The Halloween Tag!

The lovely Marianna from Impression Blend  tagged me to do The Halloween Tag! There’s really nothing about beauty in it, but who cares? I love Halloween and doing tags! You get to know a little bit more about blogger friends, so I like that! Boo! Plus I’ve been busy taking pictures all day, so this is a nice break for me.

1. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE scary movies, but I don’t really think of them as just for Halloween so I’m not gonna pick one of those. My favourite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus! Lurve me some Sanderson Sisters and Billy Butcherson!

2. At what age did you stop trick-or-treating?

Pretty early I think, like maybe around 9 years old? It wasn’t all that FUN truth be told. You see, my immigrant Ukrainian parents weren’t really into the whole Halloween thang, so we never had costumes. They’d say: Wear your Ukrainian costume and be a gyspy! GYPSY. PFFFFT. Or we’d wear my dad’s suits and be a hobo. Or a ghost. That was about it. Sigh.

3. What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

Putting out our one Halloween decoration, which in our house we affectionately call, THE DECORATION.

 photo IMG_3421.jpg

It’s awesome hey?

4. What is your favorite Halloween food/beverage?


 photo IMG_3425.jpg


5. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

Only The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I’ve been to Haunted Houses in the past, and now I’m just too old to scream. I don’t need to shave any precious years off what life I’ve got left!


6. Vampires, witches or werewolves?

Vampire, duh! Live forever dude! Marky and I have the Vampire Pact where if one of us becomes one, we turn the other. Lemme know if you want in. I’ll be happy to bite ya’. 😉

7. What is your favorite Halloween candy?


 photo IMG_3426.jpg

8. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?

My house is kind of permanently Halloween decorated, since I collect skulls. And they are displayed on my fireplace mantle all year round.

9. Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, or Hayrides?

Never been to a Pumpkin Patch. Don’t pumpkins come from Safeway LOL? Hayrides, nah. Who likes being thrown off constantly? I’ve been to a corn maze once. Not a fan either. So I guess NONE OF THE ABOVE hahaha.

10. What are your plans for this Halloween?

I’ll be by myself, so I’ll be handing out candy to the little ones. I love seeing kids all dressed up and excited for candy!

11. What is your favorite Halloween TV episode/special?

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! I got a rock-HAHAHA-cracks me up every time!

12. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever held a seance or done ouija?

Yup. Terry’s side of the family sees ghosts. Marky too. And NO NO NO to seances and ouija boards dude. I went to a Catholic School and they warned us about that shit like EVERY Halloween hahahaha…. 😛 to this day I run at the sight of a ouija board because of nuns scaring the jeebus outta’ me…

13. What is your scariest Halloween experience?

Hmmmm, I can’t really think of anything to be honest! I don’t really scare all that easy I guess, unless it involves nuns HAHAHAHA.

I tag Kristen @Glambunctious and Jennifer@VibrantVivaciousVeraciousBeautyBlog and anybody else who wants to do it! 

Ok, back to work I go haha! That was a nice little break. Back to swatching I go I go I go… my arm is getting red…:P

  • Haha omg this was fun and hilarious to read! Let me in on the vampire pact Tracy!

  • Oh I love halloween! One of my favorite holidays!! I have to agree with you I do love hocus pocus and I LOVE their little musical number!

    • Me too! I love that movie! It’s hilarious! I think Bette Midler is so good in it. And the part when Penny and Gary Marshall are a couple? And they think he’s really Satan? I DIE LAUGHING.

  • Ha ha ha! You guys have a vampire pact! I love it! And The Decoration also cracked me up! Ouija boards – please, I run at the suggestion of playing Bloody Mary with the bathroom mirror! I remember being so terrified by that as a kid. Thank you for tagging me! I might not have time to do it (TOTAL BUMMER) b/c I have jury duty tomorrow and then I’m helping my mom move Thursday and Friday. If I have time, though, I’m in. I adore Halloween! Much love and nun-free livin’! 😉

    • LOL if you can’t do it no worries!
      And yeah, we also have a zombie pact. If one of us becomes one, we kill the other. NO ZOMBIES IN OUR FAMILY.

  • Yay! You did it! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 I want in on your vampire pact. I have that going with le husband, and a couple of friends… But I like adding to it because, ya know, gotta increase my chances 🙂 THE DECORATION! I’m a fan!

    • Of course! I love your tags! I agree! The more of us the merrier LOL!
      Isn’t it great?

  • I want to join the pact! You can just use your super speed to come to Switzerland to turn me. I’ll be waiting, neck bare and ready for eternal life! 😉

  • Lily

    We don’t do Halloween here, so… but we have this thing called the Hungry Ghost Festival, which occurs every 7th Lunar month. Similar to Halloween I guess, but no trick or treating. When we were kids, we weren’t allowed out after sun sets. Superstition and all! Vampires are cool. We just suck all the blood! I haven’t seen Hocus Pocus though. I think I should remedy that 😛

  • Ah, fun tag! I haven’t seen Hocus Pocus in ages- I went to see it in the theatres when it came out! And yeah, I don’t mess with ghost stuff either. My boyfriend teases me because I watch tv shows about ghosts when I’m home alone and then get scared 🙂

    • LOL hahaha that’s the only time I can watch scary movies is when I’m a lone because nobody else likes them here!

  • Liz

    Lol, vampire pact! I’m going with bitchy witch. I could tell the ghosts to leave me alone, thankyouverymuch.

  • HAHAHAHAHA Hocus Pocus! LOVE.

    I am a scaredy cat and that’s totally cool with me, LOL. I hated all that stuff as a kid – the ouija board or urban legends and ghost whatever. NO THANK YOU.

    • As a kid I was scared of all that stuff too! But then I grew out of it somehow. Certain things though still give me the jeebies though!

  • Efrain

    (Truth be told I haven’t read your latest post but I’m a little nosy and it said tag).

    You made my day today, I read it in the morning and made me smile.

    First I immediately remember that here in Mexico Halloween isn’t as popular as Día de muertos and I prefer the later because of the spiritual stuff and also the food; we have to make a way to send you pan de muerto and chocolate skulls, or you may want to come here during these days 😉

    I get easily scared, so no horror movies for this guy; however I don’t like Hocus Pocus because every year Disney Channel broadcast it more than once, but I love that chapter of Charlie Brown.

    P.S. I want to enter in that Vampire Pact