Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub

I don’t know what’s with me lately. But anything BERRY in my shower? I adore. And Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub($14) is my new favourite scrubby! And feast your eyes upon the most perfect picture of something called Moon Chill. If only there was a crescent moon in the corner hey? Would have been POETRY.

Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub.jpg

Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub

Avon calls it “a magical mix of chilled berries, frosted blossoms, and moonlight musk” haha. Ok,sure. Didn’t know the moonlight was musky! But I guess it is! This is one of their foaming formula scrubs that I LOVE. It has sugar cane extract that cleanses as it exfoliates, leaving skin softer and smoother. I can’t tell you how much I love Mark’s foaming scrubs. They are my faves, and I don’t think a lot of brands actually make a foaming scrubby? You either cleanse or exfoliate, not both at the same time for some reason? Who am I kidding-it’s all about MONEY and making you buy more products is WHY. Sigh. Like I said before, I take fast showers, so if something can do two jobs at once and do it well? LOVE. And Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub does that! It’s a softer berry scent-guess that’s the moon CHILL part of it. But I am really liking berries and berry scents in my shower this year. So if you like berries and scrubs-this is something you should look into! Order online at!

I really like this scrubby kind of cleanser. It really helps with smoothing my skin! And I know, it’s winter Tracy-you’re wearing sleeves ALL the time, no? Well yes, but in a month I’ll be in California again! SHORT SLEEVES PEOPLE. See, I’m going to get my Marky once the first semester of college is over! And  I can HARDLY WAIT. 😀 I need my arms to be short sleeve presentable at all times dudes! And Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub is doing just that.

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

  • Eugenia

    Moon Musk – HAR! I swear, I don’t understand where some of these brands get their copy from! I may not take showers as fast as you, Lil Sis, but I sure can appreciate a multi-tasker product as well – I’m just not that into berry scents, sadly. But yeah – with the colder weather, I’m not only about long sleeves, but pants all the time too (and significantly reduced shaving, lol!)

    • Big Sis, I have my winter pelt growing on my legs as we speak LOL! I just don’t shave in the winter unless I have to. Which I might have to for California! They have other scents in these scrubby foamy cleansers-I think you’d like!

  • No berries for me 😛 Except in food, hahaha. I haven’t found a good sugar scrub in a while. I like Haus of Gloi’s, but I haven’t ordered anything in a long time.

    • I used to hate them too, but I don’t know what’s with me. I really enjoy berry body stuffs!

  • Hey Tracy, brr it looks cold here! I have actually tried a couple of scrubs that also work as a shower gel (Clinique has a very minty one and there’s the Aesop one, my favorite but it’s pricey)! I like that they save some time as well 🙂 This one sounds so yum! So jealous you’ll be in Cali in a month! 🙂

  • Liz

    I say just photoshop a moon into that pic! It’s begging for it. 😀

    So jealous of your CA trip. I’ll be a hibernating hobo by that point. See you in April, lol.

    • I should of, hey?
      HAHAHA! I think I’m going to buy a flight pass so I can California whenever I want to.

  • rachlovespenguins

    Who needs short sleeves as an excuse? Smooth = comfortable in my book. And comfortable is ALWAYS good here. I actually use scrubs far more often in the colder months than I do when it’s hot! I’m a bit ambivalent on berry though. I guess it really depends on the exact fragrance. I finally finished up an old Philosophy shower gel that was berry tart, or berry pie, or somesuch nonsense. At first I wasn’t sold on it but then towards the end I became rather enamored of the hint of graham cracker crust mingling with the berry-ness, which is also odd because I don’t usually dig products that smell like baked goods. Baked goods themselves- oh yeah. Stuff that smells like baked goods but is inedible and makes me sad I don’t have the real thing- notsomuch. And now I’m left wondering if I’m ultimately happy or sad that the soap is finally gone. 😛

    • HAHAHAHA I know that feeling oh too well. I just got a lipstick that smells so good I could eat it. WTH. If it was a body butter I’d be DYING, but it’s hard to resist the urge to bite my lips!

      • rachlovespenguins

        Do not – I repeat – DO NOT – eat the lipstick! It’ll get stuck in your teeth and look funny, for starters. 😉

  • Lily

    I don’t use body scrubs very often at all… like maybe once or twice a year? LOL LOL!

  • Ooooh so you have something to look forward to, that’s great! Scrub away, girl, scrub away!