Mark Passionate For Plumberry Bath Products

Something’s wrong with me.

I used to not care for berry and plum scented products, but lately? I’m really digging them! I don’t know why, but I guess my nose is changing. Maybe when you go through hormonal changes, your nose changes too? Could be! Who knows. Because Mark Passionate For Plumberry($6 to $14) is a scent that in the past I would not have smelled twice.

Mark Passionate For Plumberry.jpg

Mark Passionate For Plumberry

But now? Fall in a bottle I call it! With notes of plum, blackberry blossom and passion flower, it’s not overly sweet, but the perfect kind of fall sweet. Berry sweet! It’s really quite lovely.

Mark Passionate For Plumberry.jpg

Mark Passionate For Plumberry

I think berry and plummy fragrances smell so good when the weather starts to cool, and I think that’s why I really like Mark Passionate For Plumberry. Mark’s bath products are pretty stellar too. The body butter leaves skin soft and moisturized, and the hand cream is awesome too. If you’re looking for great fall bath products, then check out Mark Passionate For Plumberry! Find them on!

Do you like berry and plum scents in the fall? What are some of your faves? I need to sniff some more!

*products sent by PR for review, thoughts and this new love for berry are mine!

  • Lily

    I had a berry scented hand cream and while it worked nicely on dry skin, the smell just choked me to death. LOL! I haven’t found a berry scent that isn’t too sweet, and one that doesn’t give me a headache 😛

    • Haha, I know what you mean! These aren’t like that at all! It’s not too sweet that it’s sickly! It’s just right.

  • This sounds lovely! That body butter would sooooooo be the new star product on my bathroom shelf 🙂

  • Hey Tracy, I’m usually not big on berry/plum scents, so I don’t think I can recommend anything in that department! I mean I like them, but there’s always something else I prefer 😉

  • I’m not a berry/plum person either, lol, so I got nothing for you 😛 Actually, I don’t even like to eat plums. Every once in a while you get a delicious, sweet one, but usually they all suck. Trying to find that one in a million isn’t worth it – gotta go through a lot of bad plums! LOL.

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