The Body Shop Red Musk Is Surprisingly Wow!

I like The Body Shop. I really do. I’m just not an insane fanatic groupie when it comes to their stuff. It’s mainly creams and body stuffs which are things I like. But honestly since I’ve been so hot and flashy lately, those are things my hormonally challenged body just can’t take at the moment. I can’t even look a body moisturizers without sweating… πŸ˜›

And sure, I realize that The Body Shop do fragrance. Glazed Apple, Strawberry, Mango…your basic fruit salad fragrances is what they mainly create. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WROING WITH THAT. It’s just not…Tracy. I don’t know, fruity fragrances are for happy go lucky types-not middle-aged, snarky types like moi.

And then, I met The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum. No flowers. No fruit. So ME. Even the bottle I like. It’s simple and not fussy.

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum.jpg

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum

The Body Shop describes Red Musk Eau De Parfum as “spiced musk with hot notes of cinnamon and intense tobacco for a distinctly different fragrance”.Β Kind of a scary fragrance description, hey? Honestly, I don’t really smell the cinnamon so much. If you think this is gonna smell like Big Red Gum (which is what I thought) don’t worry! It doesn’t. The cinnamon just gives a bit of warmth to the fragrance. And if you’re scared of the tobacco in it? Again, don’t be. It’s subdued. I promise you won’t smell like a fireplace full of cinnamon hearts! It’s like a warm winter hug that’s just perfect for this time of year.

If you’ve been wanting to try a fragrance that’s different, out of the norm, not floral… wanting to venture into something a bit more masculine but not SO masculine like say some Tom Ford fragrances like Tobacco Vanille??? Then The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum is what you’ve been looking for. It lasts forever too! Impressive staying power! And at $37, it’s a great price! Highly recommend it!

Have you tried any different fragrances this year? Something out of your comfort zone?

  • Yes, this fragrance is everything! It reminds me of the Tobacco Flower scent TBS discontinued a few years ago. It’s a handsome feminine scent.

  • Haha I actually don’t find Tobacco Vanille masculine at all! For me it’s something you can pull off if you want/like it enough πŸ™‚ I might like this one as well! This year I got out of my comfort zone by finding jasmine actually isn’t as bad as I used to think it is, but I’d probably still pick something mossy over that any day πŸ™‚

    • LOL me too Sunny! I wear it all the time! But a lot of others may find it too smokey for their tastes! You would like this! It’s like baby Tobacco Vanille hahaha! Good for you! I’m still not a huge jasmine fan. I do like it some things, like Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, but it has to be really subdued and mixed with something else.

  • LOL! An insane fanatic groupie! I love you. I need to smell this in person! It sounds intriguing!

  • Yum, I want to smell, but I hate the Body Shop store here. The SAs are grouchy sourpusses πŸ˜› Prolly fruity groupie overload, LOL.

  • I’m going to give this a sniff next time I’m in the store (after the Christmas rush is done though!). Sounds like it’s my kind of scent!

  • I’ve sampled this in-store and really love it! I’m a huge fan of ultra rich shades like Tobacco Vanille and this one is definitely a nice affordable near-dupe πŸ™‚

  • I myself rather choose VS over BS, but I do like their musk. This sounds fabulous! πŸ™‚

    • You know, I never check VS lately-it’s not close by but I should! I do like their scents!

  • rachlovespenguins

    Scents that really used to bother me don’t seem quite so hostile now (words like jasmine and musk and patchouli used to send me running for the hills, lol) and it appears I’m in the middle of one of my “I’ll try anything” periods. Currently sniffing Tom Ford Black Orchid. Sooooo not me but I’m not minding it. Well, in small doses at least. hahaha
    Need to try Tobacco Vanille!

    • Me too with jasmine! It’s not one of my faves still lol! Wow! good for you on Black Orchid-that one is like WOW even for me! I have it but don’t wear to often!

  • Right?! I like it a lot as well. I had no clue what to expect from it and when I first smelled it I was like: hmmm, alright… yep… yep… okay… and then a few minutes later I decided that I loved it, lol πŸ™‚

  • Whao. Is this new? Havent seen/noticed it yet. Love the bottle, and sounds like something I’m craving at the moment too!

  • Liz

    I’ve gotta sniff this ASAP but TBS stores are insaaaaane right now!

  • Alright, you have intrigued me. I need to go smell this. It’s happening.

  • OK now I have to buy it…and because I am not going near a mall for at least a week, will have to look for online deals! Their Shea Body Butter is one of my staples, and I have the Shea body mist next to my bed. Yes, I wear perfume to bed, lol. But something about that scent is so calming! TBS White Musk was one of my main juices back in high school! That and their Dewberry perfume oil.