Uggh Christmas. And I Give Up. This is a long time coming…

I bet you’ve never read a blog post like this, but HERE GOES NOTHING.

I’ve had a couple of glasses of pinot grigio and TWO count ’em, TWO Matzo crackers. No butter mind you, but STILL. And I’m listening to the free sampling of the new ACDC Album. YEAH. You heard me. ACDC. ROCK OR BUST DUDES. Marky doesn’t like them either, but I don’t care. I LIKE THEM so SCREW IT. This has been a long time coming, and if you’ve been a good friend of mine this post isn’t a surprise to you.I’ve been talking smack for a good year about doing this…

I just CAN’T anymore. What? Do this. Something’s gotta give, and I just have to be honest with you all, because if there’s anything I’ve ever tried to be in my blogging life is HONEST. And CRAP. If you blog? You know how hard that is to do.

But this time of year is the WORST. I’ve been hit from all sides and have just too much to blog about, but NOTHING. I repeat NOTHING is that inspiring at the moment. I have an ASS full of skincare at the moment and I could just regurgitate what the press releases say, but THAT AIN’T ME. Read a magazine if that’s what you’re looking for. I ain’t a magazine, hey? I like to try stuff. Give my honest opinion. And truth be told? IT’S DANG HARD TO DO these days. Some PR companies HOUND me every other day, and I give UP. Yeah, magazines go to print with their LIES easily, but I can’t. I CAN’T. Blogging isn’t that. And some big name bloggers have succumbed to the whole magazine style. And WIN AWARDS YET. And sorry, I just think that’s WRONG. Putting out gift guides about the best 10 gifts to buy your BFF????  ISN’T BLOGGING ANYMORE. That’s a magazine. And I don’t care if I hurt anybody’s FEELINGS. I mean, why should I? This is all a bunch of nonsense anyways. And I don’t want to be a part of that/this. So screw it. I give up. I CRY UNCLE. I don’t want to turn into THAT. I don’t want to do any LOOK-HERE-BUY-THIS Christmas Blog posts. It’s not my style. If I like it? And get a chance to try it? I’ll tell ya. Promise.

What does this matzo-wine-ridden rant all mean then? Break time for Tracy. Sorry all. But bloggging isn’t all that and a steak(yeah, I changed that saying because I LIKE STEAK OK-everything is better with steak anyways-ALBERTA BEEF RULES). I’ll be on Instagram still if you miss me and my snark. And I might just get inspired over there to blog again, but for now? I need an honest break just like my good friend Paris @MyWomenStuff. I’ve never taken one in FIVE YEARS. IT IS TIME. Like my amazing friend Maggie @MaggiesMakeup I need to step back. Re-evaluate this blogging thing. And when I’ve figured that out, I’ll let you know. 


But that sounds so final. And I don’t think it is?? I’ll be back. Soon. When I’ve eaten enough matzos… 😛 And thinked about all this stuff some more and where I want to go with this…GEEZ.

*nothing to disclaim or shouldn’t it be CLAIM here really? Cause that’s what this little blurb is all about. MAN I’m sorry if this is all too much? Maybe this menopausal gal is getting her final period because WOW my boobs hurt while on the treadmill today LOL. And I bet that’s something you didn’t need to know AHAHAHA.

  • I seriously couldn’t agree more. It’s really annoying seeing 10 thousand bloggers with the same “Holiday Gift Guides” blog post. I refuse to do that “sorry not sorry!”

    • RIGHT? Like WHO GIVES A FLYING EFF. Not gonna see one here any time soon. That’s not blogging anymore. You’ve sold your soul to the magazines imo.

  • Aww Tracy! I can only imagine what you’re going through but I do believe I understand what you’re saying here. I feel tired of those magazine style posts with no personal experience, too. Some are really well curated with thoughts and considerations, but most of them are just too much and too tiring, imo.
    Hope you feel better soon and come back recharged. I will see you on instagram and twitter!
    Love you. xoxo

  • rachlovespenguins

    *feeds you more matzos*
    Break time or not, I think you might need em. 😉
    But…but…but…you’re gonna make me try to navigate INSTAGRAM?!?! I iz not technologically advanzed enough for that. *goes off in search of an “instagram for dummies” book*
    Actually I’m going back to sewing. Because that’s what every sane woman is doing at 2 in the morning. hahahahaha

    Take care my friend <3

  • I know the feeling.. I take small breaks frequently as I schedule a lot and then take 3 weeks off. I was thinking about all these top x products for this or that.. and I keep going back to my favorites. So that’s pretty boring BUT it’s accurate, yet so not up to date on the new launches. We’re not magazines but we need to mimic them a little bit in quality writing. We do our own stuff for the rest! 😉

  • Lily

    A break is good for the soul! 🙂 And I’m sure you’ll be back when you’re ready. I don’t like gift guides either. Wishlist, I understand… but I’ve been seeing so many “these are what you should get for christmas” la di dah… and PR problems? I think they’re a worldwide epidemic. HAHAHA! I think I say no to PR more than I say yes >_<

  • Maggie


    I get that a lot of people who start blogging have magazine editor aspiration, and due to a lot of factors, the likelihood of actually getting that job is unlikely. So they turn their blogs into mini-mags. Which is totally cool if that’s their goal – more power to them! Team internet all the way, man.

    I just hate that that’s now viewed as the GOAL for blogging. That the more pro-mag your blog is, the more legit it is. And that, to me, just undermines the whole point of blogs. We started doing this, largely, because, as consumers, we were tired of the same old shit getting recycled, and being sold the same press releases. And now we’re supposed to turn around and do the same thing?


    (And seriously, with apps like Next Issue, I get to have all the mags I want on my iPad or iPhone. Why add more try-hard mag blogs to that roster? My time is limited. If I want to read something for the glossy pictures and snazzy sound bites, I’ll go to the folks who’ve been doing it right for 50 years or so. If I want personal takes and intimate writing and “live” impressions – I’ll go the blogs that are doing THAT perfectly. But that’s just my personal preference.)

    • Toya

      AGREE 100% with you here Maggie – it’s not that I don’t like mag-style blogs, but I like different blogs for different reasons, and when a blog I loved for it’s authentic voice starts to go ‘mainstream,’ I get a little bummed out. You said it perfectly – it shouldn’t be the GOAL of blogging. I completely understand wanting to improve and grow and that will inevitably involve change…but if it’s changing to suit what they believe the ideal is, thats when I get a little sad 🙁 I’ve struggled with it myself, but to be quite honest I’m just to lazy to bother LOL!

  • Amen sister! We have to stay true to who we are and to what blogging really is: giving an honest unbiased genuine opinion. It really makes me sad and frustrated to see more and more blogs turning into magazine-style ad spaces 🙁

  • Hey Tracy, aww I’m sorry to hear you’re having a blogger’s block! I get you though. All the gift guides get on my nerves a little as well, unless it’s about something the blogger has tried and loved, then I don’t mind so much. I have the feeling that it’s a way to increase earning with affiliate links, but as a reader I am so desensitized. I love you, and I’ll be waiting for you to come back. Peace out sister! xx

  • Aww, I’ll miss your humour, snark and honesty! Enjoy your well earned break 🙂

  • Angela

    You deserve a break!! I love reading your witty posts and I think you’re a super awesome person in general – but if it ain’t fun anymore, then why add to the stress in your life? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say we all love you and wish you the absolute best 🙂

  • Unpaletteable

    Whatever it takes to keep that snark happy. I like this blog, and
    would never have realised who Shupette reminded me of without you. Enjoy your time out x

  • Not going to lie, I was thinking of doing a gift guide round up but I knew it was mainly going to be things that I want people to buy for me. That’s a kind of gift guide right?

  • I hear ya, Tracy, and appreciate your candour, as always! So many blogs feature little but regurgitation and it’s sometimes difficult to find an authentic voice. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your break! xo

  • Liz

    Oh, Tracy – I miss you already. But it was a long time coming and it’s a break well deserved. I hope you come back extra rejuvenated and brimming with creativity. I’m a little tired of the review grind myself but I always enjoy experimenting so I’m going to finish up the ones in queue and take a hard look at future strategy. I guess we all have to get to that point where if some brand/PR doesn’t like the way we roll, we’ll part ways no problemo. No bending over to please anyone or allowing ourselves to be used constantly as someone else’s mouthpiece. Hope day 1 of your break is AWESOME. 🙂

  • TRACY!!!!!!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel…dude..I think I need to email you though b/c I have WAAAAY too much to write about here LOL. You deserve a break – come back fresh and relaxed. I personally prefer blogs that are bloggy LOL – if that makes sense. But I have felt the pressure to follow what’s on trend…I struggle with this all the time! Ok – totally will be emailing you 😉

  • Tasha

    Oh Tracy! I totally understand what you are going through! I feel like a damn robot lately! Sounds like you have reached your breaking point like I have! Thinking of taking a break from blogging as well, just not sure how long. I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Haven’t for the last few months actually. See you around on Instagram! Hope you don’t stay away too long… love reading your posts! 🙂 <3

  • Tracy– I really get it! I am glad that you are sticking to what you totally believe in. Taking a break is a great way to reevaluate and relax. YOU DESERVE IT. You know I’ll be following you anywho!

  • Totally will await you with bated breath and you soooooo deserve to take care of you no matter what!

  • As soon as I read TWO MATZO CRACKERS I was like yup, never read a blog post like this! But hey, you deserve to run your blog however you want to run your blog, and if you’re not feeling it right now, then 100% you do you. Catch you on Instagram, and see ya when you finish the matzos 😀

  • Lulubelle

    Yep. I’ve seen the progression of those that started with an authentic voice and honest reviews, to carefully couched words (damning with faint praise?) when it comes to subpar products received from PR companies or recommendations for products they’ve either never used or perhaps tried once. I prefer reviews from those that actually use the products enough to give an informed opinion: the good, the bad, and the ugly – with a bit of the blogger’s own unique personality.

  • VancouverChic

    I love your blog, because it is honest. And you have rosacea like me and you have been a big help in makeup. Your honestly, your humor is refreshing. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. So if a break is needed … I will miss you. Have a good time chillin’ … knock back some vino … and see where you want to go. I hope you come back … but that is my damn rosacea talking (rosacea is very selfish) lol. But from a woman’s point of view I get you totally. Wishing you all the best. You deserve it. I’m already missing you ….

  • omigosh. yes!!! (except noooos bout the pressure you’ve been feeling) i SO UNDERSTAND. and i’m not even YOU! (ie…you have way more PR obligations than I do and yet i’m also feeling the overwhelmssss).

    and i HATE that magazine style layout and stuff. i just want to write! like actually write.
    we’ll be waiting for your return! i’m so glad you’re taking a break. i’ve considered one as well.

  • Toya

    HOLLA! I so totally get you Tracy, and lord knows you deserve a damn break – you churn ’em out so fast I can never keep up! It’s interesting I read this now as I was just thinking that I’m done READING posts like the type your mentioning. I am really over the whole PR spiel and I crave some honest to god BLOG POSTS like the good old days. I really miss the real blogging aspect – just talking about makeup and what you like and such, and I’m not so interested in reading plain old reviews, ya know? As you know, I especially LOVE Tracy on wine so of course I love this post. POWER TO YA, SISTER.

  • Definitely having some of the same thoughts lately. I’m trying to work through a pile that keeps getting bigger. I pick through it looking for something I want to write about, and sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I don’t really want to write about foot cream or another perfume. So yes, take a break. Come back when you miss writing and rediscover your love for it. This is a blog, a hobby, not a magazine or a job. I LOVE this blog and can’t wait to see where you take it.

  • Heidi

    I hope you come back, Tracey. I like your blog. You do cool makeup looks and I like your insights. But I totally get wanting a break. And I love the Hitchiker’s reference! (And I am so tired of having gift ideas jammed down my throat. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so on. Enough already!)

  • The beauty bug’ll hit you again eventually, Tracy!! (And yes I mean HIT. No biting for this bug.) I took a half-hear hiatus after, like, six years of beauty blogging, and it was absolute bliss — my stress levels went waaaay down, and while it was really hard to come back, I’m happy that I did it.

    I’m going to miss your CRAZY steady flow of posts (how do you churn ’em out so fast???) but I hope to still see you around on Twitter and stuff during your break! ♥♥ Lemme know if you need to get out of the house and do something NOT blogging related — I’m done class on the 10th, so I have lots of time this month for tea and crumpets 😉

    (Not that we have any crumpets in Edmonton that I know of. Scones, maybe? Tea and scones? Tea and Duchess scones and nerding out about sci fi and whining about the snow.)

  • NotSoFrivolous

    I totally know what you mean. I had a bit of a freakout reaction to the amount of products I wanted to blog about. And I like to try out things and everyone keeps telling me I need to be doing gift guides and such to keep my blog from disappearing among the thousand other ones like it. But I have stuck to my guns so far (and hopefully can continue to do so…). When I started blogging, I think the first thing that I realized was how hard it is and how much goes into a post. And as much as I love my magazines, I don’t go to blogs to read a magazine. So I do understand the need for a break, although I hope you will come back soon!

  • 5 YEARS in blogging is about 15 years of regular job work. Ya know, the kind where you leave after 8 hours and live your life? Not blogging! Blogging can consume your whole life and drain you. I’m glad you’re taking a break because you need one. And you should be able to break when you want to and not feel obligated to write anything other than you name when you sign the bill for 2 margaritas at the AC/DC concert. 🙂 Keep a stiff upper lip (couldn’t resist) and your friends will all be here when/if you get inspired! See you on Instagram! Love you like Alberta beef cakes! <3 <3 <3

  • Tracy, it’s ok to take a break, you deserve one! And people who read your blog, including me, always appreciate your honesty and that’s why we keep coming back. I agree with everything you said! I know it’s hard not to fall into that blogging rut where every product is just great, no matter if you tested it or not but honesty is what counts! Have another glass of pino and a deep breath! Hugs!

  • Lulle.Beaumiroir

    Girl, you’re killing me with your gift guide rant, I love gift guides! I’m gonna make more of it this week! 😛
    On the other hand I haven’t read a magazine in about 10 years – they’re just ads and I don’t want to pay for ads, thank you very much. I’m also growing super tired of some bloggers that I used to love, but have fallen into the “everything is Maaarvelous” trap. No it isn’t. There’s a lot of shit out there, sometimes sold at a higher price per pound than gold.

    Anyways I think that blogging is becoming increasingly difficult. It takes SO much time, and it sometimes feel like you get absolutely nothing out of it, except extreme stress and high blood pressure. Very few people can actually earn money from it (and most of the ones who do have low quality, press release vomit, with no personality) but it takes more effort than a full-time job to keep a blog running and get some people to actually read it. A few years ago beauty blogs were still a “made from my basement” kind of thing, but nowadays things are supposed to look “professional”. Banner, blog design made by pros, professional camera and lighting equipment, etc… Yeah, you know what, I’m not paid for that and I can’t afford that kind of stuff! I do my best but then my blog looks like a teenager’s scribble compared to more popular ones.
    I’ve taken the easy way almost out, I just post a few times per month. I want to do other stuff. Play with my makeup just because it’s fun and not because I need to review it. Feels good.
    I might give up completely one day, at least for the English half of my blog. I’ll keep the French half because it’s a way for me to keep practicing my mother tongue (and it’s sometimes hard after just 2.5 years of being away).

    Maybe you can find a format that works for you. Something low pressure.
    You should also have a glass of Chartreuse every now and then. Cures everything, guaranteed.