There’s A New Friendly Skincare In Town! Amie Naturally Kind Skincare

Have you heard? There’s a new skincare in town! Amie Naturally Kind Skincare has crossed the pond and landed at Shoppers Drug Mart. And I’ve got some of the friendly British products to show you!


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Amie Naturally Kind Skincare

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare consists of 8 natural beauty essentials to help us achieve healthy, beautiful skin no matter what age or skin type we gots! I mean the brand is called Amie-that’s FRIEND in French in case you didn’t know. The brand really wants to be our skin’s best friend! Full of natural plant and botanical extracts, Amie Naturally Kind Skincare is perfect for everyone because there’s no harsh skin irritating chemicals. And the best part is that it’s affordable!

The Amie Naturally Kind Skincare range is pH balanced, dermatologically tested and has been created to help keep your skin in perfect balance: oil and blemishes are controlled and moisture and hydration are given where needed. I’ll tell you this-I wish to HECK I brought these products with me on this road trip because right now my chin looks like a freakin’ MINEFIELD. I don’t know if it was the heat, the sweat, the sunscreen, maybe a new sample of skincare I got-but SOMETHING has wreaked ZIT HAVOC on my poor poor chinny chin chin, and I am NOT pleased. Not one bit. SIGH. These products would have helped keep my skin in check that’s for dang sure.

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Amie Naturally Kind Skincare-Amie Naturally Kind Skincare Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily and Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask Wash

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash($10) contains apple, lemon and exfoliating blueberry seeds and is gentle enough to use every day. My skin needs chemical AND physical exfoliation to stay clear, and I am missing both of those on this trip, hence the breakout I think. This is gentle, yet effective and it smells SO good. And the price! You can’t beat it.

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask($12) is OH so good. Peppermint and lime draws out dirt, oils, impurities, and leaves  skin clear, REALLY clean and smooth. Smells REALLY good too. And boy, again. I wish I had this with me right now to help clear my skin. Ten minutes is all you need to get better, clearer skin. Bonus-my hubby LOVES this. It’s great for guys with oily skin!

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Amie Naturally Kind Skincare Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer and Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer ($12) contains rose hip seed oil and mallow and has a creamy gel texture. It absorbs really quickly, leaving skin soft, smooth and ready for the day. It’s great for hot weather and I really missed it on this trip!

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer($12) I passed on to my hubby who has oily skin. I said USE THIS. Then your nose won’t grease up by 10 AM DUDE. And I was right! This is a great moisturizer for those of you with oily skin. It has rosehip, bilberry, and Vitamin E to help control oiliness and shine. It’s not heavy either, otherwise Terry would never use it. It goes on light, moisturizes yet controls his oily skin. GOOD STUFF.

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare also has an eye make up remover that I’m extremely interested in trying since most of them hurt my eyes so much. I think this one might be ok since everything is formulated for sensitive skin like mine. They also have cleansing wipes too!

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare is free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, and animal extracts and is perfect for sensitive, breakout prone skin types like mine! If you are like me, then I think you should check them out on your next Shoppers Drug Mart visit for sure!

 Almost home. One more day after this. I want to be in my own bed so I can relax and miss Marky in peace. Cry in the dark LOL. But GUYS. We might have to drive through SNOW. Apparently it’s been snowing like crazy in southern Alberta and I am not impressed. It’s way to early for snow, even for us!

*products sent by the lovely PR, thoughts are mine as always! As is the disbelief that it’s snowing already. As much as I hated the 35-40C weather for the past 3 weeks, sudden early snow I do not want to experience. Yet.

  • wait, whattttt. snow???

  • Wait what? SNOW? In September??? I’m hoping you won’t cry, but I’d totally understand if you do *hugs*

    • Yeah, not strange actually! Last year I think it was Sept.11, so yup. It melts the same day though.
      I was a MESS. Lost it in a restaurant and had to leave and then I couldn’t breathe through my nose because of the crying for like 3 hours on the drive to Sacramento. SIGH. And it doesn’t help that she’s having a rough time at the moment either. I’m so stressed Sunny. I think I have to go back sooner than I thought.

  • Lily

    Goodness, I’d move somewhere else. Snow in September???

    • Yeah, it’s not unusual actually but it does melt the same day! Tomorrow it’s back up to 21C! It’s a roller coaster of weather when the seasons change here.

  • I love Amie’s skincare too! Such great products and very affordable. My husband loves the Morning Dew Matte-finish moisturizer too! lol

  • Guppy

    The great price alone makes me want to try this brand!

  • Liz

    I was at Shoppers yesterday and didn’t see this. There’s always room for more brands here!

  • Whoa! Snow already!?
    This brand sounds all sorts of amazing! And so affordable! So much win!

  • woah, snow already? :O I never heard of this brand before, the moisturizer with rosehip oil sounds lovely, would love to try. my skin seems to like everything with rosehip in it.

  • These look nice. Actually more appealing than Simple skincare, for example.
    Got home safe! 🙂

  • you said “British” and I’m all over them. I think the packaging looks super cute!

  • Oooh these sound so good! I love masks. And hahaha I make S try stuff too. Although we just bought him a new Neutrogena moisturizer because his old one ran out and dude, this stuff smells like raspberries or some shit and I hate it. So then he’s like sticking his face in mine because he’s a JERK.

    HAHAHA ok I got distracted. I’ve never heard of this brand, I wonder if they’re here now too? Gotta look!

    • LOL S sounds a lot like Terry HAHAHA I love it.
      I love masks too! But I think a new one I got has wreaked havoc on my chin now….might have to send it to you to try LOL.

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  • They are! Unlike one I just got that’s ruined my chin!

  • I have walked past this so many times for yearsnow.. why does it look so childish?

    • HAHAHAHA no fancy packaging I guess!

      • I do love a good packaging but don’t enjoy this one.. it’s so childish and the colors look off.

  • Your website is acting funky… It looks like a mobile version. Is that normal?

    Anyway, the matte finish moisturizer sounds wonderful! Now the fact that it’s already snowing over there? Not so wonderful.

    • Is it? I have no idea. It looks ok to me right now?
      Hahaha, yup. It always snows early here. It melts fast this early though-this week it’s pretty summery though!