Kerastase Discipline Hair Line

I don’t like writing about expensive hair care. I really don’t. But sometimes, the expensive things really deliver and I feel I HAVE to tell you. Just in case you want to treat yo’ self.

Kerastase Discipline is a line created to control your hair. Control FRIZZ. Discipline it! So, it’s for anybody that suffers from frizzy hair-straight, wavy, or curly-it doesn’t care. Kerastase Discipline is a range of hair products that really works. And it kind of pains me to say that because this stuff AIN’T cheap. Sigh. I hate it when expensive things actually work. 😛

Kerastase Discipline .jpg

Kerastase Discipline

There’s some actual actual real science behind the Kerastase Discipline line. And as you know,  I dig that. It’s all about positive and negative ions. CHEMISTRY DUDES. The products in Kerastase Discipline contain three amino acids that account for more than one third of those naturally occurring in the hair. They are positively charged, so they attach to the negatively charged areas of damaged hair. Every weak zone gets replenished. There’s one wheat protein that’s loaded with naturally occurring amino acids in our hair too. But it’s been modified, with a positive charge so that it too will bond with damaged areas of the hair. There’s surface-morphing polymers to smooth surface roughness. AND It took ten years of research for L’Oréal Laboratories to perfect a bio-mimetic ceramide virtually similar to the ceramides that naturally occur in the hair. This molecule has one mission: firmly attach itself between the layers of the hair scales and restore softness, evenness and strength to the fiber of hair. And YUP. I think it does!

Kerastase Discipline promises 72 hours of frizz protection. I don’t go that long without washing my hair because I exercise almost daily and I can’t stand not washing my hair. My scalp couldn’t take it. It needs to feel clean! But I can say that the products do seem to keep my wavy/curly hair frizz-free with just air-drying. The products are really meant to be used for those that blow-dry their hair though, as it’s also supposed to decrease the time it takes to dry hair, which I did try a few times. JUST FOR YOU HAHA. Blow drying hair REALLY makes hair frizzy, so I rarely do it. But boy, I had no problem getting may hair smoothed out after using Kerastase Discipline products! My hair was smooth, silky, and shiny! Oh, and they smell SO GOOD. They are heavily perfumed products so be aware of that! But I love the smell.

I do feel that these products coat the hair though, and that would be because of those surface-coating polymers they talk about. I’m not sure what they are? But I’m guessing some version of silicones, so if something like that bothers you, then Kerastase Discipline products might not be for you. But if humidity and frizz are an issue for you, they may well be your hair saviours. These products did last me about 3 months because as you can see-I took that picture when there was no snow! So maybe you’d just want to use them over the summer months, as they are pretty pricey. But in the end, I do think they work and they lasted me until today. BOOHOO. 

Dang it.

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

Pricey hair products kind of give me a pain in my heart! I don’t know why, but spending a lot of money on hair products bothers me for some reason! It’s a mental block! Like skincare USED to be for me. But now, I don’t mind paying a bit for skincare that delivers…so maybe I’ll feel the same way about hair products too some day??? If I were to REALLY choose which products in this line I like the best? The shampoo and the mask. Get those. Oh, and if you do blow dry-get the thermo-protection spray. That stuff is freakin’ amazing.

Do you spend money on your hair care products? Or are you a hard-core drugstore hair care girl like me? You can’t pry me away from my Aveeno hair care…I just love that stuff, but every so often I do get tempted by something! Like this! If only Marky’s tuition for second semester wasn’t due before December 12th HAHAHA….. *cries*

  • rachlovespenguins

    Hahahah yeah I too hate having to admit defeat to the expensive stuff. I’d rather remain jaded with product claims and save my money, ya know? Annoyingly, all my styling products are in the $20 range. But then the drugstore brands have all been coming out with all this new stuff…. and I get hopeful…. but at the same time I don’t want to spend money trying new things when with the cost of a few failures I could have just bought the product that I know works in the first place.

  • Ah, I really splurge on hair care, but it is great to hear about luxury products that really deliver! These sound like a treat 🙂

  • I’ve tried the mask and I do like it, but I don’t really see the anti-frizz thing at work! I kinda need to invest in shampoos because my scalp is sensitive, and I kinda need to invest in a good hair mask because my hair is thicker. I’m glad these worked well for you. Can’t you find these on any websites that give a discount? That’s what I do when I need to re-invest in something!

  • I think hair stuff is the thing i tend to splurge on the least, for whatever reason. Probably because it’s not as much fun, lol. I like sprays, though – especially the damage preventative kind.

  • Liz

    For the most part I stick to cheaper stuff, especially for something you use as frequently as shampoo. But once in a while something amazing comes along for making styling easier and I don’t mind shelling out for those. I cried a little reading this too. We may have opposite skins but we have the same hair, so I know these will work on me. LOL

  • Meg

    Haircare products are probably one of the only things I don’t splurge on! Though I probably should! Could definitely use some de-frizzing, these sound so lovely!

  • I’ve tried the cheaper stuff and it just doesn’t work. Plus I found that I’m sensitive to SLS which dries out both my skin and hair so I now shop SLS free. I’m okay with spending a bit more for something that I can use less of. Read: Let’s me wash my hair less often because I’m lazy. And the less often I wash my hair, the less product I’m using every week so the bottles last even longer. It all evens out in the end. (You know, just justifying it again for my own mental sanity!)

  • I stick to the mid-range items but do sometimes splurge.

  • My hair is very disciplined. A little too disciplined even. It lies flat and doesn’t budge. So yeah, I don’t need any anti-frizzing.

  • I don’t mind splurging on haircare products because I can speak from my own experience, they do work much better than drugstore ones. I love using products from the MoroccanOil range, they are just the best and the smell is so addictive!

  • Toya

    I don’t use drugstore hair care because it’s all full of synthetics and stuff I don’t generally use much…but it pains me to spend on hair care too, Tracy! I’m always looking for a good deal. I picked up a Kerastase mask last month on sale for $30 from $60 so I was pretty stoked about that 🙂 I *almost* bought the Discipline one but alas, it was not on the same sale. Masks are usually the only place I’ll spend a bit more because I don’t use them as often. Regular conditioner I just CAN’t because I go through too much of it, too fast :S