Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette

I’m a little confused? As the Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette isn’t showing up on the Canadian Sephora site? But I was sent it to review? So I’m gonna do it, as the sale is approaching fast. It does show up on the US site of course, and I’m hoping it’ll be in stores for the sale because that would be a total bummer.

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette

Seriously though. THE NAME???? Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of ??? I kind of hate that name to be honest. It’s a bit…silly. But if you’re looking for value, this palette has it!

 Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette

That’s 20 eyeshadows you get in the shades Turtle Dove, Dream On, After Hours, Fawned of You, Knockout, Paper Roses, Kindness is Free, Mauvelous, Be You, Secret Lovers, Heaven, Shiny Happy, Honey Pot, Donโ€™t Settle, Girly, Totally Fetch, Live it Up, Too Glam, Head Over Heels, Chocolate Moon.

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette

Plus two blushes in the shades Papa Donโ€™t Peach and Sweet Pink, a Chocolate Soleil bronzer and a highlighter in Inner Light too! And some cute little brushes stuck in there in case you dig ’em. I remember the days BEFORE my addiction started and I had no idea about REAL makeup brushes. I would have totally just used these brushes in the palette back then, because you can. You also get a deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara in the set, which I didn’t show and an obnoxious glittery pink bag to hold the palette in. ๐Ÿ˜›

It looks pretty similar to last year’s Too Faced Holiday palette that’s for sure, so if you have that I say you can skip this one. There are some repeat shades in the eyeshadows. The Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette has a better cheek section this year though compared to last year’s. And I also think the palette is more pink toned too. Which can be good if you like pink, but bad if you don’t. I guess pink goes with that whole pretty girls made of theme which I really detest. SOME OF US GIRLS LIKE BLACK. AND COMBAT BOOTS. AND KHAKI. AND CAMO. GEEZE LOUISE ALREADY I’m DONE.ย 

Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette Swatchy Time!

I swatched the palette by rows this time. Two passes for each swatch.

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Turtle Dove, Paper Roses, Heaven, Totally Fetch

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Dream On, Kindness is Free, Shiny Happy, Live it Up

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

After Hours, Marvellous, Honey Pot, Too Glam

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Fawned Of You, Be You, Don’t Settle, Head Over Heels

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Knockout, Secret Lovers, Girly, Chocolate Moon

And the cheek section swatchy time!

Too Faced That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette.jpg

Sweet Pink, Papa Don’t Preach, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Inner Light

All in all, it’s not a bad palette. You get mattes, shimmers, metallics-everything you need. But I don’t think it’s as good quality as last years to be honest. I think the shadows aren’t as pigmented and smooth as last years. They’re a bit stiffer, chalkier, and not as easy to work with. I don’t know? I think everyone is kind of cheaping out quality wise this year to be honest. All the holiday palettes I’ve tried have been just ok, except for the Tarte Blush one. I mean they’re not bad, just not stellar if ya’ know what I mean. But maybe these value holiday sets aren’t supposed to give us A+ quality? Should they? They are giving us a lot of bang for our buck, yes? Am I being too much of a stickler? Maybe.

Here’s a look I did with some pink and blues from the Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette:

 photo IMG_4132-1.jpg

 photo IMG_4133-1.jpg

Not bad hey? I love blue eyeshadows! But then I tried a look with Mauvelous on the lid, because that shade spoke to me.

 photo IMG_4167.jpg

EH. It was just ok. Nothing special like I thought it’d be.
 photo IMG_4174.jpg
I don’t know, maybe I’m just being too picky? The shadows are ok, with some being better than others. But that’s the case with most of these value palettes I guess. It can’t be ALL perfect, right? The cheek products are really pretty though! That side of the palette I love, and kind of wish they’d sell separately.

I do think the Too Faced That’s What Pretty Girls Are Made Of Palette is worth the money though. In the US it retails for $56, so if it DOES get here I bet it’ll be $66 or so. A pretty good deal that’s for sure! But I’m a hardened makeup junkie so I expect just a leetle bit more.ย I personally? Think this is a skip. Sorry Too Faced!

I’m kind of disappointed with this year’s value holiday palette offerings to be honest. But again, maybe I’m being a bit too hard on the brands? I keep saying that hey? Am I? What do you think? I’m starting to feel like these are like “GIFT WITH PURCHASE” when it comes to quality. Is that bad? Or goodย enough?ย 

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

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  • Lily

    I haven’t really tried anything from Too Faced before. Guess I’m not a pretty girl ๐Ÿ˜› And what’s that award thingy? I’ll definitely go check it out and support you!

    • LOL hahaha! And thanks! It’s a Canadian Blog Award thang. All sorts of prizes, and some for readers too!

  • I think all of their names are stupid, tbh. “Better than sex” mascara? LOL you’re doing it wrong. SERIOUSLY. And yeah, I haven’t been too impressed with the holiday kits I’m seeing this year. Lancome has three mini lip lovers as a set, though – it’s kinda cute!

  • Liz

    Not a Too Faced fan but I can see their regulars gunning for this. Your EOTDs are so pretty.

  • It’s all so pretty! I’ve been frustrated the last couple of years with the mega-palettes Too Faced releases- they all seem too similar to each other. I have one of these from a few years ago and the shades are too close to justify buying another (which I suppose is good for my wallet ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

  • Hey Tracy, thanks for the swatches and review! I don’t really go for big palettes so it is not for me, but if there is a younger girl in your life who likes makeup, I think this is just the present for her! PS: I voted for you xx

    • I agree! I think it’d be perfect for a teen or a college girl for sure!
      And thank you lovely! xo I appreciate it!

  • I got a Too Faced holiday palette I think in… 2011? It was one of my least favourite palettes I’ve ever owned hands down. Perhaps it was due to the chalkiness and fall outs? Their bronzers though, are a whole different story!

    • Yeah, I agree with you! I think some of their shadows are nice, but I’ve never been a huge fan to be honest. I agree about the bronzers! Really nice!

  • Legitimately a value-packed palette! But I’m trying not to cave because I don’t really need another palette… you know? Good luck with the contest!

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, I hear ya. I think these palettes are great if you have not as much makeup as we do because you’d actually use them haha!

  • telle

    hey Tracy, hey! Voted! I want you to win! <3 The palette is absolutely in store- i bought mine there ๐Ÿ˜‰ and wow i have to say that i agree with you about holiday palettes, but for me, my 'gripe' is that a brand will launch something for holiday, its great quality, its wildly successful, etc etc etc and they repeat it almost exactly the following year, such as too faced altho their set was a little bigger than this year. remember the too faced enchanted glamourland palette? a TOTAL fav! then 2011 they did the sweet dreams palette, which was VERY similar to glamourland….then there was sweet indulgences and my guesstimate is that it wasnt as wildly successful as they had anticipated because last year, they launched a few of my favorite things and this years successor is a rehash of a few of my favorite things. i suppose it really is truly all the same in that it is a value palette, just what is incorporated is different and how it is packaged is different too…anyways, that's it for my musings. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Telle! I appreciate it!
      Hahaha good musings and I totally agree! I think they think we’ll keep getting them if one year it’s a success.

  • Great review and swatches! I’m definitely skipping this one because I managed to pick up the one from last year (and I actually prefer the shades in that one). I see what you mean about this palette being on the pink side of things, but it still looks pretty good to me. I think if I didn’t have my precious A Few of My Favorite Things palette, I would definitely pick this one up.
    Side note: I totally know what you mean about the holiday palettes being kind of weaksause this year. I thought maybe it’s just me being too picky, but I’ve been hearing that opinion from others as well.

    • Thanks lovely! xo Yeah, last years is better imo too! Although I like the cheek section in this one better.
      Yeah, they’re all just kind of meh this year. I used to look forward to the holiday palettes, but I think people would be better off getting other things this year.

  • Voted for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ll pass on this palette but may get the Hello Kitty one. Cheers!

    • Thank you Iris! xo
      I have that one to review! I think it’s a pretty nice one so good choice!

  • Well, I think this looks good! Love all the looks you created. Too bad you feel that the quality isn’t consistent with previous palettes though.

  • I’m a little late jumping onto the Too Faced bandwagon – I only have one palette (the chocolate bar I recently bought) and an old single shadow, which actually frustrates me with its glittery fallout. The palettes always look so pretty though – it surprises me I’ve resisted so long – although I’ll likely take a pass on this one if we get it down here if the swatches aren’t up to par.

    • Yeah, I don’t know. Such hits and misses with each brand lately. Kind of frustrating I think. Kind of proves that we shouldn’t be brand loyalists, hey?

  • you know, the palette doesn’t look as impressive as the swatches do! I like this palette, but I wish the cover was different. It looks super cheap to me!

  • Yeah, then you might love this!

  • A nice selection of shades! Not the most tempting holiday option for me, but I totally love the looks you created with it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s just kind of meh for me too! I don’t know why? I think I’m becoming too jaded LOL.

  • The last Too Faced holiday palette I bought was in 2011 & it’s just so beautifully made. All of their releases since then haven’t been very exciting though AND the quality seems to have downgraded despite their additions of blushes & even brushes! I think the brand is just too gimmicky now.

  • That name is a whole lot of NOPE. But I love that they have a pink shade named “Totally Fetch” and a Shiny Happy goldish sparkle! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I know right? Hate the name too. Apparently it’s in every palette of theirs? They keep trying to make Totally Fetch happen LOL. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I think the name is trying to go with the nursery rhyme about “What Are Little Girls Made Of”, but they changed it to pretty because little would have been truly strange, lol! I got this big honker palette from last year’s Too Faced offering and I absolutely love it. It would be a house-is-burning-down save for sure. Also, I totes voted for you b/c where else can you read about Choupette looking like Col. Sanders?? NOWHERE. That alone is worth a win!