You Need Make Up Forever Artist Shadows

Whilst I was on the College Road Trip, Make Up Forever celebrated its 30th Anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS!

And what did one of my favourite makeup brands do to celebrate that momentous occasion? What else? Release a breakthrough new eyeshadow formula! It took three years to create the Pigment Atomization and Water Blend Technology that’s in the new Make Up Forever Artist Shadows. What that means is that these new eyeshadows deliver 88% concentrated pigment now, the highest on the market of ANY eyeshadow. And the Water-blend technology makes these eyeshadows like NOTHING you’ve ever tried before. They are like a cream instead of a powder and blend all by themselves. I SWEAR.


 Make Up Forever Artist Shadows.jpg

Make Up Forever Artist Shadows

There are 210 shades of Make Up Forever Artist Shadows in textures of Matte, Satin, Metal, Iridescent, and Diamond finishes. I mean WOW. Can you imagine having 210 MUFE eyeshadows all in a palette ready to use…that would be makeup HEAVEN, right? Oh please God, Let it BE. 😀

The numbering system is a bit confusing I know, but there is a method to the madness. The number of each shadow shade indicates the finish(Satin, Matte, Iridescent, Diamond) and the family number that the shade belongs to in the Colour Wheel. Did you know that? Each colour in the wheel has a number! So 3 is greens for example, and 7 are oranges! See, that’s how you really know that MUFE is truly a makeup artist line. And when you know that bit of info, the numbering system ain’t all that confusing anymore. It’s like Makeup Dewey Decimal System. 😛

Now you can buy the Make Up Forever Artist Shadows as singles($25), as a Duo($39), or for the most bang for your buck get a trio($50). And those prices include the case. As you can see, you get more for your money when you buy a trio. LOVE that.

Make Up Forever Artist Shadows.jpg

Make Up Forever Artist Shadows, D-750(Diamond), I-730(Iridescent), and M-738(Matte)

Those are the gorgeous Make Up Forever Artist Shadows in D-750(Diamond), I-730(Iridescent), and M-738(Matte).  And if you want to make your eyes look as blue as possible? YOU NEED THEM. Oh, and some of the Make Up Forever Artist Shadows like that I-730 can be used as a blush too!

Swatchy Time!

 Make Up Forever Artist Shadows.jpg

Make Up Forever Artist Shadows, D-750(Diamond), I-730(Iridescent), and M-738(Matte)

HELLO NURSE! That swatch folks? ONE FINGER PASS. Can you believe the pigmentation? I couldn’t!

 Make Up Forever Artist Shadows.jpg

Make Up Forever Artist Shadows, D-750(Diamond), I-730(Iridescent), and M-738(Matte)

The Make Up Forever Artist Shadows take some getting used to applying I have to say! Each kind of texture needs a different kind of brush dip. Some of them you need so little on your brush like the Diamond finish. But that little bit delivers BAZINGA! Sparkle city! That pumpkin iridescent shade I-730 was the easiest to use, so blendable and creamy! And the matte? Really powerful too if you’re not careful! I used it mainly on my bottom lash line, and bit in the outer corner and crease. All of them though? Blend like a dream. No effort whatsoever.


 photo MUFEEYESOPENIMG_2447.jpg

Over a primer they last and last with no creasing at all.  I bet if you don’t have oily lids like me you wouldn’t even need a primer with them. All I know is that these are some of the best eye shadows I’ve ever tried. And that means I want more. Oh, and I did try I-730 as a blush and it was pretty amazing! Not a shade I can pull off, but if you are medium to dark skin-toned, then it’s probably something you’d LOVE. PUMPKIN BLUSH DUDES.

Have you tried any of the new Make Up Forever Artist Shadows yet? I wish that all 210 shades were in every store! I want to see/toucha’ toucha’ toucha’ them ALL!! 

*products sent by the lovely PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

  • Lily

    Wow! The colours really pack a punch! And the trio looks quite intimidating to wear. You pulled it off beautifully though. I don’t think I have any similar colours in my stash. Will have to check these out after I’m settled down with the baby and all. That’ll be next year already. Lol lol!

  • Liz

    LOL @ PUMPKIN BLUSH — better than PSLs! These shades are gorgeous and they just scream autumn. I’m really glad that I didn’t pick up too many of the old shadows.

  • Holy moly, look at that color payoff!!! Amazing! I can see the texture is really as smooth as a cream shadow as well. I’m eyeing a few shades. Got to check them out soon. Love the look you did as well!

    • Thanks Sunny! These put most shadows to shame! I can hardly wait to see what you pick!

  • HOLY EFFFF. I love. I want the pumpkin blush hot damn!! Your eyes are glowing and so beautiful.

  • Guaaahh!! I want these bad, but cant decide which. Cant get them all…right?

  • HELLO NURSE, hahahahaha, you crack me up.

    So I swatched these in store and the blue one left my hand SO BLUE after I removed them. So then I was scared, LOL. I’LL BE A SMURF FOREVERRRRRRRRRR.

    But they look so gorgeous! I want a trio. AND PUMPKIN BLUSH SOUNDS AMAZING.

    • Watched too many Animaniacs episodes with Marky hahaha!

      Yeah, I bet that blue one was scary! But really good I bet! And right? I think you could pull off the pumpkin blush!

  • Oh my goodness, you picked some amazing shades! So perfect for Fall and gorgeous with your blue eyes. You’ve really sold me 😉

  • The pumpkin is amazing! I am not sure if I could pull it off but I am absolutely positive that I need it!!! I only swatched a few shades in store but with so many choices, I don’t know where to start! And btw, your lashes look super amazing and a mile long!

    • I think you totally could! I need to go to the store to swatch and see more now for sure.
      And thanks! So kind of you!

  • Woa, so pretty on you, Tracy! <3 Perfect for your blue eyes.
    I actually thought it was mini blush palette. They are intense but would be so unique as blushes. Do you think they could work? ;o

    • Thanks Lena! xo
      I do think any of them could work as a blush! Maybe not the ones with a lot of glitter like the Diamond ones though.

  • Holy cow, those swatches!! I’m dying to get my hands on I-730!

  • omg i knoowss. these are soooo amazing!!! i keep wanting more even though i have waaay to many eyeshadows already…

  • whoa whoa whoa. I need these! Will be waiting till I get back to the states to avoid the crappy exchange, but I want these three exact colors. So gorgeous for fall!

  • Ha ha! A makeup dewey decimal system! I love that! Thank you for explaining – the numbering makes perfect sense! I’ve been wanting a trio of these so bad lately and finally narrowed it down to 3. These colors are so flattering on you and pop those baby blues like nobody’s business!

  • Toya

    I’m glad we received different shades so I can see other colors – I LOVE what they sent you, they look ridiculous good on you!! I finally had a chance to get some photos of the two I have last week but I need to post on them today! They are lovely – I was at Sephora yesterday and was tempted to buy more but I’m going to wait for a bit. Nice to have so many options in a great formula though hey?!?