Other Favourites From 2014-Life Favourites? Sure. We’ll go with that…

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I didn’t make it to midnight -I think that’s the first time in years I couldn’t make it to the midnight countdown. I was asleep by 11:45pm. I tried to stay up, but just couldn’t do it. I was living on 5 hours of sleep from the day before, and when that happens, my brain wants to sleep at 7 pm. Sleep. It’s something that doesn’t come by easily these days I tell ya. Menopause is killing my sleep. I’m lucky to get a good 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep these days-I get woken up by a hot flash usually. Or snoring. Not by ME no no no-I don’t snore unless I have a cold–but my hubby? Somedays, it’s like sleeping with a small animal. Like a fox, weasel, wolverine…something that’s got teeth and is snarly… 😛

Anyhoo, I thought that I’d share a few of my Other Favourites From 2014-Life Favourites? Sure. We’ll go with that…:D Things that I’ve enjoyed in the past year! And you might too if you give ’em a try!

HAND CHEMISTRY Hyaluronic Concentrate and Extreme Hydration Concentrate

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HAND CHEMISTRY Hyaluronic Concentrate and Extreme Hydration Concentrate

I love love LOVE the original Hand Chemistry hand cream I reviewed HERE. But this killer duo of HAND CHEMISTRY Hyaluronic Concentrate and Extreme Hydration Concentrate is WOW. SO so SO SO good. The Hyaluronic Concentrate is amazing-I use that all over my body too. It absorbs so quickly, and doesn’t leave a tacky feeling at all. Plus it’s not hot flash aggravating like a heavy body butter. I tried it on my face too, and it’s ok-but somehow doesn’t feel quite right-which is the point, since it’s not recommended for the face HA. But I thought I’d give it a shot anyways. But on hands? And body? REALLY good. And then put the Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate hand cream on top? Killer combo! And the best part is that I actually LOVE the smell of the Extreme Hydration Concentrate hand cream! It smells really good! Like a clean, men’s cologne-it’s nice! I’d go for a body lotion in this scent for sure Hand Chemistry! You need to make one!

Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

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Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

Yeah, I’m an Aveeno Ambassador. But I can’t get over how GOOD this shampoo is. I colour my hair all kinds of crazy colours and honestly? This sulphate-FREE shampoo is truly the best. I NEVER see my hair colour being stripped out by this shampoo. When I rinse, the water is always, clear. No pink…no purple..and lately…no green. And it never dries my hair out either. All other shampoos can just forget making their way into my shower. HOLY HOLY GRAIL product and I will never EVER use anything else.


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Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I keep Caudalie Beauty Elixir at hand now, ready to go and kill the burn! Well, almost haha, but close! It’s by my TV/Blogging chair, and when I have a hot flash I spray this minty, refreshing spray all over my face and Bazinga!! It helps. It’s cooling, calming and helps take the heat down a bit. I’m going to start to carry one in my purse I think now-I’m not above spraying myself down in the checkout line at Safeway if need be… 😀 And if you’re behind me and want in on the fun, just LEMME KNOW… 😛

Spreadable Brie Cheese??? HELLO NURSE.

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Spreadable Brie Cheese??? HELLO NURSE.

SO good. And it’s why you need this next favourite of mine. 😛

 lolo Tempo Magic Pro App

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lolo Tempo Magic Pro

I don’t really run anymore. I walk now. My aging knees can’t take running anymore. In the summer I go for a good hour walk with my hubby along the trails by our house, but in the winter? I can’t. Snow. Slippery. DANGEROUS. Not everyone shovels the snow, and I’m pretty sure the trails aren’t shovelled either. So, it’s the treadmill. And since I have the attention span of a SLUG on a good day, 30 minutes on a treadmill is about all I can take. But this lolo Tempo Magic Pro App? Makes a boring treadmill walk so much better. I can adjust the rpm of any song to match the cadence of my walking stride-it’s friggin’ GENIUS. Some days I can even walk 45 minutes without noticing I’m bored…. 😛

Disneyland Annual Pass

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Disneyland Annual Pass

YUP. I did it. With Marky living in California, it was inevitable. It’s really not that expensive for us to fly to California from Edmonton. Plus, my hubby travels A LOT for work. He gathers up hotel points and airline points over the year EASY. Like CANDY. Most of our trips are pretty close to free-free flight, free hotel nights-so yeah, that’s how we’re able to go and visit my lovely redhead all the time, in case you were wondering why we always seem to be there hahaha. In fact, we’re going back next week to help Marky get ready for the next semester. She has her first year animated film to make! ALL BY HERSELF. So she’s gonna be busy! We’re going back to help her clean up, wash towels-WHY DO KIDS FORGET TOWELS NEED TO BE WASHED HOLY CRIPES-load up her little dorm fridge, and visit Disneyland of course. And this Annual Pass cost me HALF the price. How? I used my Airmiles to get a free 3 day pass, and then upgraded that baby to an annual pass! I’m a genius, I know LOL! Disneyland is my favourite place in the whole wide world I think. I don’t think I smile as much as I do anywhere else! And then, it’s be time to say goodBYE for a few months…WOW. Gonna be hard. Again. It’s been the best thing EVER to have Marky back for Christmas holidays…I’m going to miss her a lot … 🙁

That’s it! All my faves. Resolutions? OH YEAH. Tracy has TONS of those for sure. I’m not gonna bore you with them, but one is to start writing down things I want to accomplish. FOCUS. So, I bought a life planner/journal thingy. I’ll show it to you when I get it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN. I want to say thanks for sticking by me! For reading my rambles and snarky wine reviews! For commenting! It’s what I do truly love doing, and I hope to keep you entertained for 2015! Love you all! xo Tracy

  • Ebony J

    I have always wanted an annual pass for Disneyland! My resolutions are just to be healthier, exercise more and focus on my blog and schoolwork more

  • TRACY have you ever had Boursin cheese??? Their garlic & herb one is to DIE for — I loved it even before I liked cheese. Seriously tasty stuff.

    Sending you guys lots of ❤️ for the new year!!

  • Hey Tracy! I’ve got to lay my hands on some of that Hand Chemistry stuff! Brie is yum huh? Definitely one of my favorite kind of cheese as well. Hurrah for that year pass!!! My mama would be proud to know I am no longer a kid who forgets to wash her towels LOL

    • You should be able to find it since it’s from the UK!
      HAHAHAHA-good going! You’re all grown-up now!

  • I’m a bad beauty addict… all my attention went straight to the brie 🙁 🙁

  • Lily

    My kids will kill for the Disney annual pass but we’re too far away. The closest one is in Hong Kong 🙁 Thank you for your wonderful posts Tracy!

    • Awwww, thanks Lily! xx
      It’s a 3 hour flight for us, but we go so often now! Was worth it.

  • Ah, I love the Beauty Elixir! I had one on my desk at work last year and it was a great stress-buster. And spreadable brie? Yes, please! 😉

  • I WANT TO GO TO DISNEY LAND. S has never been to either Disney Land or Disney World…so we decided that we are going to go someday soon. Probably Disney World because the Harry Potter place is there!

    ALSO I LIKE THAT SHAMPOO, TOO. It’s in our shower right now! Plus I like the slim little bottle, LOL.

    • Yeah, I wanna see HP Land too, but they’re building it in California and will be finished in 2016! I’m just gonna go there -me and Florida aren’t a great mix I think. The humidity will kill me. Plus Disneyworld is just SO BIG. I like how I can walk around Disneyland from park to park. You can’t do that at DW.
      Yay! That Shampoo rocks.

  • dowantmakeup

    Happy new year, Tracy! Will definitely have to keep that Aveeno shampoo in mind–I really want to dye my hair this year 😀

  • Happy New Year! 🙂

  • telle

    Tracy! Here’s to an amazing 2015 (with as little power surges as possible! and sleep!). where does one get this hand chemistry– is this at shoppers? i haven’t noticed it previously, but then guilty of not really looking for it.

  • jac yue

    I love everything about Aveeno, my boyfriend’s skin is very sensitive and seldom appear rashes! After using their moisturizing lotion, his body rashes reduce alot…

  • Eugenia

    Spreadable Brie! Sounds so good – if only my rather lactose-intolerant self could afford to indulge. To hell with it…I’ll eat it late and night, and let nature take its course while I sleep, lol! (Poor Tom!) I think I’ll give that Aveeno shampoo a shot as well, since my hair is so lightly colour-treated. And Hand Chemistry Hand Cream is my holy grail hand cream – will totally check out these 2 as well now. Finally, I really should try something from Caudalie, and while I’ve never experienced a hot flash, I’m so open to a spritzing! Happy New Year to you & the fam as well, Lil Sis – love ya tons!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA- and lift the covers to let him get a good whiff! LOL!

      It’s my fave shampoo Big Sis! I think you’ll love it! I hope you never get the hot flashes-I’d never even wish them on my worst enemy lol! and I love you, so…. 😀

  • Liz

    Holy crap – I’m going to look for that brie. LIFE ALTERING.

    And I don’t know about hot flashes but YES, the Caudalie Elixir helped a lot when I was overheated in summer weather and having brain farts while trying to study. I keep wanting to buy the giant bottle but it seems like a big jump from the little one – wish they had a medium size, lol.

    • RIGHT????? SO YUMMMM.

      Yeah me too-I keep buying the small size because $59 seems like so much!

  • ooo that hydraluron for body looks cool. and i wish i had some brie right now ahh

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