Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks

Oh Gosh Cosmetics. How you get me. Calling your new blush stick GIANT BLUSH? You knew. You KNEW I’d have to review them!

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Stick.jpg

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Stick

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks($18) are kind of AMAZING. They do remind me of those Clinique Chubby Blush sticks, but I’m pretty sure these are a bit bigger. Not by much, but just a bit. But for me, SO MUCH better. I’ve walked by and swatched those Clinique ones a few times. You’d think I would have had one by now, hey? Nope. Not a fan of the texture. They seem a little dry to me, and full of silicones. These Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks aren’t, even though they also are a cream-powder formula. I like the texture so much better on these!

There are three shades available, and I have two of them to show you-Pink Parfait a neutral pink, and Passion a bright coral.

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks in Pink Parfait and Passion.jpg

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks in Pink Parfait and Passion

Swatchy Time!

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks in Pink Parfait and Passion.jpg

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks in Pink Parfait and Passion

See that pigmentation? WOWZA. These are powerful blushes I warn you! You can see how creamy they are at first from the swatches. Care is needed when applying them! You can just apply them straight to you cheeks if you are brave, but I suggest a stippling brush. Otherwise, you’ll have crazy clown cheeks like I did hahaha!

 photo Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks-1.jpg

Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Stick Passion on the cheeks, and just some mineral makeup on my face, and brow powder and tinted lip balm. Not wearing very much makeup lately to be honest!

I’m wearing Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Stick in Passion in that photo, and I’ll tell you-there was some blush application restraint that was really hard to accomplish! I think I still have too much on the photo! I dusted a bit on my nose to kind of give that sun flushed look which I think really works when a blush is super-pigmented like these. I can’t believe how pigmented they are! I only have a face pic of Passion, because as pretty as Pink Parfait looks in the swatch, it just makes me look really flushed as if I have a fever. Not a good look for anyone. And it doesn’t help that my cheeks at the moment are screaming red all the time. I don’t know what happened on the road trip-whether it was too much sun, stress, new skincare or what but MAN they are sensitive and red now. So a blush that’s pink like that just accentuates the flushed look I already seem to be sporting naturally. But it’s just as amazing! These Gosh Cosmetics Giant Blush Sticks are so easy to blend, last a good while-they are a MUST have if you are a blush fiend! The third shade that’s available is called Shy, a dusty rose shade, and I’m going to pick it up for sure, as I think it’ll be more wearable for me than Pink Parfait at the moment. Tracy needs gentle blushes at the moment LOL.

Get one of these now at your local Shopper’s Drug Mart!

Gentle blush! I’m trying to think if ANY of my blushes could be considered gentle.  I think I have 2 that could be considered “gentle”-Rouge Bunny Rouge Starina and Chantecaille Wind, which is discontinued and I’m still angry about that. It’s my fave neutral blush of all time, so I use it sparingly since I didn’t get another before it disappeared. What’s your favourite “gentle” blush?

*product sent by the lovely PR to who I must say thank you to for re-sending since I wasn’t home to receive the products! You ROCK. 😀 Blush fiend SALUTE. 

  • These are SOOOOO pigmented that they scare me a little LOL I have one from Clinique and I like it for how easy it is. You can’t overdo that thing! This looks like more bang for the bucks though. Just a dab is probably enough!

    I don’t have that many “gentle” blushes, either. I don’t go for crazy, but I don’t like it when it’s barely there, either. I think Chanel Inspiration Le Blush Creme probably has to be my gentle blush, along with LMdB Tenne!

    • Second vote for Tenne! Might have to look at that next time I cross the border.
      Yeah, just a dab and BOOM you got blush with these!

  • Lulubelle

    My “gentle” blushes are Estee Lauder’s Sensuous Rose, LMdB’s Tenne, and Elizabeth Arden’s Nectar. All three are wonderful!

  • favourite gentle blush…hmm….inglot’s blushes are uber soft, which I found out when I was rough and plonked my MAC 187 directly into the first time I tried it. It’s still not quite recovered!

    Maybe you need a gentle blush BRUSH…..*suqqu calls your name*

    • LOL hahaha I’d love to get one! Every time I see Lisa Eldridge use hers I think DANG. I need that! Some day!

  • Oooh, gentle blush. HMMMM. I think YSL Red Agate and Illamasqua Zygomatic, for me. I don’t have a lot of blush, actually! AND OMG that MUFE one is SO GOOD – YOU ARE THE SUPER BESTEST.

    • Not a lot of blush! LOL. It’s like all I have hahaha!
      And right? MY FAVES those are! You are welcome!

  • Hi Tracy! Good to see your face again. 😉
    I’ve been drawn to slightly warmer pinks lately so the Passion color looks even prettier to me.
    These looks even better than those new Clinique blush sticks.

    • Awwww, thanks lovely! xo
      They are way better than those ones I think! That Passion would be lovely on you!

  • Be still my coral loving heart! Can’t believe how pigmented these look.

  • Oh my- these are gorgeous! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Clinique blush sticks either- I must check these out. So pretty on you, Tracy 🙂

  • NOT ENOUGH BLUSH!!! I think they look so pretty! and I’d be rubbing those all over my lips!

  • Emma Bovary

    Can I get a hold of these in America? Gosh Makeup I need you lol.
    Seriously, I think I’m going to pick up one of the Clinique ones but you are right, they feel like they may slip right off the cheek…

    • Yeah, I think they would too!
      I’m not sure about them being in America though? I’ve heard dome girls say they have Gosh, but it might be out East?

  • Lily

    We don’t get the Clinique ones here, and these look great! I kinda swore off getting more blushes though…

  • These look amazing!!! You’re rocking that poppy rosy flush!!
    Gentle blushers… I’d say my anything that’s a nude mauve colour is my gentle blusher of choice, and I used a soft, slight loosely packed blusher brush to sweep on a sheerer amount.

  • Toya

    Erm, I don’t know if I OWN a gentle blush, really…maybe Becca’s Sweet Pea. That’s about it. Bring on the FULL FORCE POWER!!!!!!!!

    I have one of the Clinique Chubby blushes and I like it actually. Normally I wouldn’t go for a blush stick though, truth be told – I do like my pots 🙂

  • Liz

    Hahaha, I saw these and thought of you immediately. I like them but I’m trying to cut down on blushes again. Sadly, we only have two cheeks and there is such a thing as too much. I wish I had 20 cheeks for them all.