Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara

Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara($6.99 right now on sale) promises big bold lashes with 5X the volume.

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Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara

I love the packaging actually. It’s quite chic with the bordeaux tip. Fancy! Gives it that little bit of somethin’somethin’, ya know?

Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara.jpg

Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara

Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara has a unique formula with collagen, amino acids, and proteins, in a micro-emulsion crème-gel. It’s plumping technology to make your lashes BIG. DARING. 😛

Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara.jpg

Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara

I love the curved brush with multi-level wedge-shaped bristles. I really like curved mascara brushes as I find they do a great job of lifting up my lashes. I don’t really use a lash curler truth be told. Sometimes I do, but I forget most days. And I really can’t be bothered as I find it doesn’t really make much of a difference for me. I can usually get my lashes to lift up fine with mascara. Guess I’m lucky!

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Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara

The formula of Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara is wet, and slightly buildable. You can’t keep piling it on like I like to do, otherwise you can get lashes sticking together. But it does a pretty great job at making your lashes BIG & DARING, hey?

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Avon Big and Daring Volume Mascara is a 24-hour wear mascara, meaning it’s great if you need to have your mascara on forEVER. It would be a great vacation-to-a-hot-humid-place mascara, because WOW this stuff doesn’t budge. It’s definitely ZAMB material(Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Bag-in case you forgot LOL).If you’re gonna wear this mascara you definitely need an oil-based remover and plenty of cotton pads handy. If it wasn’t so hard to take off, I’d actually use it more. But because my eyes are so sensitive to eye makeup removers, especially all oil-based ones, it’s a no-no for me. If you need a mascara to last and last, you might want to check it out.

Find it now on www.avon.ca!

Do you use an eyelash curler every day? 

*product sent by PR for review, thoughts are mine as always!

  • Liz

    Yeah, you are SO LUCKYYYYY. I don’t use curlers much because they never do any good, lol. I like the sound of this lasting forever but not the wet/unbuildable part. Clarins Be Long is actually working out pretty well!

  • What kind of question is that? How would my lashes point in the right direction if I don’t use a curler? LOL

    There are a couple of mascaras that could lift my lashes up on their own, but it’s still not the same with a curler. This one looks really promising because it’s the type of brush I like!

    • HAHAHAHAHA all of your asian lashes are BOOING me right now! I always feel so bad for you all! But I think your eyes are so lovely! And look so amazing with liner-things I can’t wear well at all!

  • You are the best mascara model ever!
    I use my curler everyday but it is only good paired with wp mascara. This Avon mascara seems to have an almost wp formula, though. Interesting. 🙂

    • I wish I was! Somebody tell a company for me LOL!
      Yeah it weird! SO hard to take off!

  • Holy smokes, I think you could sell any mascara 😛 I need to use a curler because my lashes stick out, but lots of tubing/fiber mascaras are so heavy that they just droop back down again. FFF. I want boom mascara again. I think I might try the L’oreal fiber one again. It’s a b*tch to take off, but damn it was so pretty.

    • Hahaha, I missed my calling, hey? Like Kastanza LOL.
      Yeah, sometimes the hard to take off ones are the best! I really like Dior Addict It Lash but it’s a bit hard to take off too!

  • Wow, this mascara makes your lashes look incredible! So long and luscious. Fantastic that it’s so long-wearing too 🙂

    • It’s SO hard to take off. I guess that’s good sometimes, but for every day not for me!

  • Holy wowsers those lashes are gorgeous! I have this sitting in my review pile, I gotta get on it.

  • Lily

    I can’t use brushes like this, thanks to my short lashes. I always get mascara on my lids. Small mascara brushes for me thanks 😛

  • Holy cupcakes, LOOK at those lashes! :-O It’s like they just appeared out of nowhere, amazing!

  • rachlovespenguins

    I like the looks of that brush. I think all mascara should have more available options: regular AND waterproof, black AND brown, straight brush AND curved brush… LOL is that too much to ask?

    Oh and I have a couple rogue lashes that like to grow in stupid directions. Curler helps with that. 😛

    • You know I have a few of those rogue ones too. I want to get that new SHU one that does a few lashes at a time, as I could use them just on those!

  • I use a curler everyday because, unfortuntately, even with curling mascara, my lashes are straight!