I Took The Stayfree Challenge & Switched to Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads

When I got an email about taking the Stayfree Challenge at first I thought NO WAY. But, this paragraph kinda’ changed my mind.

“Isn’t it funny how as women we’ll recommend our favourite products for just about every need under the sun, but when it comes to feminine care we rely on what’s been passed down to us or just reach for what’s most convenient when that time of the month rolls around? For a product used to protect us each and every month, what about choosing a pad that we know works?”

And it’s TRUE, right? So, yeah. I decided to see for myself what Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads were like and how they compared.


The StayFree Challenge Materials.jpg

The StayFree Challenge Materials

So, there’s three 5 pound weights, 3 bottles of 5ml of a blue liquid(hope it’s water lol), a pack of Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads, and 2 pads from competitors. You’ll have to excuse my lighting, but you can still see what’s happening. There was NO SUN this AM in Edmonton. Like none. Figures it would come out in the late afternoon just to spite me. Curse you sun. 😀

First things first, let’s open up these pads!

The StayFree Challenge Materials.jpg

The StayFree Challenge Materials

Right away that competitor #2 got the evil eye from me because it had no wings. That’s like pad suicide in my books. 😛  You’re just asking for trouble using that one.
So here’s the test. I’m going to pour the 5 ml of blue liquid on each pad.

The StayFree Challenge Materials.jpg

The StayFree Challenge Materials

Then wait 30 seconds for it to absorb.

 photo IMG_2289.jpg

I want a new iPhone 6 REAL BAD.

Then take one of these blotting papers and place it on the pad.

 photo IMG_2286.jpg

And place a 5 pound weight on top of the blotting paper and pad. Then, wait 5 seconds.

 photo IMG_2290.jpg

I just counted 5 Mississippi there and didn’t use my stopwatch for that. And I repeated the process for every pad.

Here’s the result!

Stayfree Challenge results .jpg

Stayfree Challenge results

LIKE WOW. BAZINGA!  See, I told you #2 was going to be bad news HAHA! But look at how UNBLUE the blotting paper for the Stayfree Pad is! It’s pretty dry! I even felt the pad with my fingers and it was dry. The other two, not so much. Pretty gross.

Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads have Thermocontrol technology and a flexible-fit design that moves with your body. They were inspired by high performance athletic fabrics actually, so Stayfree Ultra Thin pads help keep you dry, comfortable and most importantly, PROTECTED.

After seeing the Stayfree Challenge results with my own eyes, I’m switching to Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads that’s for sure! Will you?

What brand of pads do you use? Or do you just use tampons? I use both, depending on what my flow is like. But for sleeping, I prefer pads that’s for sure. 

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always! And the switch is DONE. Already bought a brand new pack of Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads!

Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads.jpg

Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads

  • So true. Women don’t talk about this stuff as openly! Outside of one very dear friend, period products never come up in conversation. I have the misfortune of requiring both pads and tampons to make it through two hours, but for me one of the most important factors is the wings. And the competitor on the far right looks like my brand 😉

    On another (similar) note, the last two cycles I drank 1-2 cups a day of raspberry leaf tea during my period and w-o-w!!! What a difference it made! I was done faster and with less pain than normal. So while I don’t talk about period products all the time, I’m on a mission to get more women talking about tea, haha.

    • Yeah that one WAS mine too LOL. It failed compared to Stayfree!
      Wow, ok, I need to find raspberry tea now! I don’t get a period all the time anymore thanks to almost menopause, but when I do it’s a DOOZY. What tea did you drink?

      • Make sure you look for raspberry LEAF tea. Not the fruit, the leaves. I’m in the bathroom every 1-2 hours without it. I don’t know the science behind it, but it is supposed to promote “uterine lining health.”

      • I’m trying this tea! Thanks for sharing, Alison!

      • Alison is awesome! And this is WHY we SHOULD be talking about this! We can learn so much from each other!

  • Wow, that is impressive!
    I don’t really rely on pads but try to use them when I get to stay home. It actually seems to shorten the duration, too. I will certainly try this one next time. 🙂

  • rachlovespenguins

    So the company actually sent you three 5lb weights and three little bottles of blue liquid? That is both very funny and extremely fascinating! I had no idea that PR boxes could be so heavy!

    I’m not much for pads either, but I can say I’d never EVER purchase another pack that didn’t have wings. That was one of the smartest (and most simple!) innovations ever. I’m also a fan of the tampons that have the compact applicator. Mostly I’m all about pocket-friendly stuff since I don’t always like to carry a handbag. It’s not that I don’t HAVE the handbag. I am lady. I has stuffs. But I’m just as likely to leave said handbag locked in the car and wander around with my cell phone, credit card/id, and lipstick in my jeans pocket. Multiple pads do not fit in jeans pocket. Multiple compact tampons do. *nods*

    • YUP. Box was SO SO heavy LOL I felt sorry for the Fedex guy actually!
      And LOL. I’m like you! I can’t stand purses so much. I carry a tiny cross-back pack. I should post about it. My shoulders can’t take handbags anymore!
      And these thin pads? POCKET FRIENDLY DUDE.

      • rachlovespenguins

        I might give em a look the next time I get a coupon then. Because I’m also all about the savings. And as I’m sure we all know, money not spent on boring feminine care items can always be spent on something prettier. Like lipstick. Or blush. 😛
        You should totally post about your bag! I have some smaller vintage bags that I like to carry when I do actually walk around with a purse, but since I’m a packrat the “normal” range of stuff I seem to find necessary is probably quite appalling. Thus the handbag in the car thing. I can do the bare minimum in the pockets or tiny bag if I know that anything else I could possibly need is safely in the car should I require it. LOL

  • Your commentary on the middle pad (sans wings) cracked me up!! I’m impressed by the Stayfree pad, I mean who wouldn’t be? I can’t really use tampons more than a day or two max before the pain becomes excruciating so I was relying on pads and DRYNESS is key. About 3 months ago I researched menstrual cups and decided to order one. LIFE CHANGING. You put it in in the morning, go about your life all day, and remove it, empty it, clean it and reinsert it 12 hours later. It makes my life so much easier, and there’s zero pain. I’ve actually had days where I forgot I was on my period. Never happened before. I do still like to use a pad at the end for spotting, so I might pick these Stayfree pups up! And yes, I completely agree with Stayfree, you, and Alison that women will talk all day long about their favorite products but seem super hesitant to discuss menstrual care! I’m so glad you posted this. There is nothing gross about the female reproductive system and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to discuss it. We have the ability to grow PEOPLE. We should be proud! 🙂

    • Hahahaha I’m GLAD you laughed! Seriously-no wings=pad suicide! You might as well go pad COMMANDO imo. 😛 I think those cups are a great idea! I’m WAY too old for them now, but when I was younger I would have KILLED for that. I’ll telling ya, the best thing about getting oid is saying GOOD BYE to Aunty FLOW. I’m almost there. One more year I figure and I’ll be done WAHOO.
      We should talk about this stuff! it’s important yo! We all BLEED. Every friggin’ month. And if we can help each other deal? That’s something!

  • LOL seriously, no wings is definitely asking for trouble. I use mostly tampons because I’m always on the move and just hate that sticky feeling with pads. This test is pretty impressive! I use some Stayfree stuff, but honestly, I only use pads for night time most of the time so I just get whatever is on sale AND HAS WINGS LIKE RED BULL.

    Energy drinks are disgusting, LOL.

    • LOL HAHAHAHAHAAHA I’m with you on those energy drinks hahahaha!
      I’ve been one of those really dedicated to one brand peoples, but NOT now. Changed my mind completely!

  • Lily

    I use tampons when I’m on the move, but if I’m not going anywhere, I use pads. I use Stayfree actually. I love their extra long pads for night to ensure leakage free 😛

  • I never use pads. I remember when I first got my period. I made my mom run to the store for tampons and in the 30 minutes that I sat there waiting – and wearing one of my mom’s pads – I vowed to myself to never wear one of those nasty things again lol 🙂 I just don’t like the idea of the blood actually LEAVING my body. So I use tampons, night and day. Kudos to you for this awesome review and comparison though.

    • HAHAHAHA love that story! And thanks!
      I’m so scared of the night time wear on tampons though! As a child of the 80s that whole toxic shock syndrome was ALL over the news. Scared me to bits!

  • I use tampons most of the time! I learnt with O.B, so I don’t even need the fancy ones with applicators. I find them so confusing LOL

    I actually never buy pads here! They all seem unnecessarily big and thick for me. I prefer the Japanese ones, so I get some from home every time I go (since I don’t use them often at all, I don’t need a lot of them. No, I don’t stuff half of my suitcase with pads).

  • Liz

    I just use whatever is on sale and have actually learned to cope with wingless pads. Sometimes those wings chafe. 😡

  • dowantmakeup

    Hate tampons! I go back and forth between Stayfree and Always. I once accidentally bought wingless pads and went into a menstrual rage–“WHO BUYS THESE?? WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT THE WINGS?? I HATE EVERYTHING.”

      I prefer pads too. I’ve been damaged-in my teens my BFF couldn’t get her tampon out and had to fish it out when we were at the mall and it FOREVER DAMAGED ME hahaha. I’ll use one if I’m someplace HOT when I have my period. Otherwise PADS PLEASE. I don’t have to fish it out. SHE HAD TO USE A PEN TO GET IT OUT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      • dowantmakeup

        OMG THX FOR THE NIGHTMARES. You can tell I’m not the sporty type because I never learned how to use a tampon hahahaha. Diapers 4ever


  • Sara Hawkins

    I wish I could use tampons but after 2 kids, they dont seem to work as well. I use U by Kotex They are thin and feel comfortable. I am a fortunate gal who only has 3-4 days of light flow. as for the tea – Femini-Tea from Steeped Tea really helps with PMS symptoms, it has rasberry leaf and juniper berries.

    • Yeah, I only use them sparingly myself. I don’t get a period all that often anymore(YAY MENOPAUSE), but sometimes I’ll use one if I’m out and about and when one arrives.
      Thanks for the tea name! I’ll have to get some for my daughter!

  • Yay Tracy! I did this challenge too (it should be going up this week), and I have to agree with you — the Stayfree pads are way better than what I was using before.

    But now I don’t need pads or tampons anymore at all! /does an IUD happy dance of victory

    • Can hardly wait to see! I bet YOUR pics will be SO GOOD. 😉
      And what WHAT? No period with an IUD? Seriously? TELL ME MORE. Honestly, I do love it if you did a post on your IUD experience! PLEASE?

      • I have one planned! My IUD and I have been getting along swimmingly since the CRAZY PAIN ended.

        And dude, you are going to be SO disappointed with my photos of this challenge! I couldn’t get that weird mat they sent along to photograph well either — it was too fold-y and blue >.<