like from Mary Poppins-the decor is ADORBS-penguins and stuffs). We shared this of course, because it was the size of Marky’s head. Could have been a bit crispier on the cookie part though, but it was YUMMMmmmmm….

 photo IMG_2729.jpg

I can’t tell you how much I love that Marvel is part of the Disney Universe now, although I know that probably angers a lot of people but PFFFT I DON’T CARE. Makes me happy to see them here and all the art work around now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. And maybe they’ll make some attractions/rides for them! YES. PLEASE.

 photo IMG_2746.jpg

It’s a family tradition to go see Disney’s Haunted Mansion redress into Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. We’ve been going ever since we discovered Disneyland did it, which was by accident actually. Literally. We were supposed to go that summer as usual, but poor Terry tore his Achille’s tendon 2 days before our trip. He was out of town too working when it happened-REGINA of all places. Not the best city to go to the ER late on a Saturday night in Canada lemme tell ya… anyways we had to cancel the trip, disappointing 8 year old Marky who cried for DAYS hahaha. Thankfully, we had booked the trip on Air Canada Aeroplan points, so we rebooked for November that year and WOW. It was one of our best trips to Disneyland ever! It was COLD. Like below zero at night which we loved. Plus, we discovered the whole Nightmare Before Christmas stuffs and Marky fell in love with the movie, with the characters-it was like foreshadow extreme now that Tim Burton is an alumni of hers… πŸ˜€ proud MAMA here or what… :D:D

 photo IMG_2755.jpg

Although this FROZEN THANG??? Has gone a bit too far for my taste. Marky too. I don’t get the popularity of this film at all???? And neither does she, or the rest of her classmates..they all are really confused by the Frozen FANDOM. It’s really not that good of a story…so many flaws…and the animation is not that great…Tangled was SUCH a better story and movie! But you can’t shake a stick in California without hitting something from FROZEN. They’ve even removed my FAVOURITE MUPPETS 3D Show and replaced it with a Frozen Sing-a-long venue…UGGGHHHHHHHH…… and you can apparently build a snowman in another part…they truck REAL snow in from god knows where… like WTH DISNEYLAND. Give Frozen a rest. A lot of us that visit are from Alberta, and hello??? WE ARE WINTER. We come to escape the white stuff. Stop shoving it in our faces, PLEASE.


 photo IMG_2733.jpg

This was the wedge salad at The House Of Blues Anaheim at Downtown Disney. I made the server laugh so hard when he brought it over because I kinda’ screamed: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. Like holy HELL it’s a MEAL, not a salad??? I ate 1/3 of it because LOOK AT IT! Covered in blue cheese and bacon and dressing and it’s HALF OF A LETTUCE HEAD WTF.
NOPE. Not a salad dudes.

 photo IMG_2751.jpg

My makeup I wore most days consisted of these products. That Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is like OMG so good. It’s kinda’ like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, but a bit more coverage. SO so good. Get it. I found it at Ulta. Which I kinda’ really dig! Maybe a bit more than Sephora even!

 photo IMG_2740.jpg

I got this Bare Mineral Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in Express Yourself there because LOOK at that colour! And the lipstick holder! I DIE. Spring in a lipstick or what! LOVE.

 photo IMG_2761.jpg

More food. THIS. IS. THE. BEST. ICE CREAM. EVER. Coolhaus started out as a food truck but they now sell their products in stores like Whole Foods across the USA, and DUDES. GET THIS one if you love figs like I do! YUMMM, big chunks of figs…it’s heavenly.

 photo IMG_2777.jpg
I loveΒ this stuff. It helps me sleep like nobody’s business. I bring back a couple in my suitcase every time, but seriously….I wish I could bring a CASE. On the hunt for a reasonable melatonin replacement now…menopausal sleeplessness is DIRE people.

 photo IMG_2805.jpg
You know I love me Tom Freakin’ Ford Lipsticks and it was KILLING me not being able to see this Lips And Boys Collection that everyone has been showing. So, when I saw them at the local(like 30 minutes away) Nordstrom’s I tried to get one that was unique and chose Orlando. ORLANDO. Which made me think of THIS of course from GHOST:

Orlando! You like it? It’s Autumn Sunrise-do you like it? LOL LOL I love that part hahaha!

 photo IMG_2845.jpg
Orlando turns cooler on my lips than the swatch, as it has silver glitter in it. Which you can’t feel at all, so YAY. Feels creamy and nice, just like the regular Tom Freakin’ Ford Lipsticks I love…wish I got another! These are mini-sized too which I kinda’ dig. Makes me feel like I can actually finish this lipstick for once!

 photo IMG_2770.jpg

I managed to check out the Guerlain Spring Collection! First one actually, as they put it out for me-in fact, I helped them set it up LOL. This is what I ended up buying-BLUSH BALLZ. I had to. You know I had to. Review coming soon!

 photo IMG_2912.jpg

And then it was time to say goodbye to my lovely redhead for a few months. πŸ™ It was so nice to have her around for a few weeks…she’s so GROWN-UP now! Different. Yet the same, if that makes sense?? Almost adult! Almost…when she finally remembers to wash towels I’ll say FULL ADULT hahaha…. Miss her lots… Those are some caricatures of her classmates she drew.
 photo IMG_2913.jpg

And here’s a drawing from her figure drawing class where they get live models and draw Β 6 hours on Fridays…intense or what? She loves it and the teacher loves her, as she really can make people into cartoon characters!

She’s going to be extremely busy this semester as she has to make her own, all by herself, 90 second cartoon! She’s scared, but I know she can do it! So extremely proud of my kid, in case you can’t tell.. πŸ˜›

Ok, I think I’m good! Blogging mojo back haha! I have so much skincare to show you guys…like it’s gonna be :O LOTS…but I should warn you that the majority of my blogging will be about skincare in the future since I AM getting older…48 this Sunday folks holy GEEZE. I honestly thought I was going to be dead at 42 when I was little…swear to god… so every year after 42 is a gift, right? RIGHT. We’ll go with that. πŸ˜› Even though my eyebrows are turning white…WHITE. EYEBROWS. YOU GUYZ.

*All of this was bought by me, ate by me, drank by me-except for that ridiculous FROZEN Listerine crap. NOPE.

  • Hi Tracy, glad your back! What a nice recap of your trip! You should definitely be proud of your kid!

    I need to dry that Sleep drink. I tried the Awake one before but I didn’t feel like it did much for me. And I can’t wait to hear about that Guerlain baby Glow!

    Oh, and most importantly, Happy Birthday! You look beautiful at 48!

    • Thanks Agata I really am!
      Yes try it! It works! And I’ll get going on the Baby Glow too-lots of interest in that for sure!
      And thank you-so sweet of you! xx

  • Welcome back! What a fun recap, love the snaps. That salad though… woah! Haha. I cannot believe your 48 by the way. I hope I’ll look as good as you when I get to that age. Happy birthday!

    • Thanks! Awww, so sweet. You know, I got CARDED for a beer there. I couldn’t believe it.

      • Woah, I bet that made your day! I LOVE it when they ask for my ID when I buy alcohol. It hasn’t been happening a lot lately though, boo.

  • Hey Tracy, I can’t even begin to iterate how jealous I am of that SALTED CARAMEL thang. That’s it.

    OK just kidding! Glad to see you had such a great trip! I love Marky’s work: it’s got so much sense of humor πŸ™‚ Glad to see you picked up a boy, too! Orlando is unique for sure!

    • As I ate it I did think of you hahaha!
      That’s a great way of describing her art! I love it.
      And yeah I had to! I like it!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I have a feeling that Marky has more talent in her little finger than the entire Frozen team could ever dream about. She could rule the world. Or at least agood chunk of animated filmland. Lol
    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone (even children) should like Frozen the way they do. It was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever had the displeasure of viewing. And you’re right, it’s everywhere. I don’t live near anything even remotely Disney related but I can’t go to the grocery or even the gas station without seeing something with a princess or that snowman on it. Ugh.
    Happier note, TF and blush ballz!!! I can’t decide if I really need them or not. I’m an addict so I do, but I probably shouldn’t.
    And happy birthday! May it be full of pretty things (and non flashy sleep!) and absolutely devoid of certain princesses and snow people. πŸ˜‰

    • LOL hahahaha. Thanks! You know one of the directors actually said: GIRLS ARE HARD TO ANIMATE. Man, that pissed Marky off so much….
      I don’t understand why or how it’s so popular! And any time Idina sings it live, she can’t. She screws up the big note.
      Yes! I should have got another TF, but most of the shades where stuff I had. there was another I wanted but of course it was sold out.
      And thank you! It was LOL!

  • I know this isn’t the crux of the post, but- they removed the Muppets 3D and replaced it with Frozen! Totally uncool. That was my fave! Sounds like a lovely trip you had with your daughter. Those sketches of hers are amazing πŸ™‚

    • RIGHT??? I was so upset I didn’t get to see The Muppets! Although I just learned that this is temporary, so hopefully the Muppets will be back in a couple of months. I think they’re testing this crap out. And from what I see, it’s popular. SIGH.
      And thanks! I love my kid’s art LOL.

  • OMG you got me at “huge macaron”: Dude, I am so happy that you got to go have fun, indulge, and visit your wee one! Her caricatures look great!!!!

  • What an awesome trip! And Marky is so talented! Glad you had time to have fun, see your little girl, and recharge. Happy early birthday, sweet friend <3

    • Thanks so much my dear friend! How’s going back to work? You must be so busy!

      • Going back to work has been awesome πŸ™‚ I admittedly feel pangs of guilt for not wanting to stay at home anymore, but I’m working it through it and every day that my kids love their new routine just makes me feel more sure this was the right decision. Plus, I get to talk to grown ups now, ha! I wouldn’t say I’m super busy so much as I need to be more structured now. But it’s for the best — I function better this way πŸ™‚

      • Good for you! I’m happy you made the right decision! I went back to work when Marky hit grade 2-it was the right decision for that time too.

  • Liz

    Yeah, I don’t get why Frozen became so huge. I liked it but also thought Tangled was superior. I want to see the lanterns in 3D again. Disney should have a ride based on the lantern scene!!

    I saw A-derma on sale the other day and thought of you! lol

    • It’s crazy. I don’t understand! Is it because she’s magic? Is it the snow? Someone has to explain it to me LOL. I’d love a lantern ride-it’d be so pretty.
      And hahaha-I love their stuff. HG cleanser for sure.

  • That is a salad?! OMG They literally cut the lettuce in half and served it drenched in dressing. What the heck?! Oh and I finally watched Frozen for the first time last month and nope, still hate it, still hate that stupid song and I don’t get the hype. Wasn’t even enjoyable to me as an adult since I couldn’t get my head around the storyline. Oh wait, was there even one? πŸ˜›

    • Right? I was in shock LOL! That’s what we think too-there is no storyline. Also, they just used the rigs from Tangled to create Anna and Elsa-if you put them beside Rapunzel you can see it’s the same face.

  • Glad to hear you had an awesome time!
    And this post has plenty of makeup so we love it! ;D
    I wish I can find a good shade from Rimmel foundation range. It would be great if I can find something light enough but with yellow base!

    • Yay! Thanks! I’m pale and yellow too Lena-and this was perfect. The first shade was too pink, but the second shade is perfect. I’m NC15 at the moment.

  • Jennifer Ryder

    Happy Birthday!! Mine was yesterday and I’m way older than you are – 59. Definitely not my favorite decade.
    Sounds like you had a great trip.

    • Thanks! Happy Birthday to you too love! I bet you look fabulous!
      We did! It was fun. I love California.

  • Happy birthday my friend! I love your posts — I feel like I can hear your voice (and you know what I just realized – we’ve never heard each other actually talk like for realz after all these years!). I am intrigued by that Rimmel foundation – I haven’t had much luck with drugstore foundation so maybe I will look for that one…And finally, one question…do you want to build a snowman? πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • Thank you! Hahaha, I feel the same way about yours! It’s like we can hear each other speak. And that’s what blogging is about, right? Yup!
      Yeah, I was surprised by how much I liked it as I’m not a drugstore foundation gal either. It’s nice!
      AND LOL. You know, I’m going back in March and if it’s still there I’M GONNA BUILD A SNOWMAN.

  • Lily

    I hope you had a lovely birthday, Tracy. Love this post, it covered so many things. LOL! I haven’t tried anything from Rimmel before, but so far, I’ve read pretty good things about its foundations and mascaras πŸ™‚ Ah, those ballz… a review on the baby glow first though, if you could!

  • Toya

    Haha, sounds like a great trip Tracy! I know what you mean about Frozen…I finally watched it a couple months ago, and was like ‘wait, WUT?’ It was cute, but honestly NOT the 2nd coming in animated movies – the LEGO MOVIE was SO MUCH BETTER!!! (I love that movie so much I could die…makes me laugh so hard). Anyway. People are weird.

    Also, that SALAD! I’ve gotten ‘salads’ served to me like that before too and it’s always like WTF dude(tte)? It’s kind of annoying to eat, too. It LOOKS pretty, but functional food it is NOT.

    • It was! I agree! Lego was SO MUCH better. Did I tell you Marky MET the directors of The Lego Movie Chris Miller and Phil Lord? They came to her school and gave a lecture and then you could go talk to them! They signed her sketchbook and drew lego in it LOL! They’re great guys-really funny she said. That salad was a WTF IS THIS moment for me. I’m chubby, but MAN-I can see why it’s a problem for people when you go out. I don’t eat out a lot, so it just surprised me!

      • Toya

        Ohhhh Marky is so lucky! I would have been super-stoked to meet them, funnn! And yes…portion sizes etc are INSANE, esp. in the States. Good grief!!

  • Angela

    Welcome back, Tracy! I’m glad you had a blast – you sound like you’re full of joy in this post and it’s so nice to hear it πŸ™‚ My husband and I are thinking about taking our little boys to Disneyland in the next month or so (they’re 3 and 5, so they’ll lose their minds, I’m thinking). I’m so excited to read snippets of real people’s experiences there – especially someone who has a ton of experience with the place. I liked Frozen, having a sister and all (I’m a bit mushy) and I enjoyed all. the. singing. But I took my boys to see it along with my brother-in-law and my niece (also 3) and he nearly killed me for suggesting it. Oops! Let’s just say BIL was not so fond of the singing, ha ha. OH I AM SO GLAD you have skincare product/ tips. My eyelids are becoming more hooded, like in the last week (?!?!) – I noticed my eyeliner wing is going in the wrong direction since apparently my skin is sagging. I’m 36!! I didn’t know that would happen overnight! Let’s just say I stopped into Shoppers this morning to get some of that Vichy serum you mentioned in your favorites blog and I’m hoping to put it and some tried & true No.7 night cream to good use. SHEESH I spent too much moola, but saggy eyelids?!?! Crazy. Okee dokee, love ya lots and have a great one!

    • Thank you lovely Angela! You have to take them-they’d love it as would you both! So much fun! Ahahaha, one Frozen fan!
      Today’s post has a hooded eye look, so there you go! πŸ™‚ I hope you try it out! I’m trying a new eye cream by Avene that comes out next month-so far so good! I think you’d like it! My review will be up soon. And YAY!! I hope you love that serum! And love you lots too lady! xo

      • Angela

        Woohoo! diving into that posting right now! Thanks Tracy πŸ™‚ I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your thoughts on Avene. I hypothesized that since I got my MAC 217 brush (I think that’s it), I’ve been going to town on blending and I may be scratching my lids. I’m a wee bit sensitive, apparently. Of course, that didn’t stop me from using it again today…

  • Hi hi hi!! Okay so I have so much to say! So first, I completely agree with you about the Frozen thing and it is NOT RIGHT that they took our the Muppets show. NOT OK. Also, I am addicted to Coolhaus. They have this whiskey frootloops ice cream that is my guilty pleasure. Love all of your new goodies. I need to try out that Rimmel foundation when I finish up a few. And way to go Marky! She is damn talented, that one! She’s got big things ahead!!

    • LOL hahaha! Right? I loved that Muppets show. That whiskey one I saw in Pasadena-gonna get that the next time! That Rimmel one surprised me-I like it! And thanks-I hope you are right!

  • Welcome back dear Tracy!!!! I love these kinds of posts – so good to see what you got up to! My husband is a HUGE Disney fan too so I know more trips to Disneyland (HK, Tokyo, Anaheim, wherever!…) will be on the cards in our lifetime too! You’re rightfully proud of your now grown up daughter – time just passes so quickly when you have kids *sigh* xoxo

    • Haha thanks! He’d love Disneyland then for sure! I’d love to go to the Tokyo version-the Haunted Mansion is something else there!
      Yeah, it sure does boy. It seems like yesterday when they were little!

  • LOLLLLL Tracy. I don’t understand the Frozen hype, either – didn’t even want to see the movie. It’s everywhere. UGH.

    Disneyland! SO JEALOUS. I want to go. I told S. that’s going to be one of our vacations, very soon, as soon as we can, lol. He’s never been!

    AND OMG WEDGE SALADS, LOL, I HATE THEM. Seriously. Who decided to put a chunk of lettuce in that big SCULPTURE on a plate and then cover it with all kinds of stuff? WHY DO I NEED A KNIFE FOR MY SALAD? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Also I want a review of that Guerlain baby glow!

    • I don’t get it-and MAN it’s getting annoying if you ain’t a fan of it haha!
      You guys should go! It’s not that far for you and you’d love it!
      Right? I’d never had one, so I thought I’d try it but HOLY EFF.
      And yup! That’s 3 votes for the Baby Glow! I’ll get on it!

  • ummmm that macaroon. I need it. salted caramel anything is my favorite thing ever. also… that guerlain glow thingy looks pretty. do i need it?