Baby Your Skin With Live Clean Baby

You ever do this? Ok lemme’ explain.

Picture THIS: Your skin is SO irritated. So DRY. And it hurts too. BURNS. So, you walk around the drugstore, just looking for something that’s not going to cause any more irritation, because MAN.  You gotta shower still, right? Irritated skin or not-nobody likes to be smelly! So you keep on walking, and searching, because WOW most products these days are just FULL of stuff that will cause you more bother than you want or need at the moment.

And then…you end up in the baby care aisle. And notice THIS staring at you:

Live Clean Baby.jpg

Live Clean Baby

Live Clean Baby Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash($6.99) and Live Clean Baby Calming Bedtime Baby Lotion($6.99). And you think: WHY NOT??? If it’s GOOD for a baby? It’ll be good for my irritated, sensitive skin!

AND YUP. It was the BEST decision you’ve made in the past 14 days. That, and also making your hubby’s text ringtone the Breaking Bad Theme. 😛 Cracks me up EVERY time. :D:D

Live Clean Baby.jpg

Live Clean Baby

Live Clean Baby products have a blend of lavender, jasmine, vanilla and chamomile extracts and essential oils to soothe and comfort your baby, and YOU too! Just because it’s for a baby doesn’t mean we can’t use the products too! Live Clean Baby is enriched with natural coconut, safflower, and oat oil to gently hydrate, soften, and protect skin.
Live Clean Baby products are made with 98% plant derived ingredients and certified organic botanicals. They are paraben, petroleum, and SLS free too and are hypoallergenic and tested by pediatricians to ensure safety. So, if they’re safe enough for a baby? They are MORE than safe enough for your irritated, sensitive skin!

If you are expecting heavily fragranced lavender and jasmine then look away! These are so gentle in scent, yet so comforting! REALLY nice! And perfect. But what’s so good about the Live Clean Baby products is that they don’t AGGRAVATE my irritated skin at all. In fact, my skin is BETTER now. Soft. SMOOTH. And comforted. Like a baby’s skin.

Say YES. And be happy in your own skin again because you treated it like a baby’s. Just like  I have. 😀

Find Live Clean Baby across Canada at Walmart and Loblaw’s(Superstore).

OY, my skin lately. HURTS. My face is also bothering me a lot too. Ever since the college road trip actually! And testing products on my face is not helping I’ll tell you that. I’m so SENSITIVE right now. Live Clean Baby has helped the skin on my body immensely! But my face is another story… so stay tuned for what’s been helping me deal… 🙂

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!


  • Lily

    I love the sounds of these products. I want SLS free body products for the little bub too, but I’m not too sure if we have a wide selection here. The market here is saturated with Johnson’s Baby stuff.

  • hahah there’s no shame in using baby products. i’ve been using baby sunscreen for years! its was the only thing for a while that didn’t give me major allergic reactions. this sounds so calming.
    that bubble bath and wash looks so adorable.

    • Yup! You gotta do what works I say! Baby sunscreen is awesome. I use it as well sometimes!

  • Aww I’m so sorry to hear about your skin, Tracy! I get that every spring and it’s super annoying. I go back to the gentle products that I know, including Pai and Caudalie Vinosource. You’re absolutely right. If something is gentle enough for babies, it’s probably gentle enough for us! I hope the problem will be solved soon!

    • Thanks Sunny!
      yeah, most of the skincare I have just makes things worse! I’m trying to figure it out! I hope I can fix it soon!

  • Ugh, that sucks. Probably all the constant change of climate and being on the go! Baby stuff works, hahaha. But dude, I was in the baby aisle of Target a few weeks ago, looking for wipes (we use ’em on the dog’s feet when they come in so they don’t drag in dirt….I like clean houses, LOL. Normally we buy them from Costco but I was trying to see if Sheeba was allergic to something, so I wanted to buy a small pack of different ones. ANYWAY), and holy shit that aisle is terrifying. THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF AND WHAT IS IT ALL FOR.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. And now it’s cooler and It was used to like 38C. NOT GOOD.
      LOL I know! It’s a scary aisle hahaha! I hope Sheba is ok! Poor growly doggy 😛

  • Liz

    My skin never hurts that way; that sounds really painful. 🙁 I had the thought of using baby products some years back but never implemented it. I do have a small Johnson’s lavender baby bath wash because the friend I stayed with in SF was using it and it smelled so good, lol. Glad this relieves your skin!

    • It’s horrible. 🙁
      Thanks! yeah, having baby stuff is a good idea when you’re prone to irritations! Will have to sniff that Johnson’s one!

  • Hope you feel better soon, Tracy!
    I always have a big bottle of Johnson’s baby Head To Toe wash. I think I used this at least twice in the shower. Luckily, my skin is not all that sensitive but it is always good to have something that I trust to be gentle on skin.
    Love the purple ducky and white packaging of the line. I’d love to explore more baby stuff for myself. ;p

  • Sounds like your skin is really upset about something, dang! At least these products give you some relief.

  • I’m so sorry your face has been irritated, too! One issue at a time, dang it! I love the sound of this baby body care line. I get chapped in the winters as we’ve discussed and this stuff sounds like the ticket!!

    • It’d be perfect for that!
      yeah, I don’t know man, something really has bothered my skin lately. Trying to figure it out is a PAIN.

  • Toya

    Gah, I have SO been there, Tracy! And literally done the same drugstore prowl lol, searching for something that’ll be gentle and soothing. Last time I think I grabbed some Neutrogena stuff that was fine – nothing outstanding. Thankfully even though I had that bout of hormonal acne, I haven’t had any sensitivity issues for well over a year now I think. Yippee! If I DO, however, I’ll keep this stuff in mind. Hey – multitasking for me and baby-to-be! Gotta like it 🙂